Royal Caribbean Offers Cruise to Boston Cab Driver Who Returned $187K

His selfless act earned him a “Ticket to Adventure.”
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The story of a cab driver who found and returned an $187,000 inheritance that was left in his cab quickly went viral this week—especially when news hit that he received a $100 tip in return. In hearing the story, Royal Caribbean felt the selfless act deserved more and surprised the driver with a “Ticket to Adventure” for a free seven-night Caribbean vacation onboard one of the world’s largest cruise ships, Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas.

According to the Boston Globe, Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland picked up a passenger who was moving from a homeless shelter to a local hotel. The passenger exited the cab but accidentally left a backpack behind. When MacCausland opened the bag to look for identification, he only saw large bundles of cash instead—and he headed straight to the local police station.

MacCausland helped police return the money to its rightful owner, who was using it to get back on his feet. While stray commenters and acquaintances marveled that he’d give back such an impressive sum, it’s not out of character for MacCausland: he’s returned keys, wallets, cellphones—and even a briefcase carrying $10,000.

The unexpected honesty and integrity MacCausland demonstrated is what made Royal Caribbean want to reward his good deed. If he accepts the offer, the cab driver and his guest will have the adventure of a lifetime onboard their choice of Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas, ships that each feature seven neighborhoods and 16 decks packed with activity, from a zip line and surf simulators to more than 20 dynamic options for dining. MacCausland and his guest will have the chance to visit destinations in Mexico, Jamaica, The Bahamas, St. Thomas and more.

In addition to the cruise, Royal Caribbean will provide round-trip airfare for two, plus VIP onboard amenities including complimentary VOOM, the fastest internet at sea. It’s a Royal reward for a noble act of kindness.

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