Royal Caribbean's Fleetwide Holiday Season and Global "Winter" Programs

by 586

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday season.

The microscope may not recede from Oasis of the Seas for a long time. But that reality doesn’t obscure that we have reached the holiday season for the whole fleet and our full global portfolio of “winter” programs. The word winter of course reflects a northern bias. We have Splendour of the Seas and Vision of the Seas in Brazil and Rhapsody of the Seas in Australia because it is very much summer in those regions. Plus Legend of the Seas is in sunny Singapore and Brilliance of the Seas is a few weeks away from its first voyage from Dubai. Still in the Caribbean, but very much part of our global expansion strategy, Enchantment of the Seas has begun our Panama/Colombia program.

The preparation for these programs is a year-round phenomenon. We are either delivering these programs or we are processing the lessons learned and developing the next season’s program. As we have grown our international offices’ capabilities, we look increasingly to our distant colleagues for feedback on product content, distribution and pricing. We’re very happy to have Americans and all nationalities cruise on these products, but I will note that the ships in Brazil have mostly Brazilians onboard, the ship in Australia has mostly Australians onboard and so forth. That’s no different than if you take a land vacation to such countries, but some of our guests are surprised to find this to be the case. In the 1990’s our worldwide cruises were primarily to take Americans on exotic itineraries. Now our worldwide cruises are for all nationalities with the usual case being that the nationalities nearest to the homeport are the largest % of the guest mix.

Switching subjects, I am coming up to my last race in the 45 – 49 age category shortly to be followed by my first race in the 50 – 54 age category. I am running well and hungry for best times and medals. There will still be faster runners in Miami in my age group, but only a handful. I will have multiple chances during the first quarter to run a 5k under 19 minutes. That’s the primary target. Meanwhile, my team at work collectively bought me a new table tennis table which is really nice of them. Thanks! They may really want to facilitate my table tennis abilities or they may want me to play more table tennis and leave them alone.

  • Missy Vargaas

    Royal Caribbean

    Hello Mr.Goldstein,

    My Fiance and I in August 2008 enjoyed one of your four-day three nights cruises to the Bahamas. It was our first cruise ever and was a memorial experience. The crew, the amenities, foods, and shows were excellent. We enjoyed ourselves so much that I had to write to Royal Caribbean and announce during that cruise our first baby boy was conceived! Now we have a beautiful 19 -Th month baby boy and because of this cruise and great experience we wanted to name our child in regards to this event. We have named him Royal, (Royal Caribbean). We appreciate all we and are blessed with and just had to notify and thank Royal Caribbean on this great experience. A miracle has occurred in our lives due to this fabulous trip! We do attend to set up future cruise with Royal Caribbean only!

    Thank you Royal Caribbean!

    From my family to yours,
    Missy Vargas
    Robert Steward
    Our baby boy, Royal Steward

  • http://WWW.JUSTFRIENDS.MUS.BR Caixeta

    Dear Presidente Adam Goldstein

    My name is Marco Antonio Caixeta. I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. I´m a retired Brazilian Navy Medical Officer. i have medical experience, working on board cruisers. I´d like to have a chance to work for RCCL.

    Hoping to hear from you soon…

    Best regards …


  • sCOTT

    Hello Mr.Goldstein

    On June 5, 2010 my family (Total of 13) will set sail on the Oasis of the Sea to celebrate my in-laws 50th anniversary. We have 2 family Suites and a smaller suite booked. As you can look up, my in-laws laid out a pretty penny for this trip. I would like to get some photos of the rooms we have and would like to find out if there is privet dinning that can be booked.

    Thank you for your help;

    Scott Shelton

  • Michel Labelle

    Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful cruise on the Oasis on December 12,specialy the upgrade.It is all I expected and more.We will be sailing on the Independence in March…


    Hi Adam

    When can we expect to hear more about the Allure?

    Having been on 12/1 & 12/5 of Oasis I am now in need of my Oasis Class fix of info on my next cruise, Allure Inaugural.
    I know they are sister ships but very interested to hear what differences there will be between the Sisters.
    Also do you expect Allure to be ready early like Oasis was?

    We had some fabulous staff on Oasis & I am hoping they will go to Allure.

    Many thanks
    Critter Capt Liz

  • Carol

    Hi Everyone on Oasis of the Seas,
    I am still on cloud 9 from our trip on your magnificent ship Dec.12th. It was my annual birthday cruise on Royal Caribbean and I must say that your company goes all out for letting your guests feel important even after your actual birthday day…..
    I can not say enough about the service, entertainment and most of all the zip line. What an experience especially at my age (61). I watched her leave port on the day we returned and had a tear in my eye as I was not on the ship. I am promoting her to all my family and friends and hope to be traveling on Oasis and or Allure of the Seas in the future. Keep up the good work.

  • Nancy

    My husband and I returned from a 11 night cruise abroad the Jewell of the Seas and had a wonderful cruise as usual with RCCL except the smoking. There was no control with smoking. Cigar smoking was allowed on the balconey, only 2 doors from us. Never was stopped even after 2 calls and one visit to the GR desk. At the pool party, smokers were allowed to smoke wherever they pleased. Something has to be done with the smoking on cruise ships. Are you waiting for an accident or death before actions are taken? We deserve better than what we are getting from RCCL. If the state can regulate smoking in restaurants, then you can also. Put them in one closed room and let them breathe the smoke since they enjoy it so much.