Updates on the Impact of Hurricane Irene and Concierge Lounge Policy

by 1104

One of the striking features of cruising is its complexity. When hospitality intersects with maritime, the result is — a lot of variables!

Usually we master the variables in a way that reinforces the world class reputation Royal Caribbean is fortunate to enjoy. This blog just posted an entry about a spectacular passport retrieval that saved a cruise with minutes to spare. There are many stories directionally like that and we are proud of our people who so often deliver the WOW.

The complexity produces two consequences from time to time. First, we sometimes fail to read a guest situation correctly and the failure has implications. Second, we sometimes do get things right but there is nevertheless a perception that something is amiss. In recent days, we have experienced one of each. This blog provides an opportunity to comment on such matters.

The first situation occurred early in the Hurricane Irene saga. When the storm approached San Juan, the Port Authority ordered Serenade of the Seas to depart early. As a result, 150 people did not make it to the ship.

While we had no control over the order to depart earlier than scheduled (we did succeed in negotiating a few hours extra time to allow more guests to reach the ship – which saved hundreds of cruises), we initially adopted the normal position in our business. This norm says Royal Caribbean will make alternative arrangements for guests who have made their travel arrangements through us and have had their travel disrupted, but guests who have made independent travel arrangements retain full responsibility for making it to the ship.

The norm remains in place for most situations and so we continue to advise our customers to make their arrangements through us when they can (i.e., through Choice Air) and to purchase trip insurance before each cruise (either our CruiseCare product or through others).

Although our standard position for weather related disruptions is to encourage guests to work directly with their air carriers in reaching the ship, in the case of Serenade of the Seas in San Juan, we should have recognized immediately that the forced departure of the ship, albeit out of our control, created an out of the norm situation. Although more than half of the 150 guests who missed the ship in San Juan were able to join Serenade in Aruba, earlier recognition would have resulted in us providing the best and fastest alternative travel arrangements to reach the ship and also providing more support in San Juan and/or over the phone for hotel and other arrangements.

All guests who missed Serenade of the Seas in San Juan received compensation, equivalent to the number of days they missed of that voyage. Although we have heard from very few of the affected guests, I apologize on behalf of Royal Caribbean that our “situation awareness” was not at its customary high level. We have learned some valuable lessons for the future.

Before I leave Hurricane Irene, I will reiterate that in such situations we focus intensely on the safety of our guests and crew. Hurricane Irene was a remarkable storm in many respects. Along the way it was in the vicinity of 7 of our company’s ships and both of our private destinations. While we could have handled the situation discussed above in a better way, our people did succeed at keeping thousands of our guests and crew safe, comfortable and out of harm’s way.

The second situation has provoked much more correspondence to us but we stand by our decision to allow guests in our top suites and our highest loyalty tiers to have their family members under the age of 21 accompany them to the Concierge Lounge (CL) at any time. Previously guests under the age of 21 could not enter the CL between 5 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Some factual context: although parents with children under the age of 21 who are CL eligible have been consistently requesting the right to have their family members with them in the CL before dinner, there are relatively few of these families. On average there are five guests under the age of 21 per cruise who are from CL-eligible suites. Some percentage of those would not want to be in the CL so the actual effect on the CL will be minimal. Nevertheless, the ships will not tolerate disruptive behavior in the CL. Since the policy change went into effect on August 26th, one time on each of two ships the Concierge has needed to address a family about the behavior of their child in the CL during the new hours. Our belief is the new policy is fair and will work. We promise to be very attentive to the ambiance in the CL that is obviously highly valued by so many of our guests.

Meanwhile, the Diamond Lounge (DL) will continue to be for adults only during the cocktail hour as there has been zero demand for family members under 21 to be allowed in the DL at that time.

One more comment on this topic for now: when customers write me about policies related to suite guests, they consistently assume that suite guests are first time cruisers or at least have not demonstrated their loyalty to Royal Caribbean. This assumption could not be further from the truth. A very significant percentage of our top suite guests are in the upper tiers of the Crown & Anchor Society and have demonstrated great loyalty to our brand.

We take the input of our guests very seriously, so thank you for the emails. I particularly appreciate that a number of loyal writers didn’t just voice criticism but made constructive suggestions.

I am sure I will have the occasion to comment on future situations and policies. But in the mean time, we are striving to deliver the WOW as often as possible.

  • Patty Groves

    While I understand people being entitled to take their children into the CL, I can’t imagine WHY they would want to. I wonder if these people take their children into the nightclubs at home?



  • Beverly vaughn

    Personally, I feel strongly that children should not be in the CL, nor allowed to sit on ANY barstool, particularly since they are very limited. I recently took two cruises (not on RCL…which was not my choice) and, in both instances, children were using the limited barstools; therefore, we walked out of these common areas without ordering. You should have to be of legal drinking age to sit there, IMHO. RCL is an awesome line…your article above is very well-written/well-stated. It’s hard to please everyone but you all certainly make the effort!! Thank you!

  • M. Fraser

    I have to say, I believe you were completely wrong with both decisions. Under all normal circumstances I would say those who don’t have insurance should and if things go wrong it is up to the passenger to take care of themselves. In this case – special circumstances do prevail. Due to circumstanced beyond the control of RCL they were not able to uphold their end of the contract. RCL should have therefore 1) had a special services team at the dock – 2) picked up the tab for hotels etc. 3) the only thing they will apparently will be doing – refunding for a cruise not taken. RCL failed this one miserably.

    The CL. This new rule of allowing children in during cocktail hour is absurd. There are very few places and times that adults can have a quiet adult conversation/vist where children are not constantly underfoot. The CL was such a place. Now, the “kids rules” the ship.

    As a D+ member of your C& A Society I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in this company. The chances of sailing with you again are now slim to none.

    You have allowed to things to rules – your bottom line to the determent of the client and children.

    How terribly disappointing.

  • Keith Rivers


    I have been cruising now for 2 years on RCI. My last cruise completed last Saturday and took my wife and I in the Diamond Plus tier. We have always travelled as suite guests, if at all possible, in addition have made good use of the CL. All of the Concierges have been excellent and treated us well, Juan, Nedere, Israel and especially Kenneth BooDoo on the Independence.
    I would however say that I shall be disappointed if I have to endure young children in the CL during the pre dinner drinks.
    Ah well such is life, I suppose, all GOOD things come to and end for the sake of the minority and political correctness.

    Yours sincerely

    Keith Rivers

  • simon

    While I understand that Royal Caribbean, have now compensated guests that either missed or joined the cruise late, I find it hard to believe that you, the company, allowed this problem in the first place.

    This is not the first time that RCI have been caught with their pants down, so to speak, but obviously lessons have not been learned.

    I also understand the normal position that if you used the cruiseline to book all aspects of your vacation, then the cruiseline will do there best to arrange hotels flights etc, should you miss the ship, this is fine in normal circumstances where a late flight of missed connection means missing the ship, BUT in circumstances where the ship leaves early, albeit through no fault of the cruiseline, I, and a lot of others are of the opinion that the same treatment should have been extended to every passenger that needed assistance due to the early departure of the ship. Once again, your main competitor did what was right, and RCI didn’t. Good PR is very hard to get, bad PR is very easy to get and can cause damage in excess of any immediate savings that may have been made

  • Michele Bridges

    As a travel agent, a diamond member AND a suite guest with children, I have to ask, are you trying to push your loyal customers away? Even Disney knows that adult only areas are important to maintain a balance. Maybe you should work on trying to keep the so-called adult only areas kid free instead of making more areas overrun with kids.

  • Jim

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,

    As a person who has cruised Royal many times, and has stayed in suites be it Grand Suites and Owners Suite; we enjoy the cruise experience on Royal and her sister line Celebrity. My wife and I are not supportive and disappointed by the Company’s decision about the Concierge Lounge. However, we are willing to give the policy a chance to develop.

    But after witnessing incidents on Royal’ ship were staff members have been belittled, treated with great disrespect, and dehumanized by a demanding passengers. In some cases the crew member just walked away, possibly the only correct response. On a past cruise, we were so incensed on the treatment of a crew member we spoke to the Hotel manager on the Explorer. I just hope this type of attitude does not rear its ugly head in Concierge Lounge.

  • Frank dreiss

    I always book Grand Suites that connect but some of your ships do not have connecting Grand Suites. (most do not have connecting Grand Suites) so I am forced to book a Grand Suite with a connecting balcony cabin. The persons in the connecting non_suite cabin should be issued gold keys so that they can join me in the additional perks offered or you should make connecting Grand Suites on all of your ships or at least the Voyager class and Freedom class.

  • K. Fraser

    I still do NOT understand why the MINUTE the port authority let you know you needed to leave San Juan early (and I am sure they probably let you know it was a possibility earlier than their ultimatum) that you did not make any type of good faith attempt to contact passengers.

    We all spend our time to give you day of sailing information including phone numbers and email addresses. SJ is a US possession, and we always have our cell phones on, and access email. I’m sure some were out sightseeing and could have made haste to get to the ship had they known.

    In your apology, I really don’t see any message that says you will review procedures for situations like this, and regardless of whether parties were reached, it would have been a good faith attempt to do so.

    Most people who live in our area know we are die hard “Loyal to Royal” cruisers. It was embarrassing to walk around and hear people in our community ask us, “Isn’t this the line you cruise with all the time?” I just would say “yes” and “they handled it abyssmally.” What else could be said.

    We were not on that cruise, but we have cruised out of SJ before. I understand you had no choice about leaving, but you did have a choice about contacting passengers and having your ducks in a row regarding what types, if any compensation would be offered. Many of us cannot afford the extra cost of Choice Air…where we live we are landlocked, so we have to fly as cheaply as possible. We check Choice Air, but when the product is 200 more each, we just cannot do that.

  • Teresa scheipeter

    The under 21 policy for the Diamond Lounge has me concerned about our upcoming cruise on the Allure. I have to think there is a demand for family members under 21. We will be sailing in Novemeber with our 16 month old and it is my understanding that he will be a Diamond member following the cruise. My husband and I are both Diamond memebers as well as my parents who will be sailing with us. It has been our intention to take him with us for a pre dinner drink. Now I am worried that we won’t be able to do this and will have to take turns going in for a drink 3 of us at time while someone keeps him outside. If this is a problem to have him with us in th DL, we will all be very upset. Since I am paying the full 3rd person rate for an infant that will eat next to nothing as well as will be staying in a 2 person cabin, I would expect him to have access to everything we do. Please advise.

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Our Diamond Cocktail party on Allure of the Seas is an adults only event and has been since its inception. We have had no requests to bring infants to this event in the past. We do offer a nursery onboard as well as in-room baby-sitting should you choose to take advantage of either of these services.


    I would like to thank RCCL for the OUTSTANDING SERVICE that we have experienced on every RCCL cruise we have ever taken. We are D+ members with RC and have cruised 45 times and over 25 times with RC.
    My husband and I just returned from another fantastic cruise on the Oasis (our 2nd and we did Allure earlier in the year). We have currently 2 other cruises booked with RC (one in March on the Oasis again (that we booked in March 2011 for March 2012), and our very first Alaskan cruise that we booked last week for August 2012. I always feel as if everyone of your employees oes the extra mile in every situation and RCCL will continue to be pur cruiseline of choice. Thanks for everything..

  • Lisa Langrell

    I am pleased that you are maintaining a balance for those loyal cruisers (and suite occupants)the use of the CL for families. While I know many adults would prefer to have an all adult atmosphere for top cruisers in all lounges, its unrealistic and unfair to exclude adults with children whom also have earned the prestige of a lounge. Royal Caribbean I feel has struck the right balance in being a cruiseline for families and for adults. Therefore it seems fitting that one be for adult only and one be for one that families could attend even for a window of time. Of course, parents have responsibilities too in ensuring their children are not running amok. As a parent, I can sense when that starts (usually needing a nap) so my husband and I split time and keep little one in the cabin until that “amok” has subsided. We all need to be flexible..parents too. Thanks Adam!

  • Lavonne

    People go to the CL before dinner to have a drink and relax. I do not understand why anyone would want to bring there under 21 children to the CL as there is nothng for them to do there and they will be bored. As long as they are well behaved I guess it is not a choice situation if RCCL has made this policy. Another thought is the CL is a cocktaill lounge and not usually very big. If too many under age children end up in there comfortable seating maybe effeced for the adults.

  • Patty crupi

    What?? children under 21 are now allowed in the CL when Diamonds were thrown out because of over crowding? That doesn’t even make sense to me. Besides that, I don’t think that’s a place that children should be at during evening cocktail hours. That’s like taking your child to a bar…….I hope that doesn’t become the practice for the Diamond Lounge. I don’t even think that bringing a child to a bar area is setting a good example for the child.

    Sorry, but that’s my opinion and should be an Adult only affair.

  • Steve

    I just read your commments on the Concierge lounge and allowing those under the age of 21 in the lounge during cocktail hours. To say that we are disappointed is an understatement.

    You have now taken the last place away from adults to enjoy a little time away from the younger segment. Overcrowding was an issue at times and will now be even worse.

    Since you have told us in this blog that this is your final work, I guess you’re telling those of us that are couples and have no children that we’re not as important as families. I guess we have a decision to make as whom we spend our future dollars with. Why is it that your company acts first and then thinks about the consequences after? I am very disappointed that people without families are basically being told that we are not wanted on your ships.


    I do appreciate the change, my kids are 10 and 14 and we have been unable to use this perk ask my 10 year old does not want to be left alone. There are many tims we will use it in the future.
    We are also Diamond Members and we would also like the chance to use this facility if the chance ever allows kids under 21, we travel together because we like to be together, it’s sometimes a shame when we can’t include them. Let me add that we are loyal RCL users and always in suites, therefore my kids are diamond members also, and as long as we are treated in the manner we are use to, we will always remain loyal RCL users as will they when they start cruising on their own.

  • Rob guthrie

    As a Diamond Plus member who frequently sails in Concierge level suites, I for one welcome the change in policy to allow children in the lounge. The CL is a benefit of the suite to be enjoyed by all, and more ofthen than not, my family would not be able to take advantage of of the CL because we always travel with our two young girls. There are plenty of options without children for those over 21 to enjoy. I would also strongly support the removal from the CL of children who are disruptive or causing problems. After all, none of the suites that are in the Concierge level are inexpensive, and everyone should be able to enjoy the all of the benefits available.

  • Thelma Jackson

    Am I the only D+ to disagree with this policy? As adults is it too much to ask for an adult venue for three hours,children have many places that adults are not allowed,do we as adults have the same courtesy on RCI? Ridiculous.

  • Thelma Jackson

    Is it too much to ask for one place for adults without children? Am I the only person that would like one place and time on a large ship that doesn’t include kids? If this is deemed necessary make a lounge for families.

  • Melanie hancock

    I am disappointed in the recent change to the Concierge Lounge access. It will no longer be the quiet adult oriented environment members have come to enjoy. The entire ship for the most part is family friendly, I’m sure another venue could be used forfamily suite guests.

  • Stephen

    This is absolutely the most rediculous decision Royal has made. This is a completely idiotic policy. A few “whining” suite guest got their way over multitudes of Diamond Plus (LOYAL) guests. When will you guys learn!!! Kicking us out as Diamond members from the CL was a “slap in the face” – NOW THIS!!! I is about time to stop “being Loyal to Royal” and go elsewhere!

  • Isabella Loiacono

    We are Diamond members and have just returned from our 3rd time on the Oasis and earlier this year we were on the Allure. We would like to give special thanks to our Diamond Concierge, Charmaine Fernandes who was extremely attentive to our requests and Neeraj Shefty, Solarium Bistro Manager, who was just great and the food & dining experience was wonderful. Also Meel7 Cakirusta, of Giovanni’s who has always been wonderful since the very first cruise on Oasis, he does all the little extra things to make guest happy, even without asking. At the guest accommodations Dhimy Jean tried to help us as best he could and communicated with us on several occassions. The entire staff of the Oasis is great! If only the guests would realize they are not at home and should have some etiquette as to their conversations and actions, which are much to disruptive and loud and to be considerate of others. It is what it is, and I guess you can’t teach people manners. We will be cruising again with RCCL on the mega ships, which we enjoy very much.

  • http://underageguestsincl russ gregory

    I understand the parents who wish to use the cl but feel they cant due to traveling with young adults under 21. I am all for a trial period to test how this affects the cl. I dont feel underage and alcohol mix. There is a reason that an age limit was set for outlets serving liquor now and in the past. On a fair number of ships i have been on there is barely room for the adults qualified to use the lounge never mind children and strollers and buggies. The cl has been up till now an adult only haven for 3 hours and i for one will be sad to see that end. I hope parents realize the benefit of the cl and monitor their charges accordingly. I have certainly seen a segment that dont to everyone elses disruption. It seems an added burdon to place on the concierge who is put in a hard position. On one hand wanting to please and cater to receive good tips and on the other having to play monitor and disaplinarian. I dont cruise during the summer or holidays so the impact will be less on me than others. Im guessing this is a mute point as once implemented will be hard to reverse so one must see how it plays out. Thank you for letting me have my say.

  • Sheila spangenberg

    We are Loyal to Royal having cruised exclusively on Royal and we are D+. I have to say that I am having a difficult time with the new CL policy. I thoroughly enjoy my time in the CL in the evening having conversation and catching up with old friends. I’m afraid that the allowing of children will impact that enjoyment negatively. Since it seems that you are going to stand by the policy, I hope you will stand by the Concierges when they hopefully try to keep order and receive less than excellent reviews from parents who had to be told about unruly children.

  • trudy whittaker

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,

    As a loyal Royal Caribbean cruiser and Diamond member, I have to say I am disppointed in your decision to change the evening hours of the concierge lounge to include children. We have cruised in a GS or above on all but 2 of our cruises. This has become one of our favorite venues, since we were able to enjoy drinks and adult conversation. There are many areas on the ships which are designated for familes and I feel that you are taking away one of the only two area’s for adults only. This decision of Royal Caribbean’s is opening our minds to experiencing other cruise lines in the future.
    Please reconsider this decision.


    I have been on RC and always book a suite. We pay the extra money for the little percs that come with the suite. One of them is the CL which I enjoy w/o children. We have the children at the main dining room the shows and in some of the lounges and most parents do supervise their children. But lets face it there are many children running around while the parents expect RCI staff to watch them. Why is it that we are only asking for a few hrs of peace and relaxation. Perhaps we should go to the kids lounge and have a few drinks there. I’m sure that would be frowned on. Lets keep a small area on the ship for adults. Thanks for listening. Love RCI and will continue sailing with them no matter what the decision. Perhaps invite people to each suite for cocktails sans children.

  • Helen-Mama Monarch

    Hello Adam. My personal thinking is that RCL has made a mistake in changing the policy with regard to allowing guests under the age of 21 in CL. Would it be too much to ask, that after say 6 months, you consult with the various Concierges and get their honest opinion as to the effect this new policy has had. Also, I hope that you will back your Concierges when they have to take action with regard to children that abuse their new priviledges.

  • Terri Pamatat

    Dear Adam:
    Since children now have access to the CL. I will take my drink and go sit in their “lounge” and see how that goes. Anyone else want to join me in the teens lounge on the Freedom next week?


    This doesn’t make any sense. The kids have a unique area on the ships called Adventure Ocean (AO). Adults are not allowed in this unique Kids ONLY area. Why allow children especially during the evening hours when the Concierge Lounge is more crowded makes no sense. They should be enjoying the special kids dinner activities at AO. The Concierge Lounge has been advertised as an adult only area for how many years? Changing a policy to please a few rather than respecting the majority is wrong.

  • Donna A. Peters

    I do agree with your decision to leave San Juan if the Port Authority ordered you to.
    I realize some people did not have trip insurance or choice air.
    It is the passengers choice to get the insurance or not when they book the cruise.
    Regretfully, if someone books during hurricane season they should be well aware of the risks. This is the perfect example for getting travel insurance and not flying the day of the cruise.

    Now, the Concierge issue. I have cruised 30+ w/ RCL and disgaree that suite guests are mostly repeaters.
    (Maybe if they were upgraded) I just find it hard to believe, since I have meet many suite guests that were either 1st timers or cruised less than 5 times with RCL.

    In anycase, children do not belong in a bar. RCL has wonderful children’s programming during the dinner hour.
    I taught school for 25 years, children’s behavior is “subjective”. A child that is a total brat may be an angel in the parent’s eyes. So, when you kick the “brat” out how will you handle the parents objection and it will happen? Are you going to bow down just because they are in a suite?

  • Val

    I strongly disagree with your decision to allow children in the CL. The decision to bar Diamonds from the CL was supposedly taken because of overcrowding.

    Why now is it permissible to allow childern in the CL?
    Will they not use seating that was previously alloted for adults?

    Please reconsider your decision.

  • Bill

    Add me to the list of disappointed D+ members that have booked my share of suites, that does not like the new CL policy. As stated before, it is one of only 3 areas on the ship that are listed as “Adult Only.”

    I have to wonder what’s next ? Do we allow those under 16 to enter the Solarium because that’s just not fair to passengers with families ?

    Even though RCI will claim the effect of this decision will be “Minimal,” the decision remains based on the desires of a few, outweighing the desire of many.

    Since I rarely drink alcohol, a few free drinks don’t mean that much to me. But I expect there will be several conceirges that will be fearful of saying anything to a guest about controlling their children, out of concern for their job, their tips, or both.

  • Maurice

    It ain’t personal, it’s just bidness. They don’t do these things by accident! Adam said it above “situation has provoked much more correspondence to us but we stand by our decision”.

    Money talks. They are getting inflated fares and sailing full. It is all about separating the cruiser from his money and they do it very well, it is their job. It is their job and they can do these things and we can choose to sail with them or not.

    22 ships X 3000 pax X 52 weeks = roughly 3.5 million pax a year is probably a low estimate. Where do think we fit in statistically? I have heard it said that long time cruisers are not as profitable as first time cruisers. Many of us have learned to cruise economically and the $$$ are stacked against us. I have been told that a new cruiser often out spends a lot of us by hundreds of dollars per cruise. They really don’t need us right now, our freebies are overhead. In these economic times overhead is bad.

    I have little hope that any reconsideration will take place. Just as all the previous letter writing about so many other issues never accomplished much, this likely won’t either. For 5 years I have watched these kinds of things storm through the forums and emails with no appreciable results.

    Add me to the discouraged and disappointed. We have loved RCI for 5 years and 50 actual cruises (not cruise credits)exclusively with RCI. We love their ships and crews and the ocean and so many other things. We have never sailed with another line, however, for the first time ever, 4 of our 8 future bookings are with two other lines. Even with the cost of gas, trips to the mountains are looking pretty good again.

    I don’t like the changes but realize we actually have little choice in any of this. I still hope they hear us.

    Okay, right or wrong, I’m done.

  • Patty crupi

    I have a question about the new CL policy. Are just suite guests allowed to bring children into the CL or can D+ members also bring their children under 21? I don’t think it will be minimal if it’s allowed by all the suite guests as well as D+ members. I honestly don’t know how a change in policy like this could have been made. Children do not belong in Adult venues. I think it’s an excuse when people say their children are in a suite or are D+ because the parents are (which is also a ridiculous rule) and therefore, should be entitled to the CL, well, what if they said their children were entitled to the free wine tasting event, will you give them permission to bring their children to that too since they can’t leave their children and attend on their own? Where does it end??

  • Cheryl

    I am more than a bit disappointed in this policy change. The CLs are small and crowded enough already. This change wouldn’t matter so much to me if RCL would start treating the suite passengers as adults and allow them to order liquor to the room as is permitted on Princess, Holland America and NCL. It seemed more than silly spending 15k for the Royal Suite on the Radiance and finding out we could only look at the wet bar in the room rather than use it. But Juan in the CL more than made up for the inconvenience of not being able to enjoy an after dinner drink in such a beautiful suite. Contrast that with NCL POA which provided us 3 full bottles as part of the suite package along with a butler. The CL was an okay compromise to an otherwise overly restrictive liquor policy when renting large suites. We are booked on the Allure this month in a GS – we shall see how well this change goes. We enjoy RCL and truely hope you will reconsider this decision.

  • Norm Bassett

    I disagree with the new policy of allowing children in the Concierge Lounge. On the Radiance class ships, the Lounge on deck 10 is so small, you can hardly find a place to sit (or stand) at 5:30 in the afternoon. Now, add to the crowding by having someone come in with a couple of toddlers, plus a stroller……what genius at Royal Caribbean came up with this idea?


    I am a travel agent for TD Travel and we do provide a lot of business to Royal Caribbean.
    But I am very sorry to inform you that RC has the worst customer service. I guess it is mainly because your staff dont have to undergo the phone survey which other cruise lines provide and that is why their staff are so customer friendly and patient.
    I would specifically like to highlight my experience of today with your cruise agent Tiffany when I contacted to get a Package rate for the Cruise and Universal stay and theme park as advertised on your website. She really lacks customer service skills, patience but is very rude when not required and seemed to be not interested in providing any information to a travel agent who would have if served better given you the business.

    Calling RC is always something we avoid because of the negative attitude received.

    Hope that along with good ships which are pricey compared to other cruises it also deserves some decent staff on the phone.

  • s imi meagher

    as a Diamond member I was kicked out of the CL because of overcrowding.. was this in preparation to allow space for under 21 . smart move so less drinking age members could fit into the lounge… please read several posts on CC with this new policy in place where the kids have attacked the food trays like locusts and the conceirge was unable to control them..

  • k cook

    As a D+ member with over 75 cruises 45+ with Royal Caribbean We have just cancelled our January cruise on Mariner due to policy change in CL. We have enjoyed meeting new friends and having quiet time before dinner in the CL it is absurd to allow guests under 21 in the lounge. Our cruising days with Royal are done. We hope someone is listening to the LOYAL cruisers.

  • G. Fisherbaugh

    I am totally against kids in the CL.
    I remember getting a FORM letter telling me awhile back, when I was a Diamond member, there was overcrowding in the CL.
    Now, adding kids to the mix and, strollers.
    There is a poll on Cruise Critic about allowing vs. NOT allowing. I think 15% are in FAVOR of this dumb decision. Who makes these decisions at R.C.C.L.anyway?

  • Steve

    I am starting to think that this may be just the beginning of a much bigger loyalty change not far down the pike. The timing of this new policy is kind of interesting…….just leading up to the Diamonds in December event. Many are speculating that allowing children into an already overcrowded CL set’s things up for D+ to be kicked out of the CL like they did with D members during the last big loyalty change. Well let’s think about it….loyalty #’s are still going to grow in leaps and bounds…even with the new changes that took place to the point system to try to slow things down. Royal again is throwing the Diamonds in December Celebration…again giving double and triple points to entice C&A members to sail and use this event for C&A guests to grow themselves to the next C&A loyalty tiers….so they themselves are pushing people into higher tiers. Both DL’s and CL’s are already overcrowded at present and often need the use of overflow lounges. Let’s face facts….the C&A program has got to be growing faster than those that are reaching high levels and then for whatever reason not sailing. Young children are D and D+ members well before they can even legally sail on their
    own…..when they turn 21 and sailing for the very first time on their own they will already be coming in as D and D+ members. It is inevitable that changes will again have to be made….the question is just when. They are adding DL’s to older ships as they go into dry-dock….but these aren’t big lounges and aren’t going to be able to handle the #’s….heck the DL on Oasis/Allure can’t handle the volume…and they are the largest ships in the world and were just designed and built and the C&A loyalty #’s have already exceeded the size of their DL’s.
    While many are fearful of D+ getting kicked out of the CL, reality would
    probably be a much bigger change….something that may be closer to Pinnacle and suite guests only allowed entry into the CL…..the DL becoming the D+L…and D having either some event of their own or probably closer to just adding some additional perks to the C&A Diamond book like free drink coupons. I know that no one wants to hear any of this but change is here and if it’s here to stay like AG has stated in his blog than I think it’s just the beginning of a much bigger plan that may be inevitable.

  • Donald marburger

    I have great reservations about allowing children in the concierge lounge during cocktail hour.

    The very first is that parents would even consider it proper. It isn’t a place for children.

    Second. This is a time for Crown and Anchor Members to relax. I spend my time with grandchildren and I love them. I also love my time away and when I go on a cruise children are not part of my equation. Put them in the Concierge Lounge during cocktail hour and I am fighting mad.

    Don’t make this a new policy.

  • Linda Zavesky

    We are Diamond+ members and also usually stay in suites. We strongly urge you to reconsider the decision to allow children in the CL. We agree with the numerous reasons given in previous comments for continuing to keep this an adults only lounge but would like to add 3 more: First of all, in most cases, these children pay a third or fourth person fare so I don’t think it is such a big deal that there is a suite benefit in which they cannot partake. Secondly, my husband and I travel without children yet part of our cruise ticket price goes to support children’s programs. Should I insist that I be able to utilize these programs as an adult? Ridiculous! Thirdly, I really cannot comprehend how RCCL sees any benefit in making the CL “family friendly”. I always assumed what RCCL got out of providing this perk is that passengers mingled with other passengers and basically sold cruises to one another. You would meet another couple and hear about a cruise they just did and how great it was and then you wanted to book that one, too. I thought it was a great marketing strategy to let passengers convince other passengers to book more cruises. If you create “family units” in the lounge, families have a tendency to socialize between themselves rather than mingle with others, so it seems counter-productive from a marketing standpoint.

  • megan ryan

    The change in policy to allow MINORS into the CL is ludicrous. Overcrowding is already an issue in all the CLs I’ve been in throughout the fleet.

    How many of these MINORS are actually paying their fares?? I PAY for ALL of my cruises….and if I pay the FULL FARE to bring another person who is NOT a Diamond Plus member, why can’t I be permitted to bring a guest, especially when it is ME footing the bill? I have no children, and will not….If you are saying that these kids can go in with their parents, by being in the same cabin…OR getting status FROM their parents, why can’t a Diamond Plus member bring in ONE guest?

    This decision seems to have been made at the request of a very few people and was acted upon with what appears to be minimal thought. Seems that Royal wants to turn into the Disney Cruise Line…

    I also do not believe that your Concierge staff should be babysitting the children…..face it, even though you SAY that the Concierge will enforce the rules, one angry parent will go complain to guest relations and we all know that, even if the misbehaving child was witnessed by everyone in the lounge, the Concierge will still get scolded for DOING their JOB and being put in an awkward position by the people in Miami who really did not think about all the possible consequences…

  • Ronald Fields

    The CL. This new rule of allowing children in during cocktail hour is absurd. I can not believe you are doing this!There are very few places and times that adults can have a quiet adult conversation/vist where children are not constantly underfoot. The CL was such a place. Now, the “kids rules” the ship

  • Michael

    Kids could always come into the CL, just not after 5:00 PM. I don’t understand why you all would insist on changing this policy for what looks like just a few people who are asking for it; this despite all the comments you have received against it. It kinda makes one wonder if the reason might be because a major shareholder/investor of RC with kids has insisted on it.

  • Marilyn Mavity

    Well, by all means, let’s anger the vast majority so as to please an average of five kids. Royal Caribbean is not thinking. They are jumping over the dollars to get to the pennies again. On the vast majority of ships, the lounge is over crowded. I am Diamond+ and in my sixties. Now I’m supposed to give up my seat to a five year old. Let’s hope it is a VERY rich five year old.

  • JENNIFer

    Thank you for making this change. We have sailed in suites several times and have always had to go the the CL in shifts because my daughter was not allowed. We are going to be Diamond after our next cruise and would like to make the request that the same provision be made for children during the Diamond cocktail events.

    Thanks again!!

  • Pam Forsyth

    Bad decision. Why would you want children in an adult lounge. We have been loyal to RCCL by becoming a Diamond Plus member. We go up to the CL in enjoy talking with adults and not having children running around and bawling. If we wanted to be around children we would stay at the pool bar. NO children!!!!

  • Byron

    I totally agree tht children NOT be allowed in the CL, forgive my ignorance but isn’t there a law in the US that states the minimum age to enter a cocktail lounge or bar where liquor is served is 21?

  • Reggie

    As a D+, I am disappointed that children are now allowed in the CL. This was one of the few times adults could converse and enjoy a cocktail and the company of other like minded passengers. This is just another in a long string of disappointments with RCL. My 34th cruise with RCL may well have been my last.
    As a travel agent, I’ll also be steering my groups to other cruise lines that also appreciate their adult passengers.
    Your policies have sent me to other cruise lines that I have found to be a better fit for me than RCL

  • jUNE

    Children in CL please reverse this decision.

    As a Diamond plus who enjoy JS and GS Suites, i look forward to the lounge and as i do not travel with children would prefer that they are keeped out.

    This is our Adult club..They have there’s
    As a Diamond plus if i am travelling with a child, would the child be allowed in the Suite lounge?….if so why cannot a guest travelling with me not be allowed in???..

    As previously said Diamonds were not allowed in as no room….are you thinking of removing Diamond plus now???..
    Now you know the strenght of feeling of your loyal guests will you change your policy, especially on the ships with the very small CL

  • Norm Bassett

    Let’s see now……22 ships in the fleet, an average of 5 minors per ship per cruise who qualify for access to the Concierge Lounge (I realize some ships don’t have a CL). So to cater to a relative miniscule group, you’re going to alienate hundreds (or maybe thousands) of loyal REPEAT cruisers. Sounds to me like someone was absent the day they covered that subject in Marketing 101.

  • Thomas Ingargiola

    I do not agree with the change to the CL policy. There a plenty of venues for children aboard the Royal Caribbean fleet. There is no need to change the few areas which are adult only. Otherwise, Carnival here we come! The old addage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it holds here. I hope you reconsider your position!!

  • Gary Cannon

    As a DiamondPlus member who is often frustrated with overcrowding in the CL, I do not feel this new policy is well thought out or considerate of the overwhelming majority of your DiamondPlus customers. I also think this will create issues for the concierage who is expected to monitor the activities of the guests and ensure everyone has a good experience in the CL. You are putting them in a no win situation for the sake of one or two guests per cruise. You should revoke this new policy immediately.

  • Karen Edelen

    I too, am disappointed that children will be allowed in the lounges formerly dedicated to adults. I have experienced children playing in the elevators and pushing all the buttons during busy times, running in the halls, and taking over the hot tubs even though there are signs posted that they need adult supervision under a certain age. My husband and I enjoy the hot tub but have not had the opportunity recently. When we were in one and children got in they splashed and jumped around so we got out. The concierge lounge has always been packed when we went and sometimes there were no seats available and we had to leave. I cannot imagine having little ones in the area if for no other reason than the congestion, let alone the drinking and adult conversation.

  • Lynne Cannon

    This is a revolting development! As a person who has [finally] gotten to Diamond+ status some snotnosed kid has the same benefits in the Cl? Taking up valuable seats (since most CL are on the small side) and I’m supposed to listen to their whinning, thanks but no thanks. I’ve reared my children and my grandchild is 16. If I’m sailing with her I wouldn’t hink to expect her to be allowed in the CL. This is very short sighted of RCI.

    This is precisely why I am more and more often looking at other lines to give them my cruise dollars. RCI expects passengers to be loyal but that is a two-way street. WHERE’S THE LOYALTY?

  • Jacuelyn Hodge

    I try to sail in at least, a Junior suite…(for comfort only)…We are currently platium cruisers with RCI…Athough, this CL issue does not really affect me, I have to say, I’m totally amused! It’s refreshing to see that a leader of a hugh company such as RCI can make a decision AND stand by it. (that’s rare in this ecomomy!) Personally, I cruise because I choose this type of vacation. I normally book the type of cabin I can afford and budget for the other stuff..I am sympathetic to the needs/wishes of the D, D+ folks who are used to certaing perks. I’ve never had any perks so far so, whatever! If I decided I can afford a cruise, I’ve decided to pay for drinks and anything else that’s not included in the fare price. Children in the CL apparently is a major issue and I really hope all of you get the satifaction you desire…I also think it SUCKS when you can’t get a FREE drink you deserve when you believe you’re entiled to same just because you have spent a small fortune on RCI…it’s business…they are going to win!!!!!!

  • David Trachtenberg

    I have read through this entire comment section and I must say that I am absolutely astounded by some of the threatening posts. My wife and I are both D+ and our daughter is a Diamond member. We have been cruising on RCCL since 1983 and plan to continue doing just that. We are not in agreement with the decision to allow children into the Concierge Lounge during the 5-8:30 period. That being said I believe that the new policy is more fair to both suite guests and D+ members that have children under 21. I think that these passengers are paying for their children to sail and deserve to use the facilities. Now we all base our comments on our own personal experiences and conditions. We only brought our daughter on a few of our cruises and she has the manners and intelligence to sit in an adult venue. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Over the years I have observed many children…and adults…that were acting badly. So, lets allow people that know how to behave in public the benefit of the doubt in the Concierge Lounge. Lets empower the Concierge to remove disruptive people from the lounge whether they are 8, 18, 21, 41, or even 61. I certainly am not advocating screaming children being tolerated in the lounge. I am also not advocating tolerance of loud, abusive, and disruptive behavior by adults. So lets be civilized about this whole thing until it shakes out. I think that it counter productive to throw about empty threats about taking the business elsewhere. It really makes no sense to abandon D+ status on RCCL to become a no status on Princess, HAL,Carnival, or NCL. If the threat is not just an empty promise then I applaud you for sacrificing your status for the “principle” that you believe in so strongly. That’s the really great thing about having choices.

  • james kirk

    Children do not belong in any cocktail lounge.RCL has many wonderful areas well staffed for children.Please reconcider your change to your policy.

  • Pam

    If I wanted to be around kids I’d go on a Disney cruise. The CL is the last place on a ship where I can get relief and have some adult interaction. Kids already take over the hot tubs, to include doing cannonballs into them, taking over the elevators by pushing all the buttons and running around the pool area out of control. RCL has started taking away everything. No more chocolates on the pillows, no more gifts for C&A members (hats, luggage tags, etc.), no more cheese and cracker or petit four plates in D or D+ member suites, no more ship shape classes or awards. All perks are gone. And now you are allowing children and strollers in the already crowded, understaffed and under supplied CL! Whose “brilliant” idea was that? And who will keep the kids in line? Not the staff because your management doesn’t support them when they try to enforce the rules. Why should I cruise with you? I’ve spent a lot of time and money building up my status, but it may be time to start over with another cruise line.

  • Keith roberts

    Dear Adam.
    Has a regular cruier with rccl i am concerned about children being let into the Concierge Club between 5-30 and 8-30, i have nothing against children but i think the club should be for adults only has if we are on Radiance or Voyager class ships we have to pay for our drinks. So my suggestion is if we are on the class type i have mentioned to ease to problem why can’t we go to were just the Diamond members go and show our Sea Pass cards and get the drink we wont like we can in the Cocierge club.We Have 408 points on the C&A scheme and we have 6 more cruises booked starting on Saturday 17th September on the Voyager so we hope that things can be sorted and we can use theDiamond club has well has the Concierge club.
    Thammnk you Mr Keith Roberts 300030739, Mrs Christine Roberts 300030771.

  • Alice Russell

    I wish to make a comment regarding a situation we had on a galley tour on the Allure last Jan. It was specifically stated that you must have closed toed shoes and no sandals would be allowed. 3 people showed up with sandals and the chef giving the tour told them they would need to change their shoes. They went up and told them they were Pinacle members and that they didn’t know about the shoe restrictions. She said OK you can come then. I told her later that I felt this was not right just because they were Pinacle status, and she very loudly said it was OK. Later the person that went on the tour told me it was none of my business and I had no right to question it. I know if it were someone who was not Pinacle they would not have been allowed on the tour. It seems to me that the price you pay or the status you have can sometimes take precedence over a long time Loyal cruiser as in the case of the C/L allowing the suite members to bring their children in the lounge while cocktails are being served. I wonder what will happen when a child picks up a glass and takes a sip or someone accidently runs into one of them. It took us many, many years and many many cruises to work our way up to Diamond + and we did it the hard way when 1 credit was given for 12 day cruises. We have been loyal to RCI and I feel you are not being loyal to us.
    Thank you, Alice

  • Kathy

    It all comes down to the fact,that RCCL is catering more and more to families.I believe they are trying to chase away the older empty nest type of cruisers.I do not dislike children,but when it is essentially the only place that was enforced,it is pretty sad,they take that away too.

    I know you won’t go bankrupt with me cancelling my cruises(and I have)……It’s just a shame when I have been loyal to Royal since 2001.Just seems there are constant changes since then and truthfully,none of them very good.

  • Sharon howell

    Add in another Suite Guest/Diamond Level (one cruise away from D+) that is astonished at this decision. It’s completely short sighted and has no basis in reality when you factor in the space and confines of the Concierge Lounge. We booked a GS specifically to be able to have cocktail hour with friends in a GS. Once again, we have a corporate decision that will cause problems for onboard staff. I emailed my feelings and did receive a phone call from Corporate which I do appreciate. But I do not appreciate Mr Goldstein’s digging in his heels on this issue. Put ego aside and own up to the fact that this decision makes no sense on a logical or economic level. It goes against every tenet of smart business – don’t alienate the majority of your client base to please a minority. If RCCL is attempting to push their adult passengers that travel without minors away, perhaps they should be upfront with it and send us all to Celebrity (which we have sailed 6 times). RCCL has until now done a great job of balancing their ships between families and adults. We choose NOT to sail Oasis class because we feel they are more family oriented. Why in the world a 3 hour cocktail hour for adults in a small club had to be tampered with to please on average 5 children per sailing just doesn’t sound believable. Besides, those children in suites did NOT pay a full fare but a discounted 3rd or 4th person fare.

    Thank you for allowing our comments to be heard. Standing by a bad decision is NOT a sign of strength – listening to your clients is. When I had my own business,if I made a mistake and owned up to it, I kept the respect of my clients. I hope RCCL management will take these comments to heart.

  • PAul r

    Dear Adam,

    We are disappointed to hear of this policy change. The CL “Happy Hour” is one of the things that my wife and I enjoyed most on RCI ships. We could care less about the free drinks (go ahead and charge double for the privilege of adults only) – we just liked to sit and visit with fellow passengers who were just like us, without worrying about accidentally sitting on a ketchup soaked chicken nugget.

    We have children, and accept that when we travel with them we do different activities than we do when we travel on our own.

  • Mimi Mensch

    I don’t like the new rule but I don’t make the rules. I have rules in my business and expect people to follow them.

    That being said, I think this whole mess could be solved by having two separate lounges plus the D lounge. Let the parents that want to socialize with their kids while drinking, have their own lounge. Or offer some kind of alcohol for their suite.

    Don’t care how much anyone spends for their cabin. Nobody is better than anyone else.

    I’m not going anywhere. I like RCL (even though they P*ss me off sometimes), LOL

    Come on guys, lets meet half way and make everyone happy.

    Still love ya, MIMI

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  • Sharon moore

    I agree with the lady that stated ‘first we (Diamond level) get kicked out of the CL due to overcrowding’ and to add something to that, but suite guests who are on their 4th or 5th (or less) trip get to use this benefit just because they paid more and now you are adding children into the few hours each day adults can be in a quiet area, enjoy a drink and relax before dinner. (Solarium doesn’t count, kids are in there all the time even if they aren’t supposed to be). We did 22 cruises with Royal, were almost D+ level and they changed the rules for that. We’ve been trying out Carnival and frankly we’ve been pleasantly surprised, they exceeded our expectations and the level of service is wonderful. Royal was the only line we’d cruise on, not anymore. We will still use them, but we are no longer loyal to them. And the loyalty programs….forget it….they aren’t worth it.

  • Michelle

    As D+ members, we are very disappointed in this new policy. The CL has always been too crowded as is (often standing room only), and adding children will make it worse. The reason the D members were kicked out, we were told was because of overcrowding. The main reason we are loyal to RCL is because of the CL where we can socialize with other frequent cruisers in an adult only atmosphere. We want to point out that it is the standard for the concierge lounges in luxury hotels to be adult only. Please reconsider this policy and find another alternative for your suite families.

  • gerald queen

    We just got off the Freedom last Sunday. We were in a Grand Suite. Using the CL was a great perc, however, when the 5 kids from 2 families entered there was even less seating available for adults who had come in for their before dinner drinks. It would be nice to have an adult only area just for a few hours!

  • Perry tsang

    I wonder how many people didn’t make their cruise because of the shutdown of all airports in the NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY area on August 27 and August 28. RCL is taking the normal stand the customers are responsible for getting to the ship. How are we supposed to get there if the airports are closed for two days?

  • http://cruise7892@yahoo.com Marcella

    Adam, if you were a paying guest, sans your president’s status, & you were a loyal royal,
    would you not get upset with RCI’s “children allowed in concierge 5pm-8:30pm”?

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  • Pootersdad

    So,Adam,what’s the latest on munchkins in the Concierge Lounge. Is it still averaging 5 per cruise? Is anyone at RCI keeping track of complaints vs. kudos? If so, will you share with us? Or are you still sticking by your decision (however ill-advised)to antagonize your loyal repeat cruisers in favor to catering to a few suite guests?

  • Miss Ally

    We cruised last week on the Jewel of The Seas in an owners suite we are also Diamond Plus and there was no where to sit in the CL sometimes we just sat outside until a space was available. We have booked a Grand suite next month on the Adventure so we spend alot of money with Royaland we are only in our 40’s
    I have witnessed children misbehaving in similar excecutive lounges to the CL Playing their hand held games loudly, with their feet on the chairs or tables, I have seen then hogging the computers in the lounges to play games and pawing and replacing the canapes.
    I have seen them being rude to passengers and the staff because Daddy and Mammy have said it’s OK you are in a suite.
    Some parents will state that their children don’t misbehave but sometimes they don’t see it.
    Please reconsider your decision

  • Brenda

    We have just cancelled our December crusie because of yor decision to allow children in your cl lounge and because of all yor efforts to appeal to families. I do not need to see shrek and his friends on a ship and your latest decision to allow children in an adult venue is the last straw. More adult areas are needed

  • http://www.travelphish.com Lauren Simon

    I am both a loyal RCCL passenger and a travel agent. I have personally experienced the concierge lounge and absolutely don’t support this new policy.

    The one thing that my wonderful BDM always tells us is that Royal has a balanced vacation experience for all ages. They know how to separate the kids venues from the adults…like the neighborhood concept. Not allowing kids in the spa,disco,having adult pools… However, this policy goes against this very concept and RCCL’s vacation culture.

    I implore you to reverse your decision on this asap. Stand your ground and explain to suite guests this is a perk but these are the policies of the company. Stand your ground and don’t cave to a few vocal persons.


    Lauren Simon … who is loyal to royal…

  • Lillian Fiedel

    Solution!!___ Sailing back to back on Oasis Dec. 3rd=Dec. 17th. If I cannot find a seat in the CL, I will take out my drinks and food to any venue on the ship and enjoy my benefits that I so richly deserve and if anyone questions me, I will tell them that I have lost my space in the Concierge Lounge.Easy enough???Are you sure that underaged children are allowed in venues that serve drinks????

  • http://N/A Tom

    As loyal to Royal Diamond Plus Member, I am also disappointed with your decision to allow children in the CL. Not only for the disruptions noted above with very young children, but also with older teens who might try to take advantage of the chance to experiment with alcohol, requiring the Concierge and bar server to become “alcohol police”. Any adverse situation following underage drinking will only reflect adversely on Royal and could lead to unwanted legal procedings. As a Royal Caribbean International shareholder, I cringe at the thought of large settlements that could follow. Please reconsider your decision.

  • Miss Ally

    Just back off the Adventure and there are big changes and not for the better

    There were 10 children under the age of 8 in the conceige lounge every night so we stopped going in there ………. Couldn’t move for strollers.

    Although we were in a Grand Suite and are Diamond Plus the conceige lounge was not for us. You could clearly see that the children were bored and were crying and screaming and the Conceige was very busy dealing with them .

    We decided to go to the over spill lounge for suite guests which again had children running around playing on the piano and screaming.

    So we decided to go to the Diamond lounge for some final peace and quiet only to find that a young Mother with a two year old child and yet another stroller was shouting at the bar server demanding to be served a drink because she was stating that she is in a suite and she is also a Diamond member and that there was no room for her to sit in the Conceige lounge and no room for her and her husband and child to sit in the over spill lounge because that was also too busy so although technically the child should not be allowed in the Diamond area the barman gave in because of the fuss the Mother was making. The then said child decided to lie and crawl all over the floor.

    RCI should find an alternative for children being allowed in bars that serve alcohol it is clear to see that this is not going to work. RCI will lose many loyal and suite guests as a result.


    I am very disappointed by the new rules allowing children in to the Concierge lounge in the evening. The Concierge Lounge has worked very well for many years, why change now? surely parents would not want their children sitting in a small adult orientated room where alcohol is served? This ruling needs to be changed back, why are RCCL upsetting their most loyal customers? I hear that there might only be a small percentage of children in the lounge each sailing, but this will still be very disruptive. I do hope that my future cruises are not going to be spoiled by unruly children, I accept that not all parents will let their children misbehave but there are a great many who will. As I said, I am very disappointed, and looks like there are a whole bunch of cruisers on here who feel the same way I do. Please RCCL have another think about this ridiculous rule.

  • Cindy

    As adults travelling without children we are greatly looking forward to out first OS in March, however our excitement has been lessened significantly by this change to Concierge Lounge access. Because I am in education we are forced to cruise during the most crowded times. I fully anticipate the Mariner being packed to the rafters during Spring Break, and one of the reasons we chose a suite was to have a large private space as well as the availability of an adults only venue for a quiet drink and adult conversation before dinner.

    I noticed that this change only applies to the CL, not the DL or the Diamond cocktail events. Since we’re Platinum members, we don’t have the option of choosing a Diamond venue/event for an adults only atmosphere. I realize this is a controversial subject and a decision made in response to passenger requests, but please understand there are suite guests that are very displeased with this decision. From my perspective, almost all of the ship is very child and family friendly. I would enjoy a time and place that was more geared to my interests and age group.

    I have nothing against children…in fact, I love them and am responsible for 900 of them every working day. However, when I’m on vacation, it’s nice to have some places to escape the children. Your policy change removed the venue I was most looking forward to.

    Hopefully this policy change won’t negatively impact our cruise and our first full suite experience. I will keep an open mind, but if the lounge is full of children during cocktail hour I am certain it will influence our decision to book a suite in the future.

  • ron wyatt

    Here we go again. Another case of the tail wagging the dog. Our next cruise in January will put us in the D+ category and once again allow us in the CL. I thought being kicked out of the CL as a mere Diamond member was sad, but allowing kids in what was truly the only place on the ship to escape kids for a short time? Are you nuts? These are the same kids I have seen many times running rampant around the pool, and completely ignoring the pool rules. The same kids who think it is hilarious to push all the buttons on a crowded and very slow elevator. Who run up and down the halls removing the ‘do not disturb’ tags from the doors. Do you really believe that kids are going to come into an area where there is nothing to do but listen to boring conversation, and watch their parents drink, and not get very restless? Do you REALLY expect them to sit still and behave for up to 3 hours? Have you BEEN to a restaurant lately? When a small child gets it in his/her head to throw a fit, there is nothing on Earth that can stop the ensuing tidal wave of noise.

  • al/shea lauria Diamond Plus Members