Navigator of the Seas to Bring Relief Supplies to Haiti

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Royal Caribbean International continues to provide supplies and other assistance towards the Haitian relief effort. By the end of this week, 120 palettes of supplies including water, rice and powdered milk will have been delivered for distribution by Food for the Poor. Below are photos of Navigator of the Seas being loaded with supplies heading to Haiti.

Palettes of water being loaded onto Navigator of the Seas

Palettes of water destined for Haiti waiting to be loaded onto Navigator of the Seas

Palettes of water being loaded onto Navigator of the Seas

Palettes of water destined for Haiti waiting to be loaded onto Navigator of the Seas

Palettes of water being loaded onto Navigator of the Seas

Palettes of water destined for Haiti waiting to be loaded onto Navigator of the Seas

Interested in helping? Royal Caribbean International is working with Food For The Poor and the Pan American Development Foundation. We encourage guests to make monetary donations to either of these organizations which are currently engaged in the relief effort. For even more information on Royal Caribbean’s humanitarian relief to Haiti, click HERE.

  • Natasha hardy

    I was so happy to hear those news…. I was working on the Navigator of the Seas until September of 2009, and I wish I was still there to help out the survivors of this devastating earthquake…. It makes me feel good knowing I worked for a company that cares for people in need in these difficult times.

  • Diane Curfiss

    Keep putting out the word. Someone on TV will get the message that Royal is the one of the GOOD GUYS. At least THE VIEW got it right the other day!

  • josh beaty

    Can we as passengers bring supplies for aid when visiting Labadee? If so, do we unload them when we get off the ship in Labadee, or do we put them in a designated place? Thanks

  • Tim Luce

    Mr. Goldstein,

    My wife and I will be sailing 24 Jan on Adventure of The Seas. It will be our first cruise. I was impressed and very much appreciative of your response to the Guardian article, and moreover, RCCL’s ‘Where the Rubber Hits The Road’ response to the situation in Haiti. There are far too many armchair quarterbacks whom appear to be criticizing others, while doing nothing constructive for the victims.

    Your response was both appropriate and illustrative of the fact that that RCCL is delivering actual, effective, life changing/saving relief where it is desperately needed and has such a positive impact. It contributes greatly to the enjoyment of our vacation to know we are, in the process, supporting an organization that has answered the call to contribute to those in need. It makes me proud to sail on your ship.

    One can only hope your example inspires others to put their criticisms aside, and instead roll up their sleeves and stand side by side with you to deliver real relief at the point of real need. I look forward to spending a week with such a fine organization.

  • Mitchel starling

    Kudos RCCL!!!! I would be proud to be on any of your ships during this difficult time in Haiti!! There is only one thing better than a cruise. That is a cruise in which people are being helped in a time of need. Would cruise there tomorrow if I could. Again kudos!!! You will see me again on a RCCL or Celebrity ship soon!

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  • janice parker

    Why not put one of your cruise ships to use as a safe haven for the residents and/or rescue workers in Haiti? That seems to be a more useful use at this time than economic stimulation. They are still in the recovery stage and there is a great need to get the Haitians off the streets. Their needs are very basic-food, water, shelter. These are things that your company could provide–YESTERDAY!!!

  • Ken stahl

    I expect little more from RCCL. It is all about them and how they want to operate. This is the same operation that did a full body search on my 96 year old father in his wheel chair after tossing him head over heals , chair and all in the Trolley returning to the ship from an onshore excursion in Boston.
    They could certainly afford to compensate their employees and make a substantial donation to those vendors they would impact by going elsewhere. Nevermind how passengers might feel being in proximity with such Horror.

  • Richard Gozdzik

    Sir, I think that R/C help is great and will be appreciated in Haiti. How ever on another note why does it take a squillion emails and or letters to get customer service from Royal Caribbean. We in Australaia are treated with disdain and do not have the same benefits or privaleges that US gueasts have. I am a Diamond Plus Member and am finding my loyalty is not being recipricated at all in fact quite the reverse. Your people need customer care training badly but it all starts at the top as we all know. No wonder your stock price is falling. Your rescent changes to the Loyalty program is the lowest thing that you could do to and adds to the list of disscontent.

  • ron smoak

    It is a wonderful thing for people help people in need. Haiti needs us all now more than ever. As a loyal Platinum RCCL cruiser, I heartily applaud the works being done by Royal Caribbean in Haiti. As we here in the US share our wealth with the Haitian Earthquake survivors, it truly warms my heart that my cruise line has gone above and beyond to help the Haitians. With many people riling against big business, RCCL proves again and again that it has a big heart. Well Done Royal Caribbean!

  • Ray Steyer

    I am happy that you are helping the people of Haiti.

    It would be even more helpful if you could organize (and provide security) for groups of tourists to backpack supplies to the orphanages and others in need. I know Labadee is too far away, but possibly some nearer point could be found. It would be an incredibly memory for your guests and also help the people of Haiti.

  • Joe Mitchell

    So, I was reading about the controversey concerning Royal Carribean’s humanitarian aid and bringing vacationers to the island. A good and (visually) bad thing. While it is great to use a ship to bring much needed aid to Haiti, it looks bad to have a large luxury liner on the coast with people playing on the beaches as people fight for their lives mere miles away. What a situation!!!

    I was talking about this with a colleague of mine and we thought that it might be a great idea to offer discounted cruises to Haiti for people who will volunteer on the island while the ship is there. That would be a great thing to share with the public (along with what you are already doing). This sort of activity might combat any negative backlash Royal Carribean might be facing.

    Just a thought!

    Joe Mitchell

  • Jane Carroll

    I am scheduled on Navigator of the Seas in February, and I do NOT wish to travel to Haiti..I cannot be refunded by either RCCL or by my travel insurance. To vacation in such proximity to a disaster zone of this magnitude is disgusting. It’s not a zoo, where you go to toss a few coins at the poor people….the suffering going on just a short distance away is unprecedented. Additionally, the security of the passengers under these extreme circumstances cannot be guaranteed. This is a business decision by RCCL pure and simple, it would cost them far to much today, and in future lost revenues, to abandon Labadee. And lastly, RCCL’s first obligation is to its paying customers to provide them with the best vacation experience possible, and THIS is NOT IT.

  • Siu Yin J

    I appreciate RRCL in helping supplies to Haiti. But I don’t wnat to be forced to go there. I’ll join the cruise on Jan 30 and I know we need to visit Labadee and stay there for one night. I’m worrying the safety of the ship. How can the crew protect the whole ship and all clients if some desperate people want to rob the ship? This is my first cruise. I was so happy when I confirmed my cruise, but not any more now because my heart is full of worries. How I wish I have joined the other cruise destination. I don’t think people would like to take this route in future cruise. Please leave your supplies at Labadee and dock your ship at other ports.

    • Adam

      Thank you Siu. Labadee is located in northern Haiti, and is relatively insulated from Port Au Prince. Your safety is our highest priority. Royal Caribbean has security measures in place for every port of call, and Labadee is no exception. We constantly re-evaluate our security measures and modify them, where indicated. It would not be prudent for us to discuss details of our security that could be compromised by their becoming known. We are in close contact with Haiti government officials and maintain liaison with the United Nations forces in Haiti.

  • Ray Burkins

    I am not suprised that Royal Caribbean is helping the people of Haiti, they are a great cruise line and are doing a great deed in helping ….keep up the good work!!!

  • Anne

    While I think that RCCL is being very helpful to the people of Haiti and applaud your efforts, my concern now is that infectious disease is a risk in the devasted areas. Workers on Labadee may be in contact with those individuals suffering with infectious disease. What steps is RCCL taking to protect their cruisers? At what point will RCCL make a decision based on the best interest, health, safety, and welfare of your cruisers, you will need to visit an alternate port?

  • John

    Why have only 120 pallets been delivered? You said each ship visiting would be able to bring 100 pallets. Didn’t Navigator, Independence, and Solstice go this week?


    Mr. Goldstein and Company:

    I have read the above posts regarding your decision to continue stopping in Haiti. I think the decision you have made was not a hasty one, but rather a well thought out one.

    I know passenger safety was foremost in your mind, it has to be. But what others don’t think about is there really a right or wrong here? Some may not remember a few years back when you stopped going to Haiti because of civil unrest, a great decision made for passenger safety. And today…you had to do it again. I truly believe the right one was made.

    The double edged sword is tough to escape; do we continue and tell the people of Haiti we don’t want to visit until you get everything back in order? Or do you go back and bring to the people what they need such as relief in every way, money, food and other needed supplies not to mention the happy faces of concerned people knowing in their own small way they have contributed to a country in need. No matter what you do, you will never make everyone happy, but I think here you have made more happy than sad or mad!

    I think the people of Haiti will be grateful for the continued support your cruise ships will bring, no matter what type it is. As for me and my family, we will continue on the Royal Caribbean way, we will trust in you and your company knowing as always, we are in the best of hands.

    Brad Kloepfer

  • Dawnielle Moore

    God Bless you RCCL!
    Thank you Adam and everyone making involved in making this happen…
    As I watched various news casts (Not Fox) demean RCCL for still going to Labadee, I was shocked. There is NO BETTER TIME to spend money there. RCCL’s efforts deserve a standing ovation. Thank you for setting the standard. I am SO PROUD to say RCCL is my cruiseline of choice and to be honest I expect NOTHING LESS of Royal Carribean. I am saddened that RCCL has to defend thier actions in aiding Haiti.
    Dawnielle Moore RCCL Platinum Cruiser

  • Tom Song

    Mr. Goldstein,

    I commend you on your decision to continue to sail to Haiti. There are a few people who just don’t get it. Those few don’t understand the impact of tourism to an economy. We are blessed to be living in HI and when 9-11 happened, many working in the tourism industry lost jobs and some companies never survived. The same people with issues would not stop on the highway to render aide if needed. It’s not always about “you”, “I” or “my”. Who doesn’t value their health or family? If there is a capacity to be able to help and you are blessed to do so then why not?!

    Although we have a cruise on the Mariner in March and it doesn’t sail to Haiti, I would welcome it if we did. Many may think I feel this way because we are not going. To the contrary, I volunteered to give my assistance in a military role for the month of Feb. in Haiti. The cruise in March will be my motivation to work even harder while in Haiti. Looking forward to our first cruise on RCL!

    Semper Paratus!

  • Mariana

    Mr Goldstein and Company,

    First let me start of by saying that I think RC has done a great job with educating the public about you have been doing to help out the people of Haiti. The level of support is encouraging, more companies should take your lead. I was impressed with the updates, on this blog as well as on Facebook. I think social media is a great asset to people today more than ever.

    I have been traveling with RC for several years now. This February my family will be on Freedom of the Seas, and our first stop is Haiti. While I applaud your decision to not eliminate the stop, I am requesting that my family help out in some capacity. Helping people is what I do for a job, because I am a Social Worker. It’s difficult to take off that “social worker hat”, even while on vacation! I tend to look at situations in such a way that I try to help almost anyone. I don’t think I am alone in my thinking either. I would love to bring extra supplies, or even clothing/baby wipes etc to leave for families. I tend to think that if you help just one person, you have begun to make changes, that can have an effect on many.

    So what can I do? I know that there are laws and policy’s in place, and also that RC is a business. Can we come up with a solution that can help you, along with helping me with the ethical dilemma that I along with many other guests are experiencing. It would be a great start to a much needed vacation for me, my husband, and my child.

    In closing, to quote Dannion Brinkley “Humans are powerful spiritual beings meant to create good on the earth. This good isn’t usually accomplished in bold actions, but in singular acts of kindness between people. It’s the little things that count, because they are more spontaneous and show who you truly are”

    Thank you for reading this, and I hope someone will be in touch

  • pete mcnab

    adam,i am cruising for the 4th time with rccl,and i have always enjoyed the cruises.i am not a rich person.i work 50 to 60 hrs a week,raise a family of 5,and live check to check.a lot of friends think im nuts to put my hard earned money on a cruise,but i get 1 week vacation every year and this is my escape from reality.i dont like to hear about rich people relaxing and having fun while all this devistation is going on in haiti.because some of us are not rich people,just hard working,blue collar people who get a chance to go on a cruise.i will do my best as a passenger to help the hatians with buying thier products and helping thier economy,but i dont want to get put down for going on your cruise when i worked very hard for this oppertunity.i pray for you and your family in these tough times that your decisions are good for haiti and the people there.and i hope these negative critics realize,some of us really care about everything going on in haiti,but we also have already had vacations planned,and are very needed for our sanity

  • Paula Yarian

    Just read an article that presented both sides to the question of docking in Labadee. KEEP DOCKING. KEEP BRINGING SUPPLIES. AND…. allow your crew especially the Medical Officers to open their arms and hearts to the medical workers, doctors on the ground in Haiti. Whether it is to deliver medical supplies, use the ships laundry while docked to wash scrubs, or just give them a bit of down time and a hot ARE doing very good work. You will never convince me that MY cruiseline is not doing all they can and more than we really know to help. When the airport was not functional, your port you put it to good use. You are living proof of caring. The nation of WHY NOT is now the nation of WHY NOT BRING EVERYTHING WE CAN WITH EVERY STOP AND HELP IN EVERY WAY WE CAN.

  • Siu Yin J

    Dear Mr Goldstein,
    Thank you for your reply and some of my worries seem have gone now with your guarantee on the safety issue.
    Siu Yin J

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  • Mike

    I am very impressed with Royal Caribbean for continuing their stops in Haiti. I just returned last week from a cruise on the Liberty of the Seas the week of the quake and from the very beginning Royal Caribbean has been concerned for the welfare of the people of Haiti. They did this because many of the crew of our ship and many of the employees of the Royal Caribbean are from Haiti. They also did this because they are good stewards of their relationship with Haiti and their port of call. Over the course of many years Royal Caribbean has developed a relationship with the people of Haiti to be a good employer and to provide a livelihood to those who work on Labadee. By continuing their stops, RCCL has been able to be one of the first to give aid and has kept people employed to prevent disruption of an already fragile portion of Haiti’s society. RCCL needs to promote normalcy in Labadee by continuing their stops and their aid. RCCL even gave cruisers on Liberty the opportunity to help by donating cloths and money while we were on the ship to go right to the people of the devastated area. This was just a day or two from the first quake. I am impressed with RCCL and will continue to support it with my business because they support the people of the ports of call they work with. For those who have thought about not taking a cruise because of this, just take the money you would have spent on the cruise and do what RCCL has already done and donate it to the relief efforts.

  • sheryl Strle

    We were sailing on Freedom of the seas the day of the earthquake. We were supposed to stop at Labadee that day, but the weather was bad and we continued on. We were disapointed because we have been to Labaddee before and it is one of the most beautifull ports we have been to. While getting ready for dinner that night we saw the tragic news of the earthquake. The talk on the ship was what can we do. The next day envelopes were in our stateroom for donations.They were placed in a wishing well, the stream of people was unbelievable. We thank Royal Carribean for letting us act so quickly. If you have never been on a cruise before you can’t believe the security that is place, I have cruised several times and NEVER felt that I was in danger either on the seas nor at any port. Please go to labadee and enjoy the beauty and give to the local Haitains selling there wares, they need us now more than ever. If it was possible I would book another cruise right now just to support them. I donated Money both on the ship and when I got home and will continue to do what is possible for Haiti. Thank you Royal Carribeanfor all you do.



  • Pam Hanlon

    Mr. Goldstein and Company:

    I’m in agreement with what RCCL is doing for the people of Haiti … it is a very good thing to deliver the much needed water & other supplies. My husband and I were fortunate enough to take a cruise on “Freedom of the Seas” a few years ago and Labadee was one of the ports we visited. I enjoyed my visit to the Haitian Marketplace and being able to buy some of their goods. I felt very good knowing my purchases would provide these very proud and wonderful Haitian people with an income. I would love the opportunity to take a cruise now with RCCL just to be able to visit Labadee again to help these wonderful people out with donations of money, food/clothing and medical supplies. And I would like to talk to them in person to let them know I, along with my fellow Americans, care about them very much and that they are not alone in their struggle to put their country back together. And I’d just like to give them a huge “Hug” of friendship and love.

    Please continue to be a “responsible humanitarian citizen of the world”.

    Pamella Hanlon
    Weeki Wachee, FL

    I commend RCCL for making the difficult decision to continue to visit Labadee – I know the local Haitian people appreciate any and all assistance they can get now and in the future.

  • Janine

    My husband and I are scheduled to take our third RCCL cruise on Liberty of the Seas. It visits Labadee and rightly so, we were very concerned about the stop. One from the perspective of closeness to the disaster and two from the “vacation during a crisis” element.

    I immediately opened RCCL when I realized where the earthquake was located and being a California resident could truly appreciate the devastation earthquakes can bring.

    To my surprise, RCCL actually was still going to Haiti. For humanitarian and economic reasons, this is very positive.

    After sailing with so many island cruise staff, the economy can only be helped with the scheduled stops. My only concern is the wealth of the local merchant in the cruise port. Does the money trickle to the needy instead making the individual thrive off the moment.

    While I wish we could get closer to lend a helping hand and watch helplessly from the comfort of my sofa, I can only hope that my vacation dollars will help feed someone who is hungry and shelter someone who is homeless…, I will continue with our cruise in the Western Caribbean and applaud RCCL’s efforts….

    Glenn and Janine

  • JoEllen

    I am scheduled on Navigator of the Seas in February, and I do NOT wish to travel to Haiti..I cannot be refunded by either RCCL or by my travel insurance. To vacation in such proximity to a disaster zone of this magnitude is disgusting.
    Dear Jane,
    When the ship gets to Haiti I suggest you stay in your room, lock the door so no one from Haiti can get in an rob you God forbid and close your curtains if you have an outside room so you do not have to look out and see anything that is “disgusting” to you.
    Good Luck To You.

  • Karen

    While the visual of people having fun on a beach may seem to be inconsiderate to some, many have missed the point here. Haiti is an extremely poor country…with or WITHOUT disaster. There are many Haitian people who make their money by Working for Royal Caribbean. “THEIR” lives must go on, “THEY” must continue to eat and support their families.
    Anyone questioning their safety while visiting Haiti certainly has not witnessed the many decisions that I have witnessed over the years where RC has made sometimes unpopular decisions in order to insure passenger safety. Anyone questioning their safey while visiting Haiti, has not witnessed the kind, hard working people that I have met there so many times.
    Our responsibility is to continue to go there, and to support the “living” Haitian people. For those who think it improper to have fun on the beach during such disaster, I suggest what I will be doing in May when I sail on the Independence…. leave the ship, bring cash, buy some of the native people’s beautiful crafts and goods, or just hand them cash. Then, go back to the ship, and say a prayer….no party necessary, just support.

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  • Pamela Young Diaz

    There was nothing for the public or anyone to debate or blog or comment on regarding RCL’s decision to continue to stop at the Haiti port. What RCL did was continue to validate the island as a viable resort for future tourism along with helping so many people in need. The problem with this world – we can’t just say “Thank you” and move on.
    We have to dissect everything everyone does or doesnot do to the “nth” degree. I’m proud to be a past customer and hopefully future one soon. Continue the good work and you will be blessed abundantly. Your heart was for the people of Haiti and I’m sure each and everyone would thank you if they could for giving Haiti a tourism future (the only industry that they appear to have on the island).

  • Lori Wesby

    I truly believe Royal Carribean has made a very poor decision about returning to Haiti. Why can’t Royal Carribean continue to pay Haiti as if they stopped or pack up all the food from the bbq and send it 60 miles down the road where people are starving?? I would never want to take anymore away from Haiti but Royal could afford to pay them w/out actually making them work for it. How could anyone get off a ship full of food and go have a bbq on an island where starving children are just 60 miles away?? I could never do that. Taking one bite would just make me sick. I’m sure if you asked the passengers they would gladly give there bbq lunch to 3000 starving people then eat it themselves. If Royal really wanted to help they would stop and deliver the much needed supplies, pay Haiti for the stop w/out them having to work for 8 hours serving passengers and give 3000 Haitians the lunch!!

  • Rita Burger

    I support your decision to continue the stop on Labadee. I had the please to sail there with Royal Caribbean many years ago. Beautiful place with lovely people. They need all the help they can get. Keep up the good work

  • kailash mathur

    Mr. Goldstein.

    Forget the critics. The last thing Haiti can do now is lose tourist dollars. We have had some great discussions on your efforts and we support you. As a past cruiser, it is great to know the companies that I use are socially responsible.

    Keep taking as many supplies and tourists as you can.

    Keep up your efforts….knm

  • Bill Robbins

    Adam, Great Job by RRC I and my wife have cruised MANY times with RRC so we are so please to learn what you are doing for those poor souls.God Bless, Bill R

  • Hardy Howard

    I say forget the critics and keep cruising to Haiti. You know as well as I do that many of these ports count on the tourist industry to survive. Along with the tourists you can also deliver relief supplies to the places in most need. They need all the help we can give. May God watch over you and the people of Haiti.

  • Joan Becker

    I think it’s wonderful what Royal Caribbean is doing for the people in Labadee. The critism received is so thoughtless. Like Royal Caribbean said, if they stopped going to Labadee what would the people who depend on the income from tourist do!???? I had the pleasure of visiting Labadee with Royal Caribbean, it’s gorgeous and the people kind and sweet, keep up the good work Royal Caribbean and God Bless.

  • Michael Myron


    The situation in Haiti is terrible, no question or doubts about it. Our hearts and prayers reach out to all those affected by the earthquake and aftermath.

    Please keep up the good work in supporting the people and economy of Haiti. It is too easy for others to second guess a difficult decision. I commend everyone at RCC for their commitment in working with the people of Haiti as they work towards a full recovery in the future.

  • Dessalines tucker

    I fully support RCCL’s commitment to the people of Haiti in this time of need. Your efforts are truely admired. Blessings to you and your company.

  • Richard borden

    I COMPLETELY agree with RCCL’s decision to keep Labadee on schedule as a port. The locals there need those tourist dollars, potentially now more than ever! I was fortunate enough to spend my wedding cruise with a stop there and loved it. The UK newspaper take is horrific. Keep cruising there, keep putting tourists there, keep delivering needed goods there. Keep on keeping on, Adam and RCCL team!

    R. Borden
    Pittsburgh, PA

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    I believe RCCL is doing the right thing by going to Haiti. The people who say bad things does not know how the cruise industry works. Haiti is making money everytime that boat docks there, and that is money they desperatly need. Thank you for your continued support for the needy people in the world. People did not stop going the New York after 9-11 and that was devastating for USA.

  • Maricela garcia

    I totally agree with the continuance of the trips to Haiti.. I watched the news and I was so amazed that RC had decided to continue to cruise to Haiti, I know this will bring the much needed money and jobs for a lot of people that had been hit with this horrible natural casualty..
    Please, continue taking food to these people and go RC, my favorite cruise line!

  • John Rehmann

    I agree with your decision to continue to bring normalcy and aid.

    RCCL gives a continuity to the mindset of the local Haitians and confidence in their future.

    Trust that more commerce entities will follow RCCL lead as quickly as circumstances allow.

  • Dawnielle Moore

    Hi Adam,
    This is my second post. I have been so angry about what the critics are saying about Labadee. Some of the things they are “suggesting” RCCL should do sounds outright silly. Honestly, I just really wonder HOW MANY of the critics HAVE EVER cruised, let alone with RCCL. When you are a cruiser, you understand what goes into the security, the preparation, and what RCCL does to prevent illness. Critics are NOT UNDERSTANDING that this is a PRIVATE BEACH. That SO MANY people staff the area and local artesian’s sell in the market. I mean what are some of them thinking? These critics make it clear they know NOTHING of Labadee. Its funny that RCCL was open to the idea of charters for aid using their port and wow, has not had a request to use it yet… Funny the critics only hear what they want. Lastly the critics know NOTHING of RCCL’s relationship with their vendors, and employees. How dare someone criticize something they know nothing of and do not understand?

    God bless you and I pray for you and RCCL. This has not been easy. Its “easier” to go to Nassau and probably a whole lot cheaper… The Easy route does not save the lives and livelihood of the people that do so much for RCCL. Thanks for everything, and keep it up.

    And to the critics that think that the local Hatians are going to storm the ship, or that you can see the disaster from the ship, or that maybe the ship should act as a “hotel” for disaster victims, or maybe that you can make your cruise into a “mission” by leaving the secured area to “help”… please find something else to complain about. You really know nothing about Labadee or RCCL. RCCL is doing the MOST of any private company, let alone cruise line! Tell me who is doing more and is not a charity?…

    Glad to be a Crown and Anchor Member,(and wishing I could afford my honeymoon suite on Oasis and not Epic)

    Dawnielle Moore

  • Karen

    I have also posted on here previously, and just wanted to say that Dawnielle has it right. Most critics are undeducated about Labadee, and ignorant about Haiti’s people.
    Dropping a “barbacue” lunch to 3000 haitian people is hardly a fix, when an organized effort is underway as to food, etc.
    Civilians with no training whatsoever, even if they are well intended, would only be in the way, and drain what little resources the rescuers already have.
    RC’s continuance of employment and support for Labadee creates a “long term” fix, not a one day barbacue….