Guest Post – Royal Caribbean to Open "Historic Falmouth Jamaica" Port in 2011

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Craig Milan - Senior VP, Land Operations and President of Royal Celebrity Tours

There was a time, not so long ago, when cruise lines had little or no role to play in the development of ports other than their own private destinations.  Things sure are different now, and the change is best exemplified by a huge project Royal Caribbean has spearheaded in the Caribbean as described by Craig Milan, our Senior VP, Land Operations and President of Royal Celebrity Tours:

For the past 3 years, Royal Caribbean has been leading an initiative in collaboration with the Port Authority of Jamaica to create a brand new cruise port of call: “Historic Falmouth Jamaica”. The port is located on the North coast of Jamaica midway between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. It is currently under construction and is designed to accommodate two large ships simultaneously. It meets the operating requirements of the Oasis of the Seas and will become a marquee destination of the Oasis’ Western itinerary beginning in March 2011.   The new port will start to accept cruise ships in January 2011 (January 7 with Navigator of the Seas) and Oasis and Allure will start to make biweekly calls in March 2011. Originally we had planned to open this port at the same time as Oasis arrived into Port Everglades but as is often the case with really big projects, it has taken somewhat longer than we originally anticipated.  But we are no less excited by the prospect for the development.

Historic Falmouth Jamaica Port

The project was designed by renowned thematic designer Idea Group of Orlando to reflect the historic character of Falmouth, Jamaica.  Falmouth was founded in 1769 and maintains much of its historical patrimony. It was the original port of Jamaica and the site where many slaves were brought to the New World. For a time it was also the world’s leading export port for sugar and rum.  Time passed, shipping activity moved to Port Royale in Kingston and Falmouth harbor gradually silted in. Historic Falmouth Port will begin the revitalization of this town, now located in the booming touristic zone of the North Coast of Jamaica between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.  The buildings and attractions of Historic Falmouth Port are being designed in classic Georgian style.  As the phases of the port are implemented the new state-of-the-art port will blend into the old town.  It is anticipated that the remaining designated historic buildings in the community will gradually be restored.

Many local workers are involved in the $170 million development, and the community is expected to be dramatically revitalized as cruise ships begin to call in 2011.  Guests arriving into Falmouth will be able to choose between the shore excursion options in both Ocho Rios and Montego Bay since the new port is equidistant from both of these Jamaican towns. Additionally there will be an array of options for both tour and non tour guests at Falmouth. Guests arriving into Falmouth will feel like they are in the old world of the Caribbean and find themselves availed of numerous shopping and authentic dining opportunities. Historic Falmouth will blend well into the local town and will seamlessly allow our guests to experience one of the true treasures of Jamaica.

Royal Caribbean and Port Authority of Jamaica anticipate that Historic Falmouth Jamaica will become one of the premier ports of call in the Caribbean, offering a unique historic ambiance together with a broad range of adventurous tour opportunities. I have attached a rendering of Historic Falmouth as well as a recent picture of the development so you can get a feel for what this new exciting destination will look and feel like.

Historic Falmouth Jamaica

  • brian

    will this be an additional stop on the oasis and allure western Caribbean cruises or will it replace another stop?

    • Adam

      Brian, starting in March Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas will begin to call in Falmouth. You can search Oasis of the Seas’ itineraries at

      Also, you can view Allure of the Seas’ itineraries here:


    On the recent sailing of Liberty of the Seas (April 25) we departed the ship at Ocho Rios and the common feeling was we were almost attacked by the local Taxi drivers upon leaving the ship. They would not take “No” for a answer. As a group in the Cconcierg Club the majority of us said we would not get off in Jamaica again, but would stay on the ship. The same thing also happened last year in Montego Bay. I hope this new port is designed in a way that we are able to leave the ship without feeling uncomfortable.

    • Adam

      Tamara, Thank you for your feedback and we’re sorry to hear about your experience with the taxi drivers. We will pass this feedback on to the appropriate department for internal review.

  • Gary

    Dear Adam,

    I’m very excited about the opening of Falmouth, JA!

    As RCCL has done with Labadee, Haiti, I’d like to request that RCCL does as much as possible to help the residents of the Falmouth area to benefit economically in a widespread way from bringing the Oasis class ships to Jamaica.

    Jamaicans have an entreprenuerial spirit—-like no other island I’ve visited. The smallest opportunity to sell a trinket, guide a tour or even sell fresh fruits to passengers can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

    As a Crown and Anchor member, Director of Marketing with a major corporation, and a first generation Jamaican American, I think RCCL has a unique opportunity to build a long term bond with the people of Falmouth, JA.

    Keep up the great work….I can’t wait to sail on the Allure or Oasis! Gary

    PS: my Dad moved to the US in the late 50’s. He was born near Falmouth.

    • Adam

      Gary, thank you for sharing your wonderful information about Falmouth and your kind words about Royal Caribbean. We are happy to hear that you are as excited about the new port in Falmouth as we are, and we are looking forward to revealing the new port in the upcoming year. Thanks again, and we hope to see you soon onboard the Oasis or Allure.

  • Johnson

    Will ships of other cruise lines be able to dock at this port? All ships will help the local economy, and if the local economy booms, then royal Caribbean passengers should have a better time too….. I’m not really into the economics of cruise ports, but, it seems like a good idea.

    • Adam

      Johnson, thank you for your feedback, and we’re glad to hear that you are excited about our new port in Falmouth, Jamaica. In reference to your question the port will be open to other cruise ships as well.

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  • Chuck

    When we booked our Oasis of the Seas cruise in Nov – 2008 for the 7-Aug 2010 sailing, Falmouth was one of the ports of call. I must admit that it was very disappointing to hear (months ago) that Falmouth opening was delayed a year and was replaced with another port of call in Mexico (5-7 hrs stay); why or why??.

    It sure would have been nice to be in Jamaica in on our cruise. Any thoughts of changing to Montego Bay or Orcho Rios until Falmouth is ready?

    • Adam

      Chuck, we’re sorry to hear about your disappointment regarding our new Historic Falmouth Jamaica port. As with any new large projects, there are hurdles that we’ve crossed that delay the opening of the port. Thank you also for your idea to include Montego Bay or Ocho Rios within the itinerary. We’ll keep your suggestion in mind when planning future itineraries.

  • David

    Hi Adam,
    I am very excited about the plans for Falmouth. I have land in the area and would like to explore possibility of starting my own attraction. What, in your opinion, would be the first step in making this dream a reality.
    Best regards,

    • Adam

      David, thank you for your comment. We are happy to hear that you are as excited about the new port in Falmouth as we are. Here is some more information about our ports Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. We have listed some possible activities that our guests can participate in while visiting these ports in Jamaica. Best of luck on your new endeavor.

  • Elaine

    I will be in Falmouth on the Navagator the first week of January, will it be compleated then? I find no tour information for this port.

    • Adam

      Hi Elaine, Falmouth will start to accept cruise ships in January 2011 (January 7 with Navigator of the Seas) and Oasis and Allure will start to make biweekly calls in March 2011. Also, you can view Navigator of the Seas’ cruise calendar here:
      We can’t wait to see you onboard the Navigator of the Seas.

  • steven

    I must say that one thing they cant take from jamaicans is our spirit, culture and our beautiful natural resources, i must say thank you for your input in the economy, your doing will be appreciated worldwide, everyone will win in this game.
    Thank you!!!!

    I am here in panama studying and hopeing to get a first hand experience of that tour next year when i am on my break.

    • Adam

      Steven, thank you for your kind words. We are happy to hear that you are as excited about the new port in Falmouth as we are. We are looking forward to the amazing tour opportunities this port will have to offer. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in the future.


    Greetings from Canada, Adam.

    We are boarding the Oasis on April 16. It’s our very first (wife Monique and I) cruise, ever. As of today, october 3, is the new port of Falmouth still on schedule ?

    Will it be ready for Oasis in april?

    We are very excited to live this great, and probably first of many cruise experience.

    Best salutations

    • Adam

      Hughes, we are thrilled to hear that you and your wife Monique will be onboard Oasis of the Seas on April 16th. We hope you are ready for a very unique experience, as we are looking forward to seeing you. The new port Falmouth is still on the schedule and we will be calling there in April.

  • tammy beaton

    Hello RCI, we too are scheduled to take our very first vacation aboard a ship, this will be our first cruise as well with our family of four. We are travelling April 30th-May7th, 2011 and also hope the port of falmouth will be operational. I have been researching activites on shore for our family but have been somewhat unsuccessful in doing such. Should I be perhaps looking at activities offered in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios? Have also done some research on the safety of our port in labadee haiti and have some reservations. Could possibly be just the uncertainties of first time travel on a ship. Any suggestions or reassurance at this time. Has labadee been affected by the earthquake last year or the recent scare of cholera outbreak?

  • kimberly

    Has the new Falmouth, JA opened yet? And what about installing a live web cam at the port so future crusiers can see where they will be visiting and see what ships are in port.

    • Adam

      Hello, Kimberly. The Falmouth, Jamaica port actually opened earlier this year and you can read all about this grand endeavor in guest blogger Patrick Schneider’s post located here. The live web cam is a great suggestion, we’ll be sure to pass that along to the proper department. Thanks so much.