Taking A Dive Without Breaking A Sweat

Dive in, no towel required.

Skydiving is definitely not for everyone.  For some, the thought is enough to send shivers up their spines. Doubtless, though, that the idea of flying has captured their imagination a time or two. So what if you could experience flight without the inherent dangers?  And what if you could do it in the middle of the ocean?

Might sound crazy, but aboard Quantum of the Seas, the next cruise ship by Royal Caribbean, that is a possibility. One of their newest attractions, RipCord by iFly, uses wind tunnel technology in a glass flight chamber to create a realistic skydiving experience that allows even those with no previous training to feel the adrenaline rush of free flight. It’s a first for Royal and the entire cruising industry.

RipCord is a totally controlled environment – trained instructors are with you the whole time – where the bold and the timid can experience what it feels like to soar 10,000 feet in the air without having to jump out of a plane. Before you get to fly you have to take a training course that teaches correct body position and hand signals, and then get suited up in all necessary gear.  Instructors then accompany student flyers on two, one-minute flights – one practice flight and one free-style flight. Thanks to the glass flight chamber, friends and family can cheer you on, and just like real skydiving, commemorative photos and videos are available for purchase.

The simulator operates daily and advance reservations are recommended.

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