Royal Caribbean – Changes to Deployment

by 1496

Today Royal Caribbean International announced significant changes to the deployment of Mariner of the Seas beginning in early 2011. This is an important announcement and it deserves comment.

First, we will not be offering 15 seven night Mexican Riviera cruises from January 16, 2011 to April 24, 2011 that until now have been open for bookings. I apologize to our customers who had booked on these sailings. We felt obligated to make this change in order to align the ship’s new itineraries with the seasonality of traveling around the southern end of South America as well as the timing of the Brazilian and European cruise seasons. For customers who are affected by this change, we are offering compensation as explained on our website under itinerary updates or you can contact your travel partner for further details.

Second, just to be clear about what Mariner of the Seas will be doing as well as the implications for two of our other ships, here is a summary of the new information:

Mariner of the Seas

On January 16, 2011 Mariner will begin her odyssey to Europe. She will depart from Los Angeles on a special 16-night voyage to Valparaiso, Chile and then continue on as part of an exotic 14-night voyage through the Chilean Fjords, the straits of Magellan and around Cape Horn of Chile and on to Sao Paulo (Santos), Brazil.

Once in Sao Paulo (Santos), Mariner of the Seas will offer a short season of 6-night Brazilian sailings in addition to a special 8-night voyage which will be offered over the Carnaval holiday. On March 13, 2011, Mariner of the Seas will offer a transatlantic sailing from Sao Paulo (Santos) to Rome (Civitavechia). In Rome, Mariner of the Seas will offer a unique 9-night Eastern Mediterranean sailing followed by a series of alternating 12-night Holy Land and Egypt itineraries. This program will be offered from March 27, 2011 to July 10, 2011 and again from September 8, 2011 to October 14, 2011.

From July 22, 2011 through September 2, 2011, Mariner of the Seas will offer 7-night Western Mediterranean sailings from Rome. In addition to Rome, guests will have the option to embark in Genoa, Italy.

For the winter of 2011-2012, Mariner of the Seas will head to Galveston and offer a series of alternating 7-night Western Caribbean voyages starting on November 20, 2011.

Splendour of the Seas

With Mariner of the Seas now heading to Rome, we will be able to offer a new program for Splendour of the Seas out of Venice. On April 14, 2011 Splendour of the Seas will sail from Lisbon to Venice on an 8-night voyage. Once in Venice, she will conduct an alternating series of 10-night Greek Isles and 11-night Greek Isles and Turkey itineraries. This program will commence on April 22, 2011 and end November 18, 2011.

At the conclusion of the Europe season, Splendour of the Seas will once again return to Brazil.

Guests booked on the previously announced sailings from Rome will be given the option of rebooking on the new Mariner of the Seas program.

Voyager of the Seas

As previously announced Voyager of the Seas will homeport in Venice, Italy for the summer of 2011. Starting May 15, 2011, she will offer a unique 6-night Mediterranean voyage from Barcelona to Venice. Once in Venice, she will offer a weekly 7-night Adriatic Sea Coastal program from May 21, 2011 to October 15, 2011. On October 22, 2011, a new 8-night Mediterranean voyage between Venice and Barcelona will be offered. This will be followed by a transatlantic voyage from Barcelona to New Orleans.

When Mariner of Seas returns to the U.S. in the fall of 2011, she will homeport in Galveston. This will enable Voyager of the Seas to relocate to New Orleans and restart our New Orleans program that we stopped after Hurricane Katrina. The program will commence on November 12, 2011 and last until April of 2012. The weekly 7-night Western Caribbean itinerary will offer Falmouth, Jamaica; Cozumel, Mexico and George Town, Grand Cayman.

Our deployment decision reflects both strategic and financial considerations. Royal Caribbean has had a major presence at the Port of Los Angeles and on the west coast of Mexico for many years with various ships and it is our hope to return in the not too distant future. Our preference would have been to continue to deliver Mariner of the Seas’ Mexico Riviera itinerary. Unfortunately, while the ship delivered great value to its guests on that itinerary, it will deliver superior performance for our shareholders as well as great value for our guests on the routes that we have announced today.

Our readers will see that Mariner of the Seas’ move continues to increase Royal Caribbean’s capacity in Europe. In 2011, half of our 22 ship fleet will be there for the summer season. Our ships in the rapidly growing European market are capturing demand from Europeans to cruise closer to home. Our increasing range of itineraries also provides customers from North America, Latin America and Asia/Pacific with a wonderful array of choices of destinations and length of cruise throughout Europe. In particular, we are pleased that our Venice-based itineraries on Voyager of the Seas (7-nights including Koper, Slovenia; Ravenna and Bari, Italy; Dubrovnik, Croatia as well as an overnight in Venice) and on Splendour of the Seas (10- & 11-nights including Split, Croatia; Chania (Souda), Crete; Corfu, Athens (Piraeus), Mykonos, Santorini and Katakolon, Greece on the 10-night itinerary and Kotor, Montenegro; Split, Croatia; Ephesus (Kusadasi) and Bodrum Turkey; Athens (Piraeus), Mykonos and Santorini Greece as well as an overnight in Venice the 11-night itinerary) will provide guests with so many unique destinations.

We look forward to operating Mariner of the Seas in Los Angeles until next January and I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who works with us and serves our guests in California and in Mexico.

All of the details of these programs will be available at You can also find the press release here.

One postscript from behind the scenes – in the days leading up to this announcement our team created and then implemented (today) an entire communications strategy. We had to take into account local, regional and federal authorities in multiple countries including of course port authorities who will be affected by these changes whether favorably or unfavorably. Given that our ships move and that cruise industry trends and consumer preferences are dynamic, it’s critical that we maintain positive relationships around the world. While it’s not fun to call someone and tell them we are going to move our ship from their port, it’s better to let them know directly from us than for them to see it first online or in a newspaper.

  • simon

    As per above, when will the details of what to do be on the website?

  • Steve Hall

    Well this is very disappointing news to say the least. There will be ZERO Royal Caribbean ships out of California next year, with the Radiance also repositioning elsewhere. I very much enjoyed sailing on both the Radiance and the Mariner from Southern California over the past couple of years. Hopefully this decision is only temporary – and once the California economy improves again, RCI will send a ship back to the West Coast.

  • DEBorah williamson

    When the Mariner gets to her new home port of Galveston will she be there part time, like the Voyager does now? or will the Mariner be there full-time. Also the same question goes for the Voyager, will she be in New Orleans part or full time??
    Thank. u

    • Adam

      Thanks for your question, Deborah. Mariner of the Seas and Voyager of the Seas will be in Galveston and New Orleans, respectively starting Nov. 2011 through April 2012.

  • Paul Kern

    Darn! Can we have Monarch of the Seas back then, please? I’d even settle for the Viking Serenade.

    In reality, I completely understand that the goal is to offer the best value to both the passengers and the shareholders. I know that decisions such as these are always thoroughly and well considered. I’ll stay hopeful that we’ll get another ship in Los Angeles at some point in the near future.

  • Karen Hoover

    Leaving the West Coast with zero RCI ships is beyond rational thought. It appears that RCI is catering to a different clientele than the residents of California and vicinity. This ends a long-term commitment, not only on RCI’s part, but on ours personally, as well.

  • Steve

    So when is Royal Caribbean going to change their name to Royal Europeon Cruise Line? Half the fleet will now be based in Europe. Guess that shows how much Royal thinks of those in the U.S. Very sad news that much of the choices here are being taken away. Your main competitor must be loving this.

  • Jerry figueroa

    Wow, this is unbelievable given how popular the Mexican Riviera cruises are, especially for travelers from the West Coast. This effectively forces me to either consider the more costly (3x) Caribbean cruises out of the East Coast, or another cruise line.

  • David Alfredson

    This is very disappointing news having booked this to celebrate a friends 50th birthday. With only one option for compensation being voyager and much more than that in extra costs due to airline change fees I think that Royal Caribbean should reconsider the financial impact for those who can provide documentation of airline reservations as well as the same obc for another Royal Caribbean cruise over the same period.

  • Craig

    This is disappointing….I have sailed the Mariner a number of times out of LA as it is a GREAT value and we have waited so long to get a Voyager class ship on the West Coast and now she is leaving and not being replaced…..I understand the interest from Europe..but you are moving a good majority of your ships there and leaving other areas without much of any coverage…..especially on the West Coast. You are inviting a monoply of that itinerary from Carnival and they will take great advantage of it im sure.

  • Johnathon

    Once Mariner reaches Galveston, and Voyager reaches New Orleans, KEEP THEM THERE YEAR-ROUND and this DIAMOND level, Texas based RCCL cruiser will return!

  • Dan

    There is a reason why the cruise line is called ROYAL CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL. Great business decision. Cruising is becoming more and more popular world wide and one of the beauties of mobile assets is the ability to go where the demand is. Europe is that location. Also think it is nice on your part that you were able to meet with the people in LA directly about your decision versus letting them hear about it in the news.

    Best of luck always,

  • Sam

    With all this demand, it sounds like Royal needs to build more ships!

  • Daniel capella

    Wow, amazing new. Brazilian people are grateful with Mariner of the Seas!
    We hope to see she back in a near future!
    Realy Thank you!

  • Cassie

    With the cost of airfare and the ridiculousness of paying for checked luggage, the horrible service and not to mention the hassle of flying now, I will most likely abandon my beloved RCCL until she comes back to the West Coast and I can once again drive to port.

  • michael dunigan

    Yes, disaapointing. Called rccl tonight and got someone who didn’t even know the details of this change. She swore up and down that Mariner was finishing the Mexican Riviera season. She couldn’t even help with a refund because the reservation was locked and corporate had gone home. I guess the Nation of Why Not closes just before they make these sorts of announcements so their agents are left holding the bag.

    By the way, I booked online and have not gotten an email about this and only found out because I happen to follow this blog. I guess your intent of being ahead of this failed for me.

    Disney must be making a west coast threat since you are basically ceding the market to them. Thanks for leaving us West Coasters with no economical options.

  • Shirley

    Please tell me that you’re going to do another ‘AROUND THE HORN’ megacruises. 46 days onboard the Mariner was incredible!

  • Skyler

    Well, im not to excited about Royals descision. I think what you guysare doing in Europe is great, but come on, there are going to be 11 ships there now. When Vision was sailing the Mexican Riviera, i enjoyed it a lot, so i wouldnt mind if a Sovereign or another Vision Class ship sails the Mexican Riviera, just get something there asap.

    P.S. i would love to see the Radinace od the Freedom Class ships sailing there at least part time each year.

  • RDG

    This really erks me big time. You take the Monarch from us, replace her with a really classy ship and then yank her right out from under our nose. Makes me re-think, do I really want to continue to be “royal” to RCI? This is a BIG SLAP IN THE FACE TO US, WEST COAST CRUISERS.

  • Michael dunigan

    Yes, disaapointing. Called RCCL tonight and got someone who didn’t even know the details of this change. She swore up and down that Mariner was finishing the Mexican Riviera season in 2011. She couldn’t even help with a refund because the reservation was locked and corporate had gone home. I guess the Nation of Why Not closes just before they make these sorts of announcements so their agents are left holding the bag.

    By the way, I booked online and have not gotten an email about this and only found out because I happen to follow this blog. I guess your communication strategy intent of being ahead of this failed when it came to me — your customer.

    Disney must be making a serious West Coast threat since you are basically ceding the market to them. Thanks for leaving us West Coasters with no economical options.

  • Thesa Chambers

    bummer – living in Oregon – I have sailed from – LA, Cape Canaveral and Miami – I had just convinced my husband to sail out of LA on a 7 day – and now – it is gone – funny thing is – the three cabins we booked have been removed from our reservations… no one knows what the “compensation” is and no money has been refunded… sounds like no one knows what is happening with those that had booked

  • Debbie

    I am very disappointed in this move. I was organizing a group of teachers to sail for Spring Break 2011 on Mariner. Now I am left looking at Carnival and NCL. I feel as if I have been shoved overboard by this company.

  • FortLauderdaleMike

    Hey folks… come on down to sunny Fort Lauderdale to take your next cruise… we have the Oasis of the Seas now and will be getting the Allure of the Seas in December !

  • Bob D

    Just when air travel is definitely becoming intolerable, RCI departs from the only port we can drive to from Arizona. You make our cruise decisions much easier I suppose.

  • roberta

    So RCI disc’ed the west coast “loyal royals”

  • Denise

    We are very disappointed to read this news that there will no longer be a ship on the West Coast. Many of us have been “Loyal To Royal” but Royal is proving to us once again that they are not loyal to us. I’m afraid that we, along with many others I’m sure, will be parting ways with RCI

  • gary

    They should change from RCI to RMI – Royal Mediterranean International.

  • Kathy

    Ummmmmm,so what happened to the Caribbean part of Royal Caribbean?? Think Royal World Cruiseline is more like it.

    Hard to be loyal,like before.Not everyone can afford to fly overseas just to be able to stay with RCCL.

    Big mistake on your part.I think you may lose quite a few customers……….

    So how’s that hope and change working FOR YOU?

  • KLaus

    I think it is a good decision. We love the “Mariner of the Seas” especially the Hotel Management and Kitchen, it is our most popular Ship, and now we have it, at least partial in Europe, thank you for that!
    We believe that Royal Caribbean will do very well in Europe year around. We hope that we are able to book
    this opportunity very soon.
    best regards

  • Vicki

    I sail from L.A at least 3 times a year with friend s and family.Platinum member! thats realy sad news. your competitor must be calabratin big time!!!

  • Shelley bueche

    Hello! I am interested in taking a cruise on the Marine of the Seas, departing from Galveston, Texas, this winter. However, I have been unable to find any exact dates for future cruises. If you could e-mail this info this me, that would be great!

  • Trudy

    Thank you for continuing to sail from Galveston. It sure would be nice to have a ship year round, but at this point we’ll take what we can get. Many people (not just Texans) can drive to Galveston to sail RCC much easier than having to drive or fly to Florida. We’ll miss the Voyager but we have sailed on the Mariner and it will be great also.

    Thanks again from Texas.

  • mario

    When will we be able to see what cruises are being offwered from rome to egypt etc. we are planning one for next year and would like to include mariner in our plans if the itinerary is what we want. THANK YOU

  • Bill COmnos

    As stated by numberous others, this is nothing less than a significant disappointment. I sail exclusively on RCCL and have been on 2 dozen cuises within the past 5 years that orignated in Los Angeles as well as numerous other ports. Had I known at ANY point in time that this would happen and you would be pulling out, I could have established a relationship with another cruise line that has decided to continue doing business in and around the LA area. Am giving serious consideration to cancelling the 3 RCCL cruises that I have booked between this year and next.

  • Courtney Tyler

    I get it, and support the changes — as one who has done “Mexican Riviera” to death on several cruise lines since the early eighties, it makes sense to move a ship like Mariner to more lucrative and interesting spots.

    Frankly, CA, NV and AZ are on the skids – people have little money to play around with now. Mariner gets many of its passengers from those states. And, yes, Mexico is a bit dicey safety-wise as well and will be for the foreseeable future.

    When ships leave from Galveston and New Orleans I’ll be happy — short flights to deal with or one can take a few extra days and drive from, say, So. Cal.
    People in other countries like Brazil are clamoring for cruise opportunities — may as well cater to them, and RCI’s stockholders. In the end, it’s always about ‘what Wall Street wants,’ isn’t it?

  • Tony A

    I’m in shock!!!!! As a travel Agent, I was elated about the Mariner’s coming to LA. But I knew that ship was too big for the LA market especially for a year around deployment. I called the “deployment” person and shared that with them. They were closed minded and adamant about the decision. All I heard was “price point”. I asked them to mark their calendar with my prediction that by the fall of 2010 RCCL would realized that the Mariner should go. And I offered that analysis free without tons of marketing data. WOW! It all came true. Additionally, my suggestion was to port a Radiance class in LA. Or at least a Vision class ship for the 3 & 4 day market. Given the current airline debacles, RCCL cruisers from the western US would drive to LA. We worked hard to develop the LA market and RCCL brand loyalty. I’m in shock with RCCL’s decision.

  • HANK

    Very happy to have Voyager come to New Orleans, we have been without a quality cruise ship for way to long!

  • Mike Barngrover

    Not only am I in shock, but I am sadden by how this was done. I heard 5 years for the mariner here in LA. We only got 14 months and wham….lets move her again. Why not at least give us a 3/4 day ship that were always full and fun to sail. The Monarch left to make more revenue in Florida……Hello, the prices are cheaper down there then they were ever here. I am so mad that I am ready to jump ship and cancel all of my reservations and go to the line that respects the cruisers that are commited. As Bill said earlier….If we would have known…I would have stated giving my hard earned money to a competitor.
    I trully hope RCL, you take another look at what you have caused to many of your faithful cruisers by giving up on the West Coast, not only for us Cruisers…but for the people that work at the ports and the people that try to survive in Mexico.
    You may contact me to try to change my mind if you would like.


  • Marcia

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We are so excited to have a ship in New Orleans! It will be the very 1st time we do not have to fly to a port after almost 40 cruises! We can drive to New Orleans in 6 hours and enjoy that wonderful city for a night or 2 then a wonderful RCL cruise! Win-Win. As a stock holder, I think it is a smart move and feel the region will support the ship and make the risk pay off. It’s about time the ‘South’ had a ship in it’s backyard so many of us can see what driving to a port and saving that extra money is like. We can’t wait to book and thank you so much for this chance to sail from close to home. We already have lots of friends interested in joining us so RCL should see lots of people new to cruising jumping onboard.Welcome to New Orleans, let the good times roll!

  • Gordon

    SHOCKED AND DISAPPOINTED!! I am an Arizona agent with 52 people booked on the Mariner for January 16. I think it’s ironic that when I called to get details of this disasterous decision, I was forced to listen to the “April is travel agent appreciation month” message before talking with a res agent. Wow! Do I ever feel appreciated! It’s unbelievable that your management team can’t make deployment decisions before you put schedules out there and allow agents and passengers to book into dates that you later pull out from under them. This same thing happened to me with a Thanksgiving 2008 group that I had booked on the Monarch. Today, when I called about rebooking my group into the Jan 9 sailing, (and taking whatever cabins are left) I was told it was closed to groups. This would have been the 14th group I have taken on RCCL since 1997. I won’t take a chance on RCCL again!

  • Dave Erickson

    Well there goes 2 future bookings we had in mind. We were going Book on Mariner and Voyager….

  • Irene Crosby

    I received a call yesterday afternoon regarding the cancellation of my January 16th Mariner cruise. I was able to re-schedule to 10-24, but I must say I’m amazed at the “sudden decision” and aghast at how it is going to impact a lot of people, ports, and businesses on the West Coast. This now-rescheduled cruise will give me my 28th cruise credit with RCCL; the majority of those credits were earned on many 3-4 day West Coast cruises. We and others could easily fly or even drive to LA for birthdays and anniversaries and have the cruise experience without having to commit to a whole week or more of vacation. Young families with children could afford a short cruise but not a long one, and being able to drive to the port made it affordable. Now that we must travel to the East Coast for most RCCL cruises, it is way too expensive for a lot of people in these challenging economic times. It is usually about the same amount of money to fly to the East Coast ports as the cruise itself, sometimes even more. That alone takes it out of the realm of possibility for many of us.

    I would agree with the person in an earlier post who suggested bringing back ANY ship to alleviate the suffering of all of us on the West Coast who have just been marooned in our own back yards by the our formerly favored cruise line that has just sailed off to presumably more lucrative seas. I know we have “options”, i.e., Carnival, et al, but I have spent a lot of money exclusively with RCCL just so I could earn my Frequent Floater status of Diamond Plus. Those perks mean nothing if I can’t use them in an economic manner, which means Mexico and Alaska (BUT IT’S NOT WARMMMMMM!!!!) for those of us in California, Oregon, and Washington.

    If you can come to a “sudden decision” to move the Mariner to Europe, it seems you ought to be able to make another “sudden decision” to send us a replacement ship. We don’t really care if it’s an older one, as long as it gets us back to where we can buy a gallon of decent vanilla for not much money! Send the Oasis and Allure to Dubai for the high rollers and give us the Radiance and the Vision!

    Just give us something…..we’ve been loyal to Royal, dang it. You should honor that trust.

  • marie

    Living on the west coast I enjoy the Mexican Riviera
    I believe you are just going to send your customers elsewhere. I have already booked with another cruise line for a cruise in February.

  • Marilyn

    I think that we will not want to hold stock in “Royal European Cruise Line or Royal Meditteranean Int’l” either and will sell it. Who wants to be on All-smoking ships in Europe? Who wants to put up with the hassles and $$ for flying there?
    You really know how to alienate your top cruisers…we have been thinking of switching to Princess with all that has been taken from us in the last year….I guess we will.
    Carnival is going to love this….

  • JAN

    We are so disappointed with Oasis of the Seas. It will be our 100 th cruise with R/C and we booked the 5 night Dec. 18th. cruise to take our grandchildren to Labadee and Falmouth. Now the Itinerary has changed. No Labadee…..Didn’t R/C built the pier in Labadee for Oasis and Allure?????? What a mess R/C made of this cruise. Not going to Falmouth because the pier is not finish yet, that makes sence. Our grandchildren are disapointed and so are we. Nassau is a terrable port to bring children to. Get us back to Labadee!!!!

    As for Mariner…never in a million years did it have a chance in LA. But would like to do the second part of the cruise when it leaves.

    It is impossible for me to read the first set of symbols. Taking a guess.

  • Rose Marie

    Very disappointed. Glad you are going to serve the Europeans and South Americans who are anxious to cruise but what about those of us who live in the Western part of the US? It is hard to imagine that you will be leaving this part of the country (world) without one permanently based ship. We are Diamond Plus and have enjoyed every ne of our 40 cruises with RCI; however, we will now be forced to look elsewhere. We need something on the West Coast – we like to take our entire family but airfare would make that out of reach.

  • Joe Crossley

    The writing was on the wall folks……Over a year since the Mariner got there, you still had to climb scaffolding to get on the ship. If the ship had plans of staying, they would have built a real facility or updated the one they were using to something a little more classy than scaffolding. I have sailed out of LA twice, and I think the Mariner was a bad fit. Put a Vision or Radiance class back there with a heated pool. Change the ports up to serve your customers that would love to do b2b sailings, but dont want to see the same ports twice!

    Also, I have to agree with Mr. Alfredsons post….RCCL should absolutely do better on their offer for those who can show they had purchased airfare. If moving this ship is going to make Adam & the stockholders that much more money, it wouldnt kill them to “make things right” to those they have inconvenienced. RCCL’s changing of the sailings have cost these people who fly alot more money than those who can drive to the port.

  • Jay Taylor

    For families on the West Coast this is a KILLER decision…We are regulars on RCCL, three cruises this year…Had planned to a family cruise, 16 members, in June 2011…Live in Arizona and can’t afford to fly family across country and do enjoy the Mexician Riviera ports…Now I’m sorry we left Princess to become a regular on RCCL…Bad Decision…And by the way, today I called your company and your representative didn’t know of your change of plans…and our designated representative who was waiting to arrange our family trip in 2011 has not even bothered to contact us with this BAD INFO…GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE…Good Luck with keeping your future West Coast customers…Jay

  • mario

    ADAM THANK YOU . I will wait as I want to see the itinerary for Mariner in EUROPE for 2011. It isnt listed as yet.

  • Mary

    Wow! I am so sad to see Mariner go. As someone who has taken 10 Royal cruises in the past 4 years (all out of Los Angeles: 6 Monarch and 4 Mariner) I’m hoping that you’ll send us some kind of ship soon.

  • Tony


    Can you tell me when are you planning on releasing these news sailings for the MAriner of the Seas for new bookings for the Jan 16/11 and European season 2011?

    Thank you.

  • Jennifer

    I am very disappointed in RCCL. Not only are they taking another ship from the west cost but leaving us no other choice but to consider other cruise lines. I would rather take a cruise than go to vegas. I am a very dedicated RCCL customer. But always having to fly to get to another ship is not affordable for my family. You will lose my business and my patients. I guess I will have to find another cruise line who will be able to entertain my family. I will not refer your cruise line no more because your bailing out on the west coast!

  • M McKenzie

    Just received your email about the repositioning of the Mariner, moving the Voyager and addition of an 11th ship for sailing the Med next year. I am very excited to hear about this…our favorite ports to sail from are Galveston and New Orleans and no RCCL ships have been sailing from New Orleans for several years–we are trying to organize a big family reunion and a cruise from New Orleans would be perfect. We have sailed on Voyager 3 times but are ready for a new ship and new itineraries for Galveston departures. May I also say that we really wish there was a RCCL sailing from Galveston in the summer…many people around here would like to do that for a summer vacation.
    Lastly, we are very interested in your Greek/Turkey itineraries as we want to sail there summer of 2011 and hope that you will have those itineraries posted soon.
    Thanks for all of these changes and responding to the interests and comments of your loyal cruisers!
    –Crown & Anchor member from Texas

  • Jack Cumming

    RCL has misjudged the West Coast market since life in Coral Gables does not give the same perspective as does life in Rancho Sante Fe.

    RCL tried to focus on shuttle trips to the WalMart in Puerto Vallarta, which was boring and unimaginative. The line also eliminated the entry level cruises that bring new cruisers into the industry.

    These business misjudgments have diminished shareholder value since RCL has failed in one of its two major home markets. And the failure is a failure of business strategy and ineffective understanding of the wishes of potential cruisers.

    The stock is now up roughly seven times from its low not long ago. The bounceback shows the positive buzz from new ships, the passing of H1N1, and the slow economic recovery. These are short term elements, but the West Coast failure reveals a basic lack of strategic vision.

    The big ship strategy makes sense but an effective purveyor of vacation opportunities has to understand the customer as well. RCL clearly has misjudged the outlook of customers from the Rockies on West, and it may be time now to sell the stock and redeploy investments into other investment opportunities with a stronger strategic outlook.

  • jo

    I was one of the unlucky along with a large group that got the rug pulled from under us. Several of us had our air booked and paid for and now have to take a huge hit to rebook our airfare and when you are taking five people at $195.00 penalty a piece that is huge! Ok ya $100.00 OBC per person with proof of the you having the air puchased is nice but come one and own up to what you did and give an amount that is going to cover the whole penalty hey how about letting us that are going on Liberty instead have our same room type at the same price as what we had. I booked Aug. of 2009 for this cruise Jan. 16,2011 you have made enough in interest on my money to be able to do that. Thanks also for ruining everything for our group cause now they are all going on a different line….

  • Edwin

    Its interesting that you are sending Mariner of the Seas to Europe where there will be eleven ships while we in California are left with nothing. I guess we in California are not valued customers. If you are taking Mariner of the Seas away at least send another ship to replace it and soon. Return Monarch of the Seas or any ship whether it be for the 3 or 4 day cruises or the 7 day Riviera cruise. Please do it soon. Thanks.

  • Mike P

    I may have mentioned this before on this blog, but I believe this speaks to the need for a new class of smaller ships for the RCI Brand. These smaller ships should include all the big ship amenities but allow for more flexibility in deployments.

    When you consider Voyager, Freedom, and now Oasis Class all of RCI’s new builds have been larger and larger. While this has made it easy to deliver the WOW in terms of on-board amenities in the major cruise markets.. there has been less of a WOW as it relates to destinations and deployments.

    I know it’s possible to put Voyager and Oasis Class amenities in smaller packages as evidenced by Color Line’s Fantasy and Magic. Imagine a series of 8-12 ships that are mini Oasis class carrying 1500 – 3000 passengers.

    With that option, RCI doesn’t have to make these sorts of tough decisions.. you can have the option to leave a single ship in slower markets until they recover as well as have less risk when you are trying out new markets and itineraries. Best part, you can leverage the larger multi-ship order to get the best economies of scale on a cost per cabin basis. Since these are new builds.. you can put in every new design element that has come along in the last 20 years.

    Now that would be a project that would be fun to work on!

  • STeve

    I’m a Diamond C&A member living in SoCal and cruise as many as 3 or 4 times a year…I love Europe, but find plenty of options there…And, realistically, I can only afford it in terms of both money and time commitment once a year…Flying to Florida is also expensive…and usually requires extra days pre-cruise to allow for travel, travel fatigue and jet lag…and those are days I just don’t have…So when we want an “easy” cruise, the answer has always been Mexico–whether the old 3 or 4 nighters or the 7 night version…Over the years, we’ve gone to Mexico on Carnival, NCL, Princess and Royal Caribbean…but our preference is Royal Caribbean or Celebrity (we’ve cruised some version of Mexico out of So Cal on the Viking Serenade, the Monarch of the Seas, the Grandeur of the Seas, the Vision of the Seas and the Mariner)…Celebrity abandoned us a few years back but we at least took great joy in having the Mariner here…I recommend it to everyone…We were on the Pre-Inaugural and we were on again this past January…I always tell people it’s by far the nicest ship ever in the market…We really longed for something like it when we had the Vision and the Monarch here…
    And now, I am extremely disappointed that it is being taken from us…
    I do understand marketing and economics, but, OTOH, I feel abandoned as well…and this is from a Diamond C& A and, separately, Elite Captains Club cruiser…
    I feel like the professional sports star who’s just learned he’s been traded to…….CARNIVAL!
    I guess my days of multiple yearly cruises is now over…I have a Celebrity Eclipse Europe cruise booked for July…but I’m starting to question my January Allure of the Seas cruise…and next summer, I’m cruising on Oceania Marina…I was very close to booking a Mariner cruise for next year’s Spring Break (We did a Celebrity Summit cruise out of San Juan this just past Spring Break, but airfare cost more than the cruise…I really can’t picture doing next year’s Spring Break cruise on Carnival or Princess…but what choice is Royal Caribbean leaving me????

  • Penni tyler

    Bad move leaving L.A. with nothing. We are diamond members and feel that RCI has no loyalty to their customers. First the 3/4 day cruies went, now this. Some of us do not like Carnival and do not fly, so where does this leave us? We sail this Sunday on the Mariner and have mixed feelings about the trip now. We had planned on booking for next year, but just looked at whats available for the last cruise and the selection is horrible. Guess this is the end of our cruising. Too bad, it’s a great vacation.

  • Jeanne

    This is really disappointing. I’ve been taking RC Mexico cruises for years and owe part of my status to all those sailings. The ships are so nice we hardly ever got off – so safety in Mexico was not a great concern to us. I now have a newborn and was looking forward to going on affordable cruises w/o flying. Now, I have no choice but to build my status on Princess (I won’t do Carnival). It’s a shame. I loved RC and was looking forward to cruising on Mariner. Horrible decision to alienate this market.

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  • Robert DEsmond

    I am very disappointed in your decisions. I am native Southern Californian, and have enjoyed the Mexican Rivera very much, and would like to enjoy it in the future. Now it seems to enjoy the Mexican Rivera I will have to use one of your competitors. This dismays me very much sense I am currently a Diamond member in the Crown and Anchor society and stock holder.

  • frank

    As a travel agent in CA, I can understand this decision by RCCL. I don’t like it much as a RCCL fan. You need to believe that people here in CA are tired of the same old Mexican Riviera cruise and the famous 3and4 night cruises to fabulous Ensenada. Maybe after brief break, people will have the urge to go back again. I will still proudly sell and sail on RCCL because It is stll the best product out there.

  • Brenda Shaw

    Will there be another ship out of Los Angeles going 7 days to Mexico? My son and his fiance became engaged on the Mariner Valentines Day this last Feb. They now want to be married on Valentines Day 2011 on a 7 day cruise to Mexico. Right now we cannot plan anything. My son and I do not want to go to another cruise line. My son is 25 and he is Diamond and I am Diamond Plus. We are two generations of RCCL cruising and when they have their children we will three generations. With it coming out of LA alot of the wedding guest can drive to the ship. I hope you decided to bring us a wonderful ship to create a glorious wedding. The bride invisions her self walking down the dining room stairs.

    • Adam

      Congratulations on your son’s engagement! We truly appreciate the loyalty you and your family have shown us. We’re honored that your family would like to share this special day with us, and our apologies that the redeployment of the Mariner of the Seas has interrupted your plans. While there are currently no plans to have a cruise out of LA we do have many other beautiful destinations that they might enjoy:;jsessionid=0000zpSddPStlA5dtHpb7Gar7rU:12hbioan0 Please let us know what you decide.

  • kenny

    As a shareholder and a customer this is very disappointing! What ever happened Pacific Northwest or Hawaii?

  • Amy

    So so SO disappointed that the cruise all of my family has booked to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday was cancelled with zero options for another RCCL ship on the west coast. My parents (diamond members) were trying to book when they ran across an article regarding the ship no longer sailing after January 2011 (our cruise was scheduled for February). Our travel agent didn’t even know. So much for being informed directly rather than reading about it on-line.

    • Adam

      Amy, we’re sorry that the message was unable to reach you. We do our best to give our guests notification of these types of changes as much in advance as possible. Our customer service department reached out via phone and we also sent an email to all guests where we had the email address and phone number in the booking record. We hope that you are able to share your husbands 40th birthday with us through one of our other itineraries. You can find details on our other destinations through here:

  • Brian

    Adam, I am a stock holder. I have introduced many from the West Coast to RCCL. You really need a ship out here for the Mexican Riviera – help me, help you (us)!

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  • GAry Ballinger

    When can we see a RCCL ship home ported in Galveston year around? Please give us back Rhapsody.

    • Adam

      Currently, we do not have a ship ported in Galveston, Texas year-round. Our Voyager of the Seas ship departs from Galveston but will be changing homeports to New Orleans, Louisiana in Winter 2011. We appreciate your suggestion and will keep it in mind for future ship itineraries.

  • frank

    Adam, I understand your move out of Los Angeles but I would like to know if there is a chance you would maybe deploy a ship to the west coast to share a series of short cruises and a few seven night to Mexico and then move it to Alaska in the summer. I have many family members loyal to RCCL that do not like to fly, so they just sail out of Los Angeles. Also, we just came off Oasis (amazing)! Besides Allure, any plans in the works yet for a new set of innovative ships in the next 5 years. We get excited anytime we here about a RCCL ship on the way. Thanks for all you do at RCCL, It is the absolute best product at sea!

    • Adam

      Frank, Thank you for being so loyal to Royal Caribbean, and it’s so great to hear that you enjoyed your time on the Oasis. Although right now our focus is on the launch of our newest ship, Allure of the Seas (in December), we’re always working on exciting innovations so we’ll be sure to let you know about any new ship developments. Also, we do offer some longer cruises from California that visit ports along the West Coast and up through Alaska. For more information you can visit:

  • nolan

    Adam, Thanks first for the chance to leave a message on this page. Thanks for continuing to come to Galvestin Dec-Ari. And Very excited to here that mariner is comming to galvestion. We love Voygar but a new ship very nice just got Diamond level. We love RCCL Keep up the good work. Please stay out of Galvestion All ( YEAR ROUND) so we can go in the summer. Please Please Please

    Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks

    (Your Friends from Texas Yeahall)

  • carol

    Well…at least I can say I have fond memories of yester-year when Royal offered plenty of fun for your buck while maintaining it’s top of the line statis of elegance… and was the only way to go.(circa 1990’s) So sad to say but, I thing the other folks have taken over. You know the one with the big tale sticking out of the ship? Never been on that ship or any other ship for that matter. But I will soon try the other and I bet it won’t sail off into the sunset leaving me clinging to the welcome aboard sign. Hail to the new King in town!
    A Use To Be Royal Loyal

  • Brad

    I’m disappointed that you are leaving the West Coast. I live in LA and loved when I went to the Mexican Riviera on Princess. I was seriously considering another MR cruise and I was going to choose the Mariner. It would have been my first cruise on RCCL.

    I feel the RCCL could have had a great opportunity on the West Coast by thinking out of the box and doing more West Coast Coastal cruises mixed with Mexican Riviera cruises–2 alternating 7-day itineraries would give people the opportunity to do 14-day mega cruises like many do in the Caribbean.

    I’m just disappointed.

  • Bron

    Thank you so much for keeping a ship in Galveston at least part time. I hope one day you will give us a year round ship becuase we can only cruise in the summer due to our kids school schedules. Airfares are getting so high, it is hard to fly to Florida to catch one of your other ships with our family of 4. Please consider keeping the Mariner here full time (we will do our best to fill it up and give you lots of revenue!).

    You guys run a great cruise line and we will continue to support you as much as you can.

  • Bron

    Thank you for keeping a ship at least part time in Galveston. We still hope one day RCCL will one day give us a year round ship! Our family can only cruise in the summer due to kids school and it would be so nice to cruise RCCL from Galveston in the summer. We love RCCL and don’t want to cruise on Carnival.

  • ilana

    This is so very disappointing and sad not to have any ship in California. I loved and enjoyed the Mariner of the seas and the Radiance. Why are you forcing your customers to go to a different cruise line? Can you bring the Monarch of the seas back? We have always traveled RCCL. I also buy “next cruise” whille I’m on the ship. It is almost sure I will not use it for a very long time. It is hard for seniors to have to fly to gp on a cruise.


    How disappointing!!! I’ve looked into other cruises that will service the west coast and the Mexican Riviera next year and there is no comparable cruise offered by another company that caters to us young, active cruisers. We want RCI!! And since we live within driving distance of Los Angeles, an east coast cruise simply will not work. Please, PLEASE build another ship with the same amenities as the Mariner and with the same itinerary and get it to the west coast ASAP. It’s unfortunate that my husband’s first cruise later this May will be his first and last with RCI, and if the Mariner is not replaced it will be my last cruise with RCI as well. :(

  • Mel

    Wow! I was stunned to hear about the Mariners repositioning after only a short stay in LA and having nothing in line to take her place. What a mistake and loss for “only the CA, NV, and AZ” residents. That’s bull! I have been on the Mex. Cruise nine times and each time the trend is the same. Yes there were folks from CA, NV, and AZ, but the majority on each trip appeared to come from places other than CA, NV, AZ. Canada and the mid-west states were always well represented. After reviewing all the other blogs, what will all of us “loyals” do now?

  • frank

    Adam, just a couple of questions. First, with your current deployment plan, does this mean that 2013 will be the earliest we get ship back on the west coast, if at all? Second, please tell me that RCCL is at least in the process of drawing up some plans for a future new build! We just came off Oasis and it was WOW! I just kept saying to myself What can RCCL build next? Thanks for making RCCL #1

  • Hansen

    It is my opinion that you are varying trips for people who can fly to distant places and not mixing up the trips off of the Eastern Seaboard. I recently went on the Explorer out of Cape Liberty and had a blast. I would like to experience some other ships, but with Explorer staying there through 2012, it seems I will be stuck there. Why not move Explorer to the West Coast and give us another ship, If I remember correctly the Oasis Class can fit under the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge, and having one of the world’s largest ships sailing out of a port near NYC would draw a lot of interest

  • Jason h

    Change is always met with negative thoughts from some.
    And yes while it’s hard for some others will benefit.. I’m from Europe ( Belgium) an we ALWAYS have to fly intercontinental to cruise on RCI.So it’s great to see that more ships are in the MED next year.
    So the option might be the build a NEW class of ship to cover other part’s of the world.So to all LA based cruiser they will be back for sure !

  • Gilbert Rodriguez

    I am currently in the planing stages for a cruise. Living in AZ flying to FL or Houston is far more $$$ than flying to San Diego (Carnival Spirit) or LA (Mariner). My family did the MexRiv on Carnival Pride two years ago and still may do the Mariner in late Summer. I guess I do not understand why RC does not change the west coast itinerary so half the season is in Long Beach with the current ports of call and the other half is in San Diego and have the Acapulco, Ixtapa, and Manzanillo ports like the Spirit. I feel that maybe a change in itinerary would be a change for more financial success.

    • Adam

      Gilbert, thank you for your suggestion about expanding the West Coast itinerary. At this time, we don’t have plans to relocate our ships to the coast of California. We appreciate your feedback and will keep it in mind for future cruises.


    We are very disappointed as we have taken the LA to Mexico cruise 7 times in the last 8 years. We are Diamond members and always bring a group with us. This last January we had a group of 48… mostly first timers. We hope RCI reconsiders and brings back a ship to LA… or even San Francisco! We would hate to bring our business to Princess, but we may be forced to do so.
    The joy of sailing from LA is that we don’t have to fly to the ship… this makes it very easy to sell the group.

    • Adam

      Robert, we are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with our recent change. But we would suggest that you take one of our other West coast itineraries such as Radiance of the Seas 12-night Ultimate Alaska cruise which visits San Francisco, British Colombia and a wealth of other interesting ports.

  • Steve d

    They should keep Voyager in Galveston and put the Mariner in New Orleans. For those of us who have cruised on her before the crew is like family and the Captain is a true gentleman. I will probably skip the easy drive to Galveston and fly to New Orleans just to stay on Voyager.

    • Adam

      Steve, thank you for your feedback, we’ll be sure to take this into consideration for future changes to deployment. We’re also happy to hear nothing but good words about our crew onboard the Voyager of the Seas. We appreciate your loyalty with Royal Caribbean and hope that you’ll enjoy her new location in New Orleans.

  • Janis

    Leaving the West Coast without a RCCL ship is very sad. We are Diamond Members & Shareholders – because WE LOVE ROYAL CARIBBEAN! But we can’t continue loving a cruise line that doesn’t love us back.

  • james h crosby jr

    will you be offering l.a. to rome cruise with military dicount. or at least l.a. to san paulo and then on to rome after the short brazilian cruise season? i’ve sailed the mariner before and liked it. thanks jim

    • Adam

      James, thank you for your question. We are happy you enjoyed your visit on the Mariner of the Seas. You can find details on our special pricing for military personnel here:

  • Jeffrey

    Let’s call it as it is. With the recent turmoil in Mexico people have been severely limiting their vacations to that region. Royal Caribbean has seen their profit decline and has decided to move their operations to a more profitable market.


    While it is great news that Radiance is coming down under to Australia in the near future, is there any plans on the horizon to bring a Voyager Class ship downunder in the future? Considering Carnival is basing 11 ships downunder over the next 12 months, would it not make sense to bring down the big guns?

    • Adam

      We are glad to know that you like the idea of Radiance going to Australia, Andrew. As far as us moving a Voyager class ship to Australia, if there are any changes made our guests will be notified of such actions.

    • Adam

      We are glad to know that you like the idea of Radiance going to Australia, Andrew. As far as us moving a Voyager class ship to Australia, if there are any changes made, we will be sure to notify all of our guests.

  • robin

    I am excited about the Mariner in Europe. I love the Rome to Egypt itinerary and wondered and hoped you are consisdering it for Summer 2012 as well. When will be hear about this? What are the chances?

    • Adam

      Robin, thanks for your feedback. You can stay up to date on the latest Mariner of the Seas itinerary by checking our website for the latest updates. Thank you for reaching out.

  • Chase

    You should bring Independence of the Seas to Los Angeles. It currently sails seasonally from the ports of Southampton and Fort Lauderdale. In 2015, that route will be taken over by Anthem of the Seas. So I think that’s why you should really bring Independence here in Southern California. It would be awesome! :)