Vacations are More Important than You Think

by 503

Shocking revelation:  We believe in vacations.  Especially cruise vacations.  A lot.  We’re having fun right now – especially with our animated game, let me know what you think of it – reminding U.S. consumers that every year we leave approximately 459,000,000 vacation days on the table.  In other words, Americans collectively fail to use an amount of vacation days that is enough to fill the Royal Caribbean International fleet more than 20 times for a full year.  People, use your vacation days!  Research states you’ll be more productive at work and live longer.  These findings don’t even address the significance of vacations to the quality of life for families, couples and singles.


Many years ago, before I was in the vacation business, I was in a buffet line at a wedding and an older guest proudly told me he had never taken a day of vacation in his life.  When I incredulously asked why, he said he was in a personal service business and owed it to his clients to be available 24/7 (he didn’t actually say 24/7 because the expression was unknown at the time – he possibly invented it later).  Maybe that was the right thing for him, but stop for a moment and think about what your vacations have meant to you and how each vacation has the chance to create memories and experiences that last a lifetime.

My father would have been 75 on August 28th.  The other day, I was looking at a bunch of pictures from over the years.  Where did those pictures come from?  Vacations.  There aren’t any pictures of my father leaving for work in the morning.  He was a great lawyer with passionately loyal clients who were also his closest friends.  He never took a sick day, that I can remember, but he always took his vacations to Hawaii, Cape Cod, golf courses and belatedly, to a cruise or two.  That’s why we have the photos.

To further elaborate on how important it is for you to take your vacation, here is a short video that provides some of the statistics.


Take your vacations, preferably on Royal Caribbean International.

  • Michele Cartwright

    We’re taking ours! Allure of the Seas in March! :) Care to join us? We’d love a personal tour.

  • Debbie Althoff

    Vacations are a necessity – time to re-group, re-charge and re-focus on what is really important. LIVING! 25 days vacation plus holidays – I take ’em all. And, preferably, at least one of the weeks is on a cruise with RCCL! :)

    • Adam

      Debbie, we’re honored that you spend at least one of those vacation weeks with us. They really are important for many reasons, so we are looking forward to you re-grouping, re-charging, and re-focusing with us.

  • Michael H

    We’ve saved 5 vacation days purposefully for early December. We’ll be on the maiden voyage of Allure Dec 1st! Can’t wait to meet her.

    • Adam

      Thanks for reserving Allure of the Seas for December, Michael. We are happy you are spending your vacation days with us and we can’t wait to see you onboard.

  • Paul Shearman

    I LOVED the video and had fun playing the game (although don’t look for me in the high scores). I have shared the video and the game (and the contest) to my cruise clients via Facebook.

    Who ever comes up with the ideas for many of your videos deserves a raise or a vacation!

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Adam

      We are happy to hear that you liked our video and game, Paul. We also appreciate you sharing them with your cruise clients.

  • jackie

    Ours is comming up in November aboard Oasis. Can’t wait. I’ve played the game twice. Only problem is my hand-eye coordination needs quite a bit of improvement, but was fun.

    • Adam

      Thanks for reserving Oasis of the Seas in November Jackie. We are also looking forward to seeing you. Glad you had fun playing our game, remember practice makes perfect!

  • David

    We started a vacation on Aug 8th. I became ill had to taken off the Mariner of the Sea by the coast guard. The Captain and Officers and Crew. Saved by life by their actions. My wife and I are greatfull to the Doctors and their staff. I am on the road to recovery and look forward to our next cruise on RCL.

    • Adam

      It is good to hear that you are on your way to recovery. Take care, David and we hope to see you onboard with us again soon.

  • FRank

    I love the game, I play it everyday.I will be on the Navigator of the Seas in November with 30 family and friends for my 40th Birthday!

    • Adam

      Frank, we’re happy and honored to hear that you will be spending your 40th birthday with us on Navigator of the Seas in November. We know our great staff will do everything we can to make your birthday celebration with family and friends a very memorable experience.

  • Tammy carter

    We love RCI and I look forward to playing the game every day. Thank you for everything you do to make it such an amazing company to vacation with. My husband and I are spending our 15 year anniversary on the Freedom in November, and I’m sure it will be a Anniversary to remember!

    • Adam

      We are more than happy to hear you enjoy the game Tammy. We are honored that you chose to celebrate your 15 year anniversary with us and we can’t wait to see you aboard Freedom of the Seas this November.

  • http://centurylink April Tagliaferri

    Love the little game and would like to win. Where is the name on the page to be found ???? I am a plat. nine time cruiser and am planing for Alaska this spring. I sailed with Royal before it was Royal on the Azure Seas so acctually I am a 12 times cruiser. Happy sailing, April

    • Adam

      Hi April, we’re happy to hear you love out game. You can find the game at Good luck!

  • jim

    we just reserved our seventh cruise with rccl! a vacation should also ba an adventure, and royal does it for us !!!

    • Adam

      Hi Jim, we look forward to seeing you for the seventh time. Our team is dedicated to making your experience memorable every time you cruise with us. We are honored to have yet another adventure with you onboard.

  • http://thankyou! DAMIL

    Can’t wait to go one day to cruise we Royal Caribbean is my dream.NO WORK ONE WEEK ty Adam

    • Adam

      Damil, we hope that you will cruise with us one day. Thank you for the kind words, we are touched that sailing with us is your dream, we would definitely be delighted to have you onboard. We hope to see you onboard with us someday soon.

  • http://wifebirthday. angelo


    • Adam

      Thank you very much for the compliments, Angelo. We can’t wait to see you onboard with us for the third time on November 7th.

  • Jo-ANNE Rusczek

    I earned 18 days of vacation this year and I’m thrilled to have spent 7 of them in August aboard Liberty of the Seas and I’ll be spending 4 more in December on Navigator of the Seas. Cruising is my families favorite vacation!

  • Judy Karoglan

    We love Royal Caribbean. We started with them on Song of America and we just finished our 16th cruise with the Jewell of the Seas in Canada and New England. We came home on the 26th of September and Yesterday, September 30th, We booked the Enchantment for a 12 day cruise. I can’t wait. Thanks Royal Caribbean!

    • Adam

      Judy, we are delighted to hear that you had such a great experience aboard Jewel of the Seas, and we are looking forward to seeing you for a seventeenth time onboard Enchantment of the Seas.