Take Advantage Of Springing Forward

You may lose an hour of sleep, but you'll have more daylight at your disposal.

On March 9th, we set our clocks one hour forward, moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening in accordance with Daylight Savings Time. You may cringe a bit when that alarm goes off sooner than expected, but having extra sunshine is well worth the sacrifice when it comes to being able to spend more time outside and perhaps add a new activity to your day-to-day.

Here are some ideas for making the most of springing forward.

Turn Your Commute Into a Workout. Commuting to and from work in the dark and cold of winter probably means rushing into your heated car or choice of public transportation. With the sun beckoning as you leave the office, why not swap your car keys for sneakers and walk, jog or bike ride home instead? You’ll be getting your workout in (maybe eliminating the need to get up early and hit the treadmill), soaking in some Vitamin D and going green at the same time.

Plant a Garden. While Daylight Savings Time was not actually implemented to give farmers more time to work in the fields, as previously thought, it can mean an opportunity for you and your family to cultivate your own crops post-work and school. Parenting.com shares tips for introducing gardening to toddlers and 5-6 year olds, including building a bean teepee, picking easy-to-grow veggies such as radishes, carrots and lettuce and creating a storybook garden.

Discover a new hobby. Worry about your “to-dos” when it gets dark and use the extra daylight to hunt down a hobby. Head to a vineyard for a wine tasting, explore a new hiking trail or take an outdoor painting class. It’s easy to get in the habit of doing the same thing day-in and out, and springtime means rebirth, right? Revive your everyday with the opportunity to try new things that allow you to keep learning and growing.

Head to the Caribbean. Does anybody really need an excuse to go on a tropical vacation? No, but having an extra evening hour to soak in rays on the beach, snorkel, explore the rainforest or enjoy a glass of wine onboard a cruise ship during sunset significantly helps your cause. Plus, Daylight Savings means spring is approaching…which means a break is in order. If you book a Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean International between now and March 31, you can choose from among three offers, including kids sailing for free, a complimentary stateroom upgrade or a 50 percent reduced deposit. Satisfy your need to kick back and relax and let thoughts of short, dark winter days fade away.

So when the clock strikes 6 a.m. and it feels like 5 a.m., remember that more daylight means more opportunity to enjoy yourself outdoors. That missed hour of sleep will be a far-gone memory in no time.

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