Royal Caribbean President & CEO Discusses Onboard Alcohol Policies

by 529

Normally I am writing about something positive because that is mostly what goes on at our cruise line. Unfortunately that is not the case this time. Yesterday, the television show “Inside Edition” aired a segment that included video that was filmed onboard one of our ships during spring break. I am very disappointed at the sensationalistic portrait the story painted of the behavior of some of our guests. I am also very disappointed at any indication that our personnel onboard do not uphold their responsibilities.

Royal Caribbean International takes the issue of alcohol service and consumption very seriously, and we closely monitor it on all of our vessels. I apologize that an explanation of what goes into our preparations and oversight comes off as formal sounding compared to what you usually read in this blog, but this subject is a serious one and I think some formality is inevitable. So please bear with me as you read this.

In January 2006, we introduced a comprehensive SafeServe training program for all of our shipboard bartenders and servers. The program, which was developed by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association, teaches our staff how to serve alcohol responsibly. Our bartenders and servers are required to participate in this training and successfully pass a test.

As part of this program, our bartenders and servers are trained to recognize over consumption, and once recognized, to deny additional alcoholic beverages, serve additional water or non-alcoholic drinks, and/or provide food. And while the bartenders and servers on our ships work for tips, just like those in shoreside bars and restaurants, we have strict policies designed to prevent over serving. It is unacceptable and forbidden for any crew member to knowingly serve any intoxicated guest. If we become aware of any employee violating our policies, we take disciplinary action.

Unfortunately, when a person wants to over consume, they sometimes find ways to circumvent even our best efforts to stop them. This may include having another guest purchase alcohol and bring it to them. Or they go ashore and purchase drinks at a port of call. We want our guests to have fun and enjoy themselves while onboard our ships.  However, consuming alcohol to excess impairs one’s judgment and reduces one’s ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Our alcohol policies and procedures are in place for the safety of our guests and we expect them to drink responsibly so that they may have an amazing and memorable cruise vacation.

While we consider “Inside Edition’s” portrayal of the spring break cruise to be highly misleading and not indicative of what happens onboard our ships day in and day out, we will carefully review the show for any evidence of breakdowns in our policies and procedures. Regardless of which of our ships you cruise on, or what time during the year you cruise with us, our goal and commitment is to deliver the vacation of a lifetime to you…every time. Thank you for reading this entry.

  • Mary

    I did not see the Inside Edition story. However, having spent years in the public relations field as an honest PR person, I learned that our media have a way of portraying almost anything in a sensationalistic way. I’ve been on many cruises on RCCL and love them. It’s true that people who want to overindulge will always find a way, and they sometimes can spoil things for people who are responsible. Your attitude that you will carefully review the show to see if there is any opportunity to improve things is valiant. I wish you the best. In your position, you surely know, trying to get the media to put a positive light on almost anything is close to impossible, so it’s not even worth the trouble. Just keep in doing the best you can with your organization as you seem to be doing.

    • Debi

      I saw the segment but my opinion of Royal C hasn’t been affected. People drink, people get drunk. On vacation-the hair comes down and caution is tossed to the wind. Sometimes staff, friends aren’t even aware of how much alcohol someone has consumed. I had a friend that could throw back 12 beers in a 3 hour setting but even tho I knew she was snookered to the gills because I knew her so well, NO ONE else could ever tell. All you can do as Staff member is try to be observant. As cruisers, we have our own responsibility to stay modest and know our limits. Just because we are on holiday doesn’t mean we leave responsibility at home. We bring it with us. It keeps us safe and with happy memories.

    • Mary

      We have sailed on 9 cruises with RCCL and have enjoyed each and every one of them. We have seen a minimal number of intoxicated passengers and some were at port. I think Royal does a great job monitoring this and we look forward to our next trip which we just booked on the Oasis.

      The news media needs to go on RCCL to see what all of us see. Keep up the good work Royal!

    • Bob Bear

      Adam, you’re not being 100% truthful !!
      I have come off 8 days and 7 nights of cruising on a back to back just 3 weeks ago, and I can tell you first hand your waiters around the pools are non-stop pushing you up to buy, buy, buy! You’re hounded to buy drinks around the pools!!! Your employees are trying to sell Drinks as soon as you board the Ship!!
      That being said, there were some on my 2 cruises who were feeling no pain, but no where near falling down drunk! The prices of the drinks calm most of that!
      As far as Spring Break goes, you gotta know the Cruise industry loves the kids of legal drinking age, cause they will spend more on over priced drinks then us older folks!
      My advice, stay away from cruising, the beaches, all the places kids hang out during Spring Break, during the Summer, and around the Holidays, cause crowds will be younger during these periods, and they will be rowdier! Most of us were at that age!!!

      • Ken Terry

        Have to disagree with this individuals post. Have been on 20+ RC cruises and can honestly say I’ve never ever been “HOUNDED” to buy a drink at the pool. Do the waiters offer drinks and walk around the pool deck, of course! Have I ever been hounded into buying a beverage?…Quite simply NO, NEVER. And to make a statement that the kids of legal drinking age spend more on overpriced drinks, well really what are we basing this comment on? And I for one can attest to the drink prices onboard as being comparable to drink prices at home. One last comment, many of our cruises are on or around the “spring break” time frame and have always been very enjoyable for myself and my family. (I am 53, father 71)

  • Patty Murphy

    Hi, we have been on 6 cruises with you and we have only seen one person really drunk…. and yes your employees DID stop serving the person. Also on our last cruise one of our girls that was with us did get a little drunk and they did bring water to them…. I really enjoy the employees and the Ships… they take care of you. Thanks for all of the fun we have had and will have on our next cruise.

  • Sandra

    Perhaps it is time for a meeting with the producers of ‘Inside Edition’ to provide them with the above response, and the valued perspective of other guests of any Royal Caribbean vessel. There will always be those who run afoul of the rules and laws, however they can be found on any cruise agency’s vessels, or any other land-based destination. With well-trained staff exhibiting high standards of safety for all guests, it can still be impossible to save people from their own poor [and sometimes fatal] decision-making. Kudos for your timely response to this issue, Mr. Goldstein! Thank you.

  • Emma

    I have cruised with RC several times and never seen a problem with alcohol on the ships. I see people maybe a little tipsy on sea days but never outright paralytic aggressive or causing a disturbance.

  • Matthew Rosenblatt

    The point of view portrayed in the Insider Edition story is completely biased and unfair. The points they mention are equally as common, if not more so, on land than on the sea. As a lighting and sound engineer in the production industry, I’m constantly involved with events ranging from corporate events to concerts to weddings, periodically dabbling in night clubs for installation or maintenance service. Simply put: No matter the event, no matter where you are, if alcohol is served, someone will find a way to abuse it.

    I think it’s in poor taste that they’re portraying Royal Caribbean as a company that is intentionally or knowingly distributing alcohol to those who are so intoxicated that they can no longer function. In addition, some of the other points they make are completely irrelevant. Young adults doing cartwheels, women exposing themselves, bartenders doing tricks with alcohol: I don’t get the point in mentioning these things. It’s just an attempt at defamation of character. You would think these news organizations would attempt to correct things in their own back yard before trying to damage the reputation of a company who is known for an amazing track record of safety, security, and most of all: Fun.

    Royal Caribbean can only do so much as a company to attempt to “manage” their passengers. If they were to stop every last passenger who was doing something inappropriate, you would be seeing a new headline nightly on the news reading “Yet another passenger left to fend for themselves after a cruise line decided to remove them from a ship…”

    There just isn’t any way to win, is there?

  • marie gregan

    We have done 9 cruises with Royal Caribbean and i can honestly say the bar staff will not give alchol to any one they think has had enough i never worry on the ships about anyone getting to drunk and causing a disturbance or arguing with other passengers i my opinion all Royal Caribbean Staff / crew on board the ships are highly trained for all the problems they may face keep up the splendid work

  • Deb Green

    We sailed on Explorer in Feb. 2012 and there were many underage people drinking. This matter was brought to the attention of guest relations but we never heard the outcome. These young people were in the hot tubs in the Solarium and were obnoxious and we could not enjoy our time in there. My cruise partner was Nicholas Pidlypchak. Please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

    • Annie Gaudet

      We were frequently travel at New Year’s and holidays on Royal Caribbean and have witnessed underage drinking. What we rapidly discovered was they were not purchasing their beverages, they were stealing them. A patron would set down their drink to go dance and these teens would casually stroll by and pick it up. We also noticed that the teens were one by one disappearing. This was due to the onboard security guards who were quietly rounding the teens up and returning them to their parents. Quite a few were confined to their cabins for the remainder of the trip. On more than one occassion we have seen especially irate passengers escorted off the ship at the next port. Although I was not on your particular cruise, I have been on many (we go @ eight times per year) and have never seen under aged drinking which was not immediately addressed. I commend Royal Caribbean for the safeguards and protections they have in place. I believe it is unfair to blame RC for everything; there is personal and parental responsibility.

  • Steve

    Adam, I think that most people are smart enough to know that those shows only report one side and it’s usually a stretched version to sway people in one direction.

    With that said, you should really look at setting some examples to those guests that break the rules of bringing alcohol on board in their checked luggage. Just read sites like Cruise Critic where people openly discuss ways to smuggle the stuff on board. I know that there is no way that security can catch all guests but a few being removed from the ship might make a few people wake up. Do you really want people on board that smuggle? How much do those people actually spend on board? I think a lot of your problem with those overindulging come from this area.

    • http://Facebook Jean Kelso

      Guests bringing alcohol on board is not the problem I have now done over 50 cruises with Royal Caribbean and you could openly walk on board carrying a slab of beer but I never saw anyone very drunk Tipsy yes but I think the bar staff no when someone is just having fun or if they are aggressively drunk but it does not go to say if you bring a bottle of champagne on board you are a drunk !

  • Kathy

    I also took a RC cruise out of new Orleans on spring break. It was my first with RC and will certainly not be my last. Our cruise was relaxing, kid friendly and highly enjoyable.

  • Bonnie O’Neill

    I was on a caribbean with RCI during spring break and winessed some of the antics of the young men. I also witnessed the efficiancy and professionalism of the staff. I also saw them control the situation at port. I never at any time felt unsafe or uncomfortable. Thank you for keeping us all safe.

  • Tim

    I recently cruised with Royal Carribean and although I did not see the segment on TV I know that everyone on the staff of my ship was very professional and monitored guest safety and alcoholic beverages constantly. I had the best vaction of my life and plan to cruise again real soon. Thank you Royal Carribean for a unforgetable trip!

  • Amanda Garvey

    I have been on multiple Royal cruises (and have another one booked for this December) and can say that I witnessed occasions where the Royal staff prevented over consumption of alcohol. I enjoy my alcoholic beverages as much as the next, but appreciated the degree of care the bar staff took to make sure we all had a great time and could enjoy our evening. Not only were they protecting the safety of the intoxicated individual but also ensuring the evening was enjoyable for the rest of us at the bars. Thank you Royal and see you December!!

  • Eileen Byrnes

    Kudos, Mr. Adams. I have witnessed Royal Caribbeans alcohol policy first hand. There was a woman who couldn’t form a sentence. The wise bartender cut her off, and passed the word around. This woman could not purchase a drink at any bar. She tried to get my brother in law to buy her a drink, again an example of how people try to get around your wise rules, but instead he very nicely escorted her back to her cabin, where her mother took over. I have seen a bartender freak out because I asked my underage (19) nephew to hold my beer while I tied my shoelace. Overreaction, yes, but understandable. Believe me, I am not preaching here, lol, my bar bill is usually over $1000, but its all about a good time and being safe. I think Royal Caribbean does a great job.

  • http://facebook Valerie Dixon

    I am so suprised to read that Caribbean was featured in the booze crusie report.
    My husband my daughter and my son in law were just on a cruise aboard the Mariner of the Sea.
    In March 2012, And I made a comment that i didnt see anyone from Royal Caribbean drunk, the entire
    week. I also did not see anyone complain or be refused a beverage. The crew aboard the Mariner Of
    The Sea is so professional. It stays in my mind what a wonderful experience . I am so excited for the next cruise.
    Valerie Dixon.

  • Cathi

    Just wondering……………with all the smuggling onboard of alcohol(hidden in suitcase or in rum runners),why not crack down on those who are caught?? If it is company policy not to bring it on,why not deny them boarding,just like you might for other forbidden items?

  • gina pitchford

    i have sold several cruises to various age groups in the past and they have all been satisfied with the policies of RCCL in regard to alcohol consumption on board and off island. i am confident that the reputation RCCL has as a top of the line cruiseline will overcome the negativity projected on the inside edition show as they tend to sensationalized the show to gain ratings. i will always promote RCCL because they are the best top of the line cruiseline!

  • Rev George Stephens

    Thank you, Mr Goldstein for your swift and thorough response to this important issue. It is exactly what I would expect of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line since it is within my experience.

    My wife and I have led four groups from our church on RCCL cruises. We are not consumers of alcohol but fully recognize the right of others to consume it. We have never seen alcohol served to a minor by a crew member, and, while we have seen some impaired passengers, the number of these are far more rare than one would find on other cruise lines and far less than what some depict as the average cruise passenger. Our experience has always been of a highly family friendly onboard atmosphere that I would not hesitate to recommend.

    I thank you for such a positive resort culture and for swiftly responding to this latest slight on a positive vacation option. We look forward to our next cruise which will be on a Royal Caribbean ship.

  • sherry morgan

    Which ship will replace the Monarch of the Seas

  • Dave Bewick

    Very well said. I have been on two RC cruises, one in 2001 to celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary in the Carribean, and just recently in November in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea with my wife and two young children (8 and 2). I saw none of this on either trip. The staff onboard was always kind, courtious and professional in every way. From the formal dinner staff to the busboys at the buffet…right to the bartenders at the pool bar. All were amazing. This show has done nothing to alter my opinion of RC and I plan on cruising with you again many more times in the future.
    By the way…my most recent cruise was on the Navigator of the Seas and the staff and cruise were unbelievable. Nice work…keep it up.

  • Jaime

    Sorry for all the bad publicity, just got off Allure of the Seas and had a great time! Don’t listen to the media. Keep doing what your doing!

  • Melia

    Would never even consider cruising with anyone other than Royal Caribbean. I have sailed with them for many years and plan to many more. I have never seen anyone over intoxicated and I feel safe and assured that I will never see anyone in that condition while sailing with Royal Caribbean because I know of the strict alcohal consumption guide lines.

  • Patricia Wright

    Royal Caribbean International has a wonderful reputation for the excellent services provided on every ship sailing. Safety being #1. My husband and I will enjoy our 6th cruise with RCI soon. RCI’s reputation for safety and fun brought on board in 2008. We have not cruised with any other line nor to we intend to. Our expectations are always met. Thank you Royal Caribbean International.

  • Chip

    Adam, I thank you for making the position clear as to where your company stands on this issue. As a regular cruiser I have observed your bar servers saying No to those that appear to have consumed enough. Although in fairness I have also seen the result of those that obtain drinks via friends when they would not normally be served. I do think that the majority of such incidents occur late at night, in the night clubs areas of the ship. Obviously those areas are catering to the party crowd any every ship should continue to feature dance clubs. However It may be beneficial for a greater presence of security staff in those areas. The barstaff have a restricted view of the whole venue, and once they serve an individual move on to serve another, without knowledge of who is comsuming the drinks just served. As much as your security check people into the club area, it would be wise for them to be around more as people leave. That would enable them to observe those that may have consumed to much, and action could then be taken to ensure safety, and by knowledge maybe restrict excessive consumption on other occassions.
    I think that the majority of your service team do a great job, whilst still “selling” to achieve both tips, and company targets, and it is a shame that such a small part of the cruising experience was featured in this way.

  • Patricia Wright

    Royal Caribbean International has a wonderful reputation for the excellent services provided on every ship sailing. Safety being #1. My husband and I will enjoy our 6th cruise with RCI soon. RCI’s reputation for safety and fun brought on board in 2008. We have not cruised with any other line nor do we intend to. Our expectations are always met. Thank you Royal Caribbean International.

  • sirjamesearl

    Mr. Goldstein, I would not be worried about a hit piece from that organization. I noticed some of that story took place on the island bars. “hmmmm” How is the crew responsible for that. Maybe they should do a hit piece on that “other” cruise line. You know, the one people seem to fall off of all the time.

    I’ve cruised a few times including on the Liberty OTS, Radiance OTS, Explorer OTS, Freedom OTS, and of course the Oasis OTS. I’ve never seen a problem with any of your servers or bartenders. In fact, I would say they are quite professional and very personable.

    Maybe “Inside Edition” should do a piece on people taking responsibility for their own actions. Instead of trying to blame someone else for their blunders. But, that does seem like the norm any more.

    The people that work for RCI seem to me to be dedicated and responsible people. Just keep up the good work with RCI.

  • Robin Mayer

    I have cruised Royal Caribbean many times and in fact was aboard the Liberty for nine days in March. I saw lots of “spring breakers” (and others) drinking in what I considered to be an irresponsible manner. However, I also observed the bartenders to be ON IT, and saw several bartenders (particularly at the Boleros and English Pub) check IDs (no matter what the Seapass indicated) and saw several refuse service. I never saw anything other than customary salesmanship (albeit charmingly done) on the pool deck, and even saw one white-shirted “manager-type” go immediately to investigate a report of underage drinking on deck. OF COURSE the servers are there to sell the product. OF COURSE the cruisers are probably there to overindulge. In my experience, the RCI bartenders are typically well-trained to detect “problems,” and are able to confront “problems” in a professional, even disarming, way. The Inside Edition story appeared to me to be mere sensationalism and hype. People act stupidly and irresponsibly in all sorts of venues. I never heard the reporter use a term such as “personal responsibility.” Such a shame. Rock on, RCI. The “normal” cruisers think you’re the best cruiseline on the seas. Thanks.

  • Betsey

    Todays media makes things look and seem worse than they really are. If people want to over consume, they will find a way to do it. People and media today seem to want to blame someone else ( or the cruise line in this case) for their stupidity.
    Most of the time, I do not pay today’s media any attention. I believe todays media causes most of the problems we have today by manipulating the minds of already ignorant people. It’s sad but true.
    I have not seen the Inside Edition episode but if and when I do, it will not in any way change my mind abut the cruise industry. I love cruising!

  • Bjorn Christian Berg

    The most of the young people who is on cruise during Spring Break, is consuming their alcohol shoreside before they are back onboard again. Some of them will always be able to buy onboard, and some doesen’t need that much before they get drunk. I have had my year onbord cruiseship as a crew member and and will say, as the ship get’s bigger, this problem will too. There is no limit shoreside, so it could be a good idea to start working together with bars shoreside to prevent over consumption.

  • http://RoyalCaribbeanInternationalFacebook Jody Crow

    I have been cruising with RCCL since 2001 and have had the pleasure of enjoying 18 cruises at different times of the year some of which were during the time of spring break. I am an alcoholic in recovery and I was alittle gun shy due to the “rumors” of so much alcohol “flowing”. First, I would like to say that although there was an abundance of alcohol and alcohol promoting activities, I have never seen any type of outrageous behavior that you would not possibly see at any land based pool party/dance/night club etc. The “activities” on cruise ships tend to be exagerrated due to the confines of a small space. Also I would like to say that at some point, a person has to be responsible for themselves. I would also like to thank RCCL for the opportunity to hold the Friends of Bill W. meetings. I have met some very special and dear friends through our little “club”! Thank you for making cruising a very enjoyable and comfortable experiance for my family and I.

    Jody E. Crow

  • Ann Brisson

    I have just booked my 8th cruise on RCL and I have not seen alcohol abuse on any of my previous cruises.

  • http://Facebook Doris

    My husband and I have sailed on Royal Caribbean 3 times and have had no problems getting served alclhol and never saw anyone served who were over consuming. we will sail with Royal Caribbean again and I know we will enjoy ourselves.

  • Barb Hallowell

    I am sorry you feel a need to defend Royal Caribbean. It needs no defending!

    While I understand the pain of bad “publicity”, Inside Edition is only out for the flashy story of the day. I have been on your cruises before (and am thankfully on another one in less than 60 days) and have found your staff courteous. professional and very personable.

    Some folks act badly on dry land and at sea. Please don’t feel a need to defend your staff’s actions in the light of this bad behavior.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Amy Lewis

    My family and I are loyal RCC cruisers. We have never seen anything out of the normal on any of your cruise ships. This being said, I am sure there are those who over do it, but never to the point that we are uncomfortable being on your ships. We did do one cruise on another line in which we were very aware of the over consuming of alcohol. Bottom line is, if someone is going to over drink, they are going to do it regardless of where they are vacationing, not limiting it to cruising. You have to pay for all of the drinks you consume. It must be a real sobering moment when you get that final tally at the end of the cruise!

  • linda

    i have always found the barstaff and servers very professional and have never been on a rccl ship and seen anyone so drunk they couldnt walk or talk properly , it is hard to tell if some people are drunk as it doesnt hit the blood for a while after hitting the system, so someone who is just one away from the one too many may be ok when getting a drink at the bar . theres always someone out there wanting to have a moan and nit pick at things , why dont they go for a land holiday if they think its so bad , then they will have their eyes opened to the state of some holiday makers spewing up all over the street and being a pain , sorry for rant ,but theres so many petty people out there . barstaff do their best and servers

  • Chris Primont

    Thank you for speaking up to the truth. I am a 42 yr male and happy to say a diamond plus member. I can speak first hand that your entire staff is trained properly. On Dec 6 2010 I sailed on the raidance of the seas with 5 other friends all in their 40’s. Your bar staff saw that I was consuming way to much alcohol and they cut me off. Not at anytime did I get upset at them. Your staff advised my friends that I have been cut off and it would be wise to bring me to my cabin before I hurt myself. I know I have no one to blame for how much I consumed, and I paid for it the next day. ( lesson learned) The next night I went back to the same bar and thanked your staff for doing what they did.

  • Robin McGill

    I have travelled with Royal Caribbean twice. Most recently on Oasis of the Seas during spring break. I saw no instance of drunk and disorder. The only thing noticable were families enjoying each other and I was left with the feeling that instead of letting their teens go to the usual spots where they are vulnerable to all sorts of things, they went as a family and enjoyed their quality time together.

  • Ann Ferrer

    Thank you so much for all your hard work! I have been on a few of your cruises and I to have had nothing but amazing service. There will always be a few passengers that push there limits. Thank you for taking the time to post the true story.

  • Nancy Olsen Waldron

    We love Royal Caribbean…this “news” story has no influence on our future cruises.

  • http://Facebook Kathy Taber

    Royal Caribbean is my favorite cruise line. I have never experienced any out of control drinking on any of my cruises. Every single employee has always been utmost professional and very personable.It’s a shame how the media takes a situation and twists it out of control. I have always and will continue to reccomend Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to everyone I know. Keep Up The Good Work.

  • Judy Nugent

    Gday Adam,

    They showed a program here in Australia about a month ago about the cruise industry, and it was scare mongering, they took isolated incidents and said the cruise industry took no responsibilty for any incidents that happened at sea, I look back as an 18 year old on my first cruise on the fairstar and I took no responsibilities for my own behaviour in those days I thought I was 6 foot tall and bullet proof, and in those days there was no responsible service of alcohol, but now as a 47 year old woman and going on my second cruise ,I picked Voyager for myself and my family as I find your Alcohol policy great and am looking forward to my 14 days in October. You are always going to get cruisers that don’t follow procedures that will keep them safe at sea and I dont envy your job in trying to regulate this, But I think as Parents we need to set good examples for our kids and follow policy and dont sneak grog (sorry bit of Aussie slang) on board and show them how to drink responsibly.


  • Ken Hooper

    Dear Adam,

    It saddens me that when a television station decides to do a story about a subject that in this case happened to involve a segment shot aboard one of your ships that the cruise line has to do damage control because of irresponsible people both the news media and guests who choose to over indulge as you indicated. I am a faithful RCCL Crown and Anchor Society member. It is good to know that RCCL has a training program and procedure already in place. Once again a few irresponsible people or bad apples make all the other passengers pay for their wrong doings. Keep up the good work,

  • Patty Groves

    I look forward to seeing the show when it airs again. However, I don’t understand why it’s the responsibility of Royal Caribbean, or any other cruise line, to monitor the alcohol consumption of an adult. If that same adult was at home and jumped or fell to his death, who would mom sue? Accidents happen. I’ve never seen people act the way described and I’ve just gotten off my 12th cruise.

  • Mary

    There is no way you can save people from themselves. As a veteran cruiser I have seen some crazy stuff. And I can honestly say that none of it was caused by any of the staff. And as in any location at any time, there are going to be folks that just don’t know how to act. They have certainly never ruined my vacation. I do appreciate a proactive approach by the staff when it comes to guests going too far. I don’t want to narc on somebody but I’m glad when the situation gets handled and I didn’t have to.

  • Patrick B. Gray

    I did not see the show in question. I can understand the spring break issue, however, I have been on 3 Royal Caribbean cruises and each one a cruise of a lifetime! As we all know, we all must be young and dumb to become old and wise. I will continue to cruise with Royal Caribbean as I feel they are by far the best, even though Adam is a Phillies fan….Go Braves!

  • Jim Dukarich

    Mr. Goldstein,

    Firstly, I want everyone to know where I am coming from. I have taken two cruises on Royal Caribbean and I think your cruise line is absolutely the best. I recommend RC to all of my friends. I admit that I have not seen the Inside Edition piece that you are referring to but I still have an opinion. You fail to mention two points that probably won’t help the marketing of your company but do support your point. For the first point, passengers are not allowed to bring their own alcohol on-board. We were consistently screened and actually denied alcohol that we tried to bring on board (it was kept for us until the cruise was over). For the second point, the alcohol that you do serve on-board is not cheap. That is not to necessarily imply that it is overpriced but getting drunk from overconsumpution would not be a casual undertaking from a financial standpoint.

    I am sorry that you got some bad press. I guess it made a better story that just having Inside Edition go to almost any bar on either Friday or Saturday. But, from my observations over several weeks on board, what you are saying in your article is essentially true. I wouldn’t be the least bit afraid to bring small children or the elderly on any of your cruises.

    Jim Dukarich
    64 years of age

  • http://Facebook Virginia

    While having cruised Royal Caribbean multiple times I have never seen people intoxicated like what was seen on that show. I think they did a disservice to you but I applaud you for stepping up and addressing this publicly. You ate a very classy cruise line!

  • Pat Gianno

    Adam, I saw that on “Inside” and I knew it was blown up. I’ve been on your line and other lines during Spring Bread and I never saw anything like that. That could have been a one time to happen. I don’t know if anything could have been prevented on that cruise seem like most of the young men & women were way out of line. I think it was not right for “Inside” to show that.

    This is my opinion.

  • Gregg London

    Having sailed with Royal twice last year, and heading back out in June (on the Allure) and December (on the Navigator), I can honestly say that we have the utmost respect for the Bartenders and Servers.

    Last year, on the Allure, one of the Female Guests – and her Male Companion – came to the Pool Side Bar we were at, and were quite inebriated. The Bartender refused to serve either of them Alcohol, which angered them. At that point, the Bartender called Management, who quickly showed up and escorted the Couple to their Room.

    And, for the remainder of the Cruise, this Couple was NOT allowed to order a Drink at ANY facility on the Ship.

    Bottom Line – what could have been a very ugly incident was dispatched quickly, efficiently, and with quite a bit of Professionalism.

    Which is why we continue to Sail with Royal Caribbean.

  • Karol

    I have been on cruise ships during Spring breaks. We are senior citizens and can say that the Spring breakers had nothing but respect for us. We enjoyed being in their cpmpany.

  • Beverly J Blanding

    Each person is responsible for their own actions. If every bartender or waiter were held responsible for over drinking there would be no servers left. The cruise line cannot monitor each guests consumption.

  • Alexander Lang

    Cannot agree more. We have been on two RCI cruises and saw only one person over imbibing, and his buddy was trying to get him to stop. We frequented the Schooner Bar and the Rising Tide on many occasions and never saw any issues. The RCI bar staff are above all when it comes to service and ensuring their guests are well taken care of. We are already booked for 2013 on Independence of the Seas and I am sure there are many more RCI cruises in our future. Consider the fact that the more scandalous a news story sounds, the more people are talking about it so you can be sure that Inside Edition sensationalized the hell out of this one. I mean, why not have a purely negative story about the cruise industry given recent events in Europe? Inside Edition is becoming more and more like the National Enquirer… never mind the truth, just print what sells. Carry on RCI, we’ll be back!

  • Susan aka Cruisin’Susan

    Adam has a very good point. As adults, we are all supposedly mature and capable of drinking responsibly. I appreciate this blog entry. It is good to always be positive but sometimes, it is necessary to share a serious message. Sensationalized news seems to be highly prevalent these days. If one views it with an open mind, one might realize that just because such things happened within that particular incident, doesn’t indicate that RCI is necessarily responsible. Rather, those that choose to drink irresponsibly have only themselves to blame.

    Adam, I’d like to ask you this: First, I’d say thank you for sharing this information about RCI policies. I’d like to know what is the RCI policy for dealing with intoxicated guests? Sometimes, people can get rather drunk and thereby become obnoxious/irritating and non consensually intrusive. In situations like that, what does RCI do about it?

    I am curious and also thankful that I’ve never encountered a problem.

    Best Regards,
    Susan in Baltimore

    • Kathy Cooke

      Dear Adam:

      When we first began cruising, we tried several different cruise lines to determine which we preferred. For us, that is Royal Caribbean. The only time we ever observed passengers that were inebriated was on another cruise line known for its “party” atmosphere (Carnival). One of the passengers in the casino, who was very obviously drunk or on something, started an argument with a female passenger. When her male companion tried to intervene on her behalf, they almost got into a brawl. It took almost 15 minutes for the staff to call security. That was our LAST cruise with them. I’m sure many cruise lines could benefit from the training that Royal provides to their employees. This is just one of the many reasons why we continue to come back again and again. Keep up the great work!

      Many thanks,
      Kathy Cooke

  • Geneva Wester

    I have never been on a Royal Caribbean Ship that I have seen a bartender or alcohol server serving someone that has had to much to drink. I have been on 25 to 30 cruises on this cruise line and it is nothing but professional. They have the best employees and officers ever. I have seen cruisers that do bring their own alcohol on board in water bottles and wrapped in towels etc. in their luggage. You can not blame the cruise line for other peoples ignorance.

  • Douglas Price

    Mr. Goldstein:

    I have read your post concerning RCL’s alcohol policies and can appreciate what you are saying. Alcohol is a product that can enhance the pleasure of an experience or make it a disaster. I understand that. However, a strict enforcement of policies can also have the same result.

    My wife and I have just returned from a cruise on Voyager of the Seas from New Orleans to Barcelona and we enjoyed it immensely. However, we had bought a bottle of liquor to carry aboard to enjoy over the period of the trans Atlantic crossing which was confiscated at the gangway only to be returned to us after disembarking in Barcelona.

    Sir, my wife and I are seniors and not 20 somethings who in our lifetimes have learned to drink responsibly. We also know from previous cruises that drinks on your ships are not cheap even though I rather suspect that Royal Caribbean purchases their bar liquor at duty free wholesale prices. While we enjoyed our cruise, having access to our bottle of liquor would have been a nice touch.

    • jeanette anderson

      We love Royal Caribbean. That is the only line we go on . Been on Holland America before. How come you can take wine on that line and not yours?

      • Andrew Gambon

        One of the reasons alcohol cannot be brought onboard cruise ships (particularly RCI ships) is that people won’t buy alcohol at the over-inflated prices onboard. Really, other than specialty restaurants, there’s no need to spend money on a cruise.. Unless of course you drink alcohol… Apart from the fare itself, the cruise lines would make little money if no-one drank. I would imagine a large chunk of their revenue is due to the sale of alcohol…

  • http://facebook Brian

    It is sad to see Inside Edition do such a misleading picture of what really goes on when cruising with the Royal Caribbean. I have been on 3 consecutive cruises with Royal and have seen nothing but professional bartenders who serve a great crowd of professional guests. Shame on Inside Edition and it makes me wonder if all their other stories are misleading as well.

  • http://Facebook Maureen Elliott

    I have cruised Royal Caribbean numerous times and have always found the staff to be professional, courteous and responsible. No matter where you go there are people that find a way to “get around” the rules. RC is a very classy cruise line and I have witnessed that they have zero tolerance for misconduct.
    It is unfortunate that the media has to look for ways to portray negativity. One isolated incident does not accurately reflect the everyday behavior or standards that the RC staff are held to.
    If this was the standard on the RC fleet than it certainly wouldn’t be one of or if not “the best” cruise lines in the world!
    I can’t wait to take my next cruise and be treated like Royalty!


    I would just like to say i had the most wonderful cruise last oct-nov on your country music cruise. As a non drinker I was aware that people obviousely were drinking around me but never saw any excessive behavour which usually follows large alcohol consumption. The staff on the RHAPSODY OF THE SEAS. Couldnt have been nicer. especially the staff in the dining room they were really helpful and friendly. Anyway as I previousely stated the whole cruise experience was wonderful its unfortunate that this tv programme has to sensationalise this issue but thats the media for you. Continue with your great cruises!

  • Carson

    Dear R C President,
    I had been with Royal Caribbean four times. I haven’t seen any alcohol service and consumption issue in any of your ships. The passengers and the staff are responsible. Keep up the good job.

  • Howard B

    Kudos to RCI, my wife and I have been on several RC cruises recently and have come to the realization that RCI is the only way to cruise. The staff are well trained, courteous, attentive and thoughtful. We have not seen any occasions where people have become out of control or obnoxious as a result of being intoxicated. Compared to other “Party” cruise lines we traveled with where the standard call out on deck is “who wants a bucket-o-beer?”, RC is considerably more sophisticated. Our overall experiences on the Royal Caribbean line has us hooked on RCI! Keep up the amazing service and top quality that makes RCI the best choice to cruise with.

  • mark lewis

    Royal Caribean is our choice of cruise line…We did not see the ‘documentational’, nor have we seen or heard overindulgents while on any of our cruises.

  • http://Facebook Deborah G

    First of all thanks for taking the initiative to address the story. I only saw the promos for it and was interested due to the fact that we have cruised many times. RCL has been our choice for many cruises for many years and we have never been disappointed even with some minor hiccups along the way. The crew has a fine line to be kept between monitoring everything and not spoiling the fun and they do a great job! I am not a huge drinker but do drink on board knowing that I’m not the one driving. I have seen two incidents of over drinking on 2 cruises. One the young men, not spring breakers but young professionals were way over their limit on arriving at the ship and were watched closely and not allowed to continue until they had a break and the ship had sailed under full supervision. The other was a couple, the middle aged couple and their friends were at dinner at our table, they were way over the limit and one guy was making a complete fool of himself, slurring words, etc., they were served water and watched closely. Unfortunately it was the first night of the cruise and sort of ruined our dinner, we avoided that table and them the rest of the cruise. I personally would say the shorter the cruise, the more drinkers and party people are onboard which seems to be sort of a known fact. Spring Break is a known fact and that doesn’t mean we haven’t sailed and had a great time on spring break cruises with minor children along and will again. I don’t think most people that cruise and love it like we do will let this expose stop them from cruising on RCL.

  • Wendell Eagle

    I have cruised RC more than 9 times and I find the Inside Edition NOT the normal cruise, I know RC controls their beverages very closely and I think the Inside Edition was just a lot of hot air. You can see that type of activity at any events and even events that do not serve alcohol. The off shore parties are just that parties. Its called personal responsability and every one needs to act like you are someone. I find no fault with Royal Carribean and I will cruise again with them.

  • Dennis Blackmore

    Just more “bias” that the media portrays. “normal does not sell” so they sensationalize to get ratings….another reason to avoid this show. My experience and that of my clients does not support this point of view.

  • Judy Maucieri

    Sadly, society wants someone to blame (the government, our politicians, the media, businesses) – everyone but themselves and they want those very same entities to solve their every problem. How did we de-evolve to this point? Darrwin, please do your thing. I’m tired of seeing warnings for coffee being hot (it’s suppose to be) plastic bags being an asphyxiation hazard, and service providers being to blame for the immature and foolhardy decisions.


  • Roberta

    Not to worry Captain. We metalheads aboard Majesty of the Seas consumed copious amounts of alcohol without incidents of any kind. You need not be worried about us seasoned drinkers.

    I was aboard a vessel from a competitor before knowing Majesty and believe you me, I will recommend Royal to everyone I know! We all enjoyed the hospitality provided, the food was amazing, the service was simply the best, the entertainment (heavy metal bands) was to die for. We will see you with a beer in our hands twice a year.

    Thank you for having us onbroad!

    Metal Forever!


  • Susan Pauls

    My husband and I have cruised Royal Caribbean6 times and #7 coming up in October 2012. In March 2011 we were cruising with 2800 other guests 1800 who were college students. Sure, they were drinking and just having fun. We have told many of our friends how pleasant this cruise was. We saw nobody who was out of control. We even commented how polite and respectful the college students were.

    Although it is always a great idea to reevaluate policies and procedures, I really don’t expect RCI to find loopholes in their protocol.

  • Kate

    I did see the show and know that some people can consume too much alcohol while on a vacation. I’ve been on several Royal Caribbean Cruises and not once have I see this type of behavior. The staff is well trained and respectful. Yes, they obviously sell booze, food, and retail products…all of which is over indulged on a vacation. I can’t wait to get on a ship again and sail off into the sunset.


  • Marina Caraway

    We had cruised with Royal Caribbean several times and had never seen any problems with over drinking guests.We feel very safe on RC cruise ships.

  • Mary Smith

    We have sailed 6 times on Royal Carribean for a total of 38 days. Only once have I seen an obviously intoxicated individual. Waiting for the dining room to open one evening, a woman was trying very hard to get her drunk husband to return to their cabin. He was not agreeing to that……..we all felt embarrassed for her. I suspect he had gottened hammered on shore in Cozumel that day! I have sailed on a short cruise in another line where drinking was much more a shipboard activity than I’ve ever seen on RCCL!

  • http://FaceBook Lorena Francis

    I just returned today from a 4 night cruise out of Port Canaveral on Monarch of the Seas with my daughter and two teenage Grand children. If there was anyone abusing alcohol it was not apparent or the crew had it under control. A wonderful cruise.

  • Katherine Simmonds

    I agree with the overall sentiment that RCI is a responsible and professional corporate entity. Anyone can get to a point of toxic intoxication should they truly wish to by having others supply the alcohol. I suggest that in this age of blaming people, the media should also try to be a responsible corporate entity. What happened to personal responsibility? Did someone from RCI pour the drinks down these people’s throats? I think that the people involved and their friends are the responsible parties. I love RCI and plan to cruise with you again, many times. It is safe, fun and supremely pleasant. Thank you for doing your job and doing it well!

  • Sandy

    I don’t watch Inside Edition or shows like it and I’m sorry to hear of this segment. I would have to confirm for myself that the sky is blue if the info came from them! People like me stay loyal to Royal and we wouldn’t be doing that if the experience is like what the show’s segment is described as portraying. I’m sure exceptions happen but my experience is that RCL maintains a positive atmosphere on its ships. If you look at anything long enough you’re bound to spot a flaw, the saying goes. These vultures must have perched quite a while (or instigated, staged something???) to get their footage. See you this winter on the Independence!

  • Ashley

    I have sailed with different cruise lines and Royal Caribbean is by far the best I’ve been on. I’ve never seen anyone crazy drunk and the staff do a wonderful job watching out for the guests. Other cruise lines felt like a big frat party with people acting crazy. Thank you RC for being such a great company and I look forward to continuing to sail with you!

  • Charlene Herbert

    We have travelled twice on the Oasis of the Seas, on the inaugural year and this past February. We had an amazing trip both times. We did not see anyone drinking in excess. We chose Royal Caribbean because it came highly recommended. We are currently trying to decide which RC ship we want to try next.

    I did not see the television program. Unfortunately the media seems to thrive on trying to dig up dirt.
    Too bad the naughty drinkers aren’t treated to a rough night at sea.

    Thanks Mr. Goldstein.. Keep up the good work on your ships.! Looking forward to sailing on your newest ship in its inaugural year.

  • Jacquelyn Morris-Smith

    I have been on many of the Royal Caribbean ships, My daughter and I do a business that brings groups on board for a good time as well as a wonderful holiday. We have never had one of our participants complain to us about an intrusive ‘drunk’ or ‘un-orderly person’. We do not hear noises in the hallways and/or balconies at any time of day or night. I am very proud to offer our groups the Quilt Retreat of their life on Royal Caribbean.

  • Brian B.

    When you’re done serving “smugglers” rough justice, as some posters suggest, how about cleaning up the other miscreants on-board. Please arrange for chair hogs to walk the plank. Maroon theater seat savers! And keelhauling formal night dress violators may be extreme…but what a great example!!

    The fact is RCI does a great job, from the bartenders and wait staff to security. It’s no fun hanging with drunks, and I wouldn’t patronize any cruise line that put me in that position. It’s a shame “Inside Edition” would broadcast such unfair rubbish.

  • Donald Huff

    My wife and I have been on 22 cruises, the last 14 with Royal Caribbean, and am very impressed with the actions and professionalism of the entire staff of the ships we have been on. I am a retired Police Officer and have seen many, many cases of too much alcohol abuse in both young and old however I can honestly say only once did I see the staff have to take extreme action against an individual who had too much to drunk and was loud and obnoxious. The staff attempted to control this man however in the end he was, I believe, escorted back to his room and the next day escorted off the ship. All handled professionally and discretely by a trained and caring staff. Thank you Royal Caribbean and we will see you in October.

  • Tina Campbell

    I agree with what the majority of folks have posted here. My husband and I have cruised with all the other major cruise lines and with the exception of Celebrity (a Royal Caribbean International Line) have found much worse behavior mostly from adults. We are now Emerald Level “Loyal Royals” because, as we always tell friends and family, its just the best out there for consistency of service, safety and all around best product!

    Shows like Inside Edition are not painting the entire picture but rather taking a very small piece, actions of a few, and attempting to trash the reputation of a responsible company. I for one, don’t watch any of the so called News Magazine TV shows and for a good reason.

    Makes me wonder if perhaps another cruise line that has been in the news for much worse, and you know who I’m talking about, might have had something to do with this “story” I have been on that cruise lines ships and the behavior of the guests was unbearable! The staff did nothing about the consumption of alcohol to the point where we could not even enjoy our evenings onboard because there were people literally falling down in the hall ways, cursing, and yelling in the middle of the night. Folks get drunk and jump off their ships, and we don’t see Inside Edition doing a piece on them…I wonder why they chose to do a piece on Royal Caribbean?? Royal has gone above and beyond to promote a family atmosphere?? Not just talked about it or advertised it, but really DOES HAVE a family atmosphere!

    Just keep doing what you are doing Mr. Goldstein, and keep hitting it head on like you have done here and they will move on ……We will continue to be “Loyal Royals”

  • Carl E Russell

    One of the reasons we cruise with Royal Caribbean is because of the sensible approach to alcohol consumption aboard your ships.
    We have traveled with other cruise lines and we have found that alcohol seamed to be the focus of the staff , And many group activities included drinking as part of the fun routine .
    I enjoy a drink or two myself, so I am not a Prude , …but I think being bombarded by waiters constantly … I do understand that they need to sell in order to make tips , but it is not uncommon to be asked 10 – 15 times per hour if you required another drink from the patrolling bar staff,( it gets annoying after a few days)
    I think maybe other cruise lines should look at the way Royal Caribbean operates there staff , and maybe follow there approach of placing the customer needs ahead of there own , as it appears to me that Royal Caribbean is and are more interested in you and your fun , than the so called fun ships…Of coarse this is only my Opinion

  • Brook

    Being a mother of older teenagers I am a proud fan of Royal Caribbean. Do I think there is too much drinking on any cruise? Yes but that is my personal opinion. I feel Royal Caribbean does everything in their power to keep underage drinking off of the ship. With my sons’ seapass cards designated as “under 21″ I have little worry about them buying booze while on the ship. It is the parents’ responsibility to parent their teens but even the best parents are given the slip by sneaky teenagers HA HA
    It is a comfort for me to know if mine try and sneak a beer they will be caught at the bar. I just wanted to say as a mother, I am thankful for the huge effort that is made to keep alcohol out of reach of minors.

    As to the story, I think the worst part was the fact that there was no comparing cruise ship drunks to any other vacation destination. What about drinking in Vegas or New Orleans or even Disney World. My family travels a lot to different places and compared to those I just mentioned, cruise ships are pretty tame.

  • Gun Berg

    Dear Mr Goldstein
    We have had the pleasure to cruise with you 57 times over the past 20 years. This means that we have been in the company of approximately 175.000 other cruise guests. We have never seen any drunk people or any sign of over serving in all this time. My husband and me have actually commented between us on this fact and have been impressed by the standards of RCCL guest and crew. This is also the safest place to bring young people on a vacation as you can trust there will be no violation of the serving policy onboard. However, when you have millions of guests every year, there is always a risk that a handful of those cannot behave. Any criticism of Royal is highly unfair.

  • http://cruisecritics Sharon

    I have been a member of cruise critics for a long time and a lot of conversation is dedicated to how a lot of people can sneak liquor on board. It is amazing how clever some people can get. I have seen too much conversation on drinking while on board and don’t get the big draw! Why do people think they have to get drunk out of their mind just because they are on a cruise? I’ve read text about how successful they have been at getting drinks into their rooms. Why do some guest spoil it for all of us? Drinking is not the main reason someone takes a cruise, or it shouldn’t be! I do enjoy a Pina Colada once in a while but to get so drunk that I can’t make it back to my cabin is ridiculous. Come on people, it’s not up to RCCL to make sure you behave like adults. Let’s be responsible for ourselves and stop this behavior before you spoil it for millions.

  • Dorothy Miller

    I have sailed many times and enjoy your cruise line especially. I have seen a few times that a guest goes overboard and am always pleased how well your staff deals with it. You should be complemented on the fine training of your employees. I count the days until I cruise again!

  • Beverly Creger

    Royal Caribbean is a first class cruise line. I am a Diamond Member and have cruised many times, including spring break cruises, with young adults. I have never seen any mis-behaviour and the cruisers seemed to have themselves in control and having fun. One instance is not to be overlooked, but a little adult family member supervision could eliminate the problem.

  • Pamela Voigt

    I have taken several cruises with RCCL and it is true their is always that one person that over indulges, but the staff does recognize it and takes care if it. RCCL wants to make everyone’s cruise enjoyable and keep everyone safe at the same time. Unfortunately those that over undulge don’t realize they are intruding on the other guests enjoyment. More then likely this is a behavior they have no matter where they go. The problem is people don’t wish to take responsibility for their own actions. It is easier to point the finger and blame someone else. Shame on the media…you can walk into any bar on land and see the same thing…if they want to over indulge they will find a way!

  • Peg Healy

    This unfortunately is just a sign of the times. People are always looking to hold someone else accountable for behavior. Teachers are responsible when kids don’t learn. Fast food is responsible for obesity. The cigarette companies are responsible for the the pulmonary diseases. And of course, anyone (including Royal Caribbean staff) who serves liquor are responsible for the drunks. We live in a society where people have stopped taking responsibility for their OWN behavior and their OWN CHOICES. And of course, the media is there for the take! I am a diamond member of Royal Caribbean and have not witnessed any obviously impaired person being served alcohol. It is a shame that a show like Inside Edition would try to taint an industry like that. Whoever they showed on that piece that aired (which I did not watch), is responsible for whatever shape they were in, not Royal Caribbean.

  • Isabel Richardson

    My partner and I have been on 3 cruises with Royal Caribbean and are looking forward to our 4th in a couple of weeks time. We have never come across any problems caused by guests drinking excessively and have thoroughly enjoyed all of our cruises which we have had with you so far. We look forward to many more in the future, hopefully. May I also compliment you on your excellent staff.

  • Laurie

    My husband and I sailed the beautiful Jewel of the Seas out of Tampa this past March, and as we were boarding realized we were vacationing on a Spring Break Week. Let me tell you, the staff and security was all over the ship and nipping everything in the bud. As a matter of fact, when we were all “mustering”, the staff was continually reminding cruisers to be quiet and listen carefully. And then, since we were port side, we, along with everyone else on that side, witnessed RCC staff disembarking 3 young cruisers. They were in there swimsuits, so they came right from the pool deck area.

    They went back inside the building and a Homeland Security officer stood at the door to prevent them from trying to re-board as one young lady was heavily resisting walking back into the building. Our thoughts, must have found something in their suitcases that was not allowed on board.

    When we went to our balcony cabin, there were a group of guys in 2 rooms down the hall from us acting like they were in their dorm rooms. Swearing, keeping their doors open to yell back and forth, coming out in the hallway butt naked, etc. We reported it later after dinner to Guest Relations as a “heads up” for the staff. We also noticed increased security and managers in all areas of the ship. The next day was a sea day. The next day we were in Cozumel, and as we left our cabin, a security office was standing at one of the “guys” rooms and was escorting one of the occupants off the ship. We followed them down and off, suitcase in tow.

    We found out later at dinner that 5 more people were taken off the ship that day in Cozumel. Need I say more!

    RCC staff was all over ensuring that the Spring Breakers were having a good, responsible time as well as all the other customers that were on board. They were professional, respectful and helpful. As a matter of fact, the woman at Guest Relations who originally listened to our “heads up”, documented the information told to her, and called us the next day to ask if there were any issues. She also called us the following day. Concern, professionalism and just very customer friendly. We wanted the young adults to have a good time, but we wanted to have a good time also.

    This was our 6th cruise and we have booked another for next January out of Puerto Rico. All on Royal Carribean as we always have a great and relaxing time. Hats off to the staff and thank you.

  • allen

    One helpful policy is that you will not release the duty free liquor purchased on the islands until the morning of disembarkation. Have sailed six times with rccl and have never encountered any problems with any inebriated passengers. Keep up the good work.

  • Mark

    I have not seen the segment of Inside Edition in question. However, I feel the need to defend RC by adding my two cents worth. My wife and I cruised for the very first time on RCI in February and must say, we loved every minute of it. In fact, we had such a great time, we’re planning another in February 2013 with about 12 other family members ranging in age from teenagers to seniors in their 70’s. I can assure you, alcohol over consumption among other guests was NOT a problem on our cruise. My wife an I both drink, but noticed early in the cruise that although alcohol was readily available at many places on the ship, we never seen anyone overly drunk or making a nuisance of themselves. We never once had the feeling that alcohol was being pushed on us or anyone else. Based on my limited experience, I would have to say, don’t change a thing. Keep up the good work RCI.

  • Tom M

    Carnival paid them off to help remove some of their negative publicity…. RCL is the best cruises I’ve every been on!

    • Chad H

      That’s what I think too. This sounds like a total PR hit job coming from a company that just can’t seem to get out of the news. I promise you that Spring Break on a CCL ship is way worse.

  • Kathy

    Why were they only talking about RC. What about Carnival and the other cruise lines? I have cruised on both and find RC to be the best. Never any problems.


    As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

    Having cruised 30+ times, most with RCI and her sister Celebrity, I can attest to the fact that cruising is generally devoid of the stupid and senseless overindulging described by Inside Edition (you can read their text on their website, but I could find no video story there). That being said, the alcohol policies at sea are a problem. There’s not been a cruise I’ve been on where I haven’t heard someone brag about how they’ve slipped in hard liquor in water bottles from each and every port they visit.

    The fact is, it happens, and depending on the itinerary, it happens a LOT more than it used to.

    Mr. Goldstein, having spoken with you and several of your executive team in the past, I’ve found you to be upstanding, intelligent business people. So please, don’t discount this story entirely, no matter the sensationalistic nature it was presented in.

    Maybe a little more focus on policing hard liquor and a little less money grubbing on those of us who wish to bring our own dinner wine aboard (which we’re happy to pay corkage on).

    Frankly, onboard your brands beer and alcohol prices are not that far off the land-based norm, but prices for even a somewhat acceptable wine with dinner are double to triple that of shoreside restaurants. This lends credence to the theory that RCI isn’t ‘really’ doing all it can to keep the overindulging under control.

  • carey ochs

    The story was over the top and ridiculous! Yes, it’s true that some people on vacation do to tend let their hair down and drink much more than usual. So what, they are adults! Royal Caribbean is awesome and my husband and I cruise with them every single year. We’ve been cruising with RCCL for 10 years and the staff are always friendly and responsible.

  • Doug Huminski

    Relax RCCL, no one watches inside edition, and it’s because of episodes like this one. By far best cruse line on the planet, and I can’t wait to have my honeymoon on the Freedom, where I can enjoy alcohol responsibly!

  • Brian Huppe

    Being a cruise veteran industry manager I can say that their have been more control measures installed on cruise ships than on land. Cruise ships also go more in depth by conducting routine alcohol testing on its crew members as well as Officers, including the Captains. Can you imagine doing this in the work force in America.? Why not address your story to the Airlines? The recent findings and non-findings are at an astronomical rate from what is reported and from what is not reported. Pilots are responsible for the lives of all passengers they are flying however there are no control measures in place (breathalyzer test) prior to take off for the Captain and crew. Crew and Officer onboard cannot have any alcohol intake 6 hours prior to their shift and also are allowed only a certain amount alcohol that they can consume.

    Its very easy to over sensationalize any event on a cruise ship and magnify it completely out of perspective by showing something on the TV for the media to exploit. Mr Goldstein is correct as all of the lines have done more than their part to train its crew as well as management in reducing the incidents that occur on cruise vessels.

    I have worked in the cruise industry for the last 24 years. I have seen many changes over the years (great ones) and yes at times there have been incidents where guest exceeded the amounts of alcohol that anyone should ever consume but often times guest have returned to the ship clearly intoxicated. These guests are in fact reported at the Gangway by security and followed up on the computer system, using a “flagging” system.

    I have retired from the cruise industry and don’t miss the “power drinkers” that arrive for a 7-day cruise. which have already been drinking prior to arrival. Some people just try and push their limits as they feel they can do anything they want on a cruise ship. In some cases if they behaved like this way on land they would be arrested.

    The ships visit exotic destinations and the small percentage of power drinkers that go out and and want to test the limits of their livers and sample as many beverages as they can at the local bars is still happening. Often times I was the manager on duty that had to deal with these guest that arrived at the bar or at a table were shut-off and escorted to their staterooms. In some cases they did not wish to leave the area and yes security would be informed.

    So a few bad apples shouldn’t spoil the reputation of a great industry!

  • Sandy M

    I think Inside Edition lost more viewers than they gained with that story. I have cruising with RCL since the mid-1990’s and have seen very few intoxicated passengers. They are isolated incidents and usually occur while the guest is on-shore.

    Keep up the good work. I’m off on another cruise this week and looking forward to meeting the great staff!

  • Donna Cheney

    We have been on more than 20 cruises and have only had one problem with someone who had too much to drink. The Maitre’d took care of it and escorted the woman from the dining room. When he stopped at our table afterward, my husband commented on how professionally he handled the situation and asked do you have this problem often to which he said “once in awhile”. Three cheers for your staff that did not let this person disrupt everyone near where they were sittings dinner.

  • jp

    i have cruised for many years and on many cruise lines and only once have i seen young people drunk and behaving badly yes it was spring break and they were dealt with very professional by the staff , the cruise line was NCL . i believe Inside Edtion filmed this undercover well no suprise there behaving badly and unprofessional.

  • George Clarke

    On a related topic. Time to allow passengers to bring their own wine, brandy, etc., on board. People fed up with being held hostage to your exorbitant liquor prices. I’m sure you won’t change your policy, since booze is one of your major sources of revenue. At least people have the option of not having to purchase one of your over-priced excursions.

  • Elaine Steskal

    I have only been on one cruise so far with Royal Caribbean last Fall on Serenade of the Seas. I don’t recall seeing anyone drunk, but I hardly drink myself and my husband only has a few beers. i think Inside Edition is as bad as Fox News!! They blow things out of proportion ans sensationalize. The staff of Serenade were always helpful and respectful and I’m looking forward to our next cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas this month.

  • Elizabeth Beyrau

    As a diamond mdmber, one reason we sail with RRCL is because there is a control on the alcohol. I am not against drinking, but I do not appreciate drunken behavior. I have seen only one group that appeared drunk and a pool attendant approached them. Thank you for enforc
    ing your policy.

  • Lindsay

    I love Royal, and I appreciate your stance on the issue. Our honeymoon was on the Adventure right after the man died. I’ve always been wary of people drinking on ships, and I personally haven’t seen any issues.

    I will say, though, that while I do like Royal, I am VERY nervous after seeing some of the topics on Cruise Critic lately about your treatment of passengers who booked rooms on Rhapsody and other ships before their scheduled dry dock. They booked early and picked out the best cabin, and you moved them with no thought? After they realized it you did nothing.

    I picked out my cabin early on and with care while there were many others to choose from. If you’ll change their room with no care or any real solution and not give it back, what reason do I have to trust that you won’t do the same to me?

    Very poor customer service. No foresight to deal with the issue before it was an issue, and no service or customer loyalty afterwards. Makes me consider other lines or land vacations – I want to trust that the money I saved and worked for isn’t going to be wasted the way their’s was.

    • Adam

      Hi Lindsay, please call our Customer Service Department at (800) 529- 6918 and they would be happy to talk to you about any concerns you have about your upcoming cruise.

  • http://facebook ernesto crespo jr

    Its interesting how this collage of incidents was made too appear as it was the whole cruise .Also as a Bar beverage manager I have seen every single tactic a drunk ,teen,partier, wedding,bachele and or ette party, birthday person, angry person,or guest -who -thinks you are obligation is to serve them types .Control and policy enforcement is paramont with alcohol.I see entertainers behind the bar on this ship , not responsible servers……….at times , no monitor at times and it is usually motivated by that tip or gratuity machine .
    It (Bartending)is a double edged sword. Your everyones friend at the initial serving but when you cut em off or are trying to close the bar you are the ass hole. Like I said before bartenders have to be monitored to keep them straight and guests have to be monitored as well and on a busy night it all goes out the window…………i you dont have a system in place.TRAINING,A COURTESY OFFICER( SECURITY) A CONTROL POLICY (LIKE A 2 DRINKS PER PERSON AT A TIME PER ORDER) AND A PERIODIC AUDIT OF THE BARTENDER HELPS TOO.
    There is always someone trying to get over the system……………as a bar tender that system needs to be consistent as well as supported 100 % by the G.M. OR Food and Beverage management . These are my opinions and can be chipped at or applied it depends on who is truly running the show to define this. But stupid is not a brain injury. Think about it.

  • Sharon Beyer

    My husband and I are Diamond level cruisers and have only encountered one cruise where alcohol consumption was an issue. A few years ago we took a short cruise (since we live right by the port) during Spring Break (and are careful not to do this again). Before the ship even sailed, it was apparent that the crew was in for “hard times”. Royal Caribbean handled the entire trip absolutely fantastically with the utmost of care and professionalism. By Day 2, many students were denied alcohol, others were confined to their cabins, others locked up (we heard) and some actually put off the ship. I’m sure it was a stressful trip for all Royal employees, but they made sure it didn’t affect the rest of the cruisers to the best of their abilities. Kudos to them all.

  • Erick Grandbois

    We cruised many times with R.C and other company and we only saw intoxicated people once in all those trips over the years.. It was adresses promptly by staff and those individuals were not served any more drinks and at one point were asked to retreat to their rooms …. excellent way of doing it and it was done in a snap.

    We decided as a couple many years ago to go away from the land based all inclusive vacation because of the over drinking and miss behaving taking place in those resorts.. We are glad we did it because we discoverd cruising and we will never go back on that!!!!

    Cruising is the way to go and in my opinion the safest way to travel all around the world..

    I would be happy on the other hand to see R.C do like their sister company CELEBRITY and put on the drink packages.
    We did this last winter onboard the SILOUHETTE and found it was so convinient,fast and hassle free. A lot of people onboard enjoyed it and still never saw 1 person intoxicated.It’s more ABOUT NOT BEEING AFRAID OF GETTING THAT LAST BILL than anything…

    Keep up the good Work R.C… We should sail again with you next winter..

    Oh by the way, it would be nice to have more ships from your company offering longer(9 to 13 days) trips.. This is all we do and the offering is very limited..

  • Maryjoe

    Have been on several RCI cruises and my husband and I have never come across any drunk passengers. The media are great at blowing things out of proportion!

    I called into RCI and asked about your cruises out of Venice for July 2013, 10 or 11 nights to Greece, Crotia and Turkey. They advised me that the rest of the Europe itinerary’s would be out today and tomorrow. So far nothing is listed on your website. I’m having a hard time keeping my group from booking with Princess or Celebrity, who’s Europe itinerary’s have all been released months ago! I hope they come out soon, or I’m afraid they will book with another cruise line. I’m leaving Thursday on Enchantment of the Seas, to Bermuda and I am looking forward to another wonderful RCI cruise! And congratulations on your successful run marathon!

  • Elaine Cassidy

    Just did the Transatlantic on Liberty of the Seas. Did not see anything like the video “shows”. Many of the video clips just show people having fun (albiet..a lot of fun). Some of the things shown like the woman pulling her top down and the cartwheels were likely just because a camera was around and well bachelor parties will be bachelor parties.

    As for the bartender shown on the pooldeck. I hope he is not disciplined as we just saw him on the ship. He appeared to be having fun all the time. We bought the drink of the day from him once and while he came back and offered to sell us a second one, in no way was he pushy. He was just a person who seemed to enjoy his job and because of that made us enjoy our day a litle more.

    We bought our next cruise onboard.

    Love you Royal Caribbean

  • karen

    my family and i were recently on the 2012 70000 tons of metal cruise.. i had my 16 yr old daughter with me, and i have to say first of all the whole ship knew she was underage and traveling with her parents. her card was stamped, as an underage patron, she could not get alcohol.
    i had issues as an adult buying a drink for another adult, not in my party.
    anyway, no one was out of line on our cruise. it was the best i ever went on and would do it again..

  • Marvin

    I have always found Royal Caribbean diligent in maintaining a sensible drinkng policy. While all cruise lines serve and sometimes promote the sale of alcoholic beverages it is a rare occassion when an obviously drunken passenger is seen on a Royal ship and I’ve completed more than 20 Royal cruises.. Consumption is obviously well monitored. Someone hellbent on overindulging will unfortunately find a way whether on land or cruising despite a servers best efforts. One occassion I recall is a well dressed elderly gentlman who boarded the Song of Norway in the 1970s. He made a beeline for the lobby bar and except for brief absences to eat, sleep and attend the weekly costume party of those days, never left the bar. He was never loud or agressive but always well lubricated. On the day of disembakation he left the ship again well dressed and completely sober. Everyone, I guess, has their own idea of a perfect cruise.

  • Andrew Gambon

    I’m not sure if Mr Goldstein reads these comments, I hope someone does & takes note… I have been on a number of RCI cruises & love them, really do. Only ever seen one alcohol fuelled incident & the passenger/s were marched OFF the ship with luggage in hand at the next port. Having said that however, I live in Australia & the legal drinking age is 18yo here, in the USA & aboard RCI ships it is 21yo (unless a parent/guardian signs a waiver) & I beleive this has been one of the contributing factors of the growing popularity of cruising with RCI in & around australia, the higher drinking age kept away that unruly element sometimes associated with young people consuming copius amounts of alcohol. I read recently that RCI will now be changing their drinking age policy to 18yo on a lot of sailings outside the USA, including Australia… There is a growing problem here in Australia with alcohol fuelled violence, binge drinking etc, particularly with those youngsters of legal drinking age, I can’t see any other reason other than from a financial point of view (RCI know young people spend up big on alcohol), why RCI would lower their drinking age? Cruising, while growing in popularity in Australia, is still in its infantcy & a lot of people in Australia/NZ are not easily impressed, but quite easily unimpressed… Be careful RCI, you could quite easily turn the WOW factor into the WOAH factor with this one….

    A D Gambon
    Perth, WA

  • Biil J. Kline

    Mr. Goldstein,
    I think the first issue that needs to be addressed is that Inside Edition is not the real news media, they are more along the lines of The National Enquirer, and so I would not worry too much or at all to what they have to say. Granted, if CNN had run the story that would have been a different story, but they did not.

    Throughout all of our cruises we had seen those that might be tipping the scales as being legally intoxicated, and as a police officer I can tell, besides they are not driving a vehicle or the ship for that matter. They are on vacation enjoying themselves and if in the case an individual is overly intoxicated as others have commented in this blog the staff has refused them drink service and have made accommodations to assist them with other beverages (coffee and/or water) and I have even seen your staff help an individual back to their cabin with the assists of the guest’s friends or family members. Everyone, employee and guest alike understood the situation and no one acted unprofessionally or made a scene over the condition of the one guest. Problem spotted, addressed and corrected with little or no inconvenience to the guest in question or other guests passing in the immediate area.

    On a more positive note our family has enjoyed cruising on your Voyager class ships for years and as of our last cruise over Thanksgiving 2011, we had enjoyed staying in the same two cabins on the Explorer of the Seas for four separate cruises. So that should let you, your and the ship’s staff know we very much enjoy your ships and Cruise line. We will continue to book our vacations with and through Royal Caribbean and who knows maybe our next cruise will be our fifth time in the same rooms aboard the Explorer of the Seas.
    Bill J. Kline & Family

  • LIsa Langrell

    Who is to say that the partiers didnt play it up for the cameras. I am willing to bet that Inside Edition had a little talk to them abd got them all riled up before they filmed. I find the film..ODD. It just isnt RCCL’s MO to be the big spring break ship of the 21 yr olds..thats reserved for CARNIVAL. We were just on a spring break cruise (RCCL) and you know what..notta a one time did we see spring breakers all partying down to the fact..I dont think anyone was partying it was actually sedate..LOL Perhaps partying was going on in the club at night but nothing in the open public areas. It is no secret that TV and its producers will manipulate the people..edit and splice to get the right picture they want..why? Beats me.

  • Wesley Sinclair

    My wife and I have cruised many times on RCCL,Carnival,NCL and Princess.We are very partial to RCCL,and would like to refute the generalization that this so called behaviour they chronicled was rampant on ships,and this is coming from two people that do’nt even drink alcoholic drinks!

    What are these people talking about? People are on vacation,they are not driving and they want to let their hair down a little.I say “get a life,we do’nt live in a perfect world!”

    RCCL,consider a cruise sailing from Charleston,the market is calling for one! We are ready!

    • Adam

      Thanks for sailing with Royal Caribbean, Wesley.

  • Sheila

    I am looking to book a cruise to India with Royal Carribean and uptodate I am unable to find any Cruises going there , I know the Brilliance of the Seas, was doing it from Dubai, I’m a Diamond member and would like to remain sailing with Royal Carribbean.

    So can you help with my query


    Sheila Hall

  • Daryl Rosen

    Hi Adam
    I hope you time to answer my concerns regarding our upcoming family cruise.
    We have booked to go on the Voyager of the seas on the 13 th January to New Zealand and Fiji.
    We have been checking the reviews and have seen nothing but BAD reviews on every website we have visited.
    At this point I am happy to cancel however won’t get any refund so we have to grin and bare it.
    Surely if the reviews are so bad and RC are here at the start if the season that something should be done to rectify the situation. Otherwise your apparent bad reputation will spread like wildfire !!
    Please can you let me know your thoughts. From one very worried family.

    • Adam

      Hi, Daryl– Please don’t worry about your upcoming travels onboard Voyager of the Seas. We pride ourselves on providing a variety of activities and dining options for all our travelers, and we are sure you will have a great vacation.

  • Cynthia

    Hi. Hoping you can explain the alcohol packages better. What beer is included in the Premium versus the Classic? My husband loves beer, but generally only imports or craft beers. I have read where there is a price limit and at the bottom of the PDF it reads: “excludes specialty beers as listed on bar menus, or super premium category beverage” Is there just a beer package? I would love to know what EXACTLY is included. Also, it states house wine, what is that brand? Thank you!

    • Adam

      We are pleased to say that our beer selection for the Classic and Premium package are exactly the same and includes many imported beers from around the world for your husband to enjoy. Our current offering across the fleet includes Amstel Light, Beck’s, Corona, Dos Equis, Heineken & Heineken Light, Kirin Light, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell, Red Stripe, Stella Artois as well as guest favorite domestic beers.

  • wuerer

    My wife and I have been on several cruises and have only seen very few guests become obnoxious. Your crew handled the situations in a way that solved the problem without a major scene. As always there is a percentage of the population that will not follow the rules, one such time my wife and I saw two people get escorted off the ship at the next port. We go on your ships for many reasons and one is the way you and your team keep a fun atmosphere while maintain control. The problem is people who choose not to take responsibility for their actions and blame the bartender, or purveyor of sprits.