Video Blog: More on Royal Caribbean's Private Destination of Labadee

by 92

We took some time to film a video blog during our most recent visit to Labadee. Here is some insight into Royal Caribbean’s investment in the private destination of Labadee, Haiti, in addition to facility upgrades and different experiences available to our guests. Thanks for watching!

  • Mike P

    Have to ask: Is the 50 million spent inclusive of the all of the improvements or just the dock? what’s the breakdown.. Naturally you don’t want to say what specifically was spent on each piece.. but if you could give percentages such as: “entertainment x% infrastructure including dock x%, repairs / replace old buildings x% etc..” I think that would be a very interesting.

  • joseph

    please take us to the citadel and sans soucis palace

  • luther anderson

    I was reading about the “Oasis” in my local paper on Sunday and totally agree with a statement made by one of your reps while being interviewed by a reporter who, apparently, had never been on a cruise. The statement was that “RCI is in competition with the ports of call. The idea behind the Oasis and Allure is to keep folks on board when in port.” I enjoy being at sea and believe that to be what a cruise is about. I personally believe you guys are losing money by not bringing your larger, newer ships to northern east coast ports such as Baltimore and Norfolk. The airlines are taking money from you by flying customers from the northern climes to Florida. Money that could be used onboard ship and to pay for other family members, friends, etc., to enjoy a cruise if they didn’t have to fly a thousand miles from home to Florida. Folks here in Norfolk who regularly cruise on the Carnival Victory or Triumph have never heard of the Freedom or Oasis class of ships and so, have never experienced a real cruise. In fact, they know nothing about “RCI.” I get nothing but “wow” when I have “gushed” about the “Freedom” or shown videos of the “Oasis” and “Allure.” Please, rethink your homeport strategy. You’re losisng thousands of potential customers.

  • Roger custer

    Please take your sunglasses off next time, it’s hard to get a personal connection when speaking to us with those glasses on. Also, can we see some video of the improvements to Labadee?

  • Nazare Elena

    Hi ! Do you think is any chance for me to get a job onboard ?

  • Mark hatfield

    Adam let me say that My wife and I are looking forward to the Dec 1st cruise on the Oasis of the Seas.
    We started cruising in 2005 and now we are a Diamond member.
    RCCL is the only cruise line that we will go on.
    To all at RCCL thank you for making this a great vacation for my family.

  • Scott Jensen

    Please show us in a video this place you talk about. Some before and after photographs would also be interesting.

  • Edward Fabrin

    Adam, Please bring back your 3 and 4 day cruises out of Long Beach California, to Santa Catalina Island, and Ensenadaa Mexico. Carnival is the only cruise line offering short crises now. What a let down.

  • Martin Markowitz

    Hi Adam
    I would like to say that your corporate decision to make shareholder benefits part of combining with other offers, in my opinion, was a very very poor one. It would seem that the shareholder benefit is an entirely a separate issue from other offers, such as coupons or upgrades for tier levels. As the old saying goes “Dont bite the hand that is feeding you.”
    I would suggest that this decision be re-thought. I’m sure that many shareholders are very unhappy as it looks as though they are being punished for owning stock in the company. Just think about it.
    Thank you for your understanding on this issue, as I am cerain that I am speaking for others as well.
    Martin Markowitz

  • Clinton bulkley

    Hello Adam,

    We would like to say we returned from our cruise on the Oasis on Jan. 9 2010 and would like to say as far as cruise ships go “Game Over”.

    What an incredible ship!

    Clint & Linda