Royal Caribbean Port Updates and a Few Quick Notes from Adam

by 640

The winter/spring “season” is over here in sunny, hot South Florida and with the end of it many of the ships have left the Caribbean for Europe or Alaska. I was driving to Miami Beach and upon seeing Liberty of the Seas at the Port of Miami it reminded me that next year at this time the only Royal Caribbean International ship at the Port of Miami will be Majesty of the Seas on Mondays and Fridays. A number of readers and others have remarked on this and I would like to comment on it.

First, we will continue our long term relationship with the Port of Miami and look forward to having other ships besides Majesty of the Seas based there in the future.

Majesty of the Seas

Second, we made a substantial commitment to Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood) when we did the deal that resulted in the new Terminal 18 and the homeporting of Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. One of the driving factors behind the transition of some of our ships to Port Everglades was to ensure we were on course to fulfill our commitment.

Third, while Port Everglades and the Port of Miami each have their advantages, we are very pleased to be able to leverage the proximity of Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood airport to Port Everglades. It’s remarkable how close together the port and airport are. That is a real convenience for our guests. Of course we realize many people will still fly in via Miami’s airport and we will continue to offer a robust transfer service.

Except for a few odds and ends, we’re essentially finished with the release of our itineraries through the spring of 2012. This month we begin the annual deployment cycle all over again with internal strategic conversations about the summer of 2012 and the winter of 2012/13. Ultimately those discussions will produce a new set of announcements beginning in eight months.

Sometimes we are so fixated on the calendar for two years from now that we lose track of the dates for the year we’re still in. One difference about the upcoming cycle is we don’t have a new ship coming into service for the first time since 2005 and only the second time since 1994.

Quick note #1 – at this point the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico does not pose an issue for our ships. Of course we are monitoring the spill for any unexpected developments but we have no ships in the area at this time.

Quick note #2 – our contract with Park West Art Services has expired and we have decided not to renew it. There is a wind down period in effect and the art auctioneers will finish on different ships at different times over the next few months. We are evaluating what if any art-related programming we may offer in the fleet in the future beyond Oasis of the Seas where Art Actually is our provider of art tours and art for purchase onboard.

Quick note #3 – speaking of monitoring things we are once again following the volcanic ash eruptions from Iceland that are affecting airspace in Portugal and Spain. Barcelona Airport was closed on Saturday and we began to activate contingency plans that might affect the turnaround in Barcelona on Sunday. In the event the turnaround went well.

  • Robin Backer

    We are looking for a cruise that makes stops in St. Thomas, St. Martin and possibly Curaco. I did this cruise with friends in 2009 and would really love to go again with my husband. Do not see these three stops on any internary coming up.

    • Adam

      Robin, thank you for your inquiry regarding a cruise itinerary that includes St. Thomas, St. Martin, and Curaco. At this time we do not have an itinerary that stops at all 3 of these islands, most of the Southern Caribbean itineraries however do go to at least 2 of the islands you are interested in. You can see the list if our current Caribbean sailings and where their itineraries here:

  • Ricky Simmons

    I wish they would add a departure port in NC.

  • Jay Mufson

    Not renewing the Park West contract won’t affect to many guests cruise enjoyment. The attitude that some of their employees showed sometimes was not pleasant. RCI is the most innovative line currently and we will continue to cruise exclusively with RCI. After 23 cruises we are hooked on your company. I will renew your contract to host my furure vacations. thank you, One Happy cruiser

  • Arvids ernstsons

    I am happy to know that Majesty will stay in Miami as she was our first ship in 2003 and 20+ cruises later we love RCCL. Fort Lauderdale is so easy to get to the ships. But lately we have been cruising out of Port Canaveral. Love the Freedom and will be on the Monarch in September. Please keep these two ships here. Since I can fly down non-stop. Its really too bad you cant fit a ship into the Great Lakes. I would cruise every weekend. Thank you Adam for keeping us up to date.

  • connie matros

    Bought one piece of art over the years of sailing. Was too expensive to mail home, etc. Really, the only draw was the free champagne and the people watching and just the time to rest for a while!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your inquiry. At this time Freedom of the Seas will continue to sail from her home port in Port Canaveral, FL.

  • Toni Ross

    Still hoping that at some point there will be different and or longer itineraries out of Galveston.
    The Southern and Eastern Caribbean would be wonderful and also the Panama Canal.

  • karen anderson

    What about some NEW ports…..please! I love St. Martin, however I have been to all the ports Royal sails too many times and the itineraries are frankly pretty stagnant. Can’t you guys possibly work out some deals with the other islands in hopes of getting more exposure for your customers to the new islands as well as exposure for Royal to these new found islands! Think about it. I have a cruise booked out of San Juan next year, however after cruising every consecutive year, we may be forced to “jump ship” to another cruise line in hopes of seeing and experiencing some new places–HATE Montego Bay, but love Negril. Whatcha think?

    • Adam

      Karen, we appreciate your loyalty with Royal Caribbean and we appreciate your feedback. We will make sure to pass along your suggestions on the ports of call we visit.

  • Ed Wesby

    Moving ships between Ft Lauderdale and Miami is not a big issue with us when we cruise because the drive to either is about the same. But we do hope that Royal International starts to look at the air difficulties that passengers are having now with fare increases, luggage charges, as well as the already present hassles of airport security and consider another permanent port option for us who drive. We in the Carolinas and I’m sure Georgia and Va would welcome a port closer to home than Miami/Ft L or Cape Liberty. Norfolk, Charleston, or even Baltimore would provide us some driving relief and my bet is if you make these a permanent home the people will come.

    • Adam

      Ed, we appreciate your suggestion to have a port in Georgia and Virginia. Thank you for your feedback and we’ll keep it in mind for future departure ports.

  • mario

    ADAM when will we be able to see the remaining itineries for Brillance Nov 2011 thru April 2012 and Mariner Mar thru Nov 2011. Thank you.

    • Adam

      Mario, thank you for question about the itinerary for the Brilliance of the Seas, this product will open on Tuesday, June 1st. Mariner of the Seas will open up its Europe sailings today and for Brazil sailings on Wednesday, May 19th.

  • Corinne Sbarbaro

    I heard that Freedom of the Seas might be docked in Cape Liberty.

    • Adam

      Corinne, thank you for your inquiry. At this time Freedom of the Seas will continue to sail from her home port in Port Canaveral, FL.

  • Sherman Hodge

    Thanks for keeping the Majesty of the Seas in operation in Miami. To my family, she is the classiest ship in the entire fleet. Back in 1993, I took my wife on that ship (at that time, MOS was the latest and greatest on the seas!) and she may have saved my marriage! (cruising on the Majesty proved to be the best way for me to “get out of the dog-house”!!) My wife still refers to Majesty as her favorite. We would like to sail on the Majesty again…hopefully, she’ll be there for us.


    Sherman M. Hodge

    • Adam

      Sherman, we’re happy to hear that you and your wife had a wonderful trip onboard the Majesty of the Seas. Thank you for your loyalty with Royal Caribbean and we hope that you will one day sail on the Majesty of the Seas.

  • DALE

    I am glad to hear your changes concerning Miami and the elimination of Park West. I just returned last week off the Jewel I found the parking at the Port to be over priced. Would gladly return to Port Canavaral or Fort Lauderdale for our future cruises.

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  • Victor Goodman

    Why is RCI no longer going to be porting a ship in Norfolk, VA? It seems to me that the ships ported here was always full.

    • Adam

      Victor, thank you for your comment. We currently have no plans to sail from Norfolk seasonally, but we will have a ship year-round in Baltimore.

  • Dave Erickson

    Change is good! Most of the time it’s for the better and the move to Port Everglades is a welcome one. We like that it is close to the Airport, 5 miles? More flight options from there as well. We’ll be in Miami in Sept ’10 for Majesty and then in Port Everglades in ’11 for Allure. Can’t wait.

  • Lisa

    How long before the cruise can you book your excursions and beverage card? Our cruise isn’t until December, but was wondering when to begin looking on our RC site to do those things. Thank you new to cruising and curious to details.

  • Robert Lorrey

    Thank you for not renewing the Park West Auction contract. It will be wonderful to enjoy a cruise without annoying auction announcements and the Centrum being returned full time to the beautiful public area it was originally designed to be.

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  • Jeff Paintner

    Are there any repositioning cruises planned for 2011 that will either depart or terminate in Cape May or New York City?

    • Adam

      Hello Jeff, at this time do we not have cruises departing from Cape May or New York City, however we have great itineraries out of the nearby port, Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, New Jersey.

  • Edna Taylor

    While we enjoyed looking at the art AND purchased many pieces (still needing to be framed :) we found on our last cruise in 2008 on the Freedom that some of the Park West people were very very pushy. However, I must say that we did enjoy the art auctions and after telling the “helper” that I was going to bop him on the head if he didn’t stop trying to raise my hand during the bidding, we had a lot of fun :)


    When will more members’ cruises be posted?

  • Joe Rutherord

    Not going to miss Park West (too expensive), but I did make a few purchases from Art Actually when we sailed the Oasis. We would love to see a Southern Caribbean cruise out of Fort Lauderdale.



    Thanks, again, for the continued updates & communication from you and your great staff. I really appreciate your frankness and feel that you guys are setting a great example for all service-related businesses.

    Only 16 days until Grandeur!!!

    • Adam

      Theorbo, thank you for your loyalty and continued support. We can’t wait to see you on the Grandeur of the Seas!


    Plese bring back the 14-15 night the round trip from LA to Hawaii again…

    • Adam

      Maureen, we appreciate your suggestion and will keep this in mind when considering future deployments.

  • Charles Brown

    Glad to hear about Majesty sticking around. I consider Majesty and Monarch to be two very beautiful and classy ships that capture the more romantic aspects of cruising in a way that the newer ships miss.

    As an aside and slightly off topic, I was chatting with some fellow RCI fans and we all agreed that we can’t get enough of Coco Cay and would like to see it on more itineraries. It is an excellent destination unto itself. Has anyone ever considered the idea of dedicated Coco Cay cruises using a smaller ship?

    Loyal to Royal!

    • Adam

      Charles, thank you for complimenting our Majesty of the Seas and Monarch of the Seas ships. We appreciate your suggestion to have Coco Cay on more itineraries. Thank you for your feedback and we’ll keep it in mind for the future.

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  • Adam Anone

    I have always been surprised that RCCI continnued to support the questionable activities of PARK WEST GALLORIES (PWG) over the years and NOW I am pleased that that the relationship will be termined.

  • Paul Motter


    I just want to say how much I respect and agree with your decision not to renew with Park West. The art world is highly unregulated, which means the potential for people to get drawn into huge purchases, thinking they are good investments, when in fact that may not be true, is just too risky a business for Royal Caribbean to be involved.

    The “jury is still out” on Park West, but the controversy alone is enough to make their presence on any cruise ship a strike against that shipboard experience.

    There is a lot of enjoyment and value is buying real art with verifiable provenance. I hope you replace Park West with reputable art experts who can give your guests an education in art, and also show them how they can enjoy buying art without risking the cookie jar.

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  • Tom terleski

    Thank you so much Mr. Goldstien for removing Park West Galleries from your ships. The many victims of the auctions at sea, including myself, applaud you in making the right decision. Now get started on a real art program that is informative, educational, and that brings back the fun.

  • mandy

    Like Jay, I am One Happy Royal Caribbean Cruiser! Thanks for the continued communication.

    I know I’m not alone in my appreciation of your smaller ships. I recently cruised on Serenade. Booking Serenade was a difficult decision, as Adventure was my favorite vessel to that point. However, like so many others, I fell in love with Radiance class and can’t wait to return.

    Would LOVE to see more of these smaller ships with port-intensive itineraries. Despite my love of the ice show and the Promenade Parades, I found Serenade to be positively enchanting!! And there is nothing like the southern Caribbean ports of call!


  • Peg H.

    I’m also not sorry to see the Park West affiliation ending. And yes, could you please look at a few more itineraries out of Galveston? We love Royal Caribbean, and would probably go more often if there was more variety out of Texas!

  • Don Hyatt

    We have enjoyed several cruises on Royal Caribbean and the art auctions have always been a highlight for us. We are thankful for the exposure and the knowledge gained from the friendly auction staff and we were never under any allusions that we were getting some kind of a great bargain. The auctions are fun and we have added several nice pieces of art to our home that we never would have done otherwise. We are booked on the Allure in December and looking forward to its art programs as well :-)

    Just my $.02

  • Ginger Miller

    Will you ever bring a larger/nicer ship to Galveston?
    our choices for this port are very limited.
    We enjoy all iteneraries.

    #33 this August!
    Very Loyal to RCCL

  • David Jodeit

    Adam, How about an itinerary that leaves from Istanbul and goes into the Black Sea? I’ve spent time on the Crimean coast and in Istanbul and found them to be some very interesting and fun places.

  • M. McKenzie

    I second the comment on hopes that you will develop some new itineraries sailing from Galveston. Though I live in Texas, I also agree that adding some new east coast ports would be a nice change….I would love to visit Charleston! Thanks again for paying attention to your customer comments and ideas! –Diamond Cruiser

    • Adam

      Hello M. McKenzie, thank you for being such a loyal Diamond member. We’ll keep your suggestion for adding new east coast ports, as well as your recommendation for new itineraries sailing from Galveston in consideration when planning our future itineraries. Thanks again, and we hope to continue seeing you onboard one of our ships soon.

  • Roger D Smart, PO1, USN, Retired

    I would truly like to say to the management personnel of RCCL that I really enjoy their cruise lines and my wife and I will always use this cruise line for our future destinations. We have in the past took “Carnival” on several destinations, but its nothing like a RCCL cruise. (We only took that line because of the itinerary). Your ships seem a lot cleaner and the food is far above exceptional. When we go on a vacation, we really like the drive down to “Port Canaveral”. This is an exceptional port and hope it doesn’t ever move! We are leaving on a RCCL cruise next week, (May 16-23May) on the “Freedom of the Seas” and looking forward to it. My wife and I think the “Grandeur of the Seas” was our most enjoyable and memorable cruise and just love that ship! We took it out of New Orleans back in 2004. P.S. Start to look into having a “military discount” for all active duty and retired personnel and I think you will get more business and we all need help in that department. I too, am a retired PO1/E-6 who served in the United States Navy for 20 years. My wife and I are ambassadors of Royal Caribbean and we tell everyone to take a cruise on this line and tell them do not use CARNIVAL!.

    • Adam

      Roger, we thank you and your wife for the kind words. We’re very happy to hear that you enjoyed your cruise on our Grandeur of the Seas, she really is a beautiful ship. In reference to discounted military rates, we do offer special rates on selected sailings for military personnel. You can find details on this specialty pricing here We can’t wait to see you onboard the Freedom of the Seas cruise. We hope you and your wife have an amazing time.


    Adam, I’m a huge fan of RCCL. We usually book our cruises 1-2 years in advance. When is the earliest that we can see a new ship besides Allure? Have you had any preliminary talks with any shipyards about the next WOW ship! Always get excited when I here a new ship for RCCL because you know it will usually be out of this world!

    • Adam

      Hello Frank. Thank you for being a fan of our cruises. We currently do not have any ships on order but we will definitely let our fans know if that changes.

  • Al

    We have been on 7 cruises with Royal Caribbean, and have bookings for two more – all to the Caribbean and Bahamas – 4, 7, and 10 day cruises. At this point, we have pretty much been to the more popular islands in the Caribbean; sometimes several times.

    I would like to see more offerings, perhaps 10 to 14 days, that would go to some of the less-visited islands, especially in the Lesser Antilles – even if those offerings were only a few times a year. For various reasons, we are pretty much limited to departing from Florida.

    • Adam

      Hello Al, we appreciate the suggestion regarding more 10-14 day cruises to the Lesser Antilles. We’ll take your suggestion into consideration when planning future itineraries. We look forward to seeing you onboard for your upcoming cruises to the Caribbean and Bahamas.

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  • debra dimatteo

    Thank god..good decision to dump the auctions..prices ridiculous most people cant afford we just want to cruise they are annoying and very pushy

  • M.S. Weiner

    I my wife and I just love sailing on RCI. We would do a lot more if you had more ships sail out of Port Canaveral and/or Charleston. It it such a long drive to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale from South Carolina. I am sure thqat you ould get many people from the surrounding area to fill these ships. We like longer cruises but tis time we are doing a four day one out of Port Canaveral.

    Did you ever explore sailing out of Savannah? I knowe that several years ago one did but only for a one time deal.

    • Adam

      M.S. Weiner, thank you for your loyalty with Royal Caribbean. We appreciate your suggestion regarding more ships within the Port Canaveral and Charleston area. We’ll keep your idea in mind for any future itineraries.

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    I myself and a Carolina girl and hearing that there are cruise lines that are going to start porting out of Charleston SC to the Caribbeans in the coming 2011 year I am wondering if RC is going to jump on board with that idea? I know that a lot of people in my family and my friends would cruise more, its just such a long drive to the parts of FL that yall currently port from.

    • Adam

      Melissa, thank you for your feedback on having more cruises out of Charleston, SC. We appreciate your suggestion and we will keep it in mind for future cruise ports. Thanks again, and we hope to see you onboard.

  • Ruth o’feild

    We have been cruising with RCI since 1998, and expect to achieve Diamond Plus status by Feb. 2011. Three questions: 1 – Why can’t you have longer iteneraries out of Tampa more often? 2 – Why can’t you have summer cruises out of Tampa? and 3 – Is it possible to change your requirements for obtaining cruise credits? We can take back-to-back 3 & 4 night cruises and get 2 credits, but only get 1 credit for a 7 to 11 night cruise. Also, glad you’re dumping Park West.

    • Adam

      Ruth, thank you for loyalty with Royal Caribbean and we’re happy to hear that you’ll be reaching Diamond Plus status soon. We appreciate your suggestions regarding our itineraries out of Tampa and will keep them in mind. Thanks again, and we can’t wait to see you on your 2011 cruise.


    My cruise information:

    Ship: Majesty Of The Seas
    Sail Date: 07/JUNE/2010


    • Adam

      Rachel, thank you for your comment. Regarding the impact of the oil spill for your upcoming cruise in June, at this time none of our itineraries have been affected and we are closely monitoring the situation. If there are any changes, we will make an announcement to inform our guest about affected itineraries.

  • Ron in NC

    I would like to second the suggestion by Ed Westby on 11 May that additional cruise options on newer ships leaving from Baltimore, Norfolk or Charleston would be a welcome addition to cruising options for MANY people on the East coast and adjoining states as far west as Ohio, WV, among others. Flying is the number one reason that we limit the number of cruises per year and our best ever cruise was on the Grandeur out of Norfolk where our club of 45 people rented a bus and never saw our luggage again (no $25/bag charge either) until it was in our cabin). We were planning a similar trip on the Enchantment but the itineraries are limited and departures have been slashed to make this possible to schedule for so many people’s itineraries.
    More East coast choices North of Fort Lauderdale and South of New Jersey please to facilitate access by driving.

    • Adam

      Ron, we appreciate your suggestion about increasing the amount of cruise trips departing from the east coast and will take it into consideration when planning future itineraries.

  • Vonetta

    Have you considering moving any of the newer Freedom class ships up to Cape Liberty? I noticed Celebrity will be sailing one of their new boats out of Cape Liberty starting in 2011 and was hoping to see Royal do the same. Later this month my husband and I will be sailing on the Explorer for the third time. We would love to sail on a different RCI boat but still be able to depart from the NY area.

    • Adam

      Vonetta, glad you could join us onboard the Explorer of the Seas. Thank you for your suggestion about moving more Freedom class ships up to Cape Liberty, and we will keep this in mind for future itineraries.

  • Victor

    I would like to two things first When is the Allure of the Seas finished? and second when does is arrives to Port Everglades?


    Good decision to move away from Park West. The auctions used to be so much fun, because it was like an art lesson. They would truly teach you what to look for to make sure you were getting something of value. Now they do not teach, because they are selling all the junk they used to teach you not to buy.

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  • Charlie S

    Sorry to see Park West being “Discontinued”. My wife is a big fan of P.W. and has learned a great deal from them. (If you wish to learn something about art they will educate you.) We also have some very nice art in our home from P.W.

    We have cruised a lot with RCCL (C/A Diamond Plus, lots of ships, lots of ports). Radiance seems to be our favorate. We have developed a great friendship with three other couples that we met on the Hawaii cruise April 2007. Most of our cruises since than have been with at least one of these couples. We also have five voyages scheduled over the next two years with some or all of our crazy cruisers. We do plan to stick around. We like the longer voyages as they offer more variety and the personality of the passengers is more fun with out being disrespectful.

    Being from Boston, could you add a few round trip voyages (14+ days) Boston -> Southern Caribbean and back before your repositioning cruise of the Jewel. The 30 minute commute to the dock or return home was great. It was nice docking at 7am and being in church by 10am.

    We also wonder why are you removing ships from the west coast as they are all filled on sail days?

    Thanks for making RCCL the best boats a float.

    • Adam

      Charlie, we’re happy to hear that you and your wife are loyal customers of Royal Caribbean, and that you’ve made lifelong friendships during your cruise vacations. We’re sorry to hear about your disappointment with Park West. In relation to Mariner of the Seas, please refer to this article for more details:

      Thank you for your suggestion to increase the amount of cruise vacations from Boston to the Southern Caribbean. We’ll keep it in mind for future itineraries and we hope that you and your wife will continue to enjoy Royal Caribbean for years to come.

  • Patricia

    We are in Texas and used to go out of Galveston all year long until you pulled out the ships. Please come back. Also, we have a great, deep port that the Navy built in Ingleside and also the port in Corpus Christi. You would have a huge cliental from all of central to south Texas including the “winter Texans” that come down for the winter to south Texas (Oct-March).

    • Adam

      Hi Patricia, thanks for your suggestions. We’ll keep them in mind for any future itineraries in the Texas area. Although we don’t have a year-round ship that departs from Galveston we hope that you’ll enjoy Mariner of the Seas as she makes her appearance in Texas during the winter 2011-2012 season.

      For more information please refer to

  • http://Windowsinternetexplorer Carol Valdezs-Tavarez

    We are currently booked on the Voyager of the Seas out of New Orleans Nov. 12 2011. Our family is really looking forward to this cruise. Do you anticipate any impact to starting to sail out of the New Orleans port?

    • Adam

      Carol, regarding your cruise in November 2011, at this time none of our itineraries have changed. If there are any changes to the itineraries, we will make an announcement or contact our guests to inform them.

  • Brian Louie

    I would like to know why Royal Caribbean is basically leaving the west coast port of Los Angeles. We have sailed numerous times on Monarch as well as Vision for the 3 and 7 day Mexico cruises. By not having any ships there to sail on we would be forced to sail on Carnival instead. We prefer to stay with Royal Caribbean. So any chance that you will be porting ships back at the port of Los Angeles in the future??

  • Donna Broadley

    Just returned from Europe on Navigator of the Seas. The transatlantic trip was wonderful. Captain Patrik is an excellent representative for RCCL. Since we were at sea for 14 days, we did go to all of the Art Actually auctions. I also took one of the Art tours of the ship. I must say that we all enjoyed the staff from Art Actually. I was amazed that my husband and my friends’ husbands all enjoyed the auction. I had purchased art from Park West before and found the cost of framing and shipping to be exhorbitant. My sister and I had purchased 6 art pieces and they were all shipped seperately. With Art Actually, the price of the frame is included in the price and shipping to Canada for 3 small pictures (all to be shipped together) was only $40. Three large pictures would be $120. I’m looking forward to cruising with you soon. Just need to decide which cruise to take. My sister wants to cruise with me again and is very interested in a cruise that has Art Actually. Thanks for being such a great company. You make dreams come true.

    • Adam

      Thank you for the high praises Donna. We hope to see you and your sister soon. What time of year were you two planning on cruising with us again?

  • Ralph H.


    Just wondering if there is ever a possibility that either Oasis or Allure might move to Port Canaveral if Freedom is home ported elsewhere?

    • Adam

      Hi Ralph, thank you for your question. There are no plans of moving Oasis or Allure of the Seas to port Canaveral, but if you would like to stay updated as to where the Oasis and Allure port, you can find details for the Allure here: and for Oasis here: . You can also stay posted for any announcements and updates we make through our blog here or our Facebook page.

  • Carol

    RCCL is my fav! But, is it true – no more Baja or Mexican Riviera cruises??

    • Adam

      We are so happy to hear that you think so highly of us, Carol. In regards to the Baja and Riviera cruises, you can read about our decision to move out of the California area here.

  • Amy

    Is there any plans of RCCL coming to Charleston SC summer 2012?

    • Adam

      Hello, Amy. So far we have no plans to change our itineraries for Royal Caribbean to port in Charleston in 2012, but please continue to follow our blog and visit our website for updates.

  • Noel Lewke

    Are there any future plans of establishing a departure port on the East Coast? Say Charleston, SC?

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Noel, Our current departure ports on the East Coast consist of the following: Baltimore, Maryland, Bayonne, New Jersey, Boston, Massachusetts, Port Canaveral, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, FL and Miami, FL. At this time we do not have any word if there will be a new departure port along the East Coast. Thanks for your comment.