Guest Blog: In the Home Stretch – Oasis of the Seas

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Lisa Bauer - Senior VP, Hotel Operations

Lisa Bauer - Senior VP, Hotel Operations

We are almost home and in the final hours of preparation for our arrival. Overall, we are in a really good place. After twelve days onboard, I thought it would be appropriate to have a nice casual dinner for the first time with my entire hotel operations leadership team, so I asked Frank Weber, our VP of Food & Beverage, if he could set something up for our VPs and Directors of both shipboard and shore side operations. There were a total of 15 of us, so I figured he would come up with something, and perhaps put a few tables together somewhere so we could have a nice teambuilding evening. (Frank doesn’t do anything half way, so everything was way over the top…)

We of course had to tie our teambuilding event into either a launch or a stress test, so it became both. We started the evening by trying our new enomatic wine machines on decks 4 and 5 in the dining room. These are self-service wine machines where you can taste 1, 3 or 5 ounces of various wines with various price ranges. The very novel part of this is you simply insert your seapass, and can sample a medley of either white or red wines. It was also interesting to spend time with Marco, who is actually the son of the owner and creator of Enomatic, and he told us how his father started the company in Italy in 2001 and how the idea of wine tasting and the ability to sample wines has become so popular.

As a surprise to the entire team, our dinner was the first execution of the Chef’s table in the Concierge lounge. The Chef’s table is in the upper level of the lounge, and the table is stunning. It features 14 seats, and at the head of the table is a presentation area where the chef can come out and explain how the courses are prepared, or demonstrate how to make something. Our Chef for the evening was our very own Keriann Von Raesfeld. from 150, so we were in for a real treat. Before sitting down to dinner, the idea is for our guests to have a cocktail party where they can meet and mingle with the other guests at the table. The table also has a very cool chandelier concept that Kelly Gonzalez and I found while walking around downtown Turku one night. The chef basically prepares the meal, and it is perfectly paired with a different wine for each course. The view of the boardwalk is amazing, and while we were having dinner, there was a demo of the fountain show at the Aquathreatre and the view was breathtaking. The Chef’s table will be offered once each night of the cruise, and will cost $75.00 per person. The dinner will include a happy hour, the meal, wine pairings with each course, a signed cookbook, and a chef’s apron. Pretty cool.

While the food and wine pairings were perfect, the best part of the evening was seeing the entire leadership team come together. The amount of teamwork and collaboration by this group is unprecedented. It’s very hard to describe the level of camaraderie this group has. After many toasts to thank everyone for their leadership of this project, we decided we needed to lighten up the evening and proceeded to play brainteasers. I finally introduced a game called the alphabet game, where the object is to go around the room and say things related to Oasis that start with each letter of the alphabet. A, and then B, and each person has to repeat and the idea is at the end to remember what each person said for their letter. So here goes…..A – Adventure Ocean, B – Boleros, C- Cannoli (from Giovanni’s Table), D – Dazzles, E – Echo (name of a fabulous stateroom attendant), F – Francois, our hotel director, G – Giovanni’s Table, H – Hot Rocks (featured in Izumi), I – Interior Balconies, J- Johnny Rockets, K- Kaleidoscope (art features onboard), L – loft suites, M – medical facility, N – Nests (possible issue on Central Park), O – Oasis, P – Privacy, Q – Quintessial Quacking Queens, (quacking due to the ducks in the ice show and queens as a card in the casino), R – Reidel, S – Savory (cookbook and name of a garden in Central Park), T – Tastings (that was Keriann’s idea), U – Unbelievable, V – Vintages, W – WOW, X – X-ray, Y – Youth Zone, Z – Zipline. I guess I remembered them all! What a team, and we all can’t wait to welcome everyone onboard very soon.

  • karen payne

    i would love to aboard the cruise but i cant afford it im on a fix in come but thats all ways been my dream to go all my friends are going in dec they wanted me because they know i have been through so much as far as health wise but my health isnt the iuess money im on oxygen and my joints hurt but as long as i keep praying may i will be able to go one day be for i past thank for the veiw and that was great that your boss did the dinner then that was greatful of him im sure you all were very thankful my god bless all of you .

  • Paul Zenz

    I am booked on your March 6 cruise with my family minus my love of my life,who died 3 years ago.This will be my 7th cruise with Royal Caribbean.
    My first was on Song of America and it was the best time I ever had and Betty was thrilled also.Each trip was better than the one before. I am looking forward to being on the Oasis of the Seas soon.

  • marie fisher

    I can’t wait to see the ship come in tomorrow. I will watch on the inlet cam. I bet you are really excited to finally be home. Thank you for all the time you have taken to post. Hope to see you on the Oasis 12/1.

  • Tom strycula

    Greetings Ms. Bauer! Extreme kudos to everyone at RCCL. I think the anticipation runs higher and farther than you all will ever know. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to personally congratulate you on the first Inaugural next week. Regards for much success.
    Tom Strycula
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Ed DeBarr

    We have been watching Oasis for quite a while now. Congrats to your team and everone at RCCL. We simply will NOT sail with any other line.

    We are sailing on Liberty 11/22/09 as an Holiday gift for our two boys. They thought we were going on Oasis.

    I told them sometime in the future when we can afford it we will go. We need to get away for the Holidays we have a son on life support who has just gone into HOSPICE care right now and it has been very tough on everyone both financially and emotionally with all his medical bills. James “BEAR” DeBarr was a preme, who has fought all his medical conditions for the past 14 years. Our hope was to have him with us on a RCCL cruise someday, but in spirt he will always be with us.

    Everytime we cruise with RCCL it is a complete and total new start for our family. Our two young boys 11 & 13 really feel special with all the attention they get from your great staff.

    Keep up the great work!


    The DeBarrs

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  • Peggy troncoso

    We had a reservation for the inaugral cruise but had to cancel because my husband has been sick and on disability all of this year. I have watched and read everything about Oasis. I wish so much that you all enjoy all the accolades that come your way. Congratulations on a beautiful ship. I wish I was there to see it in person.

  • Art Chippendale

    I agree with Adam Goldstein. It is just as important for companies to continue to do business in Haiti as it is to provide relief in some other form. I hope that the ship captains will prevail upon the guests to open their wallets and make a donation as well. It might also be a great morale booster to announce to the guests how much the ship had raised prior to going ashore.

  • Daniel Ferrara

    My wife is a nurse and was injured on her job in 2006. Going through unbelievable pain for almost a year we thought she would be OK. She went back to work in pain with her legs. Six months later an accident at work left her with a fractured right humerous that has not healed to date. Now totaly disabled. I thought booking the Oasis of the Seas for our 40th anniversary and her 60th birthday was the way to go. This has been a trip she counts the days for. We cruise on April 10th. Now she counts the hours. Formal nights,Chefs Table and more. A great big thank you to everyone at RCCL who made this perfect. All the great suggestions and help. You are GREAT, Thanks. I can’t wait to see how happy she is.