Personal Reasons to Look Forward to 2013

by 556

Apart from our many Royal Caribbean 2013 goals, I am looking forward to the new year on a personal level as well.

The first half of the year will be the last with both of our children in the house full time.  In September, our son will become our 3rd generation Princetonian and the 4th member of the family to attend PU.  I am incredibly proud of David and while I don’t look forward to him leaving the house, there is nowhere else I would rather have him be for the next four years than Princeton.  Meanwhile, the four of us will do as much together as we can before he matriculates.

My leg injury in July made for a very different athletic year than the one I had had in mind.  Although I have been cleared for a while and have already attempted to compete once on the track, I am still in recovery mode.  I’m trying to learn from the whole experience and especially to be more precise about running technique.  After two years of twice a week in the gym my strength, flexibility and balance are all better than before I started.  Plus I’ve started a fairly strict eating regimen (hate to say diet since the last thing I need is to lose weight) that stresses everything natural and avoids lots of stuff that I really like to eat. All of this is a bonus for regular life but the main goal is to stay healthy and run faster.  Once again the target is to break 5 minutes in the 1500 meters at Master’s Nationals in July right after the USCAA team competition in San Ramon, California.

Speaking of the USCAA, putting aside my injury which happened there, it’s a great experience for our Royal Caribbean Cruisers and I encourage (and challenge!) CEOs from all industries to support a team at the event.  There are blue chip companies such as GE, ExxonMobil, Texas Instruments and Booz Allen that compete at USCAA on a regular basis.  While we only take a small percentage of our employees to the meet, the Cruisers are flag bearers for our company wellness effort.  Please consider it for 2013.

Apart from the above, I’ll try to get to Maine as often as possible.  After 44 years of summer visits, we just went there over Christmas for my winter visit.  It’s certainly different but just as enjoyable.  The lake happened to freeze during the three days we were there.  We visited friends whose kids were playing ice hockey in a small rink in the side yard.  In addition, we enjoyed a nice day of skiing at Sunday River, my first ski day in the northeast US in nearly 30 years.  A different world from Miami and one we’re grateful to visit on a regular basis at any time of the year.


    here is my question . im a pepsi person sorry not really a coke person and we are coming on enchantment of the sea and im really not happy that i cant bring even a six pack along 10 days with out omg that wont be good also we have this home town chip . what is the reazson u cnat bring just one bag and ` like six pack its sealed its not like ist alcolol . chips that i want to bring are hartlys and pepsi. please can u help me there. im so serious.

    • Adam

      Hi Melanie, unfortunately guests are not allowed to bring non-alcoholic beverages onboard for consumption or any other use. You can learn more about our policy here: See you onboard!

  • joanne kean

    I would like to know why a discount is not given to the single traveler. I have to pay double the price and feel as though Royal Caribbean is trying to discourage single travel. Is there any change in the future in regards to price and singles?

    • Adam

      Hello Joanne, at this time we have no plans to change our pricing for single cruisers. We do appreciate your comment and we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department for review. Thank you.

      • Tooky Roberts

        I agree with Joanne Kean. As a single, senior traveler, a little assistance with the pricing would give us more opportunities to travel – twice the traveling! Thank you for taking this request for consideration.

      • Ed Johnson

        I understand that staterooms and suites are designed and priced for double occupancy. I can also understand the writer’s point of view. Althought it does not apply to me and hopefully never will, we can lose our significant other but still want to continue cruising. Perhaps there is some way to deal with this that will not hit RCCL too hard in the pocket?? Give double cruise points for single seniors traveling alone?? Special onboard discounts or credits?? Something that would encourage the single senior to cruise without breaking the bank? Just a thought.

        • Adam

          We appreciate your input and suggestions, Ed. Thank you for your comment and we’ll be sure to pass along this information to our team.

  • Jay Sanborn

    I have lived here in Maine all my life, 43 years, we love it here, but this winter weather is hard to appreciate year after year, it is a lifestyle of much difficulty for so many. We used to enjoy skiing until knee surgery took that away, there is not much else to enjoy in the winter months, other than trying to stay warm. While the cold brings profits to people looking to escape the cold, and profits at ski resorts are good, the most of the family budget is spent trying to stay warm, and keeping things from freezing up, while shoveling after continual storms after a long long day or week of work. Certainly a hard life for so many, and so hard to see these families struggle here. I know it is a GREAT place to visit and so glad you and people like you come here to help support the economy of this great land, but surely we struggle to survive especially in these sub-zero temperatures. So glad to see you have it on your list to visit here more often. It is great that your setting your sites high for 2013, because what you have attempted, you will never regret. Your sons aspirations are just amazing, and that comes from having a great support system to get him where he needs to be. I work in the schools here in rural Maine and am a coach for our high school graduates, providing assistance to graduates for the past 5 years on behalf of a “Connecting Aspirations to a Plan” grant. I am hoping to encourage students to stick to their plans, post-secondary, and find this work very rewarding. Anyway, it may seem weird that I would write, but I enjoyed reading about your recent visit and love for Maine, and thought it was worth leaving a response, seeing the opportunity was here to do so. No other reason, but to say thanks for supporting our state, and speaking so highly of us.

    Jay Sanborn, West Baldwin, ME 04091

    • Adam

      Thank you for your message, Jay.

  • Lisa Langrell

    Belated Holiday/New Year Cheers to you and your family Adam! I have been MIA for months but alas-I’m back. I enjoy reading your personal updates as well as company updates. Good to hear of your recovery-good luck with that! Winter in Maine..well thats certainly a departure from Miami-ha!

    As always, RC pleases me with the constant effort to keep things fresh-with updating your older fleet as well as always keeping our interest in “what will they come up with next”. I like that RC is innovative yet trying to be eco-green along the way it-its all about balance with mother nature. I dont think it would be easy to please thousands of people on a floating oasis-but somehow RC does it best. Nothing is ever 100% perfect, but I think RC strives to attain that goal-we see it and we appreciate it along with all of the crew on each of your floating oasis’. If we’re smilin’, your smilin’.

    A suggestion or tweek (I am not an IT person, so I apologize in advance if I am not clear)

    I know maybe about a year or go (give or take) RC started to include reviews on excursions. We have booked another cruise-this one to Alaska on Radiance (yay! looking forward to seeing her!) and was starting to look at the excursions associated with this cruise but wanted to see reviews. What I found is that reviews are placed in one part of your website but not in the area where I think most of us that are booked would look for excursion reviews. Here is what I found, that I think its just a matter of a tweek-if you would consider it:

    You can view comments of excursions by being on the RCCL main page/Plan a cruise/shore & land excursion-here you see reviews

    BUT! I went to look via my reservation because I am booked: Reservations/pre-cruise planner. Here, there are no reviews available and this is where you would book them. This is where I think it would be helpful. I didnt go through each excursion to see if reviews were on many of them-but I think I went to a few.

    Thank you for taking the time to read blogs Adam! Thanks for always amazing me with all of the wonderful things you do to make we cruisers happy.

    • Adam

      And happy holiday’s to you as well, Lisa, thank you for your kind words and input. We will pass along your thoughts to the proper department.

  • Carl Phelps

    Mr. Goldstein;
    It is with pleasure that I write a short note. Our blended family (the Phelps and Goldschers) started sailing with Royal Caribbean during Alex’s junior year in HS. It seems he was not ready for his college visits, and did not want us to waste money. So, thinking back to all our visits to he beach or eastern shore, we decided to do something different. How about a cruise. Our first experience with Royal Caribbean had us boarding the Navigator, and we have never looked back. We worked our way through the Mariner class, Freedom class and joined the Oasis class for both inaugurals’. Every time we ride it is like visiting a family member. From check-in, the greeter with champagne, the staff, and finally the crew watching us leave with sad eyes, it is just like home. We have been greeted, shown the ropes, our questions answered and our wishes (within reason of course) granted. Esther and I look forward to joining you as you launch the newest members of your fleet.
    On another note, congratulations on the Princeton report. Several of our son’s peer group attended Princeton (LAX players), with representation throughout the Ivy league as well, we are alum of as W&L and F&M. While a proud papa you may be now, when the next graduation rolls around you will walk on Cloud 9.
    Good luck to you as you prepare for you race. I participate in the Veterans Golden Age Games (for veterans over 55) and assist at the Winter Sports Clinic (for disabled veterans). On that note, I have had the privilege of meeting several disabled veterans on Royal Caribbean ships, and found that your staff ensures their visit is enjoyable and fulfilling, I salute you.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your wonderful message, Carl. We are honored to have your family onboard and can only hope to see you return onboard soon.

  • marybeth Lyon

    Dear Mr Goldstein: I was wondering if any of the sunshine ships will replace Explorer of the Seas sailing from Bayonne? I would also like to know if there are going to be any new iteneraries? When we first sailed on Royal Caribbean in 2005 out of Bayonne we were on voyager of the sea. We did a 9 night and went to jamaica and the cayman islands. I really would like to visit the caymans again but my husband won’t fly so our only alternative is cape liberty. I was hoping for some new places. We seem to be doing the same one over ad over. We usualy do a b2b and 1 or 2 single cruises a year. We would really like to see the western caribbean again.

  • Bianca

    I am a seasoned traveller with Royal Caribbean and I can say that I have not ever had a bad experience with any ship in the company’s fleet.

    Because I love cruising on this cruise line so much, I have turned many friends and co workers onto Royal Caribbean, but one question I get alot from people when I talk about RCCL is, do they go out of Galveston, TX port.

    At first I didn’t know the answer and had to look it up. But when I did, I only saw limited ships from this port.

    I know Texas and Galveston is quite a distance from the East, but Mexico is not that far, will/could there be more cruises coming out of Galveston to Mexico/South America in the future with the new ships?

    Thanks so much and I look forward to my cruise this summer on the Oasis of the Seas.

    • Adam

      Thank you for being a Royal Caribbean advocate, Bianca. Please know that at this time we have no plans to add any additional ships to sail out of Texas. Thank you.

  • Mr. Jon Calloway

    My wife and I were amoung Royal Caribbean’s pioneer passengers. We sailed on RCC’s first ship the “Song of Norway” in 1975. We have continued to sail with RCC over the years. We are now Emerald members. RCC should consider granting old school sailors such as us, with extra Crown & Anchor points in appreciation for nearly 40 years of loyality.

    • Adam

      Thank you for being Loyal to Royal over the past 40 years, Jon. We appreciate your suggestion and we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department for review.

  • Ann Brookman

    Adam, we are Diamond Plus members with a request……….. We would like to purchase a bottle of liquor to have in our cabin. We are not big drinkers so the expensive liquor package similar to the soda and wine packages does not work for us. Since cruising is a relaxing get-away for us we spend a lot of time on our balconly reading and “winding down” from our work world. My husband loves to have a drink or two in the cabin especially as we are dressing for dinner. I feel sure there is some way to work this out since we do this very thing when we sail on Celebrity.

    Thanks, Ann

    Oh yes, one small, less important request………. it would be great to sometimes have a “sing-a-long” karaoke. Project the words up on the wall so we could all sing-a-long, with drink in hand, from the comfort of our chair instead of having to embarrass our lonely selves up on the stage, While on the Oasis of the Seas, I did see something similar, sing-a-long movie, at the Agua Theater.

    • Adam

      Hi Ann, we’ll be sure to pass this along to the appropriate department and we will take your karaoke suggestions into consideration.

  • Tooky Roberts

    Are there any discounts for back-to-back cruises, especially for single travelers (also a senior traveler)?

    • Adam

      We will be sure to make note of that, Tooky. Thank you.

  • Ted Kendell

    Hey Adam…..I have seen the steel cutting but I have been unable to find any artists conceptions of these new and beautiful (I think) ships. Got a URL that I could go to. I have sailed on the Oasis of the Seas and enjoyed it thoroughly

  • Jim Lucid

    This year we will be on another Royal Caribbean cruise with our extended family and I cannot tell how much everyone looks forward to each cruise. We even do a ‘countdown-like’ song everytime we get together (“100 days to the Cruise”. . .).

    We have thoroughly enjoyed every cruise and cannot tell you how impressed we are each time with the professionalism your entire crew displays, the quality of food that is served, the excellent production value of the entertainment, and the overall amazing time we have on every single cruise. We do not stay in a grand suite but from the way we are treated, we feel like we are in the fanciest of rooms on your ship.

    Congratulations on your son David getting into Princeton and best of luck with your leg recovery.

    The Lucid and Buttaro Family – Boston, MA

    p.s. I gotta go sing “30 Days to the cruise!” to my kids now to get them out of bed for school.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment, Jim. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you onboard soon.

  • Marcy

    Will Royal Caribbean be having their December celebration this year? We missed last year’s but went in 2010 and 2011. It’s great to be able to enjoy a cruise AND get extra points!


    • Adam

      Hi Marcy, we continue to announce different events as the year goes on, please keep an eye on our page for further announcements.

  • http://aol john naclerio

    Adam— Can you fairly say that Richard is the brains behind this wow company. The risk taker and leader which has made RCCL the outstanding compnay it is today… I belive he is the Steve Jobbs of the cruise industry… A amn with Vison ,leadership and a risk taker who seeks the mission and vision clearly for RCCL…… A wharton school of management who sees ship design as if he were an architect………
    God Bless you all

  • MaryEllen Sloma

    As someone who is restricted to drinking diet soda and/or SF ice tea. I wondered why RC doesn’t offer more diabetic choices that are caffeine free. For example, if I want something at night that won’t keep me awake, I am pretty much limited
    to water. I have resorted to bringing dry packets of mix to go in my water so that I can have something flavored in the evening
    so I won’t be up all night from the caffeine. Please consider stocking a diet soda that is not a cola and does not have caffeine (Sprite or Gingerale for example). There are many others out there that would enjoy more choices! Thanks for your considering this.

    • Adam

      We appreciate you reaching out, MaryEllen. We will be sure to pass your comment along to the proper department.

    • Allen Shaffer

      The last few cruises have offered Sprite Zero. That has been wonderful since it is caffeine free and diet.

  • Kelsey

    Hi my name is kelsey and my cruse is in 11 days im going on adventure of the seas.. i think and I’m so excited!!! I’m going with my cousins but one of my cousins just turned 15, but my other cousin and I are only 14. Do you think she can still come with us in to the teen hang out with us? thanks for your time.

    • Adam

      Hello Kelsey, the teen areas are designated for teens 13 through 17, so all of you will be able to enjoy the teen hangout. Thank you.


    Adam, in noting all the recent problems of that other cruise line and their difficulties in dealing with them, do you have any ideas, in addition to better on going maintenance, on how RCCL and/or Celebrity would better handle similar issues should they arise on one of your ships?

    • Adam

      Hello Larry, while we do not know the details of what caused the fire on Carnival’s ship, we understand that guests may be concerned about their safety while onboard cruise ships. The entire cruise industry through our industry association CLIA is dedicated to continuous improvement in safety and guest comfort. All crew onboard Royal Caribbean ships are trained in basic firefighting procedures, while crew members specifically assigned to the ship’s firefighting teams receive additional specialized training. Should a ship experience a loss of electrical power, we have emergency generators onboard. Thank you for reaching out to us about your concerns, we assure you the safety and security of our passengers, crew and vessels is our highest priority.

  • Karent camarena

    Hi Adam , I happy to hear your son will attend at Princeton , my son will graduate from Princeton this June 13 and also he got accepted in Columbia Law school
    we will celebrate his graduation in navigator of the seas in june , after four years of hard work we need to celebrate as family. This will be my second trip with Royal Caribbean. I am looking forward to enjoy this trip with my son and family .

    • Adam

      Thank you for sharing, Karent, and congratulations to your son. We look forward to having you onboard.

  • Isabel Wickliffe

    Hi, I have a question.

    So I am looking to take some 18 and 17 year olds on a cruise and it will bey husband and I. I understand because I am not their parent (except for my daughter) but how many people can I waiver? We would obviously get connecting staterooms.

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Isabel, Adults who are not the parent or legal guardian of any minor child (17yrs of younger) traveling with them are required to present the child’s proper travel documentation, an original notarized letter signed by at least one of the child’s parents, and a copy of the signed notarized letter.