Guest Post: An Inside Look at the Entertainment Available on Oasis of the Seas

by 666

Some of our readers already appreciate the intensity of the preparations we undertake for our entertainment and activities. Here is Lisa and her team’s insider view into some of the Oasis shows:

Lisa Bauer - Senior VP, Hotel Operations

Lisa Bauer - Senior VP, Hotel Operations

It is truly amazing to see the amount of the behind the scenes work it takes to create, produce and eventually perform a Royal Caribbean Show. Typically our casts rehearse for seven weeks before they even arrive at the ship!

For Oasis, we had cast of “Come Fly with Me,” a Production show featuring aerial and gymnastic artistry, rehearsing at the Don Taft arena at Nova University, the ice cast in California, the cast of Hairspray at our Hollywood Florida Production Studio (Royal Caribbean is the only brand in the industry with a dedicated shore side production facility) and the cast for the aquatheatre shows had the opportunity to train at the City of Fort Lauderdale & International Swimming Hall Of Fame prior to heading to Turku.

While all our production shows require elaborate planning, without a doubt, the most complex shows we have ever done are the shows for our aquatheatre. There is a very high level of complexity with everything this cast had to do, including getting the Acro/Aqua cast PADI Scuba certification as anyone who goes into the pool had to have this type of training. This cast consists of eight divers, six synchronized swimmers and six acrobats/divers. These divers are highly talented and come from the ranks of world class Jr. Olympic and Olympic divers.

In addition to rehearsing the singing, choreography, diving and flying, the casts also have strength training and conditioning workouts, and costume fittings.

While the performance of the water show had it’s own level of complexity, the actual multi million dollar venue was also a first for us, so to get the lifts, lighting, sound, and special effects into place took a considerable effort and longer than we had planned. The process was at times very difficult for the cast and producers, battling everything from rough seas on the crossing which prevented them from getting into the pool, to cold weather, to technical start up malfunctions on some of the new equipment, to problems with the chlorination levels. As a result, the Oasis of Dreams water show hasn’t been 100% completed, however each performance has resulted in audiences being on their feet before the show is even over and robust standing ovations from our guests. I must note that no one would know that the show isn’t complete, but we know. So we march on to finalize. All of the initial challenges with the lighting and lifts have been addressed, and the cast is proud and excited about their performances. We will continue to fine tune some of the scenes and diving sequences over the next few weeks to dot the I’s and cross the T’s and cross that 100% line.

Overall, the entertainment team delivered incredible shows on Oasis, all of which are generating exceptionally high guest satisfaction scores. Adam mentioned I would give you some behind the scenes scoop, so I will share that the biggest competition onboard is between all the performers, because each cast wants to beat the ice show for the highest ratings. Safe to say so far that while all the shows are getting very high scores, the ice show continues to get the highest ratings at sea!

  • Maryjo Bowen

    Can’t wait to see all this on our cruise March 20-27th

  • James Zipperer

    What suggestions can you offer someone looking to secure a job working for RCI? Also, I’m cruising in May on the Celebrity Solstice and was wondering if there was any way to get in touch with the cruise director about possibly shadowing and getting a feel for what’s involved to work on a ship in that capacity.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your interest in working with Royal Caribbean International. To find career opportunities available with Royal Caribbean, please visit, With regard to your request to shadow one of our cruise directors, I would suggest you reach out to him once onboard.

  • angela chiperas

    I was on the maiden voyger it was a great ship
    the staff was as always up to par
    entertament was wonderful
    looking forward to the cruise

  • Michael Worthington

    We sailed on Oasis on February 6th and it was a wonderful cruise. The shows were great, Hairspray was a Broadway quality show all the way. The ship is beautiful, especially since everything is brand mew!! One of the best parts of this ship is that it is by far the EASIEST to get around, it seems like everywhere you need to go is it a straight line, as opposed to other cruises where we felt like we had to go up, down and sideways to get someplace. Loved this ship and cruise!!
    Sincerely, Mike Worthington

  • Liana Reif

    This ship looks amazing and i am so excited to go on oasis! There are 22 days till my voyage which puts me at Mrach 27th-April 3rd. All these comments enhance my exciment!

  • Scott lara

    Thanks so much for this behind the scenes info. R.C. is doing a great job with the Oasis and we look forward to reviewing the Allure when she arrives.

    Feel free to check out our website for the review on the incredible Oasis.

    Scott Lara

  • Ed ramsey

    Still waiting for the $400 :-)

  • Rick and Deirdra

    We did the one night “Make a Wish” cruise and stayed on board for the four day Labadee Extravaganza. We had a Boardwalk Balcony where we could sea the Aqua Theater and all the practice time that the team went thru. We could sea at night all the shows. What a treat it was to have that Aqua Theater view balcony!
    Will do it again.
    Rick and Deirdra

  • Scooter 4 travel

    Oasis Voyage #12

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff for delivering the wow on this voyage.

    Before I began with the crewmembers who have made this trip one of the best cruise that we have ever been on.

    When we first decided to sail on the Oasis, knick named “Way to big for the Seas” we were a little hesitant because of her massive size and the amount of people that would be on board. We were totally wrong. The only time we really felt that the ship was crowded was right when we boarded since everyone seems to stop and look up with lots of “ohhhss” and “ahhhs”

    I dont know how Royal Caribbean did it, but they built a huge wonderful ship and yet you feel like your on a Radiance Class.

    They truly devlivered the WOW!

    What a Wonderful Cruise Experience and will be back in august, Inaugural for the Allure, Dec and then again on the Oasis Sept 2011.

    I have uploaded my Oasis pictures at

    Again thank for the ultimate experience

    Scooter 4 Travel

  • PAUL

    I’m about to take my Oasis cruise, the next in several trips I’ve completed with R/C. I’m disappointed, however, to see how few shows are scheduled in the Aquatheater. I’ve attempted to reserve tickets but have been unable to. I’m hoping once onboard R/C will come through for me and my guests….

  • Dana Simons

    We are traveling on the Oasis 3/27/09 with our teen daughters. Is there anything that we should do or look into before we board the ship? We’ve been on Royal with our kids before but never this ship. Our oldest just turned 18 and just realized that she no longer qualifies for the older teen activities since 17 is the limit for teen activities. Will there be a place for this age group to interact and meet others. Our daughters usually have a group of friends by the end of day 1. I’m hoping that my 18 year old will have the same chance to meet others as my 14 year old will and as have done in the past. Is it true that 18 year olds are not allowed to go to Fuel anymore because of their age?

  • William Francke

    Lisa and/or Adam, what is the best way to contact you regarding an innovative poolside product?

  • Mary cervati

    We sailed on the Oasis March 20-27th, 2010. Words cannot describe what a fabulous ship she is and how much fun we had. The best service, entertainment, accomodations, and ammenities…ever! Absolutely loved the Cruise Director Richard Spacey. The vessel’s Captain was so personable and fun to listen to. It was amazing to be sitting in the moonlight watching the Aqua Theater show…incredible talent, stage and lighting design in all theaters! Thank you RCCL. This was the best out of our 12 cruises! We will see you again!

  • Kentrelle Butler

    I really loved come fly with me. I really would like to have a copy. Is there a way I can purchase a copy on dvd