The Technology of Entertaining

Cutting-edge mechanics run the show on Quantum of the Seas.

Whether it’s a 3D movie or a stage production with special effects, today’s tech-savvy audiences have come to crave entertainment that awes and engages them in ways they never imagined possible. Then, once they have experienced a certain feature, they desire something new and even more innovative – and they want to be the first to see it. Guests on Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seas will have that wish granted, as the ship gears up to answer their call for never-before-seen entertainment technology.

Of Quantum’s three state-of-the-art performance venues – Two70°, the Royal Theater and Music Hall – the first embraces digital production and artificial intelligence to deliver immersive 3D scenes audiences won’t believe are unfolding before their eyes. Two70°’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which display sea views by day, will be transformed at night by Vistarama, a system of eighteen projectors engineered specially for Quantum.

With seamless video projection, Vistarama will create an ambient surface over 100 feet wide and 20 feet tall. Audiences will be enveloped in sound and taken to places both real and imagined through short stories, animated architecture, surreal landscapes and live shoots, all in 12K resolution. Then, the robots will appear.

Nestled away in the ceiling of Two70° and waiting until just the right moment to descend and surprise audiences with captivating visuals are six 100-inch screens connected to robot arms. These Roboscreens can soar, spin and twist away from each other or come together as one or multiple scenes plays out across them.

“In terms of the world of robotics, other than things that are going on on Mars, this is the most complex robotics project on the planet right now,” says Andy Flessas, president of Robotic Arts, the company responsible for developing the RoboScreens. “We have all of the primary equipment come together in one spot, the robots, the screen, the controllers, and we’re hooking them all up and saying, ‘hello world.’”

Vistarama and the Roboscreens will also mesh with live dancers, singers, aerialists and musicians to put on a variety of multifaceted shows in Two70°. Performances include Starwater, a tale of mysterious star gods and mermaids and Virtual Concert, where high-resolution, 16-camera footage of one of Las Vegas’ most beloved bands is projected across both technologies.

When guests return to Two70° the following morning to savor a cup of coffee, they will know what the space around them is truly capable of. The transformative technology behind Quantum’s curtain is theirs to witness.

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