Taking the Blogging Plunge

by 394

Hello and thank you to all who have said "Why Not take a look at this new blog?" I appreciate your time and hopefully participation as well. I’m not certain the world needs another blog but there is always incredible interest in Royal Caribbean International. If this blog can give useful insight into our world then it should be of value over time.

On April 29th, I participated in a live chat for the first time with a general market audience. Almost instantly there were over 300 questions. Clearly I (and my fellow leaders of our brand) need to make ourselves available online on a regular basis. This blog should serve as a forum for me to address overarching questions such as the Nation of Why Not campaign, Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, itinerary planning, our Crown & Anchor loyalty program, Swine Flu, etc., new products and services, our amazing people, etc. Of course, for those of you who are keenly interested in following the remainder of the construction process of Oasis of the Seas, our Chairman & CEO Richard Fain is blogging about that at OasisoftheSeas.com.

training for Miami Corporate Run

A CEO blog is typically a mix of personal and professional stuff. Your comments and questions will be the arbiter of that mix so I very much look forward to hearing from you. As it happens, I am writing my first blog on the day of the Miami Corporate Run. I have been working towards this day for two years and I definitely have that race day feeling. In fact, I was able to draft this first blog entry because I am looking to do anything and everything to keep myself occupied between now and 6:45 p.m. when almost 20,000 people start this crazy and even somewhat dangerous 5k race.

It’s been a pleasure sitting down and writing my first blog post. Thanks to you all who have come to visit my blog. I encourage you to post comments, and look forward to interacting with you.


    I understand the decision to remove concierge level access for Diamond Members was difficult but reinstituting daily Happy Hours and having a crew member available does help. It’s obvious this is all about the economics of the situation. Since you’ve found a place to have the Happy Hour you could have reinstituted ALL LIQUID offerings. I understand during these economic times that this is not possible. Is it possible; however, that in addition to wine and champagne at these Diamond Happy Hours to also offer soft drinks and hors d’oeuvres?

    Thank you for your consideration. Good luck on your run.

  • http://cruisediva.com Linda

    Welcome to the “blogosphere”! I’m sure many others will join me in wishing you well on the 5K race, as well as in your plunge into blogging.

  • Mike Byrne

    Dear Adam, great idea to have a blog. Make sure you do read it and write a short note every day to someone, so at least we know you are reading the notes.

    As a stockholder I have two questions. First, I am very happy about the recent runup in stock value. It shows that the market may have over punished RCL for the potential loss in tourism during the recession and increased costs associated with Oasis and Fuel. As a stockholder and Diamond status C&A cruiser who has followed the recent issues re the changes you have made I must say I appreciate the fact that you are trying to reach a middleground on customer service and financial security. What is the likelyhood we will see the dividend come back and get the ability to continue to get OBC credits for stockholders and to return the ability to combine those credits with loyalty credits?

  • Michele C.

    I’m incredibly excited to find your blog! I’m hoping your words can fill in the gap until our next cruise in January 2010.

    My husband and I took our first cruise with Royal Caribbean two years ago, and are currently planning our next cruise on the Freedom of the Seas with our ENTIRE family. You would be hard pressed to find an individual more excited than me about cruising with The Nation of Why Not.

    Good luck with your blog – I’ll be reading along.

  • http://www.sobercelebrations.com SNOW e. pICCOLO

    What is your Twitter address? I am monitoring Mount Redoubt in Alaska as I have 75 guests on Radiance of the Seas in the next couple of weeks.

  • Sharon

    Good luck in your run and I hope this blog serves to facilitate better communication between Royal Caribbean and their Crown & Anchor Society members, of which I am a Diamond member. I understand the need to make changes to the Concierge Lounge due to overcrowding, what I truly don’t understand is why does someone on their first cruise get to enjoy those benefits because they chose to book a suite, when loyal customers who’ve sailed 10 or more times, or 16, like my husband and I have done since Sept 2004, have to lose this benefit? That just doesn’t make sense to me. I know there will be a Diamond lounge on the Oasis class ships and they already exist on the Freedom class, why can’t there be one on the Voyager class ships as well. Is there no way possible to make this happen?

  • Karen

    Why has RCCL not lowered their prices in this economic down turn? I have had fewer bookings this year with RCCL then ever before. Now our clients have turned to Carnival. I think that’s unfortunte since I am a huge fan of Royal Caribbean. Regretfully, i, too, have picked Carnival for my cruise this year. I was booked on the 8 N Liberty of the Seas on 10/24 but at more then 1/2 as much, I can sail a similar cruise on Carnival.

    • Adam


      Thanks for your question, Karen. While we remain sensitive to the constraints the economic recession is placing on personal travel budgets, Royal Caribbean prides itself on its premier cruise offerings and is focused on maintaining prices that reflect a premium offering at a high value. With that said, we regularly offer competitive promotions and sales packages which extend an even greater value to our customers. In regards to competitor considerations, we recommend agents focus their Royal Caribbean pitch on the unparalleled entertainment, food and service offerings of our ships.

  • barb

    good luck on the 5 K, I hope to do one soon myself. We have been on 7 RCCL cruises and hope to take another next year ( paying off college loans)

  • thomas lamb

    since Enchantment of the Seas will be in Baltimore starting in June 2010, as its home port. Will RCL still be offering cruises out of Norfolk, Virginia ?

  • april


    We were all wondering with a cruise set for the second week in june,is their any posibility that are cruise on the freedom of the seas might see our itinerary change back to include mexico?Since the swine flu seems now to be know worse than the regular flu?

  • mANDY

    Great idea! Thanks for giving us Loyal Royals a forum!

    I was a loyal Carnival cruiser for six cruises before taking the advice of a co-worker and trying a Royal Caribbean cruise. (Adventure of the Seas) I’ve never looked back. This year I sailed on Freedom and in March 2010 I’ll be on Serenade.

    My background with another cruise line enables me to appreciate the perks Royal Caribbean provides to its repeat customers. Even with the recent economy-induced cut-backs, Royal offers a lot more to frequent passengers than other lines.

    If you’re really looking for feedback with this blog, my personal feeling is that the company is counting too much on their innovative new ships to sell their product. While we all acknowledge that Royal has the most impressive fleet, most (not all, but most) of us choose our vacations primarily for the ports of call. The ship is the second consideration. It looks to me like you’re putting all your Caribbean fleet in the eastern/western region and leaving poor little Serenade to cover the south. With SO MANY more ports of call in the southern region, it’s an area passengers can visit over and over again. (The Serenade will be my third cruise in the area and I’ll be visiting two brand new ports of call on that trip.) I’d really like to see another ship in San Juan. I hated losing Adventure. She’s my favorite ship to date.

    Thanks and best of luck with your run! I admire you for doing that!!

  • Judy Lake-Corey

    Hi Adam,

    It really is amazing to me that the chairman and CEO of a huge Corporation such as Royal Caribbean International can take a few minutes out of his busy day to make a few comments to the general public and “Loyal to Royal” cruisers such as myself and my husband. And I think that it’s quite wonderful.

    We are Diamond Crown and Anchor memebers, and I am a travel agent. We have to say that is really something special about a Royal Caribbean cruise. I always expect my customers to come back having exceeded their expections when they sail on Royal. We love!

    We were disappointed with the loss of the concierge lounge on some of the ships, especially when we looked forward to it so much when we were working our way towards it. Since RCI has made a concession and managed to find a place for the Diamond Crown and Anchor members to meet nightly, I’m hoping that the alcohol and hors desverses can also be replaced soon. I know so many folks over do it, so perhaps if it was limited, it could be worked out.


  • thomas lamb

    Since Enchantment of the Seas will be home ported in Baltimore starting June 2010. Will RCL still be offering cruises out of Norfolk, Virginia?

  • http://Fazal Fazal A Fazlin

    I was on Independence of Seas in March, and have booked back to back on Freedom for end of May. There was a special sale yesterday, with a lower price of $100 pp. I thought that I had a price guarantee, that was not honored by RCCL. I was so much upset with this and other changes to Diamond perks, that I have lost brand loyalty. I booked on Carnival 8 day, and Princess 18days cross Altantic. You are going to loose a loyal customer for $200.00

  • M. Martineau

    Truly disappointed in your decision to eliminate Diamond members from the Concierge Club. We have been loyal to you over the years, and when we became members, you set the ‘ carrot out ‘……we went for it, and now RCCL has broken its promise. Sad Day. I know you will have Diamond Lounges on some ships…..but come on now Wine and Champagne….how about those of us who don’t like these spirits??

    I also happen to be a Travel Agent and you should hear their comments!!! I am afraid you and I have both lost future sales.

  • Jorge

    Please DO NOT lower your prices, too much. I always use the “value-added” approach when selling RCI. Reasonable clients can understand why they are paying a premium for your ships. It is not just a regular cruise like Carnival, you really cannot compare the two. Your ships cost a lot more money to build and offer so much more than the other cruise lines.

    As a travel agent it is all about how you present the cruise to potential clients. I never sell by price but by value for your hard-earned money. If saving a few dollars means the difference between a mediocre vacation or a phenomenal vacation, I say spend the extra money. This message should be communicated to your clients even stronger during this economic downturn.

    I have seen no change in bookings this year since I always start off quoting RCI way before mentioning any of the other cruise lines.

  • jan

    Hi there, how was that 5K? Good for you! I agree with Sharon above sent to you 6 May 2009. No offense to the people who spend a lot of money on a Suite but (there’s always more with a but) I think these people get more than enough pampering on board and probably in their lives as well. I am a Diamond member and it has taken me a long time to get there, I think since 1983 or so… I have tried several other cruise lines but come back to RCCL. My husband and I look forward to celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on the Independence of the Seas in February 2010. Good luck with your blog, this keeps Management grounded.

  • Bill potuchek

    I am surprised that this year you eliminated the “double dip” for Diamond level sailors who book their next cruise while on board. As a travel agent who just booked a Diamond Member into a balcony room I found out that he is not elibgible for both the diamond discount and the $200 cabin credit he was given when he booked on his last cruise. Why would RCCL encourange their most frequent sailors NOT to book their next cruise while on board. As long as their is no advantage he will never book on board again and may even switch to another cruise line where higher level cruisers are appreciated more. It changed this year and you have the power to change it back.

  • D. Sawyer

    I think it is a disgrace how RCCL is treating their Diamond Members. We have taken pride in earning this status and now since the systems has been successful you can’t handle it. That is the thanks we get for supporting you all these year. Everyone who is currently a Diamond member should be Grandfathered into the plus status and those who are currently earning would need 24 cruises. I also agree with some of the other comments about suites, they should not be given a privilege that we worked so hard to achieve just because they spent a little extra money on their first cruise. And lets face it the cost of keeping loyal members happy does not weight the cost of liquor. Get it together RCCL because we really want to fill the new ships in the future.

  • marilyn

    Good luck on the run! I was so surprised to have you respond so quickly to an e-mail from me last week about the shuffling of itineraries. How nice to know that you really are concerned with what we think.

  • Irene Simas – MA

    Welcome aboard the World of Why Not ….. BLOG? :-)

    I am a Cruise Consultant and a Diamond Plus member with your Crown & Anchor Program.

    Royal Caribbean’s ships are THE most innovated ships out there!
    I tell clients that they will find themselves verbally saying, “WOW.”

    You’re new theme of “the Nation of Why Not” helps to answer the question for clients…. Why should they Choose to Cruise?

    Thank you for your time. This is going to be fun!


    Dear Adam,
    Good for you with another new beginning. Thanks for the update via your blog. Enjoy your 5K. All the best, Nancy Bieser

  • Fran Mckay

    Hi Adam,

    I am a travel agent from Canada, a big RCCL fan and Diamond Member with 16 cruises behind us and a Scandinavian cruise on the books for next May. My husband and I were also very disappointed with the decision to remove access to the Concierge Lounge for Diamond Members. This was a benefit we really looked forward to and now we have 2 other couples who are travelling with us on the Jewel next May who are booked into Grand Suites and will have access whereas we will not. And we booked before the new policy was announced….

    That is not the sole reason for this message. What I would like to ask is if RCCL has ever considered limiting smoking onboard to one bar/lounge and have if be off limits to other areas. I find the smell overwhelming even when it is limited to just one section of the bar. The smoke travels and on our last Med cruise we found it impossible to sit in any of the bars or the casino. As we move towards more non smoking environments might you give serious consideration to this request. It would be greatly appreciated.

    • Royal Caribbean Communications


      Hello, this is Lisa Bauer, SVP, Hotel Operations and I wanted to take this opportunity to answer your question. We are currently in the process of reviewing our fleetwide smoking policy, while we do not have any proposed changes at this time we are reviewing guest comments and may make some changes moving forward. Over time our smoking policy has evolved in the direction of greater restrictions on areas where something is permitted. That evolution is likely to continue.

  • http://www.aztrailstravel.com Roxanne

    Hi Adam
    Congratulations on participating in the race I hope it went well for you.
    I’d also like to congratulate you on the decision to move Mariner of the Seas to the Pacific Coastal Cruises during May and early June. This is a great summer itinerary for West Coast departures and I’d like to encourage you to look at doing this on a regular basis. We need more ships on the West Coast. I’m really missing the Monarch of the Seas and the Baja cruise. We sold a lot of those short cruises. I think the 7 day Mex. Riv. and a 5 or 7 day Pacific Coastal from May – Oct. would be a great additon if you can make it happen. Please think of us on this end of the country and see if you could make that happen. Thank you


    My concerns as a travel professional, is the process used to convert a next cruise booking into a confirmed group or family of cruisers. Presently the process takes up to 48 hours before confirmation and sometimes the booking is lost or misdirected and the client is left not understanding why was all this necessary. It seems no one in the group or individual departments wants to be bothered with these conversions. Presently, I am transfering 16 next cruise bookings to my partner advocate for confirmation, but the clients insisted that I book the staterooms and suites now, so they wont be lost in 48 hours. This could be considered double work. I’m sure there is a better way.

    • Royal Caribbean Communications


      Hello, this is Rita Stolze, Director, Trade Support and Services. I certainly apologize if you have been experiencing challenges with this transaction. An updated process for moving Next Cruise bookings into a group is being communicated with our contact center teams. When a Next Cruise booking is transferred to the chosen ship and sail date and space is allocated, our team should be processing this within the FIT environment. The FIT booking may then be transferred to the group and there should be no risk of inventory or allocation loss. We will certainly be happy to look at your specific situation and ensure that we are processing accordingly.

  • http://www.crowncast.org Jamie Snyder

    Woot, 19:35, looks like you had a great run. (The race was on April 29th folks)Thank you for taking the time to do this. I hope it helps with some insight in to how you lead a great company. I would hope that we could keep individual customer concerns to customer service; I know we won’t, but I wish we could. I for one am looking forward to your next post.

  • StevE

    We’ve been on over 35 cruises with RCCL (Diamond Plus) and are VERY disappointed to learn about the closing of the concierge lounge. And, in reply to some other comments on this blog, we also do not drink wine or champaigne. Frankly, we would prefer to pay more for a cruise that can provide truly first class service (i.e. no signing bills for evry little thing) and clientele.

  • http://www.bonvoyagecruises.com Michael

    Good Luck on the 5K run Adam! My only run is to the Schooner Bar. You’re a better man than I Gunga Din. Please cover those legs after the race. (smile)

  • Sunny

    Hi Adam, Thank you for taking the time to blog. I understand those that are unhappy with the new rules regarding the Concierge Lounge, but it was bound to happen. We couldn’t even get in the door the last cruise out. I am a Diamond Plus C&A member. I have cruised way over 50 cruises– with all cruise lines… and I don’t remember a “bad” cruise with RCCL! My advice to the Diamonds and others: keep booking the RCCL and you’ll get to Diamond Plus. It doesn’t make sense starting all over with another cruise line when you are already sailing with the best. I also have a travel website. Please don’t think I’m hyping it… (I get paid NO money for advertising on it), but I love cruising I want to share my experiences with others. I will be sailing on the inagural Oasis cruise with my entire family when it gets to the U.S. I am so excited about adding that experience to my website. I have sailed all over the world. (Now you can guess my age!) and I still have every port in Europe, Hawaii, Alaska, etc. yet to write about on my site. If interested: ftp://ftp.carols-cruise-port-itineraries.com.
    Good luck on your run!
    A “Happy Cruiser”.
    Sunny 247

  • Pat Root

    I think a blog is a great idea…but I think maybe a blog just for agents would be good, as well as one for the general public. That being said I was very dissapointed in the Diamond members getting kicked out of the concierge lounges. I also agree that RCCL needs more varied caribbean ports of call.
    I am very loyal to RCCL and look forward to many more exciting cruises. I guess I just have to get a few more cruises under my belt to be a Diamond Plus Member to enjoy the lounges again.

  • http://carols-cruise-port-itineraries.com/ Sunny

    Oooops! Please change my travel URL to: http://carols-cruise-port-itineraries.com and not the ftp address. Sorry!

  • http://carols-cruise-port-itineraries.com/ Sunny

    Oooops! Please change my URL to http://carols-cruise-port-itineraries.com and not the ftp address. Thanks!

  • http://ForTravel.net Harold

    Hi Adam, My wife and I are Platinum members and I am a travel agent. I have found that your agent website at Cruisingpower.com is not as intuitive as it should be and sometimes, just doesn’t work very well. Is someone working on this problem.

    After 5 Cruises on RCL we are trying Celebrity (Solstice) in Europe this fall and I am wondering if we will be given the equivalent of our platinum membership on RCL.

    Thanks for being accessible online. Royal Caribbean is a Great Company and we plan on being customers and boosters for a long time.

  • http://www.cruisingfromnewyork.com Anne Campbell

    Hi Adam…welcome to the world of blogging. I think you’ll enjoy the feedback you get. Good luck on the race!

  • Earl

    Bad enough you took away the Diamond perks, not just the C/L but the sliming down of the coupon book. You also took away the bath robes, shampoo , body lotion in the cabin.
    We have 18 cruises and I just realized that we never got credit for 4 cruises from 1990 to 1994. I was told if I could show proof that we were on your ships , like pictures or sea pass cards we could get credit. Come on, do you keep verification of anything for 15 to 20 years , it seems its THE C/A PLOY AND WAY OF SAYING ON , NO MATTER WHAT.If you want to contact me you have my email address.

  • http://www.singleparenttravel.net John Frenaye

    Welcome aboard! Good luck in the race, and Go Phillies….from a phan currently in Oriole territory!

  • Brenda

    My husband and I will be embarking on the Adventure of the Seas in September for yet another wonderful vacation. We were wondering what the criteria for C&A savings certificates is as we never seem to get to utilize them. We even booked on the Liberty of the Seas and missed out. I just wish that there was more of an incentive for loyal customers than coupons for things on the ship. It seems that everything is centered around more and more buying than rewarding continuous customers. Thank you for your time.

  • Terry

    Hello! I am a 90 point cruiser with RCCL plus a stockholder. I want to tell you that we have traveled on many different lines and my husband was an executive with a cruise line in the 90’s. For the last 5 years we have been exclusively loyal to the RCCL brand. This is because of the wonderful ships, attentive crew, diverse itineraries and the C&A program.

    We started booking suites a few years back because the experience, in many cases, was like being in a 5-star hotel! The experience is really worth the price. We truly are treated very well. We earned every benefit and privilege. Those Concierge lounges are being abused by many members and I am glad there will be limits set, now. There are a lot of us double and triple digit C&A members out there and it is not that difficult to earn the points to Diamond+

    However, within the last 5 months RCCL has pulled A LOT of wonderful C&A benefits away.

    BUT… Why on earth would you take a stockholder stateroom credit away, too? Don’t you want your guests to own a piece of your success and be rewarded for their ownership?

    Regardless of economic conditions if loyalty is important, you really should think first and foremost about your “really” loyal guests. Taking from the top could create a domino affect. Is there anything in the works for the triple digit cruisers?

    Either way we love our suites and don’t plan to stop cruising. Thank you for this chance to write on your blog.

  • http://www.cruiseknowledge.com Leland Garner

    So I’m wondering…. if you’ve been training for the 5K on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, are you tempted to run the 5K in circles?

    Congratulations on the Blog! We’ll be looking forward to reading the inside scoop!

  • erik

    Im not happy about the diamond members losing the Concierge club. It was the main perk of being diamond. shame on rccl. I think you will find that by taking away perks your loyals will be less

  • Bonnie wyneken

    Dear Adam,

    This is great – hopefully, we all learn from everyone’s comments.
    I am both a travel consultant & a Diamond + member with RCCL.
    Just got off Enchantment of the Seas and had a very nice cruise.
    One comment (have several in general, but will just address this one for now) – I do not understand RCCL’s policy regarding bringing liquor on board. Was called to what everyone is referring to as “the Naughty Room” as one of our suitcases was pulled to check for liquor of which there was NONE! However, it is very degrading and ridiculous for this whole process.
    Why cannot RCCL allow people to bring on a bottle of wine/champagne per person – Celebirty allows it as does several other cruise lines. I really think not having your policy so restrictive, people would not “smuggle” as they do now. Indiviudals who bring on some of their own liquor still spend $$$ on the ship.
    And, to say it is a “safety” issue is also ridiculous.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Adam


      Thank you for your comment, Bonnie. Our alcohol policy was put in place to secure the safety and security of our guests.

      In January of 2006, we launched the ServSafe program fleetwide. The program teaches our staff how to ensure we serve alcohol responsibly. The program comes from the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. We train all management and staff who supervise the service of, or execute, the service of alcohol. When guests bring alcohol onboard and drink in their room, our staff isn’t able to judge how much a guest has consumed. When these guests then visit one of our bars, lounges or restaurants, this could lead to someone being overserved – even with one or two drinks – which could lead to problems. Some people have tried to position this issue as being about revenue for our company. That simply is not true. Safety and security are our highest priority.

  • Mauricio FERNANDEZ

    Hi, I am a Crown & Anchor member from Mexico and have been very satisfied with the service tha RC has provided us over the years. My first cruise with RC was on my honey moon, almost 14 years ago.

    I have a cruise reserved for september in the Mediterranean and I am very concerned that with the flu outbreak I heard that there have been instances in which Mexican passengers, with no flu like symptoms, have been taken down of your cruise ships just for being from Mexico. I understand these actions if someone does present symptons, but cant understand why these people were treated that way.

    Hopefully this can get cleared, because we are really considering other options.

    Congratulations on your blog, I think this kind of intiatives truly indicate that RC is focused on their customers.

    Best regards,


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  • Earl

    May I ask why my email from 5/6/09 @ 8:00 pm was not posted?

  • Linda A

    Hi. I am so glad that we, your customers are being given a chance to talk directly to you about your company. As a loyal customer of 44 cruises, starting back in 1978, I was very upset to hear of the changes in the Crown and Anchor benefits. I understand that current times are difficult, but that holds true not only for companies but us, the common public as well. If you wish to change the program, it should only be changed for those who are new to it. We started out with the benefits we EARNED by being loyal to this line. To take away the perks from those of us who have reached the Diamond Plus level is very dishearting. It is us who have MADE your company become what it is today. We talk to our friends, family, co-workers, and thru us they book and learn of the wonderful product you have. Is this new change of benefits we now have to accept the way you reward us? There are other cruise lines out there. We should still be able to receive the balacony credit along with the on board credit, and in my case, the stock holders credit. If I cant include my stock holders credit, why should I keep the stock. The share value has dropped from over $40.00 per share to what, $17.00 a share. I hope that you rethink the benefit program of the Crown and Anchor. I am sure that many more Diamond Plus members will be as upset as I am once they learn about the loss of benefits. And the idea that you can CHOOSE one of the three to be applied to your cruise is an insult. We stayed loyal to you, you should stay loyal to us. Also, since when do you have to pay for orange juice at breakfast? I understand that it is Freshly squeezed, but the other stuff offered was so watered down that it didnt even have the taste of orange in it. And where is the tomato juice at breakfast? I think it is still a part of the breakfast drink group. I am bringing things up here for others to be aware of. I dont mean to attack you, but the way things are going, you may out price, out benefit your company to the point that no new ships will be needed.

  • Chuck Traugott


    I personally think your Blog is a Great Idea. While my wife and I have only had one cruise on Royal Caribbean (with another one booked for 2010) we do find that Celebrity, who you own, offers a better value and service. Many times I find that I can cruise on Celebrity for a lower price than Royal Caribbean. What I have found is with the size of Royal Caribbean, your itineraries are more varied and attractive. We do appreciate the reciprocal agreement that allows us to participate in the special functions because of our history on Celebrity. However, when we do attend the functions, the only drinks available are alcoholic. It would be helpful if sodas were offered for those of us who do not drink.

    My wife and I have enjoyed all of our cruises with Celebrity and Royal Caribbean and hope that you do not let the service slip while trying to stay profitable. The food offerings have definitely been limited, but please don’t allow the service to slip since that is what people are really looking for is an outstanding experience.


    Chuck Traugott

  • http://www.cruisingdave.com Dave

    Hi Adam. I’m excited to follow you and hear what you have to say. Good luck with your race!

    I do have one question. Does RCI have any plans of sailing out of Philadelphia? I’m pretty sure they used to. I know Celebrity did, and NCL still does. But we need more variety hear in the city of brotherly love! What are the chances of getting a ship placed here?

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Glen

    Hi Adam,
    You made alot of loyal people angry with the recent decision pertaining to the conceirge club. A simple solution would be to make the whole Viking Lounge a ‘Private Party’ between 5-8:30.
    Problem solved and everybody happy…


    We live in a retirement community in La Quinta, CA. Lots of excitement about the Pacific Coastal Cruises, however, many of my clients here want to “get out of town” in the summer months. Is it possible to keep a couple of ships available for July and August. On the West Coast, we have very limited destinations and many of my clients have been on the Mexico cruises many times and no longer wish to go there. Leaving from LA or San Diego is very attractive to them. I just had to turn down 20 couples for an August cruise. Please consider.

  • Mandy

    Wow…it pays to speak to the man at the top!! THANK YOU for bringing Adventure back to San Juan for the winter months! She’s my favorite ship. You can count of my group the week of February 20, 2011. Yes, I do plan out THAT FAR!

  • Toni

    My husband and I are leaving on our anniversary/birthday cruise on Sunday. We’re looking forward to sailing on Freedom of the Seas and have lots of jealous family and friends! Our only slight disappointment is that we’re still not going to Mexico. It seems as though the swine flu is not as serious as everyone originally seemed to think. 36,000 people die every year from the regular flu, not to mention the amount of people affected. There is hardly a comparison. At this point, there are almost as many swine flu affected people in the USA as in Mexico, and the flu is mainly inland. My husband and I were really looking forward to going to Mexico and are asking that RC reconsider (preferably before Sunday.) Can passengers take a vote?

  • Thomas

    I am becoming increasingly disappointed with all that is happening with my cruise on the Freedom of the Sea on June 7, 2009. First, due to what I consider overreaction to the Swine Flu, we no longer get to enjoy Mexico and the excursion I was most looking forward to, the Mayan Ruins. If that wasn’t bad enough we just got and email saying our snuba excursion at Grand Cayman has been canceled with no real explanation. So not only do we have to spend 2 extra hours on the most expensive Island with the least to do, but the one truly interesting excursion is no longer available.

  • Heather Reed

    Hello Adam

    I nedd to PAY special ATTENTION to this comment! I am a student at Sullivan University in Lexington, Kentucky and I am majoring in Travel and Tourism. I have a huge dream of working on and/or with a cruiz line and I will be coming on a trip with my school in Sept. ’09, so when I thought about what I wanted to do Royal Carribbean was the first thing that came to mind.
    But anyway, I am really excited to have found this blog!!!
    I hope that you and I can communicate on exploring my options for the future!
    I would love to work with you guys!!!! Please comment back!!!!
    Thanks so much, Heather R.

  • saundra

    Thank you for starting this blog. I’m relatively new to cruising and have enjoyed all of the things I have learned from the more frequent cruisers. I’m looking forward to learning more.

    All the best,

  • Kim

    Please revisit your Swine Flu cancellations. We’re missing Cozumel in June because of it. I appreciate being careful, but it looks like things are opening back up. Please consider allowing cruises that had their itineraries changed to revert back to the original schedules.


  • tom

    its nice to be able to vent, me and my wife were very upset about the new diamond program , we had stoped using all other cruise lines so we could build up are credits with rccl and then you go ahead and punish the ones that have been loyal to rccl the cost of liquer is so cheap i can’t belive you want to loose loyal client’s over a few extra dollars, we had pre booked our future cruise aboard ship for this september taking a nice 9-day canada new england cruise only to find you have taken away these privilages, you should have atleast honored prior bookings before you initiate these changes now we are pretty much limited to 7-night cruise on the mega ships to enjoy these benifits thank you for listening

  • John

    Mr. Goldstein, you say RCCL learned several important lessons from the firestorm over the Diamonds and the concierge lounge however RCCL failed to reinstate these benefit to the Diamonds therefore I see you learned nothing at all with the exception of giving Diamond members lip service. RCCL established a Loyalty program and set specific goals. Many guests reached those goals only to have them taken away after the goal had been reached. RCCL could completely restore the benefits at this point but that would not change the fact that they treated a large number of their most loyal guests with disrespect.
    There are numerous ways RCCL could have handled this situation but failed in my eyes. You as a business man should know it’s cheaper to keep existing customers than to get new ones.
    The “Nation of Why Not” I can think of a few reasons why to not sail RCCL.
    We are Diamonds and our kids were working on becoming Diamonds however as they have said there is no reason now to sail RCCL. We’ve priced Carnival and Princess and found suites cheaper than a balcony on RCCL….so what reason do we have to be loyal to a disloyal company?

  • john

    One other thing I forgot to mention in a prior post was my wife and I had Alaska booked prior to finding out about the benefits/cost savings cutbacks. I tried to find another cruiseline to switch the cruise to but no one was leaving at the same time RCCL was so we were stuck taking this cruise (airfare, hotel, train would have been a nightmare to change).

    Another answer for the concierge issue would have been between the hours of 5-8:30 Diamonds get their drinks from any of the bars on the ship.

  • Jared

    I am waiting to find out when there will be one of your ships year round in Galveston. This year we had to go with the other guys because you didn’t have a ship cruising when we wanted to. It is looking like that will happen next year also. With the rumors of the other guys putting a 3rd ship in Galveston, and the rumors that yall will have one year round at some point….I really hope it’s soon. We really like your ships better and can’t wait to come back!


  • Jason

    Hello Adam,

    I agree with everybody on here Toni,Thomas,Kim I think we need to rethink this swine flu deal.I mean like Toni said lets take a passenger vote.I also sail on the june 7th 2009 cruise and would like to go to cozumel as I’ve been their before and thats one of the best ports on this Itinerary.And yes Thomas the Mayan ruins is great we did that in 2005 it’s awesome.I think Rccl needs to reconsider their actions,and I thought I was the only one upset about not going to mexico it looks like a good precentage of your guests adam want you to return to mexico…..Please take action!

  • Sharon deLaroche

    My husband and I have 23 credits on RCCL and we are stockholders. We are very disappointed that we cannot combine our shareholders credit with anything … we cannot use any crown and anchor coupons we get or we lose any shipboard credit that we have – we have next cruise bookings that no longer give us any benefit since we can’t use coupons or shareholders credit with it – so we just tied up our money on those for nothing. We’ve always enjoyed RCCL and have talked a lot of our friends and family into going on your ships and told them how well you treated your repeat guests. Now it is kind of hard to do since you’ve taken most of them away. I hope you recconsider some of these things – being a stockholder has nothing to do with booking on board or getting coupons for being past cruisers. In tough economic times I understand some cuts need to be made, but I believe that your best advertisement is satisfied loyal repeat customers and you should not be taking away those perks. Please re-look at your decisions. Thank you.

  • Gina


  • Sharon

    Well I see 60 comments and yet no response to anything from the owner of this blog. Unless I am looking at this wrong, his first and last entry was April 29, 8 days ago. What good is a blog if you dont get any response from anyone???

    Oh and to the guy who asked ‘where is my comment of May 6 at 8 pm’…they can choose to not show your blog if they find a problem with it. Didn’t you read the Terms ???? That may be why it didnt show up on here.

  • john

    I sent 2 comments earlier…..good to see you guys are blocking the things Mr. Goldstein doesn’t wnat published or have to talk about. I see some posts here that posted much later than I did and they made it on so I guess this is an attaboy blog and not something where you want the truth being discussed.

  • Steve

    I participated in your on-line Q&A and appreciate your taking your time to communicate with your customers. I really hope you are doing this to feel our pulse.

    During the Q&A session you gave the impression that you do not sail often and when you do you do not have a typical experience. I can believe that because most likely when you sail you have one of the better suites and the employees are aware of your position.

    Since you are in a position to directly affect the experience your customers have, have you ever considered booking a lower category cabin and not announcing that you will be sailing? I am suggesting that you tell your chairman that you will be gone for a week, don’t even let the captain of the ship know you are on board, and become one of us. Mingle with other passengers. You could even join up with the Cruise Critic fans who really are power cruisers.

    You can rely on reports from your subordinates about what happens during a cruise but you really need to experience it!

    To understand your customer base become one of us, if only for a short while.

  • Barbara

    I, too, am disappointed in the changes in C&A. We became totally loyal to royal, excited to finally reach diamond level, but wait, things have changed! Yes, you’re expenses have increased, but the economy for us isn’t so hot either. Giving so much to someone who books a suite, especially a first timer, and taking away from a loyal cruiser, might not be so wise. We loyal cruisers keep coming back, but the suite cruisers may not. We cruise at least 3 times a year, 2 four days, and one seven day. How often do some of the suite guests cruise? We would like something longer than a seven day once in a while, but traveling to south Florida isn’t something to look forward to. Port Canaveral is great to cruise from, and we’re booked out of Tampa in Jan. 2010. Maybe you could get more sailings from Tampa ! Looking forward to “Freedom” in Sept. of this year..One more thing..we just got back from a cruise on Monarch, so much better than our sailing in Feb. Got to say, there were too many announcements.

  • marilyn

    Thank you for taking the time to read and think about the comments of your cruisers. My family and I are taking our 3rd cruise with RCCI and have been very satisfied with our experiences so far. The only suggestion I have is in response to bringing wine and liquor on board. I can understand that you want to make a profit on the products ,however I think that you should make it possible for people to order bottles of liquor from the cruise line (Like the wine packages your have but for hard liquor). It would cut down on people trying to get bring it on board and you would still make a nice profit . I know we are willing to pay a premium for the ability to have a drink in our room whenever we want, and I am sure there are others who would agree with me.

  • gail cannella

    I’m sure many diamond members who do not drink alcohol would appreciate it if soda were served beside wine and champagne. I don’t think it would cost anymore than the other two and it would more likely cost less. Please consider this.

  • William Buster

    Dear Mr Goldstein
    RCCL has delivered three WOW cruises so far this year, my first with your line. I look forward to a lifetime of more, and am an ambassador for your brand because I have been so thrilled with the experience. I have been new to cruising, but have to assure you that the brand is a fantastic lesson to so many other lines and institutions in customer service. I sailed first in December 08 on Norwegian Gem, and while a lovely new ship, it didnt offer the traditional amenities of RCCL, and the service had not shaken down yet. But, I booked a trip on your magnificent Navigator of the Seas in March 09, and was so thrilled with the service, quality of experience, and the value, that I have since sailed on two additonal back to back cruises at the end of the same month, and will be joining the ship again next week in Barcelona for a European short trip, 4 days. I have been in customer service for many years, at a very high level, and was blown away by the award-winning staff at the service desk, the Guest Loyalty Ambassador MaryAnn, the Cruise Director, Simeon Baker and his entire staff. The ship is superlative, a fantastic design, and I never felt I was among three thousand other guests. I feel that you deliver a master class on service, and guest space design, energetically responding to guest needs and anticipating them, an art that you have mastered on the Navigator. Many return guests I spoke with said the same thing, this ship is a gem, and a real favorite. I have been so taken by the experience and the service, I’ve also booked a cruise for my mother’s birthday on Enchantment, and another on Navigator in December. Truly, it takes a great deal to impress me. I have actually considered a career at sea and submitted my resume to your company, all because of the quality. In these times, when there is so much loss in the world, small perks dont mean much, I instead seek relaxation and diversion. RCCL offers a high overall quality of experience, the warmth of your staff is palpable, and I feel at home whenever I return. I would sail, even work for RCCL, not for the money, but for the love of the sea, and for the quality of experience that your brand represents. You have won my hard to earn loyalty, and I am converting my family. They were skeptical at first, but I have gotten them very excited about their first cruise. I have enthusuaistically been an ambassador for RCCL, because I have been WOWed each and every time.
    My sincere thanks, and compliments on a job well done. I look forward to sailing on Oasis, and other ships in the future. I find that we all have priorities, and am grateful for quality and service when I receive it.

    William Thomas Buster
    New York City

  • Stephen B.

    I join others is asking for itinerary improvements out of Galveston. My wife and I are Diamond with RCL but with just 10 RCL cruises out of 25 total cruises taken so far. Princess has lured us often with their amazing itineraries…Amazon River, Asia, etc. and for closer to home sailings, Carnival has the ships in Galveston year round.

    We also did 3 Celebrity back when Celebrity was in Galveston part time.

    We need some long..16-21 day or even longer cruises to South America round trip Galveston. We would much rather pay money to RCL than an airline, and would love to avoid the air travel hassles.

    When Voyager is in Galveston competing with Conquest and Ecstasy, the 3 ships have very similar itineraries…so the per diem that customers will pay is restricted by the competition. Try a better itinerary to get a higher per diem.

    Many people in Texas and contiguous states would love to drive to a more exotic cruise without having to fly to Florida or the West Coast, as we have to do now.

    Many millions of people live in Texas and love to cruise…please consider this suggestion for future years.

  • Dawn Allen

    I was a passenger on Mariner of the Seas durring the April 26,2009 sailing that was not allowed to continue to the ports in Mexico and ended up in San Francisco. I know this was a CDC decision but feel Royal Caribbean should do more to compensate for our unfortunate cercumstances. Our cruise was extremely disappointing since we endured very very poor weather and could not participate in the use of the deck day or evening. Due to the cold and wind. We ended up with a very unfulfilling cruise experience. I have since found out that RC has given many options and extras to the next couple of sailing date passengers. This is not good PR for those of us that were the victums of the April 26 sailing. We did not have any choice in the matter, as the future passengers have, and we were the ones that were subjected to a decision that controlled our cruise. In my opinion RC owes us at least the same options and extras that were given to the future passengers.

  • Rene

    In order for a blog to be successful, it needs to be maintained. You can’t just write one post, and then never visit the site again! You end up turning off your readers and upsetting them MORE than if you had never ventured down the blogging path.

    I also think the closing down of Cozumel due to swine flu was a gross over-reaction and a knee-jerk response to media hype. Tsk-Tsk Royal Caribbean…you totally fell for it. Ridiculous. I am leaving on Sunday on Freedom for my honeymoon and was looking forward to Cozumel most of all. What a disappointment.


    We like to sail out of New Jersy, but would like to know why cant the ships Explorer and Serenade switch places for winter cruises so that there would be a domed pool area in cold weather . The switch wouldnt be a problem ,just offer a cruise from N.J. to San Juan for Explorer and the reverse for Serenade. Im sure both ports would welcome these ships.

  • http://www.cruisetravel-tips.com/cruise-news/how-swine-flu-affects-your-travel-plans.html Toni

    I’ve been checking the Swine Flu Statement on the RCCL religiously to check for the “daily” 1:00 update. Unfortuntely, it isn’t always updated daily, but I am anxiously waiting to see if the notice is recinded. I’m practically begging you to reconsider suspending trips to Mexico. It was the port we were looking forward to visiting the most, and is a large part of choosing the cruise we chose. I understand that you’re thinking “safety first”, but Swine Flu doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue as originally thought. Unfortunately, time is running out for us as we only have 2 days left until embarkation.

    This is from an article regarding Swine Flu:


    36,000 People die of the flu in the US every year. As of this morning, one has died of the swine flu. Remember SARS? 750 people died globally which is miniscule compared to almost any other disease.

    Over 100 reported swine flu deaths in Mexico city which has over 20 million people. This is .000001% and only 10 times less of a chance than being struck by lightning…IF you live in Mexico City. And the CDC states the deaths occured due to lack of medical care. 1%-4% of those infected with swine flu are at risk of death.
    Media companies get paid when you watch or listen. The more dramatic they make it, the more you watch. Look at the big picture and see through the drama. Most of us have had a flu and are fine. Same as most people who have gotten swine flu.


    Please reconsider!!!!!

  • .Maria L

    The revsied itinerary for the mariner of the seas doesn’t compare to the ports of mexico. Now that the swine flu pandemic seems to have died down, why couldn’t Hawaii gave been an alternate port of call? You ar very limited when leaving from LA. I think most crisers woulld rather visit another island rather than the US ports cureently scheduled. DId RCCL consider Hawaii?

  • MariA

    Now that the swine flu pandemic has died down, I would like to know if RCCL has considered adding Hawaiian ports to their Mariner of the Seas itinerary. The current itinerary that includes a couple of US ports and Canada don’t nearly compare to the Mexican ports that were originally scheduled. I think your average cruiser would prefer going to a different island like Hawaii rather than the US ports. Cruisers not only take cruises for the boat atmosphere, but the ports of call. This doesn’t seem like a fair substition. I do understand RCCL’s position as it relates to the swine flu in the Mexico ports. I just wanted to know did RCCL even consider Hawaii. There aren’t many choices when docking out of LA. I am scheduled for a July cruise on the Mariner and I am not excited about the ports of call as it stands now. There will be hesitancy if Mexico is added back. Hawaii sounds like a great alternative.

  • Don Wolf

    Dear Adam,

    Our cruise from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale was marred by the constant money grubbing. The standing joke was, “15% Gratuity.” This was in reference to the service charge on everything, but labeled gratuity. Charging for soda pop. Charging 63 cents per minute for internet access. It was too much.
    Although this was only our 7th cruise, we have enough experience with our cruise lines to know that Celebrity will not be our first choice next time

  • Dave obrien

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for taking the time to get involved in blogging. I think this is a great way to get the feedback you need right from the source, RCCL’s loyal cruisers. My wife and I live in the Montreal area and have been on 5 RCCL cruises in the past 4 years and have a 6th booked for Sept 2009. We did one Carnival cruise in that time to see what the difference was, once you’ve cruised with RCCL, there is no turning back. Love the ships, love the ports, love the service. Please keep doing what you already are! I would love to see more southern Caribbean ports from Florida and from the northern US as well. Good luck and keep blogging!

  • http://mikeconst01@hotmail.com mike const

    My girlfriend and me were passenger’s on Mariner of the Seas this was my first cruisers durring the April 26,2009 sailing that was not allowed to continue to the ports in Mexico and ended up in San Francisco where i live great. I know this was a CDC decision but feel Royal Caribbean should do more to compensate for our unfortunate cercumstances. Our cruise was extremely disappointing since we endured very very poor weather and could not participate in the use of the deck day or evening. Due to the cold and wind. We ended up with a very unfulfilling cruise experience. I have since found out that RC has given many options and extras to the next couple of sailing date passengers. This is not good PR for those of us that were the victums of the April 26 sailing. We did not have any choice in the matter, as the future passengers have, and we were the ones that were subjected to a decision that controlled our cruise. In my opinion RC owes us at least the same options and extras that were given to the future passengers.

  • http://cruising101.blogspot.com/ Mary Dillon McTevia

    Adam, congrat’s on your standout blogs! I picked it up not too long ago and love it.

    I’m a bit of a cruise addict so that’s what mine is about. My ring tone is Lust for Life so that pretty much sums it up.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on what’s going on!


  • Rita

    I am so happy that I have the chance to speak with you about your cruise line. My husband and I have been sailing with the company since 1976. We have always taken our two children with us when we go. Some years we have been lucky to have taken two cruises within that year. We now have the honor of having a total of 43 cruises with RCCL. That total puts us at the rank of Diamond Plus. Ater many years and cruises we enjoyed the perks that came with being Diamond Plus. Now since the Crown and Anchor benefits have been changed, we feel like we are viewed as “first time” cruisers. No on board credit if you book during a sailing. No combining of benefits with the balacony credit. While on our last cruise, taken April we wanted to book for next year only to find out that we could no longer receive the perks we once enjoyed. I do not recall every receiving a letter from Crown & Anchor explaining the changes in the program. Nor do I recall receiving information that the casineo will now charge a 3% service fee for charging money on to the sea pass account. People traveling now a days don’t feel comfortable carring that much cash with them. My husband and I are 79. Easy picking for pick pockets. We never had the chance to bring extra cash with us, which we would have been force to do if we were notified of the fee charge. Many people complained about that on board. Also the fact that the orange juice was so watered down, it was undrinkable. I agree with the comment made by Linda A. Where was the tomato juice for breakfast!! You may feel that us “old timers” wont be around that long to complain about the changes made, but until we take that final cruise 6 ft under, we can still tell our frineds and their families about your line. It can be either great or not, depends on how you correct this matter. Remember, your slogan is “Loyal to Royal” what about Royal to Loyal.

  • jonathan

    I was wondering how you feel about your company having horrible customer service. We recently went on our HONEYMOON with you and your cruise line to the “Mexican Riveria”. Due to the scare of the swine flu we did not go to Mexico and went to rainy San Fran instead. Your company only offered us a $200 onboard credit per stateroom while people who are sailing with you this week got $400 per person and they get to go to 3 ports. I feel that this is horrible since they are getting more than us AND getting a lot more money back. In these economic times it was hard for us to afford this cruise and now we are getting run over by a big company. I think that this company should do something to help out their customers instead of a “sorry” and a pathetic excuse of a reimbursement. I don’t understand why you are treating the people who are cruising with you better than the people who cruised with you last week. I understand it is not your fault about the swine flu but you are obviously taking care of some customers more than others. Please help me understand why I am getting walked all over and the people sailing with you this week are walking in the clouds.

  • William Bolcato

    I too am very unhappy with C&A changes. I have 12 cruises an 2 more booked. If you have a diamond lounge then not charge for any drinks. If you can give free drinks to first time suite guests you should be able to give them to loyal Diamond members too. Years ago we were able to buy a bottle of liquor at the ship store and pay a fee to take to your room and enjoy a drink on your balcony, this should be started again. Try a little harder to make a loyal cruiser happy.

  • Gary

    I am not happy about the changes to the C&A
    and, especially to the CL.
    I have very little confidence that if we continue to D+,
    RCCL won’t change AGAIN to get rid of the “new” C&A benefits.
    Also, there is NO reason to continue to hold RCL stock.
    Not only that, but, the stock has a long way to go back to where I could “break-even” with it. The cuts (I.M.H.O.) cheapen the
    whole R.C.C.L. experience. We used to love R.C.C.L., but,
    we feel like we were just dumped on like any employee in a big company, when the bean counters take over. To hell with the loyality.
    Means NOTHING!

  • john

    Mr. Goldstein, , you say RCCL learned several important lessons from the brouhaha over the Diamonds and the concierge lounge however RCCL failed to reinstate these benefit to the Diamonds therefore I see you learned nothing at all with the exception of giving Diamond members lip service. RCCL established a Loyalty program and set specific goals. Many guests reached those goals only to have them taken away after the goal had been reached. RCCL could completely restore the benefits at this point but that would not change the fact that they treated a large number of their most loyal guests with disrespect.
    There are numerous ways RCCL could have handled this situation but failed in my eyes. You as a business man should know it’s cheaper to keep existing customers than to get new ones.

    Our kids are almost Diamonds and now they say they have no reason to keep sailing RCCL with the loss of benefits. We’re all looking at Carnival and Princess because we can get suites cheaper with then than a balcony with RCCL.

  • Stephen B.

    My wife and I [RCL Diamond Members], were in Cozumel, relaxing at San Francisco beach, the Saturday before the Swine Flu CDC hysteria kicked in. It was wonderful!…white sand…blue water…cheap parasails…great food…We were there off of Carnival Ecstasy as we just had 5 days to chill from Grand kids child care duties…and…there are only Carnival ships in Galveston most of the year.

    Do we want to cruise Carnival????? No…absolutely not…but…since no other cruise line is there most of the year…a cruiser does what a cruiser has to do.

    There have been no swine flu cases, at last check, in the entire Mexican state of Quintana Roo[the Yucatan]…nor in Can Cun….nor in Cozumel. Can you say over reaction????

    Send an RCL ship year round to Galveston. We used to go on Rhapsody and used it 4 times as a wonderful get away when time permitted.
    Now…we have to do Conquest or Ecstasy.

    And give us some long, exotic South American trips roundtrip Galveston.

    One final remark, Adam…the first time a RCL security guy messes around with our luggage…we are entirely through with Royal Caribbean…for good….Carnival and Princess will do just fine if necessary.

  • Katherine Carroll

    My husband and I are Diamond members.We were looking forward to the use of the concierge club on our next cruise in September,on the Jewel of the Seas.We are also C&A members as well as Stock Holders. My question is.If RCCL ownes Celebrity Cruise line,why does it not count as a cruise with RCCL,so that I could add that trip towards my reaching Diamond Plus.We have taken a Mediterainien cruise for 12 days,and a South American cruise for 14 days on Celebrity,That would add a total of 4 more cruises to my total.Getting us closer to Diamond Plus.

  • Lisa

    I love Royal Caribbean and although I’m not up to Diamond Status at this time (only 3 cruises in), achieving that status is something my gf and I strive for. So it saddens me to hear that some perks have been removed. At any rate, I just wanted to let you know that we loved Freedom. It was a great way to celebrate my 30th birthday. We are always impressed with the diversity of staff and guests, customer services and attention, the food (yum) and choice of activities. Although you are a busy man, please keep the blog rolling.

  • Marlene

    Just completed reading all the comments given by loyal RCCL and C&A members. We agree with all the thoughts about the Concierge Club being taken away and we, too, wondered why the Viking Lounge couldn’t be opened for “all” the members who are now being left out. Our experience is that the “Viking” is empty at that time of the day. We thank Glen, Bonnie, and Steve for their great comments among the many we agreed with. RCCL should get real with their repeat passengers. Last summer my husband and I took six other family members to the Mediterranean. They loved RCCL and were glad we picked that cruise line. I don’t know if we’d do that again.


    My husband and I are diamond members. We too are unhappy with the changes with crown and anchor. We should be grandfathered into our old benefits. With all the bars on the ship they can use one for the happy hour. (5-8:30)
    There are many areas of the ship that are not occupied that could be used as an extra area for the concierge club.
    Great job running under 20 minutes in your 5K.
    I am running the NYC marathon again this year. I am always running laps around the ship!
    PS Let go METS!!!

  • Vicki

    I feel I must chime in on the C&A benefits comments. I am a Diamond member ( 18 credits ) and a Shareholder. I bought the stock quite a while ago and was never told it would get me a credit. I finally find out and I only get to use it once before this is taken away. The only time it will be useful is when I book a 10 night or higher since that will be a better benefit than my C&A discount. I believe this benefit was taken away due to people abusing it – booking on the ship and getting a OBC and combining it with a C&A discount and then adding the Shareholder benefit. I don’t think it is fair to penalize everyone for those who abuse it.
    As well, I want to touch on the Concierge lounge issue. I worked hard to earn the money to go on all the cruises I have been on. If I could combine RCCL & Celebrity then I would be at 24 credits – but that would be asking too much. I am extremely disappointed to find out that now I must book a Grand Suite to get my perks or wait to hit 25 credits. The over crowding issue I have personally never seen. I have seen very often one Diamond member bringing in everyone they know on the ship – the majority of them not belonging there. The concierge pays no attention to who is coming or going.
    So, once again the hard working Diamond members lose out because you have greedy people who have ruined it for the rest of us.
    I think RCCL will be losing a lot of loyal cruisers to other cruise lines who are very willing to offer benefits to entice them over.

  • Suzanne McKaskle

    My husband and I love the Solarium, because of the age limit restriction(No young children. But,on the last few cruises, it has been overrun with lots of children. Alot of people were complaining about this. If the rule is no children under a certain age, then let’ stick to the rules. Thanks,Suzanne McKaskle

  • Alan

    Dear Adam,
    Left this comment on the administration post also so that’s why it reads the way it does.
    Don’t know if you’ll read this comment since this is an administration post but if you do I just thought I’d be another to let you know how disappointed that Cozumel has not been reinstated as a stop on my cruise of 6/13 on the Liberty. Was informed by Customer Service that all cruises beginning 6/14 would have their Mexico stops reinstated. I just visited the World Health Org. website and they recommend NO travel restrictions so why can’t all cruises have their original itineraries put back into place. I have been planning this cruise with several family members for a long time and am extremely disappointed we can’t visit Cozumel.
    Please reconsider.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Alan

    In regards to the comment I just left concerning Mexican ports of call being reinstated on my 6/12 cruise on Liberty.
    Please don’t say they can’t. I say WHY NOT!!!

  • Steve

    Thanks for starting the blog.

    Can you please clear up the million dollar question as to what color the the hull of the Oasis is going to be? White or light blue?

    Also, glad to see that Royal Caribbean did not go the low route with their prices. That cheapens the entire product. I’m also glad to see that you tightened up on allowing too many guests in the Concierge lounge. It really should be for suite guests only due to the amount paid for those cabins. Thanks for making Royal Caribbean one of the best cruise lines sailing the world.

  • andrew

    Ive got 5 cruises booked over the next 12 months that all include mexicain ports of call will they all still be able to stop at these ports purticulairley the riveireia cruise,

  • Linda A

    I see more ppl have left messages complaining about the cut in perks that have taken place in the Crown & Anchor area. According to your “NEW” blog posting, these concerns should be directed to another part of the company and not posted here. WHY? Others should be able to read what is going on regarding this cruise line. And Adam, you should have been the one to post a new entry on your blog. It just goes to show others that you love to talk the talk, but you cant walk the walk. Pass on the unpleasant task to others so you dont have to accept that the changes made and approved by you were wrong. If those of us writing here comply and go to the other area to list our concerns, new customers will not be aware of the disregard you have for Loyal to the Royal cruisers. Face the fact Adam, you need us much more than we need you. I am sure other lines are smiling right now, looking at this blog, trying to find ways to entice us Loyal RCCL members away form you and onto them. It wont take much, thats for sure.

  • sally smith

    Why havent passengers scheduled to cruise on May 17 been offered cruise credit or a refund? There are 1638 cases of swine flu in the United States. There are no reports of swine flue in any of Mexico’s ports. If Royal Carribean is truly concerned about the safety of their crew and passengers, then Royal Carribean would realize they are putting their crew in greater danger by having American citizens board the ship, than they are of going to Mexico. Either cancel the May 17 cruise or sail back to Mexico.

  • Wesley L West

    My wife and I have sailed on RCCL and Celebrity over 25 times and have taken guests/relatives along on all of them. We did Australia/New Zealand last fall and will do Alaska in June with 6 guests. In all this runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Over the years we have seen service quality drop. On our recent Australia trip we had cronic problems with our suite door lock. After a third long line to get another key, the assistant manager treated me like dirt. I complained in my survey and via email. NO REPLY. I have been following cruise pricing and several high end lines are offering 2 for 1, additional early booking discounts up to $2000 for 10 day trips, $500 repeat customer discounts, free air, all tips, free tours, and most drinks. RCCL response is to reduce Diamond perks, and the latest coupons offer modest reductions. Guess where I am taking my business. You must be doing well on P&L because repeat customers are not very valuable to you. As usual I do not expect a response.

  • Ken

    Something is wrong with the CluesToTheCruise sweepstakes…nobody is winning! As of this date (05/09/09) it appears there area about twenty people who won something, and the prizes were mostly weak “Something from the Captain’s table” prizes; no “real” prizes of value.

    Neither me nor my three friends have won ANYTHING on the multiple spins. With thousands of prizes, one of us (and many more guests) should have been winning SOMETHING.

    It gives the impression that the challenging sweepstakes is a scam, especially when I read in the rules that “unclaimed prizes will not be awarded.”

    This type of no-win sweepstakes does not help RCCL reputation.

  • http://jacreilly@comcast.net Jackie

    My husband and I are Diamond members and agree with all other Diamond members that our reward for being loyal to RCCL has been brushed aside. Now as we search for our next cruise(s), we no longer go first to RCCL but are looking into Carnival, Princess, NCL, etc. LOYALTY WORKS BOTH WAYS!!!

  • Gary

    I just wanted to let you know how great it is to have the Explorer of the Seas sailing out of Bayonne New Jersey. The sister ship, Voyager was just as fantastic, lets keep the Voyager class ships sailing from here. This will be cruise number 7 for me in 6 years , and look forward to many more from my home state of New Jersey, Thanks R.C.C.L.! ( PS, please bring Celebrity ships back to Cape Liberty , Bayonne)

  • james

    Me and my wife returned from a 13 day cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of The Seas today 5/09. My complaint is not with the cruise itself, but with the Cabin. We had a balcony unit. We had been on the Explorer in the early 2000’s and the cabins were great. This particular cabin had very dated and old carpet with eyesore furniture that was blue and wood tone. The balcony had paint chips falling from the surrounding metal. The bathroom toilet bowl was stained and the water from the sink had a very heavy smell of sulphur every time it was turned on. I agree that Royal Caribbean is a great cruise line, because we have sailed with them a total of 5 times. But their prices are not cheap. We paid over $5,ooo.oo for this particular cruise and we expected our cabin to be somewhat more presentable. I hope that Royal Caribbean will update this ship soon, because it can be a beautiful ship with the Promenade or with the cabins.

  • nick caporella jr.

    Adam, hope you had a succesful run! Nice job on that stock run up!

  • http://jimandbrendagraham@yahoo.ca Jim Graham

    Hi Alan. My very 1st cruise was on RCCL and i thought it was great (absolutely no regrets at all). We since cruised with Carnival (platinum on next cruise)because of the incredibly low prices. We would like to try Royal again but the price difference just seems so much. Have you ever thought of ways to entice people back ? Waiting for all those benefits just seems so far away. We really did like that Viking Crown lounge , would be willing to go back if the price was right. On the watch, from Ontario Canada. J & B


    we, as Diamond members, were naturally disappointed to read of the loss of the Concierge lounge and we are equally delighted that you listened to the anguished cries of your most loyal customers and are going to provide the next best thing.
    We are also delighted to finally have a big ship on the west coast (we live in San Diego) although we prefer the Radiance class and are booked on an 11day Radiance Mexico cruise on 30Nov09
    Relative to the loss of the Concierge lounge for Diamond members, those whose budgets permit can still use that if they book a suite. We are handicapped and always book a Junior Suite that does not qualify us; even, assuming our budgets would permit,and they would, we do not have the option of booking a suite because the highest accessible category is the Junior Suite. Realizing it would be discriminatory to permit HC people in the 2 accessible JS to use the Concierge lounge, we would urge that in any future builds there be at least one suite that would be accessible, and preferably two. Knowing that we handicapped passengers usually have to book at least 6 months and often 12 months prior to sailing to find an available HC cabin, I doubt whether RCI or any other cruise line would find them going unbooked.
    We thank you for making yourself so available to your customers; that was really a big step in the right direction

  • Dale Green

    Short story. My wife talked about a family cruise for ten years. Cruising was not a vacation in my top ten list so we always agreed on a different trip. I finally agreed in 2008 and we scheduled a trip to the Caribbean in late June. Our choice, Enchantment of the Seas, 5 nights from Ft. Lauderdale, to Grand Cayman and Cozumel.
    Five days before the cruise I broke my back. While in the emergency room, I told the doctors to do everything necessary to ensure I was able to make the trip. Amazingly, we drove to Ft. Lauderdale and boarded the boat with our two sons, my sister and her two kids and my parents. The next five days would prove to be one of the most enjoyable vacations ever. Plenty of entertainment, the food was great and most of all, the service was incredible. I can honestly say we have never experienced service anywhere in the world that compares to the service we received on this cruise. During our trip home I asked the entire family to rate all of our previous vacations. Much to my surprise both boys, 16 and 19 years old at the time, rated the Royal Caribbean cruise number one. My wife and I agreed.
    In September 2008 we boarded Sovereign of the Seas for a three night Bahamas Labor Day Weekend cruise. Again, we were amazed by the quality of service. We booked our third cruise while onboard Sovereign of the Seas and will board Freedom of the Seas in May 2009. Our entire family will be onboard and we can’t wait !!! I’m counting the days.
    Can you WOW us again? I have no doubt we will be pleasantly surprised. Royal Caribbean has become our number one vacation destination. We always consider the ports of call however; the amenities on the ship are our number one consideration. Thus the reason the kids chose Freedom of the Seas for our next cruise and I wanted to ensure it lasted at least seven days this time. I just can’t get enough.
    One addition we would like Royal Caribbean to consider is a destination from the southern states to Bermuda. Currently, the only way to visit Bermuda is from the northern US ports. Keep up the great work!! We look forward to many more awesome adventures!!

  • Andre Lamothe

    Ive done a few cruises before…we love the RCCL and love the freedom class ships…but an important consideration is the ports of call when we choose a ship. We are surprise that a beautiful ship like Independence of the Seas has only 3 basic islands….we loved the ship this past march but wont go back because of poor ports of call…

    We wont unfortunately sail on the Oasis of the Seas next year because of the poor choice of ports of call…

    Id like to see one day those mega ship sail from Puerto Rico and do 5-6 southern ports of call.

    Just our comment….

  • Debra

    I will be a Diamond member after my next cruise which is planned for Sept 2009 on the Freedom of the Seas. I have obviously read about the changes to the Crown and Anchor benefits and I am fine with it. I love to cruise and have always cruised with Royal Caribbean. The quality of service that your extraordinary staff provides and the total experience on your ships is above and beyond any other vacation destination! The past few years I have introduced Royal Caribbean and cruising to many of my friends and family members and I continue to be very vocal about how everyone must go on a Royal Caribbean cruise!
    I am happy with any benefits that you can provide Crown and Anchor members and don’t feel that anyone should be upset about what you decide to give us for free!! I have heard other cruisers talk about the other lines and 9 out of 10 have told me that no one compares to Royal Caribbean. Why would you want to spend your money somewhere else when you know you are not going to have the same experience aboard their ships? I for one will remain a loyal Royal Caribbean cruiser regardless of the perks!

  • michelle and Cha b.

    Hello! I’m so glad we have this forum to exchange ideas and share information!

    My husband and I will be taking our first cruise this June/09 on Royal Caribbean – Liberty of the Seas. We are so excited and have heard nothing but positive things about this trip!

    We just wanted to share that we understand why you had to suspend all your trips to Mexico due to concerns about the swine flu and recommendations by the CDC. We are actually happy about the change because we now get to go to the Bahamas! We hoping that this plan will continue until our cruise in June.

    Thank you for reading my comments.

  • http://PleasebringbacktheMexicoports,theswinefluisblownoutofporportionandwewanttivisitonourmay25trip. Tom Evans


  • alma bozeman

    Of course you reserve the right to edit anything written to you. You all have the nicest way of thanking someone for comments that are never acknowledged and then saying you hope you see us again soon.

    First of all, Your revised list of changes to C&A came a little too late. I am not sure you did not have the changes ready Before the first ones were published knowing you would get complaints. Between the two, I booked our cruise celebrating our 50th anniversary next year to Europe on another cruise line who gave me as many benefits for the two cruises i have taken with them in the past as you all used to give me for being a diamond member. Loyalty to you is really appreciated. Pretty funny. With all the cuts you have made in your, not my, C&A program. Why did you ever create it? Probably, to insure loyalty from your best customers. So much, for that. And finally, to rub salt into the wound by not letting us combine our next cruise booking, C&A discount, or stockholders discount with your misnamed WOW sale, was the final blow, I hope. Come to think of it, you will probably have another blow for us next week., and the week after and the week after that. I am sure you have gathered that I, like so many other of your Diamond members, are not happy with your changes because of over crowding( the concierge lounge). It would have been less hard to swallow if you had told the truth that it is money, not overcrowding, that caused this change.

    I am through for now. This probably will not get through to you, but if it passes the censors, I would like to hear your comments regarding my comments.

    Thank you

  • Diane & Jerry Levitz

    Dear Mr Goldstein,
    After conceiving a successful loyalty program (that obviously has exceeded your marketing expectations) it would seem only appropriate you celebrate the accomplishment by adding to Diamond Benefits rather than deleting Diamond concierge club privileges .
    What next? When (and if) we reach plus, might you change the rules again?
    This program as establihed has kept us loyal to RCCL for years. Stop tinkering with was a good thing for both RCCL and us!
    Roll back to the original program rules!!! PLEASE!
    Diane & Jerry Levitz

  • Sharlene barrineau

    I am a C&A member at Platinum level. In the last 2 months I have been on a cruise on NCL and Carnival. I don’t particularly like the freestyle dining. Aside from the wait I have always enjoyed getting to know our waiters and the people who sit at our table. We have met some friends with the scheduled dining.
    RCCL has a habit of comparing themselves to Carnival and I just don’t think there is any comparison. You need to compare yourself to a company far superior to Carnival.
    The one thing that both of these cruise lines do that I think is beneficial to both the customer and the cruise line is the “freestyle” disembarkation. It is much nicer to be able to stay in your room and move at your own pace. It also makes breakfast and the waiting areas less congested as it streamlines the people from all being in one place at the same time. Everyone is still off of the ship at the same time with a lot less stress.
    Also when I was on Carnival I received a pin of their emblem with the name of the ship on it. I think that would be a nice gift for return cruisers. I would like to have a pin from each of the ships I have already cruised on.

  • Aurelia

    I just became a Diamond level member and am extremely disappointed that I have already lost a perk. However, I am looking forward to enjoying the perks that have not been taken away. Thanks for giving Port Canaveral additional itineraries. It’s my favorite port, but Nassau gets old after a while. Looking forward to going on the Eastern Caribbean later this year or early 2010.

  • Kathy k.

    Adam, it has been a pleasure meeting you a couple of times, we appreciate that you are so open and approachable to your cruisers in person.

    Although I can appreciate cut backs because of the economy, my wish would be for the chocolates to return, I loved that little touch. Keep it in mind when the funds start looking better, please!!

    I also would love for RCI cruisers to be able to purchase a bottle of liquor from the store, with a service charge, that we can enjoy in-cabin. Just one bottle, we really miss that even though it’s been, what, 4 years now? It’s probably been our biggest pet peeve with Royal Caribbean…. we just can’t seem to let it go.

    I’ll put in another vote for the PNW itinerary during summer months, the itinerary is so much more interesting than the Mexican Riviera.

    We do think your crew and staff are wonderful, we’ve always been made to feel special on all our cruises with RCI and look forward to more cruises in the future. Givve them a great big thank you from us!

  • tony

    We have been cruising for ten years and have enjoyed RCL ships. Last cruise on the Independence, we have noticed that the penny pinching has started. I consider myself some what of a seasoned cruiser and can see and feel the difference. My wife ane I are diamond members and have more that 15 cruises under our belts. We just want to remind you why RCL got to be one of the best cruise lines out there. It’s because of your loyal customers. WHY NOT may just turn into NOT!!! Customer service is the most important part of a company’s future. That’s what we do for a living. We know how to make people happy not disappointed. The diamond lounge being taken away was a HUGH disappointment. We hope you can resolve this problem by making better decisions. Also, one quick note, I love one of the comments about the naughty room. What was RCL thinking????? RCL top brass is getting paid a lot of money to make people angry!!! Please reconsider your position on the diamond lounge.

  • christine thomas

    good evening and thank you for listening;
    1. i believe one should be able to surf the r/c website for free & unlimited,while on board,this way,one can choose cruises,and book onboard armed w/more information.
    2. we love r/c and have taken 2 cruises thus far this year,and have 3 more booked,which will bring us to diamond status.
    3. i also believe one should be able to use all incentives,ie; savings certificates and onboard credit,etc. could you possible consider this in the future mr. goldstein?

  • Tracey


    My family and I are really excited about our upcoming cruise on the enchantment of the sea on May 25th. Can you update us on when you will be going back to Cozumel? Is there a chance we will be offered another port of call instead of an extra day at sea and time in key west? Being Florida natives the extra time in key west is nice but not nearly as nice as another port like Grand Cayman would be .

    Thanks for your time!!

    The Evans Family

  • Earl

    Is anyone going to address and answer any of these questions. If so when and how , you have my email address. If not whats the use of this blog , to vent ?

  • Lori McCarthy

    This is my third trip with RCI. I have enjoyed every cruise that I have taken with you. Though I know we can get about the same trip cheaper with another cruise line. With the recent itinerary changes due to swine flu, I was very disappointed that our stop to Cozumel was cancelled. (CocoCay is just another Labadee with nothing really special to do.) Our cruise begins June 13th, I understand cruises beginning on June 14th will begin going to Cozumel. Why not start on Saturday? We chose this trip,mainly because of the MX stop. We enjoy the shopping there and the water is beautiful for activities. If there is no change, will we see a discount in price. CocoCay is your private island, you surely do not have port fees like you would to Cozumel. Just to say I am very disappointed that we will not be stopping in Cozumel. Please reconsider your decision. I believe it is probably safe to go to MX now. From everything we hear.

  • Barbara

    A coment for Kathy re the chocolates on the pillow. On our cruise in April, there was a conversation called “View From the Top” with the captain, cruise directer, and hotel mgr. I asked the hotel mgr why the choc. was gone. His answer was that for one thing, too much waste, which I could accept. But, he then proceeded to say that because they weren’t giving candy to all cruisers, they could now afford to give “bigger” chocolates to the suite guests !!!!

  • John

    I just checked with Carnival about 3 cruises we took with them back in 1990 and 1992, they found them gave us our credits due and gave us our login for their site and said they would love to see us back on their ships. After 92 we sailed with RCCL only. Now we are Diamonds but now with the Diamond’s loss of the concierge lounge along with all of the other changes we aren’t seeing many reasons to stay with RCCL. Guess we’re at the “NOT” part of the new ads rather than the WHY NOT.

  • Karen


    I am also very diappointed in all of the changes in C & A. As a Diamond member with 15 cruises and 2 more booked. I am most disappointed with the loss of the lounge on the smaller ships. Why should I book Alaska, Panama or any other exotic port when the Freedom class ships and Oasis are too large. I am also disappointed in the fact that you have added a 4 day cruise on the Oasis before the innaugural cruise. We paid a premium to be on the ‘first’ sailing. You also did that with Freedom.

    As others have said please reconsider where RCCL’s loyalty are. Is it new cruisers or loyal cruisers and stockholders

  • Rick

    I really like the idea of “My Time Dining” and believe it will improve the cruise experience. However, I’m not surprised that Royal is trying to promote something that their IT department can’t support. When we called on it today we were told it would be ready for awhile

  • Sharon

    I’m guessing Adam isn’t going to answer our questions. Seems like he (or someone at Royal) occasionally posts a commentary about a topic and then thats it. We get to comment on it. Not exactly what I envisioned this blog to be. It’s a shame too, but as usual, the powers that be at Royal miss the opportunity to really interact with their guests. I know he is a busy man, but what’s the sense of this blog if there is no interaction and questions and comments are not answered? Just wondering….

  • Peter Calgaro

    As a stockholder and a diamond member I also am confused by the business plan of RCL where by the most loyal of customers is treated so poorly. It really upsets me to receive coupons that I cannot use and a shareholder benefit I cannot use simply because I do use my diamond discount. Some of these discounts need to be combinable as in the past.

  • sandy

    Thank you for this forum. My husband & I have just booked our 18th RCI cruise. We started cruising a few years ago and have sailed most major cruise line. We love the level of service we receive on RCI. I know many of our benefits as “Diamond Members” have been taken away. We own a substantial amount of shares in your company.I don’t understand why we can longer get our ship board shareholder credit if we receive our Diamond balcony discount. Why are the two not seperate? We can’t combine our savings certificateswith our Diamond or shareholder credits. Why send them to us? Your company has taken away any incentive we would have to book a future cruise while on a cruise ship. Why take away benefits from your most loyal customers? We love RCI and the great servive we always receive on your ships. Please reconsider allowing your most loyal customers/ shareholers the ability to combine savings certificates/ shipboard credits.

  • Linda A

    My husband just received an email asking him to speak at a function directed for ppl new to cruising. RCCL has paired up with a coffee gaint to have this “Talk and Coffee” meeting. RCCL asked him to share his adventures and happy times to help these ppl decide to try a cruise on RCCL. As I have stated in my past postings, we have 44 cruises and now find that our loyality to RCCL means nothing to them. They strip away benefits we worked for and paid for(stocks) and now they want us to help get new customers!!! Adam, you really need to come down from the clouds and start looking at what your employees are doing. If you continue to avoid the issues being posted here your company really will suffer. My husband would love to tells others of all the fun and new experiences he and the family had, but for what if the benefits we were promised when we joined Crown & Anchor are no longer given. Why start others out only to have them disappointed like us. I rather see them start with another cruise line and build loyality with them. You can’t expect us to help you sell your line any more if you treat us like this. Be a powerful CEO, change the program back to what it was. Show us loyality.

  • Rick Heon

    Hi Mr Goldstein, my name is Rick, & have always wanted to take a cruise, so here i am checking out cruise line to see who would be best
    for my first time.
    I was so impressed to see you created a blog to share a Personal
    touch, and receive concerns from your loyal members.
    Saving Money to provide the Extras seems to big on the minds of
    the faithful RC Members.
    Have you seen Envicoat ? ASTM Tested. can save up to 70%
    cleaning time, its the real deal, and may be the savings tool
    RC can use to provide the Perks to its Members.

  • kaboodle

    i am a stock holder even though i cannot combine the stock discount with my diamond discount. the stock price reached 17.09 on last friday and between monday and today it went over 3.00 a share. it was going up great from the single numbers and now it is diving.
    do you know why this has happened?

  • Bob D.

    I’m glad to see a few of the benefits for diamond C&A members appear to have been reinstated per your website. I do not see why the 19th Hole Lounges on the Voyager Class ships can not be redesignated Diamond Lounge. That is pretty much what you did in the Freedom Class ships, exactly in the same proximity to the Viking Crown Lounge. That would add a five more ships with Diamond Lounges to the fleet. Most important, your only full time west coast ship, the Mariner of the Seas is a Voyager class. That would benefit your Diamond members in the western states like us. We like to cruise from LA or SD often because it is so much more convenient to drive and park in the seaports than fly in. Thanks for listening.

  • Betty

    My husband and I have only traveled on RCCL for the past 4 trips because we love the service, staff, cleanliness and many ammenities. Like so many others, we too are trying to work up to Diamond status (slowly, but surely!!) This past trip in May, 2009 was a little disappointing. We were on the Liberty of the Seas and it seems like so much changed in one year. No more chocolate on the pillow, the small decks around the pool area are “reserved for Diamond and suite members only” (wasn’t like that on the Mariner!) and most disappointing was the buffet under the stars was just “dancing under the stars”. There was no food, just drinks – of course this was a huge benefit to RCCL – drinks, drinks and more drinks and they didn’t have to feed anyone!!!! That buffet at night used to be awesome! I think I am going to have a tough time trying to convince my husband to cruise next year – probably because I really have my doubts. What will they take away next? Why should I be loyal to one cruise line? RCCL was always top of the line – that is what kept me coming back…… does anyone have a reason I should stay loyal?

  • George kelley

    I am a Diamond member also. I would like suggest cocktail drinks because I do not drink wine nor champagne. I think that Royal Caribbean should have grandfathered those members that was already diamond with the same benefits as the Diamond Plus.
    They should then started the new rule with the new Diamond Members. Also why are you Catering to a one time cruiser just because they have the money to pay for a suite. Just think we as Diamond Member have brought you much more money though the years. Do you want to see a one cruiser or someone who cruise frequently?

  • Mikki

    Dear Mr. Goldstein, my husband and I returned today from a 7-day Pacific Northwest cruise aboard the Mariner of the Seas. Captain Johnny and crew were fantastic. We booked the cruise a few days before, mainly because of the itinerary. We’ve sailed many times to Mexico but found the PNW ports a much welcome change. Perhaps RCI will consider alternating Mexico and Canada during the summer months. We absolutely would book it again. Thanks and keep up the great job you’re doing.

  • Gerald tan

    Hello there, just wanted to say that I absolutely enjoyed being onboard the Legend of the Seas during its Singapore sailing in January this year. Keep up the good work.

  • Edward

    Since the removal of the Diamond club benefits, I have been a A G critic, but with the latest cruise I noticed a lifeboat drill change. NO LIFE JACKETS! It’s about time. We don’t need to carry jackets on planes, so why ships? Good change Adam.
    Keep catering to suite cruisers, I figure I spent over $50,000 for my diamond club pin, changes are in store to spend less in the future. You will never see those suite cruisers in the future.