Guest Blog: More Ribbon Cutting Today on Oasis of the Seas

by 495

The Cupcake Cupboard is now open!

Decorating Class - Cupcake Cupboard Opening

Decorating Class - Cupcake Cupboard Opening

The big news today onboard Oasis of the Seas was the grand opening of the Cupcake Cupboard. The Cupcake Cupboard is located very centrally on the Royal Promenade and really has the feel of an old fashioned bakery or even your Grandmother’s kitchen. We had a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open this afternoon and then invited everyone to join us for cupcake tastings. The favorite flavors were the red velvet, chocolate peanut butter, and the chocolate chocolate. We will offer different flavors daily, and they could include such varieties as bubble gum, strawberry, root beer, coconut, and vanilla/chocolate. Guests will be able to come and purchase one cupcake, or a half dozen, or even a dozen and we have very cool boxes especially designed for cupcakes to go.

Another great offering with the cupcakes will be the ability to order a birthday cupcake cake, anniversary cupcake, wedding cupcake, or any special celebration and get a cake made up of all cupcakes. I actually had a cupcake wedding cake when I got married 22 years ago, so it is great to see that cupcakes really are timeless.

My Cupcake - 'Bunker' :) ,  Cupcake Cupboard Opening

My Cupcake - 'Bunker' :) , Cupcake Cupboard Opening

The highlight of the opening today was our first cupcake decorating class. Six of us were enlisted to participate and try our skills at a decorating class. It was a blast and we had so much fun. We made a very cute dog (that looked like my Cairn Terrier dog Bunker). We were instructed how to create the face with the frosting, and then we added licorice for his eyes and mouth, a jelly bean for his nose, and candy for his ears. Mine looked more like the cowardly lion than a puppy, but overall everyone really enjoyed the class and I think it will be a huge hit with our guests.

We will also use the Cupcake Cupboard if any of our guests want to have a private birthday party or celebration and then could have a private decorating class as well.

I won’t tell exactly how many cupcakes were consumed today, but it was a large number and some people had more than one!

Ready to eat! - Cupcake Cupboard Opening

Ready to eat! - Cupcake Cupboard Opening

  • Janey Layman

    Oh wow, now I really cannot wait! Cupcakes AND doughnuts, I better be active onboard just to take off the calories from those goodies!!!! I hope that shop will be open on the pre-inaugurals.

    One bit of curiosity, though. Since I read about Adam and your travels through the blog, how many languages do you speak? I would imagine that you have to at least speak three or four fluently but I’m just curious. Also, how many languages do the captains of the ships usually speak. I figure that they are also well educated and can speak a number of different ones. It’s quite refreshing to continue to read yours or Adam’s updates. It’s almost time!!!!!

  • Mike P

    Thank you for the fun and promotional elements you’ve brought to the blog (coach, cupcakes, pizza, etc).
    If possible, I would also like a behind the scenes of the less glamorous part of your job: such as what kinds of meetings are you having with your staff? What did the entertainers have to do to overcome the bad weather? What are the metrics you are following? What are some of the details of the different types of training and why have you instituted them. What are the components of a ‘stress test’ and are they different or the same for each individual department. What personnel challenges did you have to overcome. Good blogs share details of both the good and the bad (because bad is only bad if it’s not being addressed).


  • Mike

    Can you give us an idea of what the cupcakes are going to cost in this delightful little shop?

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  • Turtle Dove

    It must be terribly easy to forget that you are onboard a ship at sea when you are surrounded by so many shops and stores and trees and plants and high walls of balconies. I would imagine the movement of the ocean is well-controlled so you almost feel like you are on dry land. My wife fears a cruise due to the movement/seasick factor. On a ship this large, I can’t imagine you’d feel much motion on calm seas. Rough seas are a different matter of course, but with the amazing technology found on this floating city, combined with its size, my guess is that even then it probably wouldn’t be too bad, and there is always the behind-the-ear patches that I understand help quite well.

  • seonmcdonald

    i truly beleive that this project is going to change the way cruising is done in terms of entertaiment, dining and sheer technology.I know the family of Royal Caribbean will enbrace this new cruising phenomenon with
    endurance, passion and love.
    Go guys, it is your time.