More From My Time Onboard Oasis of the Seas

by 549

So there really is something better than bagpipes at the naming ceremony. Bagpipes all the time!! It’s amazing to watch and hear our in-house bagpiper stroll the decks playing that beautiful, haunting music.

Today was our last day at sea before the real cruises begin. The weather was awesome. There are about 4,500 people onboard but I’m not sure where they are. People continue to struggle to find the words to compliment the ship.

We had our 5th and final Common Ground session with those travel agents who were interested to come to Studio B to do Q&A with our executives. All the sessions were positive, as they have been in recent years. There are always feedback points and we are fine with that. I actually liked today’s session in particular because all five of us on the panel (myself, Captain Bill, Lisa Bauer, emcee Vicky Freed and Doug Santoni) had multiple opportunities to answer questions. That means there were a wide variety of questions including strategic ones. Well done travel agents. I always have three goals for sessions such as these: make people feel good about asking questions in front of their peers, make sure they know where we stand even if our answer is not what they would like for it to be, and make the audience laugh once in a while. Besides that the agents love the ship, they must realize through sessions like this Common Ground that I have a world-class management team helping me lead Royal Caribbean International. The tireless dedication and good nature of my colleagues is inspiring.

Before the session I worked out really hard on the jogging track doing my fifth interval workout in 11 days. I’ve done something intense for 11 straight days. After the session, I played table tennis for nearly three hours straight. I actually played some of my best table tennis yet, but I had two bad games and lost them 11 – 9 and 11 -8. I took out my frustrations on some better players than the ones I lost to (sorry). I asked one of the guests I lost to if he would come back and play later and I won three out of four games. Not that I’m competitive or anything. After I stopped, I was watching some very good Danish players when I realized there was a third guy. So I asked them if they wanted to play doubles and we had an incredibly intense doubles match. Enough for one day.

When that was over I went back to my lovely loft suite and worked on the draft of my naming speech. I’m writing my blog while I listen to the bagpiper and wait for Richard’s feedback on the speech. Yesterday we got everyone together and went intensively over the minute by minute agenda for Monday’s naming day. Ever since the ship’s arrival on November 13th we have had the feeling that we have to get everything exactly perfect. The naming is way high on the list of desired perfection. At least we have some control over that. I can’t do anything about whether the Eagles will beat the Redskins tomorrow.

  • Trisha

    Beating the Redskins shouldn’t be too hard. :-)

  • Mathieu Burnel


    I’m a french cruise ship lover ; I’m 16 and I live near Cherbourg. I’m the author of a weblog, about the Cherbourg port :
    I dream to become a cruise ship captain, and I’m sometimes communication with Craig Milan, of RCCL.

    I visited your beautiful Independence of the Seas, during the Cherbourg call, on wednesday. I was dazzeld by the welcoming of the crew, and by the interior of the ship.

    I’m looking for a cruise line manager, who would accept to answer to an interview. If you would be agree, I could send you my questions by mail, and you answer, when you want.

    I thank you for advance

    Mathieu BURNEL
    Ships in Cherbourg

  • Howard Koffman, MBa

    Mr. G.
    Congrats on the addition of the Oasis to the RCCL fleet. On Dec 19, 2009 my wife and I will be Diamond Plus and may one day enjoy the services on the Oasis.
    I have read on posts from Cruise Critic that one particular family from WI, the Harms, have been invited on three separate inauguaral cruises. I was informed by a supervisor at Crown & Anchor that the selection process is done by frequency of cruises and randomness. Please explain?
    Thank you


    Adam, congrats on the new ship. Spectacular. Had no idea you were with RC, until I read an interview this week, clicked on the blog, and there you are playing table tennis.
    Best wishes,

  • Jeanette Allen Kadri

    I just did the 8 night cruise out of Bayonne, NJ, on the Explorer of the Seas! Wonderful time was had with our family group of 22 people. The service was great!!!

    I have a fantastic marketing idea. I heard if you use it maybe I could receive a free cruise. Is this true?
    If so, how or what do I do to submit my idea?

    Smooth Sailing,

    Jeanette Allen Kadri

  • Melissa


    Let me say what an amazing experience the naming ceremony was the other night. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to join in on the experience. From the moment I stepped foot on the ship, to 45 minutes later when I finally forced myself to close my jaw after walking around the ship in pure awe, to the seven godmothers, to the official christening (and your magical abilities to open that box without that key!), to the chance to meet your fine staff and crew, and the wonderful families there for Make-A-Wish, it was a night I will not soon forget. You and your staff have outdone yourselves once again, and I look forward to sailing on that beautiful masterpiece for a week (or two!) again soon.


  • Alfie Breitenstein

    Hello Adam,

    Congratulations on the Oasis of the Seas and a blog well done! It has been an enjoyable read since you started it, but the video blogs are just the BEST! I live in Fort Lauderdale, and very proud to be the home port of the Oasis of the Seas, truly an amazing sight when crossing the bridge. I am in my last semester at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton finishing my degree in Marketing with a focus of internet marketing and social media, and was wondering if you have contact information to someone in the company regarding a Marketing Internship. Working with a company as innovative as yours would be an honor. Looking forward to many more blog posts!

    -Alfie Breitenstein

  • Helmut schabetsberger

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,
    I am Austrian and I have a new kind of souvenir which is very suitable for the gift boutiques on the big cruisers like Oasis of the Seas etc.
    I shall be glad if you tell me how I can send you images/samples of the souvenir so you can decide it to offer it on board.
    Yours sincerely
    Helmut Schabetsberger

  • Kenneth B. Trevias


    I can only imagine the compliments you received on this “Ground Breaking” Ship.

    I know that Richard and You were just soaking up the SMILES and head shakes (coming from how in the heavens did they get those experiences on a ship) from all who were able to experience their brief time aboard the Oasis of the Seas.

    God willing my father and I looked forward to arrival of its sister-ship Allure of the Seas in Nov/Dec of 2010- and his health is okay so that we can experience one of the 2-3 night inaugural sailings.

    But if there is something I do not look forward to- is more than likely losing BADLY again to you in Presidential Ping Pong- since it is bad enough to lose- but your Phillies have booted my Dodgers- in two successive years- but I know you know that and are laughing a bit as well.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to All- Especially to our brave Men and Women in the Armed Services.

    Your Friend.

  • Helmut schabetsberger

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,
    I am Austrian and I have a new kind of souvenir which is very suitable for the gift boutiques on the big cruisers like “Oasis of the Seas” etc.
    I shall be glad if you tell me how I can send you images/samples of the souvenir so you can decide it to offer it on board.
    I shall be glad if you would answer my inquiry until Chrismas.
    Yours sincerely
    Helmut Schabetsberger

  • veronica kotsiopoulou

    Dear Mr Goldstein

    Congratulations to the Oasis of the Seas.
    I am the CEO of the company Mediterranean Travel.My company is interested to do cooperation with your company.So we sent email in 6 December 2009 to your representative in Greece Navigator Travel for your cruises (itineraries,prices,brochures etc) but we are not responded.We are also interested to incorporate into our websites your online booking system.
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    So your help to doing business with your company will prove valuable.
    Our Best Wishes for a Happy New Year full of Health, Happiness And Prosperity for All.
    I thank you for advance
    Best regards

    Veronica Kotsiopoulou
    Managing Director

  • Dr Ronald L Morgan

    Connie and I took Hannah, our granddaughter, on her first voyage Jan 9, 2011 on the Allure of the Seas. What a grand vessel, with so many options for young families and children especially.

    Thank you for allowing Pipe Major Lindsay to be a part of the cultural experience. My granddaugher had no experience with piping and was enthralled with his performances and lecture on piping and pipe making. This is what cruising is about…new experiences and understanding other cultures.

    The dining experience, especially evening, was exceptional. We have been crusing for 15 years and this was one of the best experiences we have ever had in the dining room. Mariana, Gabriel and their headwaiter Tanja made my granddaugher’s dining experience one of the highlights of her cruise. They were friendly, helpful, courteous and most professional in their service. These three individuals if not on the fast track with with your line… should be.

    Thank you for a most preasurable January break from the winter and for giving Hannah an unforgetable experience.

    • Adam

      Ronald, we are more than happy to have made such a memorable experience for you, Connie and your granddaughter, Hannah. Royal Caribbean International has continually pushed the limits of what’s possible at sea to deliver the vacation of a lifetime, every time. We call it the Royal Advantage- our drive to provide the best, most innovative ships, features, destinations and personalized service to our guests. We definitely agree that cruising is all about great experiences and learning new things, all while having a great time. Thank you for sharing the gift of cruising with your granddaughter. We hope to have a wonderful year, and are looking forward to having you all onboard with us soon.