Dhani Jones: The Best Way to Watch the Big Game

The former professional football player experiences the big game in his own way.

With the exciting culmination of the football season rapidly approaching, you are probably getting your plans for the big game in order: snacks, the jersey of your favorite team, a wager on how many times deflated footballs come up. Even if you’re not a football fan, you might be tuning in just for the commercials or the half-time musical entertainment.

Have you ever wondered, however, how the big game is different for someone who played in it himself?

Dhani Jones, former professional football player and Sports and Fitness Advisor to Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum class of ships, says his past career definitely impacts how he watches all the passes, tackles and touchdowns.

“You’re searching out plays, you’re searching out players and you’re seeing things you wouldn’t necessarily see if you hadn’t played on a team, ” he said.

Dhani’s involvement with the sport also means he is cheering as a comrade, rather than just a fan.

“I route for the team where I have the most friends, or whoever I feel the most connection to,” he said.

Yet, when it comes to game day food, Dhani’s go-to’s aren’t so off-the-beaten-path. Chicken wings and cold drinks are always on tap.  Thinking that combo sounds pretty tasty for your own Sunday celebration? Check out Food & Wine’s collection of wing recipes, from classic Buffalo to Thai Green Curry to Almond-Crusted.

For a refreshing beverage to keep your voice smooth for cheering on your favorite team, as well as celebrate the cities participating, whip up a Seattle Slammer, a mix of bourbon and ginger vodka, or a Boston Tea Party with vodka and iced tea.

While he’s eating and drinking, Dhani also makes sure he is constantly switching between his TV, smartphone and tablet to see the game in all three mediums.

“As a creative type, that is how I’m watching,” he said.

Game on!

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