Sharing the Outstanding Features on Quantum of the Seas

by 769

Yesterday we spilled the beans.  At least, most of the beans including the largest beans.  Take a moment if you will and check out the press release for Quantum of the Seas.

Before I comment on some of the features of our next beautiful baby, I should mention we hosted a marvelous event at the IAC Headquarters building in Manhattan yesterday morning to deliver our news in person to the media, member of our Travel Agent Advisory Board, selected Crown & Anchor Society members, representatives of our marketing partners (DreamWorks, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Fisher Price, etc.) and a few select others.  Congratulations to Lisa Bauer, Tracy Quan and their teams for orchestrating an outstanding launch event for Quantum of the Seas.

Quantum of the Seas has some truly notable WOW features consistent with the very high expectations that our customers have of us.  On top of the ship there are two industry firsts that extend the Royal Caribbean tradition that encompasses the Rock Wall, the Flowrider and the Zipline and other inspirations. One is the North Star, a “jewel-like capsule” (I have seriously been instructed to say that!) that elevates our guests to more than 300 feet above sea level and move them around far above the top deck for memorable views of the water and our destinations.

The other standout feature visible on top of the ship is RipCord by iFly®.  This sky diving wind tunnel, which exists in a couple dozen venues on the land, simulates the feeling of sky diving to such a degree that even precision military skydiving teams regularly use such facilities to practice their craft.  I tried this out in Orlando during our decision making process and found it to be a blast.  Imagine, you’re on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean having a great time while not actually touching a solid surface for a minute or more at a time.

Inside the ship there are some real gems.  One of them is Two70°, an unprecedented architectural space featuring a huge expanse of glass and lots of ways to enjoy oneself day and night.  The ocean views while the sun is shining will give way in the evening to state of the art performances that will turn Two70° into just about anything the entertainment team wants it to be.

Another WOW is the SeaPlex. We have taken some of our favorite action-oriented spaces from other recent ship classes and brought them indoors.  This is where basketball and soccer will take place, but also bumper cars (yes, bumper cars!) a circus school and roller skating.  We have also designed SeaPlex in such a way that at night it will be a first of its kind dance party venue with a DJ booth that hovers above the revelers. Lest anyone worry, yes there is still table tennis.

My comments here barely begin to do justice to Quantum of the Seas, but one has to start somewhere.  There is still more news to come about culinary and entertainment options and much more.  I will say we are very excited about the staterooms, especially the Family Connected Staterooms offering new configurations to benefit our rapidly growing multigenerational family guests.  Also, the Virtual Balconies in our inside staterooms have to be seen to be appreciated.  We are so excited about the Virtual Balconies that we cannot wait for Quantum of the Seas and are going to begin to install them on Navigator of the Seas when she is revitalized in January, 2014.

Royal Caribbean International, the brand that is Designed for WOW, is proud to bring you these innovations on our next new ship.  Stay tuned for 18 months of news as we count down to delivery.

  • Deborah Fendt

    My husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in 2014, and we absolutely cannot wait to do so onboard the Quantum of the Seas! Looking forward to it! What a beautiful ship!

    • Adam

      We’re glad you have decided to spend such a monumental moment with us, Deborah. Thank you for your comment and we’ll see you in 2014.

    • LuAnn

      Congrats on your 25th wedding anniversary. My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th as well in 2014 and are planning a cruise on Quantum of the Seas as well..

      • Adam

        Congratulations and thank you, LuAnn. We look forward to helping you celebrate onboard.

  • http://facebook Barry King

    I have been on 2 cruises with your company, loved both of them the first one was a 4 day Bahama cruise and the second was an 8 day eastern caribbean Kepp up the great work.

    • Adam

      Thank you, Barry.

  • Jeannette Wilary

    I can’t wait to try the new cruise ship.All your other ones are great but this sounds fabulous
    Your always upgrading your rooms and things to do list. Thank you Royal carribean

    • Adam

      You’re welcome, Jeannette.

  • Lisa Curran

    Hi, I was wondering if the Schooner bar exists on the Quantum? Also, what other upgrades do you have planned for the Navigator? That is one of our favorite ships!

    • Adam

      Hi Lisa, more details about Quantum of the Seas will be revealed in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned. Additionally, information on Navigator of the Seas’ enhancements in 2014-2015 will be disclosed in the near future, so please keep an eye on our page.

  • Kim

    Loved the reveal show yesterday. Very excited to hear more, and can’t wait to book our trip!!

    • Adam

      Thank you, Kim. We’re excited as well.

  • Bill Porter

    All the pictures so far reveal no Promenade. Will there be”? Will it always sail out of bayone Will it have cantilever whirlpools? Will it have a chapel? How about the h2o zone
    Loyal Royal Cruiser Bill Porter CT

    • Adam

      Hi Bill, more details about Quantum of the Seas will be made public in the coming weeks so please keep an eye on our page, and the Quantum of the Seas site. Thank you.

  • vinny

    It seems that there isnt much open deck space on this ship. Is there room for enough loungers for the many guests on this ship?

    • Adam

      Ship specifics for Quantum of the Seas will be revealed soon, so please keep an eye on our Quantum of the Seas site for updates.

  • Tyler Rogers

    Why has the Viking Crown Lounge been removed and the Royal Promenade been altered?

    • Adam

      Hi Tyler, please keep an eye on our Quantum of the Seas site for more specific information.

  • karen mullady

    Are you auditioning entertainers yet? What ports will you be leaving from?

    • Adam

      Hi Karen, we’ll be making more announcements on Quantum of the Seas itineraries soon. Also, please visit for all current availability.

  • Tom Gagnon

    Is there a royal Promenade or neighborhoods on the Quantum, or something like that for parades?

    • Adam

      Hi Tom, with Oasis class, we organized the ships into seven main themed areas providing guests with the opportunity to seek out relevant experiences based on their personal styles, preferences or moods. With Quantum class, we have evolved our design to focus on Transformative Spaces. These groundbreaking venues will be able to marry new innovations with significant architectural design elements and create spaces that guests can enjoy from morning to night. Because these venues will evolve throughout the day, there is always something new to experience.

  • MaylottCruises

    You missed the Viking topper, I and my many groups will not be on this ship, but well played, the other features are awesome, I am a true beliver in RCCL as I am also owened by Apollo

    • Adam

      Thank you for your input.

  • Frank Domizio

    Love the new Quantum of the seas. I can’t wait for more info on the ship and for her to come to Bayonne. I hopefully will sail on her in December 2014. Nice job RCI REAL W O W.

    • Adam

      Thank you, Frank.

  • Ginny Brockway

    Is there a promenade on the Quantum?

    • Adam

      Hi Ginny, further details on Quantum of the Seas will be made in the next few weeks so please keep an eye on Quantum of the Seas site.

  • Elizabeth Rowsell

    Dear Royal,

    My husband and I love your cruises and always have a blast. We’ve been on two now as it takes us a little while to save up to go on them,

    My question is this…while I love what you are doing with the cruise ships ( Allure, Oasis and the new Quantum ), I haven’t been on any and my concern is that with all the changes you are doing I may never get to go on another one again. How are you going to be able to keep the prices reasonable so that the everyday person like me can continue to go on these beautiful ships.

    As stated, my husband and I have been on two cruises with Royal and it is the only cruise line we will ever go on. It takes us a while to save for these as we always get a balcony and we love the excursions. I was hoping to be able to surprise my husband with a cruise for our 17th wedding anniversary this year since we both had such a rough year last year but since I recently lost my job that isn’t going to happen and may not now until our 20th. With that being said, I kindly ask that Royal doesn’t up their prices so that we may never be able to go on another cruise.

    Thanks, Elizabeth Rowsell
    Lover of Royal Caribbean

    • Adam

      We will certainly take your input into consideration, Elizabeth. Thank you for your comment.

  • Eliza

    Thank you, Thank you!!! So glad Quantum is sailing out of someplace other than Florida. New Jersey is much closer to Ohio! Also, thank you for putting the Southern Caribbean on the agenda. We are so tired of doing Eastern and Western! Hope the Southern Caribbean is for the maiden voyage . . . that would make it SPECIAL and DIFFERENT!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Eliza. We’re glad we can share in your excitement.

  • Denise Biggs

    What port will the Quantum be going to?

    • Adam

      Hi Denise, please click here for the most up to date information on Quantum of the Seas.

  • Char Dardanes

    My husband and I would like a true deal for our 27th wedding anniversary July 27th…can you help is…balcony a must. 7706871832 phone

    • Adam

      Hi Char, please click here for all of our available cruise deals. Thank you.

  • http://facebook Sylvia McDaniel

    Quantum of the Seas sounds wonderful! I hope you have some awesome deals! :-) I would love to bring the whole family on a cruise :-)

    • Adam

      Thank you, Sylvia. We hope to have you all onboard soon.

  • http://Rccl Jeff Hassinger

    The best

    • Adam

      Thank you, Jeff.

  • Austin Blomdahl

    What about mini golf, will that be on the Quantum of the seas?

    • Adam

      Hi Austin, more details on Quantum of the Seas will be made public soon. Please keep an eye on our Quantum of the Seas site for more information.

  • Erin

    Once again, I am absolutely WOWed by Royal Caribbean…and this is just the beginning! As I sit here learning more about Quantum, all that I can think about is how Royal Caribbean has truly delivered on designing (another) cruise ship that will appeal to the whole family (as was the intention, I’m sure). While I know that you are the “world’s most innovative cruise line,” I commend Royal Caribbean for continuing to offer attractions and features that you cannot find with any other company. I look forward to seeing what else you have to reveal in the coming months! :)

    • Adam

      Thank you, Erin. We’re glad we WOWED you.

  • Theresa

    My family and I are very excited to cruise on the Quantum of the Seas….. We have cruised on the Sovereign(1x), the Freedom(3x) & the Oasis….. We only cruise with Royal Caribbean and have enjoyed every ship.

    • Adam

      Thank you for being Loyal to Royal, Theresa.

  • joan

    Royal is the best.

    • Adam

      We appreciate you saying so, Joan.

  • dan

    Virtual balconies? Can we get virtual cigarette smoke too as if we’re standing out on our own balcony?

  • Martin Hansen

    i dont se the promenade-deck around the ship on deck 4-5 or 6 so everyone can walk around the ship close to the water – and also going on the heli-deck to look forward… why do you (and celebrity) make ships without this outstanding and a must have option ??
    Why do you take the balcony away from the side of the ship, so that everybody can se the water rigth below ??

    Dont understand these things…..

    And by the way, why putting the fitness-center down in the celler on Oasis and Allura ??

    that is one off the reasons why i dont want to sail with this two ships.

    Martin, who anyway will take another cruise on one off RCCL’s ships in the future….

    • Adam

      Hi Martin, thank you for your input. We will be sure to pass your comments along to the proper department for review.

  • Svenn

    What happend whit viking crown lounge?

    • Adam

      Hi, Svenn– please keep an eye on our Quantum of the Seas page for updates on the amenities and public spaces onboard our new ship.

  • Camille

    Adam…you know that you and Royal Caribbean have accomplished something so amazing that I put it over their with the Wright Brothers….you now own the Seven Seas….you have changed cruising forever, now wait for all the cruise lines to try and follow suit… and “the best is yet to come” as Sinatra used to say…..see ya soon……

    • Adam

      Thank you for your kind words, Camille. We’re looking forward to having you onboard.

  • Daniel

    Dear Adam,

    The Quantum of the Seas is impressive and I can’t wait to see it in person, especially as an RCI fan who has cruised on Freedom, Voyager, and Sovereign class ships!

    I do have a few questions though:

    1. Can you please explain what exactly a Virtual Balcony is? I have seen it mentioned all over the place, but the concept is never really explained in any concrete detail.

    2. Considering the North Star is a long, heavy metal arm that has the ability to move its weight far away from the center of gravity of the ship, how was this accounted for in terms of preventing it from exaggerating listing? And if the ship is traversing rough waters, will the North Star be inoperable for safety reasons?

    3. This ship is comparable in size to the Freedom class in terms of gross tonnage and length, but I was surprised to see that the Quantum, with a width of 136 feet, is 49 feet narrower than the Freedom class. Were there technical or other reasons for this dramatic decrease in beam?

    Thank you very much for your response!

    – Daniel

    • Adam

      Hello Daniel, thank you for your questions. The staterooms were inspired by the question of “how do we maximize space in all staterooms – balcony or inside?” And specifically, how do we create a WOW within our inside stateroom category. We naturally gravitated to two things: lighting and technology, and from those initial brainstorming sessions came the idea of virtual balconies. Now guests have these beautiful floor-to-ceiling screens that provide a connection with the ship and sea, as well as a sense of what’s happening outside the stateroom by providing live views of the ocean and our exciting destinations. Now, all guests can even enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the comfort of their stateroom.

      Safety will always be priority number one onboard our ships and we will exercise caution and certain measure to ensure that our North Star is operating in maintaining those goals.

      Lastly, our approach to ship building has never been about building the largest cruise ships. It’s about building the best ships with a range of new and innovative amenities for our guests – and it just so happens that our ships have been getting larger and larger in order to accommodate everything we want to offer them. Quantum of the Seas embodies a quantum leap forward in cruising and offers vacationers new and transformative onboard experiences and a new range of game-changing ‘firsts’ at sea, for which we have become known.

  • John & Cindy Yorkovich

    First, thanks for 14 wonderful Royal Caribbean cruises so far, with two more bookings confirmed. Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line that we consider for our cruise experience. We have been on all the ship classes from Sovereign to Freedom and next April will give Oasis a try for our 30th wedding anniversary.

    We are looking forward to hearing more details about Quantum and hope that some of our favorite ship characteristics, such as the Royal Promenade, will be a part of it’s design. We trust that loyal Crown & Anchor members have been a part of the planning process to insure that you capture some of our favorite ship features while still looking for ways to improve and upgrade the overall cruise experience.

    Thanks for always trying to make every cruise the best one ever!

    • Adam

      Hello, John & Cindy. We appreciate you both being so Loyal to Royal over the years and are excited to share with you and everyone else just what we have in store for Quantum of the Seas in the coming months. Rest assured we have made sure to keep our Crown & Anchor Society Members in mind when making decisions and preparations for our new class. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you two the next time you’re onboard.

  • Mike

    I can’t not wait to cruise on the ship ship out of cape liberty. While the explorer and her awesome crew will be missed by me. This will my new yearly 12 day ship. I will be calling crown n anchor booking the first morning to book the first trip out of NYC. Can’t wait to see the “regulars”

    • Adam

      We look forward to your call, Mike. Thank you for your comment.

  • DMPicone

    The Quantum Of The Seas is introducing the first Studio cabins to Royal Caribbean. It is also bringing virtual balconies to the inside cabins. Will the inside studio cabins feature the virtual balconies as well?

    I’ve also been looking at the deck plans and noticed that pullman beds are now limited to just the family staterooms. I’ve always preferred a pullman bed to the sofa beds since they seem larger, why the change? Will the sofa beds be bigger on the Quantum of the Seas?

    • Adam

      Hi Derek, our standard interior rooms will feature a virtual balcony and select studios will as well. We are also introducing studio balcony staterooms so single travelers can enjoy their own private balcony.

  • Beau

    Wow, my wife and I are going on 20th cruise next week now we can’t wait to go on this new ship. Keep sending updates, RCCL is and will always be the BEST!!!

    • Adam

      Congratulations, Beau! We look forward to having you onboard. And trust us, we can’t wait to reveal more information soon!

  • Norine

    Looking forward to booking the maiden voyage on Quantum of the Seas. We are platinum members with RC. How will be know when we are able to book the cruise? Looking forward to another great cruise experience.

    • Adam

      Hi Norine, Quantum of the Seas bookings will open for our Crown & Anchor Society members on May 28. Please keep an eye on our page for more specific details. Thank you.

  • Mary

    I’ve been on 14 cruises and am very impressed with the Quantum. My question is regarding the RipCord and Bumper Cars new to this ship. Is there a weight limit to participate?

    • Adam

      Hi Mary, RipCord by iFly flyers may be as young as three years of age with no upper age limit. All flyers must be in good health and physical condition. Additionally, those less than 6 feet tall must weigh less than 230 lbs, and those over 6 feet must weigh less than 250 lbs. Children under 18 years of age need to have a parent or guardian to sign their waiver. Finally, if you have a prior shoulder dislocation or back or neck problems you should not fly.

      In regard to our bumper cars bear in mind that restrictions mirror that of land based operations. Thank you.

  • Camille

    Adam…I cant wait to hear more about the Quantum of the Seas and Cape Liberty in New Jersey… know New Jersey is the Garden State….so we have the Garden of Eden…Adam…and I am supposing there is an “Eve” somewhere… wonderful ..”.I’ll bring the apples”…see you soon……

  • Elizabeth

    Looking forward to booking both the Quantum Transatlantic and the Inaugural on 28th May.

    • Adam

      We are glad to hear that, Elizabeth.

  • Camille

    Quantum of the Seas has my vote…I had hoped that Quantum of the Seas would call home in a warmer climate…

    • Adam

      Hi, Camille. Quantum of the Seas will be cruising to a warm weather destinations once she sets sail, and we can’t wait to see you onboard.

  • Aidan Owen

    I think this is a beautiful ship you guys at Royal Caribbean have designed, but I will always love the Oasis class! Booked for my 15th wedding anniversary. I will always love the Oasis class!

    If you don’t mind, Adam, I have a few questions for you…

    1. Will the Oasis-class ships be getting Quantum-class upgrades? (e.g. Two70)

    2. Would you consider the Quantum class as the succeeder to the Oasis class?

    3. What on Earth is this virtual balcony? It sounds very cool but I can’t picture it in my head!

    Thanks Adam. Can’t wait until my cruise on the Quantum!

    • Adam

      Hello Aidan. For numbers 1 and 2, you’ll have to stay tuned. As for number 3, Virtual Balconies are 80″ LED screens that make staterooms feel more light, airy and comfortable while giving guests a connection to the world outside with live views of the ocean, sunrises & sunsets and much more.

  • Carol Hixon

    Ever since my Husband & I were married on the Majesty of the Seas in 1998, I have been in love with Royal Caribbean. We are looking forward to this new chapter in Royal Caribbean history and can’t wait to sail the Quantum class. Thanks for all the past and future memories!

    • Adam

      Thank you for sharing, Carol. We look forward to seeing you and your husband soon.

  • Ling R A

    I am an avid skydiver enthusiast and engineering student who is new to cruising. My next cruise will likely be on the Quantum of the Seas. I have tried iFly vertical wind tunnels across the country and will no doubt try the Ripcord! What a great idea to have it on the ship – water and air elements put together. I must ask – how did you come up with such an idea?

    Also, the engineer in me loves keeping tabs on the building of the Quantum of the Seas. I have seen a few photographs of it on the internet, but I am eagerly awaiting the photo gallery of its construction as you had with the wonderful Oasis and Allure of the Seas! Please do not wait too long to show such a gallery.

    Thank you.

  • john

    Hi Adam – can you confirm there will cabins for single travellers and priced to reflex this given the amount of single travellers wanting to cruise ?

  • tiyana

    Are you allowed to tell what are the dates that the Quantum will be sailing in july 2015. That is that datea that I would like to go on a family vacation

  • Kevin degraag

    Hi will there be starbucks on quanterm of the seas

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Kevin – We will be announcing more details about Quantum in the coming months. Stay tuned!

      • Kevin degraag

        Can’t wait for my 4th cruise with RCI have now a booking on nov2 to New York I drive a London taxi always promoting RCI can’t wait you build great ships kevin

  • Sabby

    Awaiting 2015 March – July cruise sailings of Mariners of the Sea & Quantum of the Sea from China. Can you let us know how much longer we have to wait ?

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Good morning Sabby, We anticipate having the Summer Asia 2015 itineraries for The Mariner of the Seas, The Quantum of the Seas and The Voyager of the Seas available by mid-July. The time frame is subject to change but hope that you can book by then.

  • Liz

    Looking foward to the January 2015 cruise
    on Quantum of the Seas to celebrate my daughters 16th birthday.

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Liz, We can’t wait to have you onboard!

  • Mary

    I am anxiously awaiting my cruise on the Quantum. It seems that Seaplex is the place to be for sports. However, I don’t see anything about mini golf or a golf simulator. Is this not available on this ship. Also, there are many restaurants, but no main dining rooms. Are there no set seating times anymore, i.e early or late seating? Thank you.

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hello Mary, We don’t have simulated mini golf or golf simulators onboard and there will not be regular, early or late dining. Dynamic Dining allows our guests to choose a time best for them at a restaurant of their liking. We can’t wait to welcome you aboard the Quantum of the Seas!

      • Ricky

        Is there a table tennis table onboard? If yes what ship.

        • Royal Caribbean International

          Hi Ricky, great question. All of our ships have table tennis tables onboard.

  • William

    Is virtual balcony has different ‘views’? For example, a view of a city or a forest, similar to 270. I think it is a great feature to the inside room.

    • RoyalCRG SocialMedia

      Hi William, thanks for your inquiry. The virtual balconies will have real-time views of the areas surrounding the ship.