In 2013, We Strive to Continue Our Commitment to Our Guests

by 970

Every new year at Royal Caribbean International is full of promise and 2013 is no exception. Our shoreside teams have emerged from the vacation period ready for another hectic year. Our shipboard colleagues have finished serving our holiday cruise guests and are ready to begin the annual cycle again.

The most fundamental objective for the new year and for every year is to satisfy our customers. Our guests have high expectations as well they should. They have chosen to spend their hard earned savings on a Royal Caribbean cruise and it is our responsibility to ensure they receive great value for money. We try to do this through the three pillars of the Royal Advantage – the greatest cruise ships in the world, our friendly and engaging Gold Anchor Service and the outstanding experiences we enable at nearly 300 ports of call around the world.

Our fleet revitalization program will continue in earnest in 2013. Legend of the Seas, Brilliance of the Seas and Vision of the Seas will all undergo significant makeovers plus Independence of the Seas will receive a number of new features originally developed on our Oasis-class ships. By the end of 2013, all six Vision-class ships and three of the four Radiance-class ships will have been revitalized with extensive stateroom refurbishments, new culinary options, enhanced entertainment and an injection of 21st century technology include ship wide Wi-Fi, outdoor movie screens and digital signage. During 2013 we will finalize our plans for the revitalization of our Voyager-class ships which should be quite exciting.

Our Crown & Anchor Society members are in line for technological benefits in the new year. Crown & Anchor Savings Certificates are already available exclusively online, enabling them to be up to date at all times. And soon the Ultimate Value Booklet of onboard savings will evolve to a paperless format where the offers will be loaded right on to our loyal guests’ Seapass cards for automatic application.

Some of the developments we completed late in 2012 and have recently announced will of course be available throughout 2013 for the benefit of our guests. Our Captains can now legally officiate onboard and onshore ceremonies. By the way, with our Sweethearts at Sea package we’re offering a free wedding when guests in the wedding party book 12 or more staterooms. Our beverage packages will be extended to all cruises of 4 nights or longer in January. These beverage packages may be purchased onboard and in the near future will be available for purchase in advance of the cruise.

The enhancements to our Main Dining Room menus (both the offerings and the menus themselves) will be fleetwide by June, 2013. So far we have been receiving rave reviews as we had hoped and expected.

The Barbie Premium Experience will roll out fleetwide during 2013. The 4th edition of the Royal 5K race will take place on March 10th in Falmouth, Jamaica for runners sailing on Allure of the Seas. We are having a lot of fun with this concept and hope our running readers will join us for the race. How often can you run a race where the starting gun is the horn of the world’s largest cruise ship?

No, I have not forgotten Sunshine. Every day we get a step closer to being able to describe the next generation of Wow features that distinguish Royal Caribbean from all other cruise lines. We’ve been keeping these features secret for about two years now and we’re as fed up with the secrecy as you are.

Happy New Year! We look forward to having you onboard with us soon.


  • Keith Buntz

    I heard that you were thinking about doing away with the loyalty program as a diamond member and soon to be diamond plus member I would hope that you would not pull the loyalty program from me and my wife with all the cut backs you have made the loyalty program is a very nice perk. Can you let me know if you are considering getting rid of this program. Thank you. Keith Buntz

    • Adam

      Hi, Keith. Please disregard the talk of discontinuing our loyalty program. This is just a rumor. Thank you.

  • Diane Schmielau

    We were wondering if the new soda machines will be on the ship when we sale the end of Jan. on the Allure of the Seas! Hoping so, that way we can have our caffeine free diet coke!

    • Adam

      Yes Diane, the new soda machines will be onboard Allure of the Seas for your cruise.

  • http://facebook Barbara Richards

    Coupons on our Sea pass card is the best Idea I have heard in a long time. Love the discounts but hate dealing with coupons.
    Hoping another large ship will be in Port Canaveral. Looking forward to sailing on Enchantment of the Seas this year.
    Thanks for all of our Diamond Plus rewards. We love being a RC cruiser.
    Especially enjoy the upgrades we receive when available.

    • Adam

      We are happy to hear that, Barbara. Thank you for being Loyal to Royal and we look forward to seeing you on your upcoming cruise.

  • Sarah Gonzalez

    We just came home from a New Year’s Cruise on the Navigator. This was our 9th cruise, and our 6th on RCCL. We had sailed the Voyager 3 times before, so we expected the ships to be the same. They weren’t. We stayed in a Promenade cabin, which we have always enjoyed. However, this time, there was loud music playing in an open lounge two decks below us. This never happened on the Voyager. We could not go to sleep. We reported it, but nothing could be done. Then we purchased an internet package, so we could do some work, but we could not access the internet. No one could assist us when we asked for help. And, lastly, we combine our holiday cruises with our love of Football, and bowl games, and this year, some of those games aired on Fox Sports. To our disappointment, the ship only broadcast games on ESPN, so we missed one of the best games of the season. WE will continue to be loyal to RCCL, but will need to lower our expectations a bit.

    • Adam

      Thank you for notifying us of this situation, Sarah. We will be sure to pass this information along to the proper department for review.

  • Sandra Oxenreider

    When, if ever, are you going to switch Explorer of the Seas out of NJ, and get us a new experience? We have been on that ship 4 times due to convenience of traveling as a family, but will be sailing another line that leaves from NY in June. Really disappointed that you are not keeping the major NE port “fresh”.

    • Adam

      Hi Sandra, at this time we do not have plans to move Explorer of the Seas out of New Jersey. However, in our commitment to adding favorite features of our Oasis-class ships to our entire fleet, Explorer of the Seas will undergo significant enhancements during our 2014-2015 Revitalization Schedule. You can learn more about the changes you can expect to see here.

  • Marilyn kiel

    Has Royal Caribbean ever considered offering one dining room as casual every day for dinner ? We will be taking our 10th cruise with Royal Caribbean next year and wish that we could just relax and not have to dress up and take all the extra luggage to meet the dining room dress code, but would still like to be able to enjoy the better food offerings in the dining room. I have many friends who have not cruised and state they do not enjoy dressing up on vacation so have avoided cruising. It was fun the first few times, but since we have retired it is less appealing now. We cruised on the Oasis last year and did not take formal clothing, but the food options were limited as even the specialty dining have dress codes.

    • Adam

      We appreciate you expressing your opinion, Marilyn. We thank you for your feedback and have passed this along to the proper department.

  • Chris Leiterman

    Why can’t I find anything on the Adventure of the Seas ship?

    • Adam

      Hi Chris, please click here for information about Adventure of the Seas.

  • Brian M

    Has the sunshine class ship even been started ? It’s so far past due for NY/NJ sailings :(

    • Adam

      Hello Brian, please keep an eye on our page as we will be providing updates on Project Sunshine throughout 2013. Thank you.

  • Pati Russell

    I am honored to be a travel partner with Royal Caribbean. Would you ever come to Charleston, SC. We need to get rid of Carnival. As a travel Agent, it is hard for me to book them, I won’t travel on . As a diamond plus member, I am Loyal to Royal . I just love all the new innovations on the older ships. I took a group on the Rhapsody of the Seas this past September to Alaska, The Diamond lounge was wonderful. What an awesome experience, reading my kindle, drinking coffee, and watching the whales go by. Thanks for make Royal Caribbean a huge success. Thank You for what you do for the Travel Partners, but, may thanks in how you treat my clients. ( Just like family)…

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Pati and for your continued loyalty. At this time, there are no plans to sail out of Charleston, but we will pass your thoughts on to the right contact!

  • Leonard W Ulbrich

    Why has R.C.C.L stopped going to Costa Maya ?

  • Susan Murray

    If a person books a cruise then later finds out there is a savings certificate for that cruise, can that certificate still be applied? Can it be combined with the normal Diamond discount?

  • Conrad Pomerleau

    I would like to know if we can bring wine or champagne on board,, I will be on the Independence of the Seas on Feb, 10 ,,,,I heard that we can bring two bottles on board, is that correct???

    • Adam

      Hello Conrad, that is correct. Two bottles of wine or champagne are allowed per stateroom. For more information, please click here.

  • Jackie

    Allure of the Seas is a beautiful ship. However, it is not solo traveler friendly nor is it back-to-back traveler friendly. I booked a back to back and I am very sorry I did. I now not only have the remainder of this cruise but I have an additional 7 days to try to keep myself entertained. My stateroom with balcony on Deck 14 is awesome, cabin steward is great, the ship is beautiful with a lot of entertainment and activites geared toward families and couples. I’ved learned some very very expensive lessons…1. Don’t book back-to-back unless you’ve sailed on the particuar ship prior to a back-to-back 2. Do thorough research on the cruise ship’s programs for solo travelers 3. Just because there are Solo Travelers Get Togethers planned that does not mean the solo travelers themselves are welcoming and appreciate diversity. 4. There are so few African Americans on board it feels like I am the only one traveling this cruise even though I know I’m not 5. Maybe the cruised line should publish diversity stats on who is traveling on particular journeys…everyone likes to see and meet people who look like them every now and then 6. January 20, 2013 can’t get here soon enough!!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for voicing your concerns, Jackie. We will be sure to pass your message along to the proper department.

  • frank

    My wife and I had the happy experience of sailing with R C I twice in the past two years. We also sailed on other lines too. The thing that we liked most, was the casual feel during the cruise. On two evenings we were required to dress in formal or semi-formal attire, it was a wonderful array of men and women dressed at their best. It gave the whole ship an air of class. Although we had similar experiences on the other lines we felt most comfortable on R C I .. We decided that R C I would be our first choice if the places we want to visit are on their itinnerary. I would like to make a request of the management of R C I to select some new ports of call , especially for the Oasis and the Allure. I truly enjoy the ship board features ,but I would like to see different islands.

    • Adam

      We enjoyed reading your comment, Frank. Thanks for your feedback and we will be sure to pass your suggestions along to the proper department for consideration.

  • Peter Lockhart

    We are booked on Adventure of the Seas, 14 nights October2013, and sailing from Southampton to the Med.
    We have been on Jewel and Independence previously.
    Can you confirm when Adventure of the Seas will be “revitalised”? Some reports suggest it will not be till 2014. There have been comments on some web sites this is a slap in the face to the UK market, where Adventure will debut this year from Southampton. However, other reports suggest the date is spring this year (2013).
    I was disappointed when I discovered there was no Chops Grill on Adventure. One of my highlights is a visit to Chops Grill. The steaks are simply the best. Is there another similar Steak restaurant onboard?

  • Deborah

    I was bitten by the cruising bug from my first, which was aboard the Liberty. Six cruises in four years later, I am now in the thinking and shopping phase for my next, which will be a honeymoon trip. I visit the web sites, read the blogs and in fact, just finished watching your video about your expansion Labadee.

    My problem is I have this gnawing voice that haunts me; sure I love to cruise, love the food, service and entertainment. Yet each time is step off on to one of the islands, my social conscious kicks in, leaving me to wonder about the role my choices are playing in the lives of other.

    First, there is my green foot print. I make choices in my life that allows me to feel that I balance this choice. The companies that show that they are conscious in this area also attract my dollars.

    There has been talk of cruise companies strong arming locals, pushing them off land that the local entrepreneurs used to use, and charging exorbitant rates to those who set up shop in ports. I have noted local economies that were once diverse have become single focused and dependant on the vacationer dollar, and it is becoming harder to find local flavour as more and more big box, brand name shops set up.

    My point is this; I see a lot of money going into branding, positioning and marketing. I just thought I would mention that the best way to insure I choose Royal Caribbean is to help my little voice to relax, by telling me how some of the dollars I spend is going to help others. I realise you are in business to make profit, but I am also sure at least one of the suits you pay, knows that a little profit sharing is good for business.

  • Lee Bassett


    When are you planning to bring your visa card to Canada? I hope soon as you are missing a big opportunity with all the Canadians that cruise with you every year including this Diamond Pus member.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your input, Lee, but at this time we have no current plans to bring our Visa Card to Canada. We will pass your suggestion on to the proper department!

  • Beth Goyette

    Dear Mr. Fain, Mr. Goldstein and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line,

    We took a cruise on the Independence of the Seas on December 30, 2012 for our honeymoon. And let me begin by saying how utterly disappointed we are in Royal Caribbean and this cruise.

    First and foremost, it took 45 minutes to go through the Diamond Club members line to get our keys. The regular line was moving faster than our line.

    Second, the food in the main dinning room was terrible. McDonalds would have tasted better. The crew was surly and rude all week. We ended up eating at Portofino’s and Chops Grllle for 5 out of the 7 nights. As did the other members at our table (#316 in the Romeo & Juliet dinning room). Even at the beginning of the cruise the food at Portofino was terrible (the bread was stale just to start) but got better as the week went on. The Prime Rib and Lobster Tails in the mail dinning room on formal night were terrible. Prime Rib was rubbery and had no taste and the lobster tail was rubbery. We ordered two different bottles of red wine in the dinning room and both bottles were not available, the ship was out of it. On Friday everyone ran out of limes so couldn’t get a lime in your drink or beer and you also ran out of bananas. I ordered a Bloody Mary and the bartender at the Solarium Bar pour tomato juice in a glass with vodka and called it a Bloody Mary. When I questioned him he said that they were out of Bloody Mary mix. It was horrible. Royal Caribbean is not new at this cruising thing, I don’t know how you could run out of so much. I have cranberry juice every morning to help my kidneys after having chemo and when I asked for cranberry juice at breakfast I was told I either had to pay for it from the bar or they didn’t have it. I have never heard of such a thing that you can’t get cranberry juice at breakfast. I don’t want to discuss the Windjammer Cafe. The food reminded me of my school cafetira. Jade was excellent. Everything seemed to be fresh, on the low-fat side of the menu and not soaked in oily suaces that get lumpy as the food gets old.

    If you look back on our cruise history we always get a balcony room but this if the first that we have had problems with smoking. Both rooms of either side of us held smokers. When they smoked the smoke would blow back into our rooms. I have Stage 4 lung cancer that is in remission. I can’t be near smoke so we could not enjoy our balcony or have our door open because of the constant onslaught of smoke. The first time I complained which was on Monday, the person said to me “we cannot infringe on their rights to smoke” and I said, “really what about my rights to breathe smoke free air especially in the condition I am in”. On Wednesday I spoke with Michelle Texeiria with guest relations. I told her what was going on and she would check with her supervisor to see what could be done. I didn’t not hear back from her until Friday. At that time she said that they could move us to another room. I was like, first I have developed a very bad cold and we only have two days left and I am not moving all my stuff at this late date.

    The smoking at the pools was very bad as well. I have never seen so many people smoking at the pool. It was not as bad at the Solarium Pool so that is where we spent most of our time. The rule of no kids under 16 at the Solarium Pool was not enforced. There were little kids running around the pool and deck of the Solarium Pool. At one point I had to get an attendant to tell the parents to remove the children.

    For a ship that built in 2008, the Independence of the Seas is showing its age. The furniture is scratched; there were tears in a lot of the chairs in the dinning room; the ship on the outside looked worn out. We docked next to Freedom of the Seas in St. Marten. That ship is older than Independence and looks so much better than the Independence.

    We are not the only members of the Diamond Club to feel this way. As we got to know other members, we all felt that this was one of the worst cruises they had been on. I don’t know if they will write you, but as a person that owns their own business and public relations is a huge part of my business I would want to know if one of my clients wasn’t happy. I work really hard for my money and I don’t feel that it was well spent on this cruise. We did not book another cruise at this point because of our bad experience. Regarding the “2013 WOW” ad campaign, we weren’t Wowed at all on this cruise. Thinking of maybe trying another cruise line. We get the feeling that Royal Caribbean is putting all their efforts into their new ships and not paying attention to details on the older ships.

    Also, to many people paid cheap, cheap prices last minute in order to fill up the ship. That is not fair to those of us that paid full price.

    There were a few good points. It was very good to see some many staff constantly cleaning the door handles and public areas for the ship. The Diamond lounge was awesome. Olga Warren who was our room steward was fabulous. She took care of our every need. Kudos to her. The islands were great and we meet a great group of people.

  • http://CruiseCritic Sharon Piland

    Love….Love….Love Royal. I have been on 30+ cruises with Royal and 13 on other lines. I had Mariner booked for this previous NYE. I had 2 cabins booked….1 for myself and 1 for my teen granddaughters. Just prior to final payment I had to cancel because of one of your policies.

    It seems as a grandparent I can only travel with a grandchild in the same room. I was told that if I was the parent or had legal guardianship I could have 2 cabins….I was told that the cabin for my granddaughter had a door that lead to the hall…..just crazy….I guess your company thinks only teenagers with grandparents can “sneak out”.

    My grandaughter has been on 13 or 14 cruises witb Royal and 8 on other cruise lines.

    Bottom line we rebooked on Carnival Magic where as a grandparent I was able to book the 2 cabins…..a cruise is better than working, but we all would rather have been on Mariner.

    Please…..Please change this policy!


    • Adam

      We appreciate your input on this matter, Sharon, and we will be sure to pass your comment along to the proper department. Thank you.

  • George Cunningham

    We are sailing on the independence of the seas on mar.2 2013. Will the new improved menu be in effect on this sailing?

    • Adam

      Hello George—Yes, the new menus will be available for you March 2nd sailing. We hope you enjoy them. Thank you.

  • Dani

    We are sailing on the Mariner of the Seas in just a few short days, February 3, 2013. Will the new menus in thd dining room be available for this sailing?

  • Sandra Brayton

    I am looking forward to cruising with you this year, I was on RC many years ago and I want to return, Is there a sch. out for the new ships?

  • http://yahoo linda mason

    i just recently sailed on allures of the seas and it was beautiful but little disappointed with the food staff not formal dining room but other food places that was in the package bc i was gluten free and they offered me the same bread, everyday just wish you offered a better selection of desserts. Everyone i asked about it they all said sorry sorry sorry but didnt go to formal dinning room to get me anything different. I think as large as ship you need to offer more of a selection on breads and desserts. Thanks

    • Adam

      Thank you for voicing your concerns, Linda, we will be sure to pass this along to the proper department. Thank you.

  • Seymour Donner

    I understand that the Oasis of the Seas will be returning to Europe for refurbishment this year or next. Assuming this is correct is there a firm date and location for this work yet because my wife and I would like to book the return trip?

  • Wendy Shappell

    Hmm it looks like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips for newbie blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

  • Cath Rigby

    could you tell me when was the last regrade on adventure of the seas? I have booked for the family but a lot of reviews say its looking tired and in desperate need on sprucing up.

    • Adam

      Hi Cath, Adventure of the Seas will be getting her enhancements between 2014 and 2015, more information on her revitalizations can be found here. However, she still currently features the Vitality Spa, rock climbing wall, Portofino Italian restaurant, Jade Sushi, Complimentary Broadway-style entertainment in the Main Theater and so much more! To see all she has to offer please click here. We look forward to seeing you onboard.

      • cindy

        Hi Adam,

        It appears AOS is having a short 9 day break for March 30, 2014, with a next sail on April 9, 2014. So it doesn’t appear any major revitilization with be done in 2014 based on the currently posted ship sailing schedule.. Do you know if anything is going to be done during this short break. I’m sailing on AOS May 8 to the Central Med. 15 days. It would be nice if they at least did a refresh of the cabins since people are reporting them to be worn (Linens and Flat Screens). Doesn’t seem like there’s time for much more.

  • Brian

    I enjoy cruising and appreciate all the great things Royal Caribbean offers… My only complaint is, I am a solo cruiser. I am not inquiring about singles cruises, but wish there were better prices, stateroom options, or a not so harsh supplement for those of us who choose to vacation alone. I know I am not the only one who asks this (fellow travelers like divorcees, widows, singles but not looking, etc.). I would cruise more often if it was more affordable for the solo cruiser. I am lured in by the price online, then enter that I am solo, and then shocked to see the price multiply by 2 or often 3 times the advertised price. Thank you for your feedback.

    • Adam

      Thank you, Brian. We will pass this on to the correct department.

      • Gary Lloyd

        I too am a solo cruiser. I would never cruise on any line but RCI if you had solo cabins. I have designed an 87 sq. ft. cabin that actually has more walking-around space than most standard cabins. If you would encourage solo cruisers you would have the singles beating a path to your cruises… me included. NCL had a great idea with their Studios but they are so popular that it now cost more for a Studio than for one person to book in a standard interior cabin… more demand than supply and the price skyrockets. Please, RCI, take notice of the singles in the world who want to cruise with you. thank you

  • Amy

    My family and I will be on he Jewell of the Seas in August. Outside of the beverage packages, what is available, if anything, to drink with meals? Also, is there a price list for beverages purchased outside of the beverage package? Thanks.

    • Adam

      Thank you for reaching out, Amy. Complimentary brewed and decaf coffee, assorted teas, iced tea, milk & lemonade are available in the dining room during meal times. Also – V8, apple juice, orange juice, tomato juice and prune juice are available at no cost during breakfast. Other drink prices will vary by ship, so please check with Guest Services while onboard.

  • Rey

    Looking forward to my next RCCL adventure onboard the Vision of the Seas in November as the ship relocates to Colon! Originally booked on a JS, i had to take advantage of a downgrade to cabin 7152, all because of the balcony! This sailing will move me from Gold to Platinum and can’t wait to book a next adventure on a RCCL itinerary! I really hope I made the right choice by sacrificing a JS room space for a nice balcony!



    We are booked to go on the 30th May 2014 to Iceland and Norway from Southampton on the Adventure of the seas.. can you advise if this ship is going to be refurbished prior to our departure and is there wifi on board ?and what is the cost ?. This is our first cruise and we have booked it to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

    We have booked an outside cabin..just wish we could afford one of the balcony suites…here’s hoping we have a lottery win before we sail.

  • Debbie

    We will be taking our first cruise in January 2014 on the Freedom of the Seas. I was wondering what type and how much non-alcholic drinks each person in our party can bring onboard?

    • Adam

      Hi Debbie – Guests are not allowed to bring non-alcoholic beverages onboard for consumption or any other use. You can read more about our policy here: We hope you enjoy your cruise!

  • Gabriel


    I am booked for this year-end Vision of the Seas sailing. I was wondering if the renovation has been done to this cruise yet? Where I can see videos or photos of the outcome?


    • Adam

      Great question – we just finished revitalizing Vision and she is sailing again.

  • Miriam

    I recently heard that you are now charging for the lobster tails in the dining room. I am hoping that is NOT true. We are sailing on 12N in 2 bedroom cabin and looking forward the experiences we have had in the past (Platinum). This would be hugely disappointing. Thanks.