Improving the Royal Caribbean Onboard Internet Experience

by 75

Recently our Chief Information Officer, Bill Martin, was interviewed by Information Week about how we’re working to improve the onboard Internet experience.  The article is titled, “Why Royal Caribbean Treats iPads Like Bed Sheets”, which is an interesting take on what we do onboard. I thought some of our readers would find the article interesting.  If so, you can read more here.

  • Pam

    I would love unlimited internet for a reasonable flat rate- in this day and age- even on vacation we need to keep in touch with those back home.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your input, Pam, and we’ll be sure to pass your message along.

    • http://N/A tony grant

      That is my main concern aswell as to the internet conectoin’s on board the Ship , now i know Thankyou . I will now put off my cruise till the future :(

    • Mike Brodie

      For the cost we have paid to go on out first ever cruise this November on the Freedom of the Seas I find it ridiculous that internet connection is charged. We holiday in Dubai at the tope hotels (Jumeirah Beach Hotel) and the internet (WiFi) connections are free so why aren’t they onboard a cruise line like Royal Caribbean?

      WiFi simply has to be FREE in this day and age, after all we pay enough money!

      Mike Brodie

  • Bonnie O’Neill

    This is only convenient and wonderful if the cost is no longer prohibitive. I bring my laptop to keep in touch with home. I also have an iphone, which I turn off because the access is too pricey. I use my laptop every morning and would also every evening but the cost stops me. This really takes away from my holiday experience and enjoyment.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Bonnie.

  • Sal Nap

    We will be coming on board the Explorer of the Seas later this year, for a 10 day Cruise, taking our Laptop, will we be able to access the ‘net from our rooms??? at what cost???

    • Adam

      Hi Sal, please click here for available online pricing. Thank you.

      • Curtis

        No price information available there. I’m embarking this weekend. I’m pulling my hair out trying to find rates for any of the communication services aboard the ship. It’s one thing to charge a per-minute rate for stuff; it’s another thing to not let me know how much you’ll charge me!

        Also, I just saw that the WiFi is 802.11b! That protocol is 15 years old. So I’m expecting to be bilked for crappy service. I guess I’ll bring some old-fashioned books.

        RC, please join the rest of us in the 21st century.

  • Michael in Texas

    I know I was disappointed (not all bent out of shape or angry, just “disappointed”) on my last cruise in Jan 2012 that the Mariner only had a few WiFi Hotspots, because an iPhone doesn’t really work with an Ethernet cable. Looks like RCCL is rising to the challenge, as did I getting a MacBook. My questions are…

    1) The article references iPads in suites on recently remodeled ships. More specifically : would this include a GS on the Radiance of the Seas in the next few months?.

    2) I know RCCL had mentioned previously a big reason in broadening access as so guests could share photos and stories of how awesomely cool a time they’re having and do a little “promotion” for Royal in the process. Internet access was a bit on the pricey side, and uploading photos and stories takes bandwidth. Any chance of this coming down?

    3) Free Internet in the Concierge Lounge or Diamond Club? Maybe?

    Again, thanks for stepping up in an area that needed a little stepping. Looking forward to my next Royal Caribbean adventure.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestions, Michael. Please know that we will advise the proper department with your comment.

  • Debbie Denley

    Hello! Wish you would do something about getting more channels on the tv. Not much to watch. I need tv to calm me before bed

    • Adam

      Thank you for your input, Debbie.

  • tom walsh

    I recently traveled on the Independence of the Seas. Internet time at 65cents/minute is rather steep but then to get internet speeds approaching AOL’s dial-up service is absolutely ridiculous in today’s day and age. I do not have an iPad or any other Apple products. I do have a netbook PC which is adequate for my needs. It was having problems slowing down to adjust to your “speed”. RCCL needs to do a much better job in this area.

    • Adam

      Thank you, Tom. Your input will be passed along to the proper department.

  • Elliot Hall

    I signed up for “Crown and Anchor” on my cruise on my first cruise EVER in November and I have not received any literature concerning that membership. I plan on taking more and more cruises because I want that free booze membership. Please let me know what the next steps are. Thanks!

    • Adam

      Hi Elliot, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please call (800) 526-9723 and a Crown & Anchor Society agent can find your record, enroll you and ensure that we have all of your up-to-date information. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • JimB

    I really like the idea of an ‘app’ for Android/iOS that lets us see our calendar, make reservations at shows/restaurants, order room service, watch the on board things like daily activities, shows we missed, etc. After all, who wants to be stuck in their room. Doing that wirelessly throughout the ship, but not connected to the rest of the world is perfect. Great idea!

    I must confess that my wife will not find it a great idea to have high speed broadband to the world. One of the added benefits she loves about cruising is I am too cheap to pay expensive rates to do e-mails, call into conference calls via VOIP, etc. As a result, cruising is one of the few vacations where I end up being ‘on vacation’ instead of ‘working remote’.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Jim. We will pass it along.

  • R E Reed

    So who cares about having a ship provided iPAD, when what we really want is decent internet connections at acceptable speed and charges. On-board internet is a “Royal” joke, IMHO.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your input, R E.

  • NancyHE

    I would hope when RCCL is upgrading the internet they also make it free WiFi access in the common areas. Even if they limit this access to certain times of the day, it is great customer service and an excellent marketing tool. Most hotels, around the world, have some type of free WiFi access in public/lobby areas.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Nancy.

  • Al Lewis

    Unlimited Internet would really help the cruisers who have their own bussinesses be able to take back to back cruises. Why not tag the out going emails and posts with a small RC logo which would be a link. You could tag it “the sea could be your too!”. I have heard several times people would like the 10-14 day cruise but the can not be out of touch that long. Reward frequent or extended cruises.AlG

    • Adam

      We always appreciate suggestions, Al. Thank you, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

  • Ann P.

    I literally just stepped off the Freedom of the Seas where I used my new iPad onboard. Happily, I am a Diamond member and enjoyed the benefit of some free Internet minutes. While it was generally very easy to go wireless and log int the WiFi application, it was not intuitively obvious how to log out. The application asked whether I wanted to bookmark the logout location but never provided the address for me to do so. In order for me to logout of Internet access, thereby preserving my remaining Internet minutes, I had to obtain the URL of the logout screen that a friend of mine had on their iPad from a previous voyage and enter it into my browser by hand. She was assisted with the download of an app that provided both login and logout access. I cannot locate this app at RCCL. Can someone point me to it?

  • James S

    The thing that always bugs me about wifi is that its already paid for and out there to receive !!! so RC are paying for it even if nobody uses it !!! so why no just make it free for a limited time each day so guests can catch up with there friends and family?
    Now that would get the edge on the other cruise lines and also give the guests the WOW factor, I work in this industry at BSKYB and we are always looking for the edge to offer the customers and to give them that little bit extra.
    Just a thought as its not always about trying to get every last cent out of the guests !!!


  • Sunlight

    Internet/wifi should be free all over the places in RCCL. Who can live without internet today? I’m just saying. The day you get free wifi, let me know cuz then I’ĺl take my partner for an cruise. Also it’s a great way of making free ad for RCCL when putting lots of nice fotos from the cruisin trip on the facebook. I`m sure you wuld get even more customers this way :)

  • Tiffany

    The article says that the Allure and Oasis were going to be leaders in connectivity. I’ll be sailing on the Allure in September of 2014 and would like to know, for non-suite cruisers, what I could expect.

    Do those ships have wi-fi? Could I pay a set rate or would it be per minute? Thanks in advance!

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Tiffany,
      Thank you for your post. We are now in the midst of rolling out a new high speed internet system onboard both the Oasis and Allure of the Seas. It is now being tested on the Oasis of the Seas, and is expected to begin onboard the Allure sometime in the near future with no specific rollout date at this time. With this new system, internet speed and bandwidth will be increased to match or exceed what guests can achieve on land.
      At present we have wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) onboard with hotspots in several areas on the ship, as well as in stateroom internet service, and an Internet Café. In order to utilize the Wi-Fi onboard, you will need to bring your own laptop or tablet, with a Windows operating system and 802.11b wireless networking capability. Onboard Allure of the Seas, Wi-Fi is only available through purchase of a package. The current costs of the packages as of today are as follows: $24.95 for 38 minutes, @ $0.66 per minute; $49.95 for 90 minutes, @ $0.56 per minute; $99.95 for 202 minutes @ $0.48 per minute; $199.95 for 555 minutes, @ $0.36 per minute; and $399.95 for 1666 minutes, @ $0.25 per minute. The cost of Wi-Fi access through your own laptop varies and is always subject to change. Please visit Guest Relations onboard for specific information once you board. Hope you enjoy your cruise.

  • jenea

    I have family that boarded out of venice on the 12th of july. We have had no contact and I am sure they would have bought wifi if available. Is there an issue with the ships wifi? I’m in Mexico without access to phone service or I would call myself. Thanks

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Jenea, The ship has functioning Wi-Fi service as well as an internet café.

  • Glen Wardrop

    I a,m travelling on 6th sept on independence of the seas, is there a flat rate for wi give or by the minute ? Keen to know as I work in a regulatory environment in the Uk and keen to know in advance , thanks

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Glen, There are two unlimited packages available onboard the Independence of the Seas. The Family Unlimited is $229.95 for 2 devices or $189.95 for 1 device. See you soon!

  • Robert W

    I am sailing on the Freedom of the Seas at the end of September. Does this ship have the upgraded internet speeds? What is the pricing? Thanks!

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Robert, Unfortunately the new system is not uploaded yet and we do not have a launch date for release. On the Freedom of the Seas, there is no per minute charge for internet, but you can purchase one of our packages.
      They include: • Family Unlimited Package is $229.95 (Unlimited internet access for 2 devices)
      • Unlimited Package is $189.95 (Unlimited internet access for your entire vacation)
      • Daily Package is $59.90 (24 hours of continuous access from the time of purchase)
      • Hourly Package is $29.95 (60 minutes of internet access that can be used in increments throughout the cruise vacation)

  • Ben boersm

    Hi, i am taking the cruise out of hawaii to sydney on the rhapsody of the seas september 16th,2014. Is their wifi available and what is the price, also can i get a sim card to use your cell service onboard.

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Ben, we have various packages ranging from $24.95 for 38 minutes to $399.95 for 1666 minutes. It depends on how many minutes you require. Without a package it will be $.85 per minute. Also we don’t offer SIM cards for use onboard. Please check with your cell phone provider for roaming packages.

  • Brenda

    Does Rhapsody of the Seas offer unlimited internet? We are leaving in 4 days. Thanks!

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hello Brenda, we have various packages ranging from $24.95 for 38 minutes to $399.95 for 1666 minutes. It all depends on how may minutes you require. Without a package it will be $.85 per minute to use the wifi onboard. We cant wait to welcome you onboard the Rhapsody of the Seas!

  • Diane Thoms

    Do ipads hook up to the wifi on Splendor of the Seas? I keep reading that you have to have a laptop, or a windos based operating system. Please let me know.

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Diane, thank you for your inquiry. With the current enhancements onboard Splendor, iPads are now able to connect with the Wi-Fi.

  • Amy J

    We are cruising next week on Explorer of the Seas to Canada/New England for 9 days. What are the rates per minute/daily/unlimited for internet on this ship? Can we connect with our Android, iPhones, iPads and/or Kindles? We don’t plan on bringing a laptop.

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Amy, Thank you for your inquiry. Please see the listing below for the internet rates on Explorer. Keep in mind that prices are subject to change. Androids, iPhones, iPads and Kindles are able to connect to the internet onboard. See you soon!
      • Family Unlimited Package is $229.95 for 2 devices
      • Unlimited Package is $189.95 (Unlimited internet access for your entire vacation)
      • Daily Package is $59.90 (24 hours of continuous access from the time of purchase)
      • Hourly Package is $29.95 (60 minutes of internet access that can be used in increments throughout the cruise vacation)

  • mark

    What are the current options (actually) Sept 23-30) on Oasis of the Seas?

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Mark, The Oasis of the Seas features pervasive WiFi, so you can access the internet from anywhere on the ship. For more info on how to stay connected at sea, please visit

  • Callie

    We’ll be cruising onboard Mariner of the Seas 6D5N from Singapore in Dec 2014.
    Are there in-room hotspots for iphones? And what are the rates like?

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Callie, We have two options for staying connected at sea: you can use WiFi on your iPhone, or log on in our internet cafe. For more details, visit:

  • steven bowen

    We are sailing transatlantic from Southampton in November on the Adventurer of the seas, are the packages available on this ship or is it price per min? if it’s a package whats the price for the 14 nights?

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Steven, We have wifi packages consisting of $29.95 (for an hour), $59.90 (for daily package) and $189.95 (for unlimited package). You can purchase these on your device upon boarding the ship and stay connected throughout your sailing.

  • Barbara Nagle

    We will be boarding 12 Oct 2014 on Brilliance of th Seas. Will we be able to use the wifi on board and if so, what are the fees. Thank you

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi there Barbara, Wi-Fi is available on all of our ships. For the Brilliance of the Seas, internet usage is $0.85 per minute. However, you can also choose from one of the following prepaid packages:

      Price Minutes
      $24.95 38
      $49.95 90
      $99.95 202
      $199.95 555
      $399.95 1666