My First 30 Hours Onboard Oasis of the Seas!

by 611

Ok, so I’ve been on Oasis of the Seas for 30 hours. In no order of importance or anything else, here are some observations:

• A small group of management had dinner tonight at Giovanni’s Table. I ate too much to be blogging right now. It was fantastic. Spending this kind of quality time with our colleagues is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the business. Royal Caribbean people are truly special.

• We practiced the flag-changing ceremony tonight. The flag-changing will occur after the delivery papers are signed tomorrow. The practice consisted of listening to the national anthems of Finland, Norway the Bahamas and the United States multiple times, followed by the lead singer of Hairspray. I guess we’re ready.

• The fitness center is already open for workouts even though the ship isn’t ours yet. 35 minutes into my workout someone shut the power off in the gym. That doesn’t happen at home. Maybe we won’t accept the ship.

• Even though we can see our breath, which should not happen in the Caribbean, it is majestic in Central Park at night. And Central Park is still a partial construction site missing 12,000 plants and trees.

• Usually an onboard announcement is introduced by the familiar ding-ding-ding that we now have in our television announcements. For unknown reasons the shipyard personnel testing the public address system have replaced the ding-ding-ding with something that sounds like a cross between a sick sheep and a drunk cow. Maybe this is one of the techniques for getting through a long dark winter.

• Our perfectionist entertainment team is frustrated by our inability to get into the theater and start the rehearsals. We’re trying to figure out other places onboard where the cast can rehearse while they wait for the theater. Studio B, an obvious alternative, is unavailable because the ice cast is constantly rehearsing in there. So a more imaginative venue is required.

• I think Richard Fain must have said cabin instead of stateroom 50 times today. The question is, does he do this because i) he really thinks it should be cabin instead of stateroom, ii) he can’t help himself, or iii) he knows it irritates me?

Keriann Von Raesfeld, our chef at 150 Central Park, is really special. She is a phenomenally talented chef on a world-class scale, yet she is the opposite of a prima donna. She is doing every startup task that all crew have to do, including all safety drills. She thought it was cool that she was trained today in how to fight a fire. If you haven’t booked dinner at 150 Central Park, please go to Cruise Enhancements on our web site and make your reservation now.

• I will be on a plane home tomorrow during all of Game 1 of the Phillies – Yankees World Series. Unfortunately that plane is not JetBlue. This is provoking an allergic reaction throughout my body.

• I don’t care what you have heard, read or thought about Oasis of the Seas. It is better than that. Much better.

  • Suzanne Naselsky

    Adam….We are so excited for our June 2010 Oasis cruise! We are really enjoying the blog updates. Im laughing about the part about the “ding ding ding” Our best friends are going on the Oasis March 2010 and we always joke with them that we want a doorbell at our house that sounds like that! We are in Philadelphia and big Phillies fans!!!!!

  • TTTony

    Have you slept in that time? I like the comic relief. Oasis sounds larger than life!



    Great blog updates ~ truly enjoyed. Thanks. Cheers

  • Edna Taylor

    PICTURES, WE WANT TO SEE PICTURES :) We are booked for September 11, 2010 and we cannot wait. I have seen some video and pictures of the inside, but can you post some pictures of the Lofts (we booked a Loft) and the Flow Rider area (that is our favorite past time on the Freedom).


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  • Daniel w

    It’s good to hear that on Oasis we won’t continually have to listen to the Cruise Director persuading us to go to ‘Bingo!’ every hour over the PA system.

    Just out of interest, will Oasis have the much loved or hated ‘Bingo!’ and are there any new ice-shows lined up? ;)

  • Ed Smith


    I have planned a cruise Spring, 2010 to Europe and having difficulty with the Rewards program receiving onboard credits. Can you help?
    Good luck to the Phillies. I am a Yankess Fan!

  • henry samonte

    I am a Filipino or my country is Philippines. My son graduated nursing but has not yet passed the board exam.

    I’m just wondering if he can fit on any job in the magnificent ship. He is able bodied and willing to take any job. He does not mind working on any manial job.