Paying Homage to Our Older Ships As They Continue Delivering the WOW

by 853

Our readers have expressed a lot of interest in Legend of the Seas (above), in particular and the role of the older ships in the fleet in general.  When you think about how many guests have had a great Royal Caribbean vacation on Monarch of the Seas, Majesty of the Seas, Legend of the Seas, Splendour of the Seas, Grandeur of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas and Vision of the Seas since they were introduced in the period from 1991 to 1998, it’s no wonder.  The bottom line is these ships are still very important to our brand and to our company.  

Consider Monarch of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas, each doing 3 & 4 night cruises to the Bahamas.  Each ship takes about 2,500 guests on a cruise twice a week.  The two ships together carry 500,000 of our guests each year, including an important percentage of our first time cruisers.  We revitalized each of these ships in recent years and are glad to have done so. 

The other six ships, mentioned above, comprise the Vision Class.  Some of our veteran cruisers know instinctively that this “class” is really more about cousins than siblings.  Essentially, the class consists of three pair of two ships.  Legend and Splendour were built in France in ’95 and ’96.  Grandeur and Enchantment were built in Finland in ’96 and ’97.  Rhapsody and Vision were built in France in ’97 and ’98.    Of these, only Enchantment thus far has been revitalized not to mention stretched.  

While we don’t have anything to announce in the way of revitalizations, the Vision Class ships are clearly important to our expanding business.  Legend is in Asia, Rhapsody will soon be back in Australia, Splendour and Vision are headed to Brazil in a few months, and Grandeur will be in the Mediterranean next summer.  We are attracting many first time cruisers from high potential countries by placing these ships in or near their home markets. These same itineraries also offer a great diversity of opportunity for our experienced cruisers to explore the world with Royal Caribbean.  We spend a lot of time and effort working with our ship teams so they can deliver the “Wow” to widely varying guest mixes.  Our satisfaction ratings this year underscore that our shipboard colleagues are meeting this challenge well. 

Even as we are in the homestretch of preparations to take delivery of Allure of the Seas, our team is highly cognizant of the valuable role that our older ships play in Royal Caribbean’s world.  We look forward to having them in our fleet for the foreseeable future.  Please feel free to write and tell us your favorite Vision Class moments.

  • Steve M

    LOVE Grandeur!!! Our first RC cruise on after 7 …. STILL the best!!!
    2006 9 day out of Baltimore … Most varied included Miami, Key West, Cosumel, Costa Maya and Port Canavral …. PLEASE bring this 9 day iteniary back!!!!

    • Adam

      Steve, we’re happy to hear you love Grandeur of the Seas. We’ve taken note of your suggestion and will keep it under consideration when planning future itineraries.

  • Marvin

    We live half the year in south Florida which puts many cruise ships just a short drive away. The Majesty although older than most remains a beautiful ship; even more so since its recent revitalization. While cabins are small they are ample for a four night cruise and the spacious public areas more than compensate. The ports of Nassau, Cocoa Cay, and Key West provide for a perfect short vacation. The staff is always exceptional and there are many “regular” cruisers on this ship. As members of the Majesty fan club we look forward to many more cruises on her.

    • Adam

      Marvin, thank you for your kind words about Majesty of the Seas and her staff, she truly is a beautiful ship. We look forward to seeing you onboard with us again soon.

  • Carol bruce

    We’ve cruised on Majesty, Vision, Explorer, Splendour, Sovereign, Monarch and Independence of The Seas.
    We were on Vision (Panama Canal)for ten days during our Thanksgiving vacation in 1999 and had a wonderful time. My husband and I hated to get off in Acapulco, Mexico.
    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful vacations and memories.

    • Adam

      Carol we appreciate you cruising with us on a variety of Royal Caribbean International ships. It is always great to hear we were able to help create wonderful vacation memories for our guests. If you have any great vacation stories or pictures to share with us, please share your experience on our facebook page here:

  • Mike B

    Adam, as always it is amazing how your comments seem to flow around the comments RCI Customers post on internet cruise sites. A lot of discussion has recently been seen regarding what ships are next. People have very distinct opinions about cruise related items from MDR dressing to availability of drinks in rooms to what size or type of ship is the best one. Well, your discussion of the “older” RCI ships makes me think you are going to announce some new ships. My hope is you take it from a long time pretty much dedicated RCI cruiser and build some more Radiance Class ships. We just think those are great works of art. The size is perfect and they can visit many locations. perhaps RCI can build a Radiance/Solstice type ship instead of a mega ship. What is the chance of that?

    • Adam

      Mike, thank you for being a dedicated Royal Caribbean International cruiser. We’ve taken your suggestion to build more Radiance Class ships and sent it along to the correct department.

  • Karen Fuentez

    We have cruised on the Empress of the Seas, Viking Serenade, Monarch, Majesty, Vision, and Enchantment of the Seas – before and after her stretch. Incredible memories, wonderful staff and beautiful ports of call! These ships are intimate and perfect and made me “Loyal to Royal!”

    • Adam

      Karen, we are happy to hear our ships provided incredible memories and made you want to cruise with us again. We hope you continue to be “Loyal to Royal” and we cannot wait to see you onboard with us again.

  • ben

    later this year i’ll be goimg on my first cruise, on rhapsody. while i personally would have preferred one of RCCL’s newer ships, this isn’t an option yet for Australian residents. If rhapsody’s staff are half as friendly as i hear they are it should be a memorable experience.

    • Adam

      Ben, we are confident that you will have a great time onboard Radiance of the Seas. Our staff is dedicated to creating a memorable experience for you during your cruise. We look forward to having you onboard.

  • jbrown98

    I agree…the older ships are still great, but having cruised on an older ship before, we really want to experience the latest and greatest on our next trip.

    Currently, I am trying to plan a trip on Oasis or Allure from the confines of a very expensive and very slow internet connection here in Afghanistan.

    I am finding the fares to be a bit cost prohibitive. We would love to take a cruise (the five of us including an infant) on one of these new ships during my brief R&R away from here.

    I’ve noticed a handful of great military fares, but none of them really apply to a family with more than two kids. Is there a possibility you could extend those discounts in the future? Say to larger suites or connecting suites?

    Unfortunately, it is looking like we will have to do something else for this vacation.

    • Adam

      Jbrown98, thank you for the kind words. We appreciate your inquiry for extending military fares are. Your suggestion will be sent to the appropriate department for consideration.

  • Tracey Burraston

    We had one of the best cruises ever on the Majesty (twice.)The staff, entertainment & itineraries were simply outstanding.

    • Adam

      Thank you Tracey, we are glad that our staff, entertainment, and itineraries were able to create two memorable experiences for you.

  • Corey

    I have been on many Bahamas cruises which includes many stops to cocoa Cay. I have seen your island grow and form. Are there any plans to put in your own dock?

    • Adam

      Hi Corey. Thank you for inquiring, but currently there are no plans to place a dock in CocoCay.

  • Gary Gallup

    It’s so nice to see some Credit for our older ships, the first of the Mega ships, my wife and I have been on both the Majesty and Monarch. This year also on the Grandeur, the Crews always bends over backwards to please everyone. What a wonderful bunch of humans. This year we also enjoyed the Oasis in June, what a wonderful ship, the central park balcony was more than expected. My wife is in a wheelchair, wish we would have gotten a handicap stateroom. The Crew there also bent over backwards, we met crew members which where also on the Mariner when it was at Port Canaveral. We will be on the Freedom for the Christmas Cruise, but , we were on the Monarch more than a few times this year, and have more than a few dates with the Monarch next year also. In March we will be on the 11 night Cruise on the Jewel , which will finally give us a taste of all 6 classes of Ships.

    I read a lot of reviews of Royal Caribbean ships, I have always taken them with a grain of salt. Because I do a lot of observing while on a Cruise (get a way). Some of my fellow Cruisers, seem to be a little demanding? Enough on that, even when times are not so pleasant for a Crew Member, the smile and the professionalism comes to life, I’ll usually reply that I’m in no hurry I’m on a Cruise, and give them a big Thank you. I can say, that your Gold Anchor Service, is alive and flourishing, on your ships! Thank you so much, for making us Cruise Monsters. It is so wonderful to see the Smile you all Give to my Wife (also on my face), while we are on Board. Thank you to you and your Staff and crew on Ships, and those taking our reservations, you all put the WOW in our Life, what a Great Company. From the Heart Gary and Liebgard Gallup

    • Adam

      Gary, we’re glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay on Oasis, and that the central park balcony on Oasis was able to deliver that “WOW” factor for you. We are pleased to have been able to deliver the WOW in your life, and we hope to continue to do so for years to come. We’re looking forward to seeing you onboard Freedom of the Seas for your Christmas cruise.

  • Foye Troute

    We were on the Legend twice out of Civitavecchia. The 12 night Italy/Croatia cruise was the best itinerary. Doing a similar itinerary on Azamara Quest the end of this month.

    I think that the service and food on the Legend was superior to some of the bigger ships.

    • Adam

      Thank you for the kind words, Foye. We pride ourselves in delivering the best service and food on all our ships. We can’t wait to see you onboard with us again.


    I have achieved 13 cruises so far with RCCL – I have taken more cruises on The Majesty of the Seas than any other ship – I enjoy that it is small and comfortable – enjoy the ports of call – I love going to CoCo Cay – I feel the longer the cruise the larger ship you should choose – small get-away jaunts the smaller more relaxed ships is the way to go. I find that the level of food quality, service & attention to detail is all around the RCCL Fleet ( large & small ) – that is why I only take cruises offered by RCCL.

  • Daniel Lamontagne

    My wife and I cruised the Majesty on our honeymoon and thoroughly fell in love with it.

    We have cruised a couple of other lines and came back to RCCL for our last 2 because of the great service, food and most of all people.

    We would love to cruise hawaii but your choices there are a little week for what we would like. I would hate to book a different line just because you don’t have the itinerary we would like.

    It would be a great location for some of your smaller ships.

    Please consider it.

    • Adam

      Daniel, we are pleased to hear that you enjoyed your honeymoon on Majesty of the Seas and found our service and staff outstanding. We appreciate your feedback and will take your recommendation into consideration when planning future itineraries.

  • Dan Thorpe

    I just got back on a 4 day cruise on the Monarch and it was one of the best vacations I have had in a while. The crew of the Monarch was great and it was still a good ship. I plan on being a loyal Royal Caribbean traveler.

    • Adam

      Dan, we’re happy to hear that you enjoyed your time with us onboard Monarch of the Seas. We look forward to having you on as a loyal Royal Caribbean traveler for years to come.

  • Helen Rutenber

    Hello Adam. have just completed my 30th cruise on Monarch. They nearly had to drag me, kicking and screaming to get me off this morning! (but will be back onboard 4 more times in September). It had been 3 months since my last voyage on Monarch and I could not believe the welcome back I received. Crew members from all departments came up and said welcome back, we have missed you. This is the kind of thing that delivers the WOW to passengers. Please Adam, we have heard all kinds of rumors concerning our beautiful old lady, Monarch of the Seas, everything from complete overhaul, to selling to a Chinese company or sending her to join her sister, Sovereign, in Spain! You would not believe how loved the Monarch is and all us frequent cruisers hope that you will keep her , safe and sound, in Port Canaveral. She is the best ship in the fleet and her crew is outstanding!! Helen (aka Mama Monarch)

    • Adam

      Helen, we appreciate you cruising with us on Monarch of the Seas and happy to hear our wonderful crew greeted you back with open arms. You’ll be pleased to hear that currently have no plans of removing Monarch from our fleet. We can’t wait to see you onboard with us again.

  • Carmen Henesy

    My first Royal Caribbean cruise was April 16, 1995 on the Monarch of the Seas out of San Juan. In sixteen years, I’ve now 78 cruise credit, mainly because of the wonderful experiences I had on that first Monarch cruise. She is still my favorite ship and I have done 26 of those cruises on her. The crew are the best in the world and she is the spirit of Royal Caribbean. Her years in California were such a joy to me and I completely mourned her departure. We needed a Royal Caribbean ship on the West Coast. At 66, I lost my forensic nursing job of 21 years in massive budget cuts and, with the $90,000 loss of annual income, I can no longer cruise – what a horrible change in my life.

    I did publish a book of poetry and I’ve even written an “Ode to Royal Caribbean” which expresses my love for the Monarch. Here it is:

    Ode to Royal Caribbean

    I love Royal Caribbean
    And it’s many splendid ships,
    With all the dining venues,
    That do define my hips.

    The crew from many nations,
    Are the best that one can find,
    Working day and night,
    To help the guests unwind!

    Exotic drinks are served,
    At a vast array of bars,
    The smiles of staff mixologists,
    Truly are the stars.

    Activities keep one busy,
    Variety for each guest,
    From things like napkin folding,
    To more x-rated like, “The Quest.”

    The various destinations,
    Are some of the planet’s best,
    Enough to cruise a lifetime,
    With little pause to rest.

    From Caribbean beaches,
    To Norway’s grand fiords,
    To Sydney’s lovely Opera House,
    Cruising offers life’s rewards.

    As one sails about the oceans,
    Great friendships form so fast,
    Among the staff and passengers,
    Treasured connections last.

    New ships debut so often,
    Each grander than the last,
    But I cannot forget the ones,
    That were built far in the past.

    Welcome to the Oasis,
    The grandest ship of these,
    But, no matter what may come,
    I love the Monarch of the Seas!!!

    Carmen Henesy

    Copyright © 2009 Carmen Henesy.
    All Rights Reserved.

    • Adam

      Carmen, thank you for the amazing poem! Sorry to hear you are unable to cruise, but we are happy to have helped create lasting memories for you during your voyages. We hope to one day have you cruising with us again in the not so distant future.

  • Jackie

    Our very first cruise was on Grandeur of the Seas in 2000. We were new to cruising and weren’t sure if we’d like it or not. After that experience we’re now hooked and try to cruise at least once a year. Thank you RCCL for showing your cruisers such a wonderful time always.

    • Adam

      You are very welcome Jackie. We are glad to hear Grandeur of the Seas introduced you to cruising with Royal Caribbean International, and we hope to continue delivering the WOW to you for years to come.

  • Kenneth gabrielsen

    We have done 27 cruises with RCCL so far, 18 out of them with the Vision class of ships. We love the smaller ships that look and feel like a ship! Our favourite is the Legend, what a crew! We have booked 30 new cruises with RCI for the year to come, but we are a little disappointed about all the short itineraries scheduled for the Legend in 2011. How about some 14 nights itineraries as well in Asia? Thank you for excellent blog!

    • Adam

      Kenneth, we are happy to hear Legend of the Seas and her crew is your favorite. We’ve taken note of your suggestion for longer itineraries in Asia and have passed it on to the appropriate department for consideration. Thank you for sailing with us and we can’t wait to see you again soon.

  • http://verizon Lynn Sumski

    Let me say that my group just loves Royal and are loyal to you. We are from New York and because 1 of our group won’t fly we are always going out of Bayonne. This summer we jumped at the chance of going to the Bahamas for our 9 day cruise. It would be great if you could offer that cruise a couple of times each summer for those of us who are tired of St. Marten, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico. Been there 4 times. It would also be great if you could throw Labadee in there occasionally as we fell in love with it the 2 times we were there. I am sure that there are other people from the tri-state area that feel the same way but just chose the use a different cruise line for some different destinations

    • Adam

      Thank you for cruising with us Lynn. We definitely agree that the Bahamas and Labadee are great destinations. We’ve taken your suggestion of offering those cruises more often and forwarded it to the appropriate department for consideration.

  • Bruce Mathew

    What will be done to Radiance during the week long drydock in May 2011. Thanks.

    • Adam

      Bruce, Radiance of the Seas will receive regular maintenance and repair while at drydock in May 2011.

  • Marty Lyons

    I went online to book another cruise and find that I can’t get a selection of rooms as on previous bookings. Has your procedure changed? Is it better to call to make reservations? Please help a distressed Diamond Member.

    • Adam

      Marty, we thank you for wanting to reserve a cruise with us. We’re sorry you’re having trouble selecting your rooms. Were you using our Royal Caribbean Certified Vacation Planner ? You can also call 1-866-562-7625 to reserve your next adventure with us.

  • Morten R Andersen

    Hi Adam!

    Are there any planes to replace Vision of The Seas with a bigger ship out of Oslo in the future? I think it could be good with some more oportunities regarding different restaurants on board than it is on Vision.

    We have sailed with both Brilliance and Jewel and i hope for a Radiance class ship in Scandinavia sailing to/from Oslo

    Kind Regards

    • Adam

      Thank you for your inquiry Morten. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion about having different restaurants onboard. In regards to your question about replacing Vision of the Seas, your suggestion has been forwarded to appropriate department.

  • Kelley Isringhaus

    We are about to enjoy our third cruise on RCCL. Our last being 5 years ago! Have been on the beautiful Rhapsody and am now looking forward to the much larger Voyager. I see it was built about the same time as the Rhapsody but had a refurbishment in 2004. I would like to know more about it.
    We are bringing family members that have been on other cruise lines but want for them to have the incredible cruise experience like we have had on RCCL.

    • Adam

      Kelley, we are happy to hear you enjoyed Rhapsody of the Seas and reserved your next cruise on Voyager of the Seas. Voyager of the Seas underwent typical maintenance in 2004.