Some Updates From Random Points of View

by 494

Management life – We had a Board of Directors meeting last week. Obviously it wouldn’t be appropriate to comment on matters we discussed with the Board. But I mention it because each of our four Board meetings per year is a big deal. Although we discuss issues that we already spend a lot of time on as management, preparing for a Board meeting really makes you think about what you are doing and saying. It isn’t just the Board meeting itself. The committee meetings the day before are important too. The audit committee is not usually an edge of the seat affair but it is a crucial component of proper governance in the 21st century. Meanwhile, the discussions we have in the safety, security and environment committee are always extremely beneficial to our oversight of the most sensitive areas of the business. I thought this was a particularly good meeting especially in light of the challenging nature of the current business environment.

Oasis life – Less than 40 days to go! We had an offsite staff meeting (we call it brand ops) to go over the inaugural program in detail. Intense detail. The variety of moving parts necessary to accomplish our aspirations for the last 20 days in November is mind-boggling. Some of my colleagues were exposed to the full array of challenges for the first time. They appreciate their peers in Sales and Public Relations now more than ever, I can assure you. Our key project managers for this epic undertaking are Ken Muskat, Vice President of Sales, Pam Patterson, Director of Event Planning, and Tracy Quan, Director of Public Relations. They could be doing an experiment in sleep deprivation. Frankly, our biggest issue is not being able to invite everyone we would like to invite. There are two one night events that anyone who is willing to pay the price to support a good cause can attend. November 29 is a charity benefit for the United Way. November 30 is a charity benefit for the Make-A-Wish or alternatively Our Kids. Our Kids is the lead agency in Miami-Dade & Monroe for foster care and related services. I just finished my three year stint as Chairman of the Board of trustees there. November 30 is also the naming ceremony for Oasis of the Seas. If you like bagpipes this is the one to attend.

Running life – The good news is I lowered my PR to 19.20 in a recent 5k and I’m confident I can go sub-19 in favorable weather. The bad news is I tripped over a curb in the dark on a morning run and crashed face first into an adjacent curb. Ouch. Not a good way to prepare for a week of media interviews in Europe.

  • Bob k

    Hi Adam I wanted to talk about the cigar lounge that are offerd on the ships. There are some that have coinsurers club,but there are some that do not offer any. They set up locations during certin hours and they are usually in the viking lounge late at night when the music is so loud that you can not enjoy a conversation with other people. Maybe you could consider the libary or the card room late at night. cigarettes are ok at the bars but pipe & cigars are not Dose not sound fair.

  • Erik


    I think its time that this blog comes down….. Let me explain. In 2005 I took my first cruise with RCI on the majesty. I was reluctant to cruise but went with some convincing from my family. Needless to say that since my cruise at Christmas will make me Diamond I was WOWED by the experience. On my last couple of cruises I noticed some changes. I also read about the changes in C&A benefits. Although I didn’t love them I booked three more cruises this year. I was excited that you started a blog however every time I go on the Blog and read all the negative comments It brings me down and makes me question my decision to cruise several times per year. I think that negativity breed’s negativity. Maybe RCCL needs a better customer service I’m not sure. But a blog should be intended to excite people about future cruises or what is to come, not to point out negative things and what to be pre disappointed about. Although I like the Idea of this forum and Agree with some of other peoples concerns. I also like to read your post’s However the endless negative messages should just be addressed somewhere else. Look forward to your response


    • Adam

      Hi Erik,
      Negative commentary does not make for a fun read but on balance I believe it’s better if I write what I want to write and the readers post what they want to write. There are rules that govern what can be posted on the site but I think you can see we’re pretty permissive. Royal Caribbean’s product offering continues to please the overwhelming majority of our guests. We continues to win awards all over the globe. Our evolution involves many more quality enhancements than quality reductions. Oasis of the Seas is not only incredibly exciting in its own right but also is spurring the creation of dozens of improvements that over time we hope to migrate to the rest of the fleet. It is not my intention to take down the blog. We have passionate followers who want to express themselves and if we cut off this avenue I think we would be doing a disservice.

  • tom young

    As long as the blog is called random points of view I thought I would share this one with you. While your cruise line seems to be going the other way on building the average customer ticket once they are on the ship I was wondering if you ever thought of going the other way and taking a ship like the Jewel of the Seas and making the price you charge truly all inclusive. Latte Tudes, Ben & Jerry’s, choice of Steak or Lobster at each nights dinner, up to 5 Drinks per day of the alchoholic variety,soda card, 1 Night of fine dining if desired,and this would just be the tip of the iceberg. You could offer a multitude of packages. I feel you will never know unless you try. By doing this people will know ahead of time what their outlay will be. You would not have to make this exclusive but offer it as a choice. My thoughts on this are you could still push Bingo, the art auctions, the casino and the land tours but for the most part people would not feel they were being nickeled and dimed to death. They in a sense could pick their level of expenditure. By doing it once they are on the ship it looks like you are throwing it at them all at once. Certainly no other mass cruise merchant is doing this. Just a random thought.


    • Adam

      We’re directionally interested in your suggestion regarding the creation of packages that highlight and fix the cost of selected onboard offerings. What I mean by directionally is that we intend on pursuing it in the future but cannot prioritize the necessary system work in the near term given other pressing priorities. We would not endorse a complete all-inclusive product as this would result in guests subsidizing the interests of other guests in areas where user fees are more appropriate and fair. But targeted packaging opportunities make sense to us. Thanks for your input, Tom.

  • Marvin

    Speaking of negative commentary, take note. The 2110 edition of Berlitz “Complete Guide to Cruising”, the industry standard, has been released for sale. Royal Caribbean International has recieved the lowest rating among the major cruise lines for food cuisine and service (page 57). Carnival,Norwegian,Holland America,and Princess all rate higher. It’s not just disgruntled Crown and Anchor Diamond members who have seen the decline in quality and sevice. The Berlitz Guide certainly does not make for a “Fun Read”.

  • akoffman

    Every time I read about and another C&A cut, I think our next cruise will be our last on RCCL due to the reduced Diamond Benefits.

    In March we were on the IOS, and on board experience was outstanding. Every person the cabin attendant, the waiters, the crew were the best. We loved the ship and entertainment and cruise director was best.

    In August we went on the AOS, this time we treated our selves to a suite. We noticed a huge upgrade in service since our last suite experience. We also left our comfort zone of Main Dining and tried My Time Dining and loved it.

    This December, to achieve our goal to become Diamond Plus we are going on the Navigator of the Seas. I am expecting the great C&A service again.

    My point is that as a corporation, you have decided to reduce the C&A Benefits, the crew on the ship continue to deliver a wonderful product. Our last cruise had horrible weather, but the cruise was still wonderful and relaxing. RCCL Corporate could learn some tips from the front line staff who make this family loyal to Royal.