Vacations are More Important than You Think

by 503

Shocking revelation:  We believe in vacations.  Especially cruise vacations.  A lot.  We’re having fun right now – especially with our animated game, let me know what you think of it – reminding U.S. consumers that every year we leave approximately 459,000,000 vacation days on the table.  In other words, Americans collectively fail to use an amount of vacation days that is enough to fill the Royal Caribbean International fleet more than 20 times for a full year.  People, use your vacation days!  Research states you’ll be more productive at work and live longer.  These findings don’t even address the significance of vacations to the quality of life for families, couples and singles.


Many years ago, before I was in the vacation business, I was in a buffet line at a wedding and an older guest proudly told me he had never taken a day of vacation in his life.  When I incredulously asked why, he said he was in a personal service business and owed it to his clients to be available 24/7 (he didn’t actually say 24/7 because the expression was unknown at the time – he possibly invented it later).  Maybe that was the right thing for him, but stop for a moment and think about what your vacations have meant to you and how each vacation has the chance to create memories and experiences that last a lifetime.

My father would have been 75 on August 28th.  The other day, I was looking at a bunch of pictures from over the years.  Where did those pictures come from?  Vacations.  There aren’t any pictures of my father leaving for work in the morning.  He was a great lawyer with passionately loyal clients who were also his closest friends.  He never took a sick day, that I can remember, but he always took his vacations to Hawaii, Cape Cod, golf courses and belatedly, to a cruise or two.  That’s why we have the photos.

To further elaborate on how important it is for you to take your vacation, here is a short video that provides some of the statistics.


Take your vacations, preferably on Royal Caribbean International.

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