My First Video Hello

by 61

Here’s a glimpse into my table tennis activity.

  • Roger

    Thanks for the video hello! We’d also like to hear your tips on improving our running times since you’ve almost gotten to sub-19 minute 5K times!

  • Lisa

    Nice to see you in action.s

  • cAPT bob

    Adam: Is there any table tennis aboard the ships?

  • Scott Jensen

    Take us on a tour of your office. The 5-cent tour.

  • Dennis


    Great to see you are still committed to this wonderful sport and chose it for your first video Hello. Table Tennis does require lightening quick reflexes with a 40 mm celluloid ball travelling at speeds up to 70 mph, and in a split second you have to determine the trajectory, speed, and spin of the ball and then determine the return placement, speed, counter spin all while analyzing your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Great way to say young!

    Keep swinging – contact me the next time you are in the Northeast and we’ll have to have another match.