Naming Royal Caribbean’s Newest Cruise Ships

by 397

In case you haven’t heard we recently announced that Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas are the names of our new Quantum Class of ships. Quantum of the Seas will join our Fleet in late 2014 and Anthem of the Seas in spring 2015.

Prepare to be WOWED

While I still am not able to share details about the Quantum Class of ships, formerly known as “Project Sunshine”, I can assure you that we are continuing to raise the bar of innovation and expectations of what our guests can do on a cruise vacation. We felt as though the name Quantum was a great fit since we are going a step above and propelling it forward. We’re taking a quantum leap.

The word anthem is defined as a song of praise and Anthem of the Seas is indicative of many of the best qualities and features of Royal Caribbean International. Quantum represents a step change in cruising and anthem is a song of praise for that step.

Selecting the name of a new ship is an interesting process. It’s even more interesting when we’re developing a new ship class. We worked with a naming consultant who provided several different avenues to explore. We looked at names that were categorized as experiential names, cosmopolitan names, leading edge names and more. But with Quantum, we felt that the tone fit what we were seeking.

Quantum of the Seas is a name that everyone on our Project Sunshine Steering Committee immediately liked. We voted on paper when selecting the names and the results were pretty much unanimous. We all gravitated to the same two names.

We are working to set the stage and landscape for the future of cruise vacations with Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas. But you’ll need to wait a bit longer until we can share the details with you.

  • Jackie Condie

    Congrats on the great new names — and many thanks for beginning the long-awaited process of rolling out glimmers of info and hints about the new ships! IT’s a start…

    As a Jersey Girl, I am thrilled that one of them will be home-porting in Bayonne / Cape Liberty. Ok, that last part may just be wishful thinking, but I’m a big believer in the power of suggestion. ;)

    • Adam

      Thank you, Jackie.

      • sarah arnold

        Hi Adam,

        Will the new ships offer solo cabins or studios as is the case with several Norweigan ships?

        • Dudan Erica

          Looking forward with full of excitement, it will again be class as we expect of RC Congrats on the Nice names
          Greats Erica until in may in europe

          • Adam

            Thank you for saying so, Dudan.

        • Tom

          Will quantum of the Seas have Oceanview Balcony stateroom interconnected to interior staterooms like the Voyager and Freedom class of ships?

          • Adam

            Hello Tom, please keep an eye on our page for any future updates about Quantum of the Seas. Thank you.

    • Bryce

      Just went on my first royal caribbean cruise and it was wonderful. I have been on two carnival cruises and I will never go back. Convert for life right here. So I was just wondering if anyone knew the specs for the new ships as in how big will they be? I like big boats and I cannot lie.

      • Adam

        We’re happy you enjoyed your time onboard with us, Bryce. Thank you for your comment and stay tuned for more updates on Quantum of the Seas!

      • Kim

        I LIKE BIG BOATS AND I CANNOT LIE!!! ROFL….LMBO!!!!!!! Que Sir Mix-A-Lot!!!!! I TOO am really excited about the new ship! An ON BOARD CAROUSEL!!!! WOW!!!!! I’ve interpreted several RCCL cruises and am a life long fan! The ships are impecable and the staff is amazing!!!! Now I’m ready for my OWN cruise. I was NEWLY pregnant on my last cruise and didn’t know it – LOL!! THIS time I’m truly hoping to bring our daughter! She’ll be 3 in Dec. ’14 and it will TRULY be special for us! Happy Sailing!!!

        • Adam

          We look forward to having you all onboard. Thank you.

    • Pat

      Hi Adam and congrats on your two newest ships! Just returned last week from the Allure and had a WONDEFUL time….Last year we cruised on the Oasis and of course loved every moment! When are you going to open up the bookings so we can look forward to be WOWed on the Quantum and the Anthem???

      • KARLA


        • Adam

          Hi Karla, please pay attention to our social properties for upcoming information on Quantum of the Seas.

    • http://RoyalCaribbeansite Juan Rios

      I love your ships hope one of your new ships sailing port is out of Boston

      • Adam

        Thank you, Juan. Please keep an eye on our page for any and all itinerary updates.

    • Gary DeFilippis

      Agreed Jackie! We deserve a beautiful new ship such as these in New Jersey! I think Adam will do the right thing and deploy one here, see you onboard!

  • Elaine Steskal

    I like the new names, now if you build a third sunshine ship, you could call it Symphony of the Seas. I hope the Quantum sails out of Cape Liberty.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestion, Elaine. Thank you.

  • Brandon Rosado

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! :D Can’t wait to go Maiden on both!!


    I like the name Anthem—it sounds musical and reminds me of the National Anthem– Music of the Seas–Quantum will be difficult for people to remember.


    I sailed on the Oasis and will do the Allure next year…I don’t know you can improve on what I think are the two best ships ever. I’ve sailed on 31 cruises and can only applaud the the Oasis and the Allure…BUT, if you can come up with something even better….I’m ready to Rock and Roll…

    Bob Erickson

    • Adam

      Hi Bob, thanks for the compliment and hope to see you soon, as we think Quantum will WOW you.

  • Nicolas calvo l.

    Hi i Was waiting for details about project sunshine I want to know with route Will take the cruise and how much cost.

    I want pictures of the cruise i think that it will be awsome and i want to be there .

    im a big fun of cruises and the best cruise line is royal caribbean all my room is with photos of your cruises .

    im so happy about your cruises and your hard work tha you do to make this possible.

  • Brian Hele

    Long overdue, NY and the Northeast need an all weather ship. Too bad it’ll be over a year before the arrive. We love sailing out of Cape Liberty.

  • Cheryl

    Could you please extend the 7 night Scan Russia cruise out of Copenhagen round trip to extend into more of June or earlier in August of 2014? This cruise is great for families but many kids are in school until June 4 and start around Aug. 20 . Therefore we cannot go… Extension into June or early Aug. would be great for many families, especially American families. Thanks!

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestion Cheryl and we will be sure to pass this information along to the proper department. Thank you.

  • Susan Lyons

    I have taken 2 cruises and a third is already booked for June 2013 on Oasis of the Seas. My first ship was Liberty of the Seas and it was my first cruise ever. Two things happened…I was hooked on cruising and I was hooked on Royal Caribbean. That vacation could not have been better. The service and friendliness was simply outstanding! Right away we booked our next one on Freedom of the Seas and took our granddaughters with us! They had the time of their lives and already want to go back. This one in June is for my husband and I to celebrate our 20th anniversary but we have decided we would take a cruise each year from here on out. That’s how much we love cruising and Royal Caribbean! I want to thank you for that and I look forward to seeing what comes next with Quantum of the Seas and Royal Caribbean!

    • Adam

      We’re happy to hear you enjoy cruising with us, Susan. Congratulations on 20 years together and we can’t wait to have you onboard. Thank you.

  • james

    Hello Royal Caribbean, it is an honor to actualy speak to you. You are my favourite cruiseline and your ships are outstandng. Just to ask a quick question, will the oasis class cruise ships be sailing around Europe on the upcoming big years for the cruise industry?

  • James Karalun

    Is Royal still in the contract phase for another Oasis class ship? Looking forwardd to the new Quantum Class and to see what new inovations it will bring to the cruising world.

  • Louis Louvett

    Where are these to ships headed after they are built. I would be interested in taken the transit cruise. I am a club member and a love cruising with royal. Please let me know when there maiden voyage will take place and where there going. Thank for all the wonderful memories you have given to my family.


    Louis Louivett

  • Thomas Lamb

    I hope you homeport the Quantum at Cape Liberty. Then you can bring the Explorer to Norfolk Va. (Hope!!!)

  • Kevin Myrold

    Just wondering when the new ships will be available for booking…..especially the Maiden Voyage!

  • Lynette Hettinga

    Can’t wait to see the new ship! We’ve been on the Voyager, Freedom and the Oasis and Loved them all! Plus others! We Love Royal Caribbean!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Lynette. We can’t wait to see you back onboard.

  • Faith

    Dear Adam,

    We have been on 4 cruises with Royal Caribbean and we really enjoy our vacations. I have some questions for you.
    We booked a ocean balcony room for my mother in law and they charged us full price for the room. I don’t understand why I was charged for double occupancy when she will be the only one in the room. Plus we had already book two rooms with this cruise. Both rooms will have two people in them. We are leaving March 30 for the Western Caribbean on the Navigator of the seas. Also, since I paid for her room why can’t I have the points? It should be whoever pays for the room(s) gets the points? Plus I’m paying double for one person…this is NOT right. is there anything you can do for me?

    My other question is why the cruise employees do not make sure that kids are kept out of the solarium’s pool. This is supposed to be a adults only area…it is NOT. Kids not only are allowed in the pool but frequently vomit up ice cream and other food. The pool must be closed to clean in for half a day. This has happened more than once on a Royal Caribbean cruise. If you stipulate “adults only” than why don’t you enforce it? I love kids…I have two of my own but this needs to be addressed. Sincerely, Faith West

    • Adam

      Hi Faith, you can learn more about our single cruiser policy here. Additionally, we will be sure to pass your comment along to the proper department. Thank you.

  • Bob Van Bergen

    When can we make reservations? Where will it sail?
    Can’t wait!!!!

  • Tim Van Hoorenbeke

    Is there going to be a website where we can follow the construction of the Quantum Of The Seas, like the Oasis Of The Seas had?

  • Jenn Aaron

    I am so happy to hear of the new fleets that are being built and love the names it sounds like a name on for a quality ship that would be apart of a great company ROYAL~~~~~~~. I love all the fleets you have especially the Oasis class. And now I will look forward to the Quantum Class. Royal is the top of the line Cadillac style…. of the sea. With your service , food and excitement.
    Thanks for creating such a wonderful experince for families and I look forward to sailing in the future with you. Thanks
    And for Adam………..

    Go Phillly

    Loyal Royal customer
    Jenn Aaron


    Do you plan to bring one of your ships to the west coast that will sail to Hawaii, let’s say from Los Angeles ? With all your innovations, will any of your ships be nuclear powered? There use to be a time when I checked my baggage, with RCL luggage tags attached, I would’nt see my baggage until it was delivered to my cabin. Any plans to return to this service? Thanks, you are the best !!!.

  • Lori Pederson

    I’d LOVE to see hammocks on the balcony of the new and existing ships. It’s the best way to relax, especially on a ship that sways! Pretty Please!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Lori.

  • Lynne Taylor-Shields

    I can’t wait to go on either of the new ships. I’ve sailed on Mariner twice (11/04 & 8/08), Oasis (8/10), and Allure (6/12). I’m booking Explorer for 8/14 to take my two 13 year old nieces. Hopefully my hubby and I can go in November 2014 for our 30th anniversary. Happy sailing to all.

    • Adam

      Happy sailing to you as well, Lynne. We’ll see you this August.

  • Thomas Debraggio

    I love how you named the new ships because it feels like more special! I am wondering when will you release the pictures of the new ships to the public and the tours of the ship? And other information such as port of calls, pricing, and much more!

    I went on a cruise on Carnival and I am thinking about going back on another cruise, this time on Royal Caribbean. What would you suggest? I always wanted to go on Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas!

    • Adam

      Hi Thomas, we are confident you will enjoy a Royal Caribbean cruise. We also suggest you ask your question on our Facebook page to see what our fans have to say.

      • Jerry King

        Dear Adam,
        We are long time Cruisers with RCCL.We started our first with the Nordic Empress….we loved that ship…but than again we love smaller ships.My question is…in light of the recent accidents with Carnival…would RCCL handle the problems better.We are not happy about what happened with the way Carnival handle things……I think in an extreme case like there ship was cripple…it would of made much more since to get the people off the ship.
        We have witness first hand how Carnival does not make good decisons.We were on Mariners of the Seas in 2005.We made it to Jamica….but had to head back because there was a hurrican brewing….Rccl decided to go back the safe way…it was longer around…it took more fuel…but the ship was more protected….we went back to Nassua between Fla. and Cuba…..The Carnivl Ship that was shadowing us took the short cut….but more dnagerious rout of the underside of Cuba…we had friends on that ship…it was horrible…But RCCL took us the safe way…we did encounter high seas….but nothing like Carnival.It always seems RCCL always take the safest way…and not worry about the cost.We have seen this many times.
        BTW my daughter got married on Your cruise ship…it was so wonderful…your Royal Romance did an unbeliveable job.We had lots of requests and they handle it so well! Keep up the good work…and cannot wait until our next cruise!

        • Adam

          Thank you for your comment, Jerry.

  • Peter Schenck

    We just returned on Sunday from a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise on Allure of the Seas. It was our second voyage on that ship, and our eighth on Royal Caribbean. We put down the on-board deposit for the Decide Later option, hoping to hear news about Project Sunshine soon. We only needed to wait two days! We’re looking forward to hearing more about the ships and their itineraries. A Fall Maritime cruise would be a unique way to roll out a new class, especially one debuting out of the Tri-State area. Being Upstate NYers ourselves, the Port Bayonne departure point is very convenient. Bring it on!!!!

  • Erin

    Even though it’s only something as simple (or not so simple) as sharing the names, I am very excited about the Quantum class! I have always wondered about how you choose the names, so thanks for giving us a “behind the scenes” look. And now I definitely can’t wait to see what else will be revealed in the coming months!

  • Ezcruizer

    I am so excited about this new class of ships. I can’t wait to book. Please don’t keep us waiting for long. I want to book the Inaugural and Maiden Voyages.

    95 days at sea and counting
    4 cruises already booked
    Waiting to book the Quantum Class ships

  • Eric Degen

    Why did I get a big splashy email for this vague fluff piece of a non-announcement? Don’t get me wrong, as a long time RCCL/Celebrity Cruiser I’m always interested in the developments of your fleet’s – but if you’re not even going to post tonnage or key amenities, why bother me with three and a half minute video that tells me nothing new other than the vessels names.

    Please reserve your “WOWED” emails for actual announcements.

    Best Regards,
    Eric Degen

  • Sylvia McCormick

    Dear Adam

    I have sailed RCCL 23 times and I have two more sailings planned for this year. I have been on every class in Royal’s fleet and I am not sure which one I like best. My husband’s favorite is the Oasis Class. I am also looking forward to receiving my first crystal block in May – I have almost 210 points now and I will be over that number during my next cruise.

    The service and the quality that RCCL offers is what keeps me coming back. I also like the many extras that Diamond Plus members receive so that is naturally a deciding factor as well when I am planning a cruise vacation.

    I am looking forward to sailing on the Maiden Voyage of the new Quantum of the Seas and I will be watching this site closely for news.

    The only “wow” factor that your cruise line is missing is the availability of a Catholic Mass. I mention this en every satisfaction survey that I fill out so maybe someday I will be able to worship at sea.

    Sylvia McCormick

    • Adam

      Thank you for being Loyal to Royal, Sylvia. We appreciate your comment.

  • Bernadette DelVecchio

    Please Please have more options and ships going to the southern caribbean. Aruba is my most favorite island and I hope we can take more cruises to the souther Caribbean.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestion, Bernadette. Thank you.

  • Carol Ann

    I am 5 points away from Diamond status and I have been awed by the innovated and created ideas Royal has come up with since my travels. Royal’s bar is already sky-high. I cannot wait to see the revealation of the Quantum Class. I would love to see your larger newer ships in the Southern Caribbean Ports e.g., Barbados, St. Kitts etc. GO ROYAL!!!!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Carol.

  • Jane Reilly

    Our family loves Royal Caribbean, and just recently sailed on The Independence of The Seas. It was a lovely ship and cruise, but too big. We found it difficult to get into the shows we wanted, and found many of the venues to be overcrowded, and it was not holiday time. We have been on many Royal ships, including Independence, Voyager, Jewel, and Serenade. We much prefer the medium ships like Jewel and Serenade. We have no interest in the mega ships, and would like to see Royal build some innovative new ships in the mid-size class. Way too many passengers on the mega ships!
    Guess we are swimming upstream :(

    • Adam

      Thank you for voicing your concerns, Jane. We will be sure to pass your input along to the proper department for review.

  • PJ

    Love the names Quantum and Anthem!! I love sailing on your ships. My husband especially loves the Flowrider. We’re sailing again on Allure this April. I’m excited to see what you’ll have to offer on this new class. I hear you’re considering Galveston as the home port. (wink. wink)

    • Adam

      We look forward to having you onboard, PJ. See you soon!

  • Finn

    I really hope that the Quantum of the Seas is going to be cruising in the Mediterranean Sea, because if it will to, I will be going on its maiden voyage. But I will be at the transfer through the Ems! I’m so excited and, by the way, the names are perfect!

    All my best wishes for the construction.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your well wishes, Finn, and stay tuned for updates on Quantum of the Seas!

  • Michael

    Hi Adam, Looking forward for more news on Royals newest ship projects! Been on 7 cruises with your company and planning another in 2014. Having a hard time deciding which one! I have a suggestion I’d like to pass on to you if I may? Your ports of call are all great, but the time you visit these ports are to short! You have to hurry to get off the ship and hurry to get back on! Also the ports are one after another with no time to enjoy your beautiful ships at sea. Less ports and longer time at ports with a break at sea from port to port is my idea of a vacation for me. Michael

    • Adam

      Thank you for your input, Michael. We always appreciate feedback from our guests, and will take this into consideration.

  • Jack Watkins

    My wife & I have sailed 7 times with RCCL & with other cruise lines also. RCCL is by far the best cruise line out there. We love your onboard entertainment. We have been watching for a cruise from England to France, Scotland & Ireland. We have a group of ten that would like to do that itinerary. Hopefully, you will have it soon, we are ready to cruise with you again this Spring!

    • Adam

      Hi Jack, please keep an eye on our page about any upcoming itinerary additions. Thank you.

  • Barbara Boal

    I have cruised with Carnival (twice), Princess (once), and RCCL (eight times). My husband and I really enjoyed the quality of service with RCCL. My husband had health issues for his last two cruises (he was on oxygen). I can’t thank you all enough for the care and wonderful service we received. We loved cruising out of Cape Liberty. The Explorer of the Seas was like our personal vacation home. Now that he is gone, it is very disturbing to me that I am not welcome as a widow to cruise with you. I would have to pay 192% for me to cruise with you again. I don’t see that I would get any extra perks for paying the extra 92%. I do understand the business side of your decision not welcome single cruisers at a fair rate. I also know that I woudn’t last in my job very long if I paid 192% for services. I do think that you are missing the boat, sorry for the pun, when you don’t welcome us single baby boomers aboard.

    It is not just RCCL that doesn’t value the single traveler, but I have discovered that I can cruise on NCL’s Epic as a single cruiser for a reasonable fare. So, until I can find a traveling companion, I guess that cruising days with RCCL are over. It is a shame that your “loyalty program” doesn’t go both ways.

    It has been great.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your feedback, Barbara. We will be sure to pass your comments along to the proper department for review.

  • Karyn

    I hope these 2 new ships have the Royal Promenade! That is one thing my family and I enjoy. Adventure of the Seas has the Promenade and it seems to promote a “hamony” on the ship. We like how it connects everything together. We like the medium sized sihps also. :)

  • Momodou

    Hello Adam,

    Congratulations on the new Quantum Class Ships. Ever since we took our first cruise on Royal Caribbean we have been hooked. Your ship designs and service are the best. Having also been on Oasis and Allure, I like many fans wonder how you could top Oasis or Allure. “Designed for Wow”

    With 5 points to Diamond we tried to hold on to our NextCruise booking until Project Sunshine was announced but “The Sea is Calling” got us and we had to book something for Spring Break on Freedom of the Seas and Oasis for the second time this summer. I will definitely reserve my NextCruise open booking while on Freedom this spring.

    With a name like Quantum of the Seas and what the name really represents, I can see the ship sailing out from Miami just across from RCCL headquarters. Either way, my family and I look forward to sailing on her, if not Miami maybe Port Canaveral in 2014. Hopefully to some new ports in the Southern Caribbean as well.

    Looking forward to more exciting news about Quantum of the Seas.

    Best Regards

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Momodou.

  • Dustin Frickman

    Glad to hear about the new ships coming our way. I have been on one cruise and that one got me hooked. The first cruise that I took was on Liberty of the Seas and I loved every minute of it. My wife and I have one booked on the same ship in November of 2013. While on that cruise we are planning on booking our next one and before hearing about these new ships we were planning on going on Oasis or Allure. Not quite sure how this is gonna work out but we may have to just book on the new ships! Can’t wait for my November cruise to get here. I am so hooked on cruising just after my first one last February I just can’t explain it. It’s all thanks to the hospitality and professionalism Royal Caribbean provided for us. Can’t wait to hear more about these new ships.

  • Martin van der Veeken

    Dear Adam,

    Fantasic new names. Congrates. As one of the many suppliers, we are proud to provide the best possible products to Royal and will continue to offer innovative products and services to give your passengers and crew the WOW effect with a smile. Blogs help us improve and create new ideas. Thank you for sharing.


    • Adam

      You’re welcome, Martin. Thank you for your comment.

  • Nina

    Hi Adam,

    I have sailed with the Royal Caribbean on the Allure and the Independence of the Seas, i have enjoyed cruising that i probably won’t go back to land holidays (LOL) but there is one suggestions i would like to make, seeing that the Alure and Oasis are not suitable for Med cruising due to the size of the ships, it would be nice to have a new ship that does sail from Southampton, we enjoy cruising and feel its so unfair that all of the new ships are always based so far and the extra costs it is for all british cruisiers having to book flights and accomodations everytime they want to go on a new ship…

    • Adam

      Thank you for your feedback, Nina. We’ll be sure to pass this information along.

  • Tom St Germain

    My wife and I plan to be on this ship, either for maiden voyage, or shortly after!

    • Adam

      Thanks, Tom. We look forward to seeing you onboard!

  • Patrick OKeefe

    My wife and I have been on 11 Royal Caribbean Cruises and 1 Carnival. Our 2 was with Carnival just so we could compare. Dont you make the same mistake and waste your time or money on another cruise line. Royal Caribbean is without doubt the Best cruise line out there. Our next cruise is Booked for April for our 10th anniversary. While we are one board we will book 3 more cruises.we have been to Alaska twice and the Caribbean several times and the Mexico Yucatan once. We pan to move to Florida when we retire just so we can be closer to the cruise ports. Cant wait till April.

    Hey Adam how about a couple more on board credits for the wife and I for telling it like it really is ?

    Patrick O

    • Adam

      Thank you for your glowing endorsement, Patrick. We truly appreciate it.

  • Christine Pullman

    Thanks for the updates on the new ships! Exciting!!!

    Has RCCL ever considered offering suites with added luxuries such as the bamboo sheets? Since Cariloha is a preferred vendor in the ports of call, surely you could work out a partnership…that is one of the things I would like to have on the cruise that I miss from home :)

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestion, Christine, and we’ll be sure to pass it along to the proper department.

  • Walter

    I’m really excited to see RCI new Project Sunshine
    Question…will RCI be asking guests for ideas of what they would like the new Project Sunshine to have onboard?
    The rockwall, zipline and full size basketball court are very good ideas…just to name a few.
    Lets see what the RCI guests would like to see onboard these two new ships.
    Thank you…I for one have an excellent idea, please let me know who I may forward to.

  • Tyler

    Hello Adam,

    Just wondering if you have plans to add the Seaside Cafe concept to any of the new ships or ships going through revitalization? Utilized the Seaside Cafe frequently on Radience of the Seas previously and loved it. Hope to see it on more of the ships soon!

  • Christine

    My family and I are diamond members with Royal Caribbean, so I guess it’s obvious that Royal Caribbean is our favorite cruise line. (We sailed the other lines: NCL, Princess, Holland, and dare I admit to Costa).
    Just wanted to say you guys have a wonderful product and ours hats off to you. Of course we do miss the chocolates on our pillows at night….made us feel special. Just a reminder to not do away with so many of the “special” touches, don’t want the Royal treatment to seem factory and not “special.”
    Ah, the new class of ships, that’s always exciting news, like hear a family member is having a baby. :) I do have to admit that I was looking forward to “Sunshine Of The Seas”; it sounds so happy, fun and beachy. But I guess it’s name is Quantum. Kinda feel like the baby was named (Project Sunshine), got use to it and then well sorta like found out the baby was a boy instead and ooppss need a name change. It’s okay we’ll love him all the same, just gotta get use to the new name…..maybe someday there’ll be a Sunshine in the family.
    Take care and we’ll be sailing with you soon (as always).

    • Adam

      We look forward to your return onboard, Christine. Thank you for your comment.

  • Bennet

    I have tried royal carribean’s vision class here in asia(2011).. I am really happy that you are upgrading your fleet in Asia with the introduction of voyager and mariner of the seas..with these 2 ships, I believe these are the best cruise ships in Asia! I hope one of your big ships like allure and oasis ( better if quantum and anthem ) will sail here in the very near future! For Asia, the calmer months would be from February to May ( less typhoon) -in general.

    • Adam

      You’re welcome, Bennet. Unfortunately, at this time we have no plans to add any additional ships to Asia. Thank you.

  • Sonya-Charie

    First cruise ever on the Indy this past January…back again next February for my last 30s hooray! Definitely prepared to do a Quantum Leap into my 40s…or 39th and a half! ;o)

    *Fingers crossed it sails to the Southern Caribbean*

    • Adam

      Thank you, Sonya-Charie.

  • Blake

    Will the new class of ships have rooms for single travelers, with no single surcharge like NCL?? Will there be a promade like the Exploorer of the seas?

  • Zach Morgan


    I would just like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you.” You work hard, everyday, for many hours to provide hundreds of thousands of vacationers with an amazing, relaxing and revitalizing experience and for that I say thank you. It’s awesome that you have provided patrons an avenue to make suggestions or comments and I have sailed with Royal Caribbean and have booked a May 6th cruise on Jewel of the Seas, but right now, just “Thank you.” I can almost guarantee you do not hear that enough.


    • Adam

      You’re welcome, Zach. Thank you for your kind words.

  • Peggy Grossenbacher

    Love the new names and I can’t wait to get my feet on their decks!

    My whole family started cruising with you in 2006 and we haven’t stopped since. We can’t bring ourselves to try any other cruise lines because we absolutely love you guys, and my sister summed it up the best when she said, “I would be sad if I came back to my room on another cruise line and the beginning of my toilet paper roll wasn’t magically folded into little triangles.” It’s the little details, Adam, that have us coming back to you guys year after year. The staff on RCCL are ALWAYS happy to help you and ALWAYS have a smile for you.

    I don’t know how you are going to out-do yourselves after the Oasis class, which we just sailed on this past October, but if anyone can…it’ll be RCCL! Thank you for making the best vacations on the planet!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your compliments, Peggy.

  • Madden

    Well, I think these are wonderful names. I have also heard something about a third Oasis-class. I took a cruise last year on the Oasis of the Seas. Hoping the sail on the Anthem!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Madden.

  • Charles Jones

    My wife and I have sailed on 12 cruises, 11 of which have been RC or its sister, Celebrity. We tried one of those other cruise lines a few years ago and were disappointed with their freestyle ways. We are committed to just RC or Celebrity. We are currently booked for the Explorer in September to Bermuda and cannot wait!

    While we have yet to sail on RC’s biggest ships, we are looking forward to someday heading out on the Oasis or Allure. It’s exciting to know that we have some even bigger options ahead as well! You have never disappointed us!

    P.S. with the current news about a ship at sea, family has been calling us and questioning our choice for taking a cruise rather than staying on land. I’ve been telling them its different, we sail with Royal!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Charles. We look forward to seeing you this September.

  • Douglas Holman

    Will the new ships have a redundancy in case the power plant is knocked out like the Carnival Triumph was?

    • Adam

      Hi Douglas, above all else safety is our first concern. Please know that we take every available precaution to ensure the safety of both our guests and our crew. Thank you.

  • Timothy R. Renken

    Aloha, I extremely love the names of the two (2) Quantum-Class ships. Now that’s what I call ship names of the future and
    right now the Rhapsody of the Seas & the Radiance of the Seas sails to Hawaii where I am now! Keep up the good work.
    I love the names Quantum of the Seas & the Anthem of the Seas. Mahalo!

    • Adam

      Thank you for saying so, Timothy. We appreciate your comment.

  • Steven Byrd

    I have been on 5 RCCL cruises so far and have booked my 6th for September of this year. Would like to suggest that some good old fashioned southern cooking be added to the choice of foods offered onboard such as fried chicken, collard greens, fat back, cornbread, sweet potatoes, etc. And not to forget sweet iced tea!!!!!

    • Adam

      We appreciate your input, Steven. We will be sure to pass along this information to the proper department. Thank you.

  • Mark

    Looking forward to the new ships. Can’t wait to start reading what the new ships will offer, but then, if RCI is building them, they will be worth the wait!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your kind words, Mark.

  • julia

    I finally got my husband to agree to his 1st cruise. We will be sailing on Independence of the Seas leaving Feb 24th. i was so excited to hear about the two new ships. If all goes well and he has the time of his Iife (as i know he will ) I hope to be among the first to sail Quantum of the Seas. Thanks for having such great ships. I can’t even imagine trying another cruise line besides


    • Adam

      Thank you for your compliments, Julia. We’re looking forward to welcoming you and your husband onboard.

  • Dwight Dickinson

    I went on my first cruise on Navigator of the Seas when I was in Grade 8. Never looked away from Royal ever again. Just laughed at the thought of a Carnival cruise.

    Been on Navigator, Freedom (twice), Oasis (twice), and Allure. Cannot wait to sail on this. I think I’ll be pleasantly surprised by it. The service on these ships have been outstanding. Really made me feel like I was royalty. Everyone gets the same treatment, so it’s comparable to a palace at sea full of royalty.

    Please don’t change Royal! Haven’t been afraid to recommend you to friends yet. :)

    • Adam

      Thank you, Dwight, for your compliments.

  • http://SeaViews Wynnene Robinson

    We are booked on Legend of the Seas in Feb. 2014 to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. It will be our first cruise so we are looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to leaving some positive comments on our return.

    • Adam

      Happy anniversary, Wynnene. We are looking forward to hearing from you upon your return.

  • james post

    we have enjoyed about 5 or 6 cruises on the explorer of the seas and will be going again this october, when is it scheduled for a rehab lots of newer ships and this one needs a little spiffing if thats a good word. thanks for all the great trips jim post and joyce and how do i get to eat with the captain

    • Adam

      We appreciate your input, James. Thank you.

  • Wiebe

    looking forward to see your new ships and cruise on them!!!

    We cruised three times, two times liberty and one time adventure!!! All of them were great! End of March we celebrate our 12.5th anniversary on the navigator for a couple fo weeks!! From the carribean to europe…Can’t wait to be onbaord again.

    And I will visit the shipyard in Papenburg Germany were the Quantum Class ships will be build. It is very near from our home!!!! WOW for me!!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Wiebe.

  • Adam

    You should have at least one sail out of LA. LA is a big port city and all the costumers will go on Carnival if you don’t have a ship in a 1000 mile radius.

    • Adam

      Hi Adam, at this time we have no plans to have any West Coast itineraries. Thank you.

  • Kelly Morrison

    What does it say about a company when they make an announcement like Quantum and Anthem that makes a tear come to your eye? I have cruised with many companies in my past. However, since I became a loyal member of the RCI family, there is only one true cruise company for me and my family. Thanks Adam for all you do to make our vacations with your outstanding team a true enjoyment.

    • Adam

      Thank you for being loyal to Royal, Kelly. We were moved when we read your comment and it makes us so happy we can reach our guests in such a way.

  • http://RCCL Gerry Bunting

    I am really hoping that one of the new ships will be home based at Cape Liberty or New York. While I love the Explorer, going on her for the 3rd time this October and ship with an enclosed pool area for sailing in less then nice weather would be wonderful!
    I will be celebrating 5 years cancer free on my October cruise and I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be at that time then on the sea. My first cruise was on the Empress of the Seas, great ship. I sailed twice on NCL, but found out I really love the traditional dining on RCCL much better. I would like to do a New Years cruise on the Anthem of the Seas, hopefully out of Cape Liberty or New York. Keep up the great work.

    • Adam

      Congratulations on your recovery, Gerry, we are wishing the best for you. Thank you for your message.

  • Reenie

    Hi Adam:

    Congrats on the two new ships! I am very much looking forward to more information about them and also look forward to the Quantum of the Seas to be open for bookings. I’m hoping it will port in NJ and sail to Bermuda as wll as the Bahamas or Caribbean. We really need a WOW Factor ship up here and know that RCCL can deliver!!!

    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment, Reenie. Thank you.

  • Joe

    My wife and I are leave May 5th on a 7 night sail on the Allure of the Sea and cant wait. I am happy with all the problems in the Cruise industry that Royal takes great pride in there ships and maintains them with numerous renovations throughout there lives. I am also excited to see the plans or at least see the engineering drawings of the new ships. Good luck Royal Carribean

    • Adam

      Thank you, Joe. We’ll see you in a few months.

  • Nataly Hall


    My friends and I have sailed with Royal Carribean twice (both times for an all girls trip) and we have not ever been disappointed. From the amenities to the staff…everyone and everything is just WONDERFUL! There was so much to do and so much eat! I am excited about these new ships. I think the Anthem should sail out of the Port of Baltimore down through the Potomac passing Washington DC. The Washington DC metro area carries so much patriotic symbolism, political and historic revelance that is would just make sense to have this ship port out near the nation’s capital. I mean why not travel the waters where our first President sailed. But where ever Quantuam and Anthem ports out, I will most definitely be there. I am cruiser for life and I am so glad that when I had my first cruise experience, it was with Royal Carribean. For anyone who is new or contemplating on whether not to cruise because of what you have seen/heard in the media about the mishaps from another cruise line competitor, please do not hesitate or let that deter you. Those mishaps are rare. You will have such a great time, you will be sad to go home! I was ready for another week! One question though…has it been determined what the Quantum and Anthem ships ports of call will be?

    • Adam

      We value your comment, Nataly. Thank you.

  • Ivelisse Sugranes

    Congratulations Mr. Goldstein !!! Can’t wait for The Quantum of the Seas…I feel like a kid waiting for a new toy! We started cruising Royal Caribbean in 1992 (Monarch of the Seas Inaugural year) and just came back from cruising The Freedom of the Seas. Cruised other lines before, but once we tried RCC there was no going back!!! The cruising experiences have been magical, no other way to describe them. Thank you!

    • Adam

      You’re more than welcome, Ivelisse. Thank you for your comment.

  • Sherry

    We have cruised RCCL for the past 9 years and have been hooked line and sinker ever since. We heard about the new ships a
    couple of years ago. We Love the Freedom. We have been on The Oais. But there is nothing like your first Love( The Freedom).
    We heard that the new Ships are going to be sized between The Freedom And The Oais. Is this true?

    • Adam

      Hi Sherry, please stay tuned for more information. Thank you.

  • Ronnie Wylie Jr

    Hi, Adam!

    I was on the ALLURE when the news broke about project Sunshine, and thought I heard that there would be a third Oasis class ship built as well. Was I imagining that – hoping really – or will there be a third Oasis class ship coming? If so, when?

    Thank you so much!


    • Adam

      Hi Ronnie, we will, indeed, be building a sister ship to Oasis and Allure of the Seas. She is scheduled to arrive mid-year 2016.

  • Rick Perry

    We are “Royal Caribbean” members for life! How can you “outdo” the Oasis Class? As a “Diamond” Member my wife and I are “hooked” on your wonderful company! Thanks for all the wonderful staff, attention to detail, we are READY for the Maiden Voyage in 2014! Clearing our calendars for it! GOD Bless The Royal Caribbean Family! You guys ROCK!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your kind words, Rick. We’re glad to hear you are looking forward to our new Quantum Class ships and we look forward to seeing you onboard in the future.

  • Bob hanley

    I have been sold on Royal and the entire staff since first stepping on board in 2002. I think this to be a Quantum leap forward, the thought process in developing this new class of ship has left no stone unturned. I cannot wait to be treated Royally aboard one of these new vessels. How can Loyal Royal followers go wrong when the Company and its crews make you feel like family.

    • Adam

      Thank you for saying so, Bob. We appreciate your input and look forward to having you onboard Quantum of the Seas.

  • Tina

    In 2009 my kids and I sailed on Explorer of the Seas, it was the best cruise I’ve ever been on! It was a beautiful ship, wonderful staff, delicious food, terrific entertainment and an excellent cruising itinerary. I hope to sail on Royal Caribbean again!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Tina. We hope to see you onboard again.

  • Mike Lavergne

    Can’t wait to see the details of the new ships and the maiden voyage dates… did the maiden voyage on Allure in December 2010 and this was an experience of a life time…. getting so excited again.

    • Adam

      We’re happy to hear that, Mike. Thank you.

  • Elena

    Grats on the new ships ready to become real, everything Royal does it does Royality style.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Elena.

  • Denise

    I’ve been on 3 cruises so far and can’t wait for my next cruise in October on the Allure of the seas. I am so excited to hear about the Quantum and Anthem ships but most of all, I am excited when I read on here that an oasis sister ship will be coming in 2016!! I LOVE the loft suites!! I was wondering if the Quantum or Anthem ships will have loft suites? I really wish that RCC would put the bathroom vanities of loft suites in cheaper rooms also. I am in a wheelchair and find the loft bathroom vanity allows me to be the most independant!!

  • Bobby Byrne

    My wife and I just completed our 10th RCCL cruise last week on the Jewel of the Seas (we also sailed on the Jewel last November!), and our first as Diamond C & A members, and it was by far the most fun we’ve had in a long time. There were 16 of us in all – two of the couples were experiencing their first-ever cruise vacation – and all felt it was the perfect 4 night get-away. We are already booked on the Allure this coming November, and are very excited to hear more about the new Quantum class of ships. Thank you for making our Royal Caribbean cruise vacations so memorable, affordable and fun!

    • Adam

      You are absolutely welcome, Bobby! Thank you so much for your comment, it truly does sound like all of you had a fantastic time onboard. See you this November!

  • Benjamin

    I was looking at the rules to participate to the contest to win a cruise on the Quantum of the Seas and I saw that Canadian could participate to the contest except people from Quebec. Why is it like this? After all, it’s the same country!


    Mr. Adam Goldstein: How exciting! the name “ANTHEM OF THE SEAS” which sounds like an ” ANTHEM OF ADORATION”.
    to express hymn- of- praise, of loyalty. with “Quantum of the Seas” Hope it would be 4 times a faster sail or cruise to- and- from sunshine destinations. I have never been on the ” Oasis”; however, once on the “Allure”. As a first time cruiser with “Royal Caribbean”, I think it was phenomenally spectacular. You may share my comments with “Project Sunshine Steering Committee” . Thank you, Adam . I am proud to be a Crown Anchor member. By the way, I am only a novice at table tennis.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment, Verna. Thank you.

  • Candace Goldstein

    I will be sailing on Oasis of the Seas on June 1st and I cannot wait! I can’t imagine a ship possibly topping Oasis so I am very excited to see the new Quantum :)

    • Adam

      We are excited as well, Candace. We look forward to having you onboard.

  • Gary DeFilippis

    Adam, you and RCCL need to bring one of those new amazing ship to Bayonne New Jersey port !!!! While I still love sailing on your Voyager class ship, Explorer of the Seas for many years now , I feel we need a change here…. With NCL bringing their newest and biggest ship to New York, Royal Caribbean needs to ” fight ” back and bring us one of the newest ships to New Jersey !!! Adam ,I would like to thank you and Royal Caribbean for bringing your company here to New Jersey many years ago and I hope you remain here for many more!!!!! RCCL is # 1

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Gary.

  • Gary

    Well today is the big day! HURRRYYY!!!!! i just noticed on the prepare to be ‘WOWED’ video, a quick glimpse of the NEW YORK CITY skyline!!! CAN IT BE TRUE!!! Coming to New Jersey!!!! fingers are still crossed…. Thanks ADAM

    • Adam

      It absolutely is true, Gary. For all information about the innovations onboard Quantum of the Seas, click here:

  • Gary

    THANKYOU Adam and RCCL for choosing Cape Liberty and bringing the beautiful Quantum of the Seas to New Jersey!! Cant wait to book on her…I have been Loyal to Royal for many years and reached Diamond status several years ago, now going for Diamond plus!!! Again a big THANK YOU!!

    • Adam

      We’re glad to hear that, Gary. Thanks for your comment and we look forward to seeing you back onboard going after Diamond Plus.


    Been on The Allure twice now, fantastic ship, but do you have adults only ships?

    Seems to be no enforcement of the no
    kids rule in the solarium, we work hard all year, all we ask is for a quiet relaxing vacation!

    looking forward to booking to go on the Quantum

    • Adam

      Thank you for your input. We value your comments and we’ll be sure to pass them along to the proper department for review.

  • Palmer Morris

    Hi Adam,

    All I can say is WOW! The new Quantum of the Seas looks spectacular!
    RCCL is really the most innovative cruise line out there. No wonder I am loyal to Royal!!
    I took one RCCL cruise and I was hooked from then. Booked on the Christmas sailing on the Lobert,
    and can’t wait to cruise on Quantum. RCCL is amazing, thanks for providing great vacations for all ages!!!

    • Adam

      You’re welcome. Palmer. Thank you for your comment, your input means a lot to us.

  • Michelle Boss

    I want to be on Quantum of the Seas maiden voyage, especially if she will be docked in Bayonne!!!! My first cruise and every cruise since has been on Royal Caribbean and I have never been disappointed. My husband and I love Transatlantics but totally enjoy the Caribbean, Bahamas, and New England, as well. We were on Liberty her maiden year but I would really like to be on Quantums MAIDEN voyage. We should be Diamond Plus by the time she rolls out and will look forward to sailing on her. We want to introduce our grandchildren to Royal, as well, since I think they offer as much for the children as Disney and we wouldn’t have to give up what we love so much, the ROYAL TREATMENT!!! Thank you for your continued work towards excellence……it’s what keeps us coming back!

    • Michelle Boss

      One more thing Adam….Glad to hear you are a Phillies fan!!! Always stay true…they will be back! :-)

    • Adam

      Thank you for your kind words, Michelle. Congratulations on your upcoming Diamond Plus status and we look forward to seeing you onboard again soon. Go Phillies!

  • Gary

    Adam. the wait to book on the new Quantum is killing me!, I don’t want to rush these beautiful months….. but HURRY UP!!! Will there be a Royal promenade in the ship??

    • Adam

      Signature venues and experiences such as the Rock Climbing Wall, FlowRider, Vitality Spa and Fitness Center & more will be back on Quantum class. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for more details.

  • Andy K

    These new ships sound fantastic. As a long time fan of Royal Caribbean, I’m excited to see the innovations incorporated into the Quantum and the Anthem. The evolution of cruise ship building is amazing. But with so many fantastic new ships being launched every year, the choices boggle the mind. To me and my wife the final choice is often about the itinerary. We can’t wait ’till the details of the Quantum class itineraries become available.

    • Adam

      We can hardly wait either, Andy. Thanks for your comment and are looking forward to you joining us onboard again.

  • Teresa

    Hi Adam,

    What will be the itinerary for the Anthem Of The Seas and where will the Port of call be?

    My husband and I experienced the Allure of the Seas last September and we loved it. RCCL is the best! We will never sail with any other company.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Adam

      Hi Teresa, please stay tuned for more information on Anthem of the Seas. Thank you.

  • Annie

    Would love to see overnight stays on Caribbean itineraries eg:
    sea-Grand Cayman-sea-Barbados(2)-sea-sea?

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Annie. Unfortunately we have no plans to alter or add any additional sailings at this time but we will keep this in mind for the future.

  • neia

    can you please let me know which ships are coming down under Australia in the future, like 2015 and 2016 thankyou

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Neia,

      Thanks for your question. You can find more information on upcoming cruises to Australia on their destination page: