New Dining Options Discussed in Our Latest Live Chat

by 431

Last week I hosted a live chat with a focus on the Oasis of the Seas’ dining offerings. I was joined by two of my Hotel Operations colleagues, Frank Weber, VP, Food & Beverage Operations, and Ken Taylor, Director, Restaurant Operations. Our listeners asked over a thousand questions! An interesting twist was that many of the questions came from children. Obviously there is no way to field such a staggering number of questions but our fearless moderator Jessica Correa, Director, Brand Innovation & Alliance Marketing, does her best to select questions that are indicative of the key themes as the questions are flooding in. I’m sure some of the listeners believe Jessica only wants to relay softball questions. They don’t know Jessica. I’ve worked with her for many years and I can assure you she’s not particularly interested in making my life easy. Just kidding, Jessica.

There was a lot of interest in understanding which dining opportunities will be free and which will be for a charge and how much of a charge. Our goal is to offer a wider range of opportunities to eat “for free” than ever before and also provide numerous additional choices at a range of price points that we would only offer for a charge. You can check out the transcript of the chat at or the press release we issued right after the chat to review the choices and the charges.

The day after the chat, Richard Fain, Lisa Bauer and I had lunch in our test kitchen and tasted some of the offerings from 150 Central Park, our new fine dining concept that will carry the highest per person charge ($35) onboard Oasis of the Seas. It was outrageously delicious. Anyone who has dinner there will be very happy they did. By the way, we mentioned that on July 7th you will be able to book your Oasis of the Seas specialty dining meals online like you do for your shore excursions, wine packages, etc.

I’ve done two live chats in the last two months. During the first one I responded by typing the answers so everyone could read them as I responded. To be totally truthful, I spoke the answers and in real time they were typed for me. This time, Frank, Ken and I spoke our answers into the telephone. I’m curious to hear our readers’ preference for reading vs. listening to the answer.

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