Romero Britto and Royal Caribbean: A True Work of Art

by 609

Recently I had the opportunity with my wife to spend an afternoon with Romero Britto and his team at his studio in Miami. It was very enjoyable. While Romero is very aware of his status as a major contemporary artist, he retains a sort of childlike wonder at how all of this has happened to him. His walls are covered not only with his vibrant, colorful paintings but also photographs of Romero with many of the world’s most notable celebrities.

We have been thrilled to work with Romero ever since he applied his unique burst of energy and color to the pool deck on Mariner of the Seas in 2003. Of course now the relationship has graduated to onboard stores dedicated entirely to Romero’s art. You can find these stores on Allure of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas and the newly revitalized Splendour of the Seas.

I am fascinated by how Romero does what he does and he seems equally fascinated by how we do what we do. The irony is, whether it is Romero and his team of about 100 or Royal Caribbean and our team of about 40,000, we are both in the business of making people happy. Thanks to our visit to his place of work, I have a better idea of the many steps it takes to make his art happen.

One thing that struck me – while Romero is effervescent about everything he is doing and is engaged in a profusion of parallel efforts, he is extremely exacting in terms of what he expects from a work of art that bears his name, from the accuracy of color reproduction to the packaging and shipping of the individual works of art. It is clear that in the expression of his artistic genius nothing is happening by accident. And just as I am so fortunate to have extremely capable and loyal associates on my team, it is obvious that Romero is the beneficiary of the considerable efforts of Alina Shriver, Caroline Cardenas and many other talented members of his team.

We look forward to continuing and growing our relationship with Romero. He has already contributed to our success both visibly and, having painted the crew bar on Allure of the Seas, behind the scenes.

Feel free to relate your impressions of Romero Britto’s work or any other aspects of the art onboard our fleet.

  • Justin

    My wife and I love Romero Britto’s artwork! So much in fact that while we were on Allure of the Seas in March we purchased a limited edition print of his “Honeymoon at Sea” to commemorate our honeymoon – which was on Freedom of the Seas. We’ve continued to add his work to our home, and hope that Royal Caribbean continues to add his art (and the stores) throughout its fleet!

  • Katie

    I went on my first cruise for my honeymoon and discovered and fell in love with Romero Britto’s work! Love the fun vibe his work offers and is a great connection with Royal Caribbean as their cruises are just as fun!

  • Joe Rutherford

    We had the pleasure of meeting with Romero on the inagural of the Allure. I was facinated by his life story and his compelling art work., we spent about an hour in the theater with him. He said all of his art reflects “happy”, we purchased numerous pieces which he was most gracious to sign.

  • Ryan

    Bring him to the Explorer of the Seas!!!!!!!!

  • Nadia Keene

    I Love his Art and plan to get some soon. I have met many Artist on the ships, when you get to meet with them you tend to understand the Artist, and buy there Art, and just love Park West, but I did here that Park West was no longer with Royal Caribbean, not sure about that, but planning to find out soon :)