The Week Starts with a 5k, a Visit to DC and a Look at the Approaching Delivery of Allure of the Seas

by 448

It’s a beautiful Sunday in Miami and I’m very happy to have run a 5k PR this morning in 19.17 (6.13 per mile). The course was long on my fancy GPS watch at 3.15 miles so the elusive sub-19 5k is coming closer. By the way, in a totally unforeseeable happening, last Saturday near Orlando I actually won a 10k race. Not just my age group but the entire race. I had a lot of ambitions in running but being the one running behind the guy on the bicycle was beyond my aspirations. Of course there weren’t the kind of runners I raced against this morning. But it was a memorable experience nevertheless. Speaking of good runners this morning, a 51 year old ran 17.47, a fellow 50 year old ran 18.12 and my hero, a 56 year old with an artificial hip who beats me all the time, ran 18.51. So I’m looking for sustained improvement. Older and faster.

It’s time to hang out in Washington DC again. I have several full days of Capitol Hill visits and Executive Branch interactions this week (unless it snows 10 feet again). Plus my Energy Security Leadership Council is meeting to discuss next steps in our effort to prod the government to improve the country’s energy security through various approaches. And I get to see my little sister who just moved from Japan to Bethesda.

Many of you have commented on the question Craig asked about Oasis’ Nassau call – whether to keep it on Friday as the last call or change it to Sunday as the first call. There are strong opinions on both sides but the majority favor changing to Sunday with appropriate lead time for implementation. We’re still deciding.

Due to what one of my law professors called the “relentless march of the calendar”, we suddenly have only eight months and change until the delivery of Allure of the Seas. We are often asked about whether there will be anything different from Oasis of the Seas on our new 225,000 ton baby. We have said no but we may have been a little hasty. We wouldn’t be Royal Caribbean International without doing a few things differently. I’m sure you’re not at all interested so we won’t keep you posted on this.

  • Jim Lane

    Will the Alure and the Oasis both alternate eastern and western Caribbean itineraries once they’re both in service; or, will they split the Caribbean into two zones, and each sale the same itinerary each week?

    • Adam

      Thanks Jim. When Allure of the Seas enters service at the end of the year her and Oasis of the Seas will alternate between Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries. You can find more details on the itineraries at

  • irene Church

    I am very interested, Adam, I will be sailing on the Inaugural of the Allure and am looking forward to meeting you again and having my picture taken again with you! My husband and I will have Diamond plus status and can’t wait to continue to explore this new sister ship. Never would have believed it would take two sailing do see all the ship. I believe the special Diamond pin was so cool and looking forward to having a D+ pin. I loved the Trivia question booklet, and enjoyed going all around the ship looking through the neighborhood looking for the things in the book.

    I wish the showerheads in my D1 stateroom were much different. I do not like the water being so high my hair gets wet with each shower. Some people had to have their room-mates help them get it down then had no where to put it while showering. I like the style on the Freedom class ships. I do like the bar in the shower for cleaning ones feet.

  • Steven

    Are you fixing the plug locations in the cabins?

  • Marshall Jackson

    I know you’re kidding about that “I’m sure you’re not at all interested” in what will be different about Allure. So let’s hear it! :)


    Just returned from a week on the Oasis. I chose a Grand Suite this cruise and was very unhappy. I couldn’t imagine why RCCL would install an expensive suite, $12,500 under the “sports” deck. All week I heard running back and forth, all hours of the morning, day and nite. Was even worken up several times. Also, they had a very large number of Brazilians, 1,600 to be exact, and a very large number of Asians, 1,200 to be expact. They were the rudest cruisers I have ever encountered. I had already booked the Allure of the Seas prior to sailing on the Oasis but I am having second thoughts about going. The ship is absolutely incredible but the class of cruisers have definitely changed because of all the advertising of this class. RCCL have really overdone themselves with this ship! Amazing is an understatement!

  • SImon Pallot

    Dear Adam you may remember me as the kid that played table tennis with you on Oasis in novemmber last year the last cruise before the naming cermony. I can say i would love to hear all about changes that you make to Allure that are not on Oasis. Cheers Simon.
    P.S I wasnt sure if you were being sarcastic or not :)

  • Simon Pallot

    I forgot to mention that if you would like to contact me regarding those changes im sure Capt. Bills Asst could give you my email. Thanks again Simon

  • Elizabeth Linnie

    Congratulations on your race win Adam.

    I think maybe there are a few of us interested in the changes that will be made to Allure.LOL
    I remember on Oasis Inaugural there was talk of over 2000 changes to Allure and I believe that number has now at least doubled.

    Although I realise many will be tiny changes, I for one would love to hear more on what the changes will be.


  • bjorn jakobsen

    dear sir.
    will the the next one after alures be the



    • Adam

      Hi Bjorn. The Freedom Class of ships was the class prior to the Oasis Class. The Freedom Class consists of Freedom of the Seas, Independence of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas.

  • Bob Lufkin


    One change I would make on the Allure is to go back to the normal size and mix of dining tables in the MDR. It seems on the Oasis there were too few large tables so we were stuck at a table of four and never had a chance to meet fellow cruisers. For the first time in over a dozen RCI cruises, we felt let down in our cruise experience. The hotel director said the change was made due to customer feedback. I bet a lot of customer feedback cards may say otherwise. Just my 2 cents. Bob

  • Stephen

    I hope you enjoy your trip to Washington.

    Please keep us informed about Allure. I’m obsessed even more now that I booked her for 2-6-11.

  • Kyle J

    Are you allowing other crew members from ships docked with you port to tour the Oasis? Please let me know. Thanks!

  • Beth V.

    Hello Adam,

    Congrats on the win! Hope you have fun in D.C. My husband and I are actually planning on taking our new daughter down for a quick trip next weekend. She’s 6 months old and this will be her first trip, but the Allure inaugural will be her first cruise. We’re very much looking forward to this sailing.

    Our last cruise was on Eclipse in early December 2008 and we were quite disappointed. Clearly, we’re just not cut out for Celebrity. We had just achieved Diamond status with C&A so were Elite on Celebrity, but found no benefit to it. This will be our first true Diamond sailing and we’re interested in seeing how it compares to our previous cruises.

    I know the big to-do was done for Oasis as the first new Genesis ship, but I’m hoping you’ve still got some special events planned for Allure’s inaugural. We actually sailed our first cruise on Liberty’s inaugural for our honeymoon and quite enjoyed the festivities.

  • tom YOung

    Dear Adam,
    When in Washington,make sure you go to the Ritz Carlton for Decadent Chocolate Night. It only happens on certain Fridays of the month but you should see the deserts they put out. I am a little prejudiced as sometimes my daughter helps out with the preperation. Good Luck in hitting the sub 19 5K.

  • jAck

    Adam – Would it be possible for Oasis and Allure to pass each other one day at sea? It is always such a thrill when two ships pass close enough to actually see what line it is. Unfortunately that is a rarity and we only see other cruise ships while in port. I can imagine a huge party on deck with the passengers from each ship seeing who can shout the loudest cheer across to the other ship.
    Can you make that happen once Allure comes into service?

    • Adam

      Hi JAck. We are looking at a number of exciting ideas for the launch of Allure of the Seas and appreciate the input.

  • jessica

    Hi Mr. Goldstein!
    I dont know how does this works but i need to make my way to tell someone about the kosher food in your ships! i been in your cruise 5 times and i will travel 2 times more with you and once with celebrity but im very concern with the kosher food you serve. I know that you can do better! in my last cruise there were liker 400 people requesting for kosher food and really its not good at all. You have to improve!! For example crystal cruises have an exelent catering of kosher food! try to make it better i know that the persons that are going to be interested are going to pay more for it!! but really its really a problem! im not strickly kasher but to hav a good meat and a good chiken its important!!!
    Pleas check it out!1 I been loyal to you for a long time and your cruises are the best buttt the kosher food has to improve!!

  • Reeve Conover

    I would like to know why, after the hideeous treatment my wife and her friends received on the cruise two weeks ago, why my overnight letters to your office have been ignored? I provided detailed issues, about the complete failure of RC to meet there vision. When is someone going to contact us and try to make right all the bad things that occurred?

  • andrew vernon betts

    Well, of course we all want to hear about the changes on Allure.
    My Oasis cruise on January 9th was certainly the best of all my RCL cruises. It’s an amazing ship and I have already booked to go back on her as well as on Allure next January.
    Changes in the cabins that I would like to see are:
    1. adjustable shower heads as on your other ships
    2. clothes line in the shower as on your other ships
    3. easier access to the power points
    I loved having 2 Flowriders.
    Perhaps you could also consider adding a circus trapeze as a new activity?

  • Liz Boyd

    We are diamond members and sailed on Oasis in Jan. 2010. Our only disappointment was with the availability of a larger dinner table. We (family of 4) were seated at a 6 top and never saw our dinner companions. To us this is a big part of cruising, this was very disappointing. The head waiter was unable to move us. There were very few large tables available.