We Have a Passionate Community, and I'm Listening

by 826

So what have I learned after one week of this blog? A few observations at this early juncture:

People are passionately attached to the Royal Caribbean International brand. They really want to be involved with it whether on a cruise or in between cruises. This passion is an incredible asset for our brand and company. It is an asset we can never take for granted. There are many ways to protect this asset but the most important way is to continue to Deliver the Wow onboard our fleet.

People are hungry for information and they want immediate satisfaction. This is obvious from the reaction to the blog and also from the reaction to the live chat that preceded the blog. This hunger is a challenge for the blog. I want us to be responsive without this blog morphing into a customer service center. The fastest way for us to respond to posted questions would not involve me – my colleagues would receive the questions, research and answer the questions and then post or otherwise communicate the answers. I’m not comfortable with that approach because I want to know what is coming in and what is going out. This takes more time but at this stage of the game I prefer to sacrifice some speed in return for more involvement in the process by me. We’ll adjust as we go.

The issues associated with a mega-event like H1N1 should probably be addressed in a dedicated forum. I am not comfortable with how some of the issues/questions are lost in the volume of responses/questions to the blog and chat. We’re thinking this through. The commentary we have received is illustrative of dilemma that goes far beyond this blog, namely, lots of people really disagree with each other and I mean point blank. On H1N1, we receive comments from people who cannot comprehend that we are not already returning to Mexico. They assert with complete conviction that H1N1 is no longer an issue, has not been identified in the areas of Mexico where the ships normally call and in general has been more a media-inspired “infodemic” than an actual public health threat. Other commentators continue to thank us profusely for having changed our itineraries and shielded them from harm. They still fear Mexico as the source of H1N1.

Our status on H1N1 is as follows. We are involved in ongoing dialogue with the CDC and other authorities to ensure we understand all aspects of H1N1. Our goal is to maximize the safety and enjoyment of our guests. The cruise industry continues to ask embarking guests to fill out a simple questionnaire that may indicate the need for screening by the ship’s medical staff. Two of our main industry associations, CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) and FCCA (Florida Caribbean Cruise Association) have written letters to the President of the United States and the Secretary of State pointing out the harm that is being done to the Mexican economy as well as noting that the WHO and various public officials have spoken out against the continued issuance of travel restrictions. Meanwhile, the CDC and other public health authorities around the world continue to recommend against non-essential travel to Mexico (in the case of CDC, through late July). So there is not a consensus amongst the authorities. We are very focused on addressing these and other complexities of H1N1.

There will always be a dialogue about our products and services. Hopefully, since our delivery is very strong these days, the dialogue will be largely positive. Nevertheless, anything that our loyal customers regard as a cutback or reduction is going to be a focus of attention. From time to time through my blog entries I will address some of the issues even if it is simply to reaffirm how we have decided to go forward on an issue. For example, in response to the significant communication we received on the change in eligibility for access to the Concierge Lounges on those ships that have such lounges, we modified our approach and delayed implementation until September 1st. Our plan is to implement the approach and then see how everything goes into 2010. For more on the changes to the Crown & Anchor loyalty program and the rationale that went into these decisions, please check out the letter that went out to all of our members back in April. We clearly need to maintain a robust offering that recognizes and rewards the loyalty of guests who have reached the various tiers of the Crown & Anchor Society and our intention is to do just that. We are not contemplating further Crown & Anchor changes in 2009. Our mission right now is to deliver the program as currently designed to the best of our abilities.

Thank you for your patience and feedback as we get this blog going.

  • joyce calvin

    Do you plan on offering the ability to have individualized shore tours through Royal Caribbean. At present I, like many others do these arrangements on our own through the net. On destination cruises like Cambodia, South American, etc. it was be excellent to be able to arrange through the cruise line. We do not like taking large bus trips which accomodate 50 persons. Thanks

  • Pattie Cartwright

    Adam: I have just finished looking over the website to get any last minute info about our first Royal Caribbean cruise leaving from Norfolk tomorrow! My son and I are headed to Bermuda and are so excited. Loved the 360 virtual tour of the ship and room. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • alma bozeman

    Instead of posting more on the Disappointing C&A changes, I am
    going to vent on the removing of ships from th United States ports, namely Galveston. When are you coming back year round? I have seen this question asked numerous times and it is never answered. Please try to find a good answer this time, one that will make all of us Texans happy.

    Thank you.

    • Adam


      Royal Caribbean tries very hard to balance our strategic growth internationally with the interests of our primary markets in the US. The European cruise markets are growing very fast and they demonstrate an even more acute summer peak period than the one we have here. At this point, we cannot justify keeping Voyager of the Seas in Galveston year-round but we are very cognizant of the market’s desire to see that.

  • Robert Pytel

    My wife and I love RCC. I am fairly PC literate. Your online checkin system is a very difficult, un-intuitive, not easy to use, prone to make mistakes, hard to use set of screens. Which button to push. When to push and what will happen are misirable. The deigner of these screens obviuosly never used them. I spoke to three different RCC staff as I struggled to get through the process. They all said the same thing “we continually get the same complaints and problems with online checkin.” For a company the size of RCC you clearly are not spending enough money to make online checkin a user friendly easy to use set of screens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adam

      @Robert Pytel

      Thanks for your comment, Robert. Royal Caribbean strives to make every part of our online experience as easy and convenient as possible, from researching our ships to booking to getting in touch with us. We are currently in the process of reviewing our booking path and hope to simplify it in the not too distant future. If you run in to trouble in the meantime, we ask that you please contact a Royal Caribbean customer service representative so they can help you accomplish whatever you were trying to do on our website. SetSail is a very important online capability for us and we need to stay focused on making it as easy to use as possible.

  • mANDY

    Nice of you to call us “passionate” about cruising on RCL. Most of my friends use the term “obsessive”. Their term may be more accurate, but you term is more flattering!

    Thanks again!

  • d smith

    Mr. Goldstein,

    On a more positive note, I wanted to comment about the Royal Caribbean brand. My family has stayed loyal to Royal because we truly do believe that Royal Caribbean is committed to recognizing the support of their past guests. The benefits from the Crown and Anchor Society, in my opinion, far surpass the benefits of your competitors. Not only have you kept us content, but the service we receive, coupled with the outstanding ships and cruise experience, allows us to continuously look forward to our next cruise vacation. As well, your ongoing efforts to keep guests happy and safe have led us to recommend a Royal Caribbean cruise to multiple friends and family members. As a Diamond Plus member and a Royal Caribbean enthusiast, I am so happy that a wonderful company has great people like you at the helm. Well done and thank you for the time and effort you put in to making Royal Caribbean the best!

    Many thanks

  • Thomas

    It seems to me that the CDC is the only one recommending “to avoid non-essential travel to Mexico.” Also this is only a suggestion, not a requirement. Whether Mexico is where the virus started or not does not change the fact that the United States has the most confirmed cases in the world and there has been zero cases in Cozumel. It seem to me that it is reasonable to say the vast majority of your costumers want you to reinstate the ports in Mexico. If you think of it from a business standpoint, if you continue to avoid Mexico you will most likely loose repeat business from a larger group of people than if you reinstate the Mexican ports. Also in the case of the ship I will be on (Freedom of the Seas on June 7) the Mexican port has been replaced with a day at sea, so if the people who wish not to set foot on Mexican ground can stay on the ship while we are docked at Cozumel. Why let the fears of the few effect the majority of us.

  • Ellen

    I have just visited the updated CDC web page and am glad to relay to you the following quote “CDC’s Travel Health Warning recommending against non-essential travel to Mexico, in effect since April 27, 2009, has now been downgraded to a Travel Health Precaution for Mexico.” I know that you have been reluctant to return to Mexico because of the CDC recommendation. I sincerely hope that with this change our June 7th cruise will now be going to Mexico. The CDC is now agreeing with the WHO that the swine flu is on the decline in Mexico and that we have a greater chance of getting the flu in the United States. We are asking you to please respond to this announcement as quickly as you did to the original suggestions of the CDC.

  • http://www.RescueCNN.com Scott Jensen

    I’d like to request a blog topic that talks about the reality of any ideas suggested to RC. If we have a neat idea, what are the real chances it will get a fair hearing? Does RC have a “Not Invented Here” mentality against outsiders suggesting ideas? Do your lawyers prevent you from hearing them? If ideas are welcomed, do you reward people for ideas that RC does implement? A free cruise??? :-) Do you try to involve the suggestor or does RC have a “we’ll take it from here” mentality that keeps everything inhouse? Are you mainly receptive to little suggestions or big ones or both or none?

    The reason I’m asking the above is because I have a big idea for RC but I’m wondering if I should even bother submitting it. That and how best to do so.

  • Alan

    All I can say is thank-you very much for the decision to return to Cozumel. My family, 23 of us sailing, are looking forward to this trip on the Liberty on 6/13.

  • Sandra Schubert

    When you are looking to book far in advanced why are there so few cabin choices listed? Love RCCL. Thank you

  • P Webster

    Concerning the new nightly Diamond event, I think that it is an excellent idea to have a designated lounge for this event each evening on ships without a Diamond Club.
    I even prefer to be in a lounge with an ocean view rather than an inside meeting place like the concierge lounges on your current ships.
    However, I would love to see the new Concierge Lounge on Oasis with the Boardwalk view. As it is still in the building phase, could you somehow make it large enough to accommodate Diamond members?

    I feel that Royal Caribbean has truly left other cruise lines behind. The ships are unbelievable. I even feel sorry for passengers on the other lines when we dock beside them. Looking down on their upper deck pool area, for example, shows me that these other ships do not even come close the RCI ships.

    It is hard to understand why anyone would have complaints. I believe that a Royal Caribbean vacation offers so much more than a land vacation and also more than any other cruise line.
    How could anyone complain considering Royal Caribbean guests get:

    All the delicious food you can eat, 24 hours/day.
    Room refreshed twice a day.
    Fabulous entertainment each night, with an Olympic style ice show on board.
    Close to 1000 activities on board each week, including ice skating, surfing, parades at night… … …
    And, Diamond members get free wine/champagne each evening!!!
    It all add up to me as a big WOW!!!!


    Mr. Goldstein, I have sailed with Royal Caribbean before, and just booked another cruise. On my first cruise, I had a grand time, excellent service, great food, plenty of activities, easy access and clean facilities. I am looking forward to the same this time around.

    I also disagree with the illiterate PC user, R. Pytel, who should have let someone else help with the online check-in process. It was very easy to follow and understand, as well as the excursion process. And I am not an avid PC user by any means!

    Keep up the great work! I recommend Royal Caribbean to all my friends! D. Mayer

  • Ellen

    I wanted to thank rccl for your quick response to the changes in the in the CDC warnings. I wanted to go to Mexico very much and thanks to your quick response I will now get that opportunity. Thanks again.

  • Linda A

    Hi Adam. I am very happy to see you writing to us instead of passing it to someone else below you. Yes, it will take time to answer all of our quetions, but as CEO you should be aware of what is going on in your company. I received an email stating that someone would get in touch with me within 24 hours, as of today, I still am waiting. My questions are regarding the stripping of combined benefits that Diamond Plus members worked their way toward. It takes a few years and mega dollars to achieve 24plus cruises, unless your are a travel agent, which I am not. Would you please contact me to explain why benefits are no longer combined. Other cruise lines are offering reduced rates plus perks and RCCL reduces them. As a stockholder, I would rather see the stock remain at the current rate and have repeat customers(who may bring NEW clients onboard) then try to save a dollar only to lose hundres in upset customers. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please use my email address to request my phone number and I will email it back to you. Thank You. Linda

  • Albie

    I just came off your 14 day Alaska cruise and while on board received a note saying if I had a credit balance at the end of the cruise I would lose the amount.
    Unfortunately my gratuities and excursions were prepaid.
    I now had $ 450 to use. The solution was to take the balance from the casino at the end of the cruise.

    You got three percent of the money out of me.

    Do you think you will make enough money from this decision to justifyt annoying your customers?

  • toni ramirez

    I think this is bad when you cut benfits to loyal members
    I have spend alot of money with royal cabriebein
    since 2004 diamond member
    now all benfits cut for us

  • Greg Ehrhardt

    We love Royal and recently booked our 30th Anniversary cruise to Mexico leaving on May 3….we were told that our payments would be returned in 5 to 7 business days. That was promised on Thursday April 30th. As of today….no refund….anyway to help provide some relief? Thank you in advance and we are planning our next cruise with Royal for the near future.

  • http://www.crowncast.org Jamie Snyder

    “Just keep swimming, Adam” I am still unsure if a blog is a good idea for you, but being a Phillies fan I am sure you can take a lot of abuse.
    I would like to see some of the Miami headquarters, with such interesting architecture, design and art on your ships what is the headquarters like?
    Since these posts are from your desk, let’s see it.
    How about recognizing exceptional employees with a blog entry about what their jobs are and a day in the life?
    Let’s see some design ideas for areas aboard the new ships, carpet, tile, colors and textures are always interesting.
    I would love to see when you visit the entertainment group or culinary group, show planning or menu planning.
    Hey when is the last time you stayed in an inside cabin? What was your first cruise experience? Was in on RCI?
    There are all kinds of things to talk about, “Swine “is the least interesting. That’s press release territory.

  • http://organizewithsandy.blogspot.com/ Sandy

    Just checking into cruises for the first time. I have never been on one and I think my husband and I are going to try for next spring. Hearing some good things about your cruise line, so I will consider it. Just starting the search! Thanks.
    Have fun with your blog. I started mine about 6 months ago and have had a blast with that and twitter.

  • Lucy

    This is my first time cruising on RCCL. I will be cruising on May 23rd, 2009. I was very disappointed to hear that RCCL donot offer self service laundry facilities. I have cruised on Carnival 4 times and each of their ship have self service laundry facilities and irons. Does RCCL forsee adding these facilities in the near future?

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      I am sorry to hear that you were disappointed during your cruise. We are always looking for ways to enhance the vacation experience of our guests. Although we do not offer self-service laundry facilities, we do offer full laundry and dry cleaning services. Additionally, we recently began to offer a “wash & fold” program during the course of every voyage. For a nominal fee, guests are able to fill the provided “wash & fold” bag with their items and have it returned clean and folded the following day.

  • gayle k.

    In response to your blog “We Have a Passionate Community, and I’m Listening” I am wondering if you really are listening to your guests. I have been trying contact you…not your secretary’s secretary who in return basically told me off. I am a diamond plus member that has recently sailed on the Enchantment of the seas and deserves to be able to shower in the privacy of my own stateroom, not in the spa (wearing a swimsuit) or in the out door showers of the solarium. The maintainace crew was in my stateroom attempting repairs more then my husband and I were. what a vacation that was.

  • Thomas

    I would just like to thank RCCL for bringing back Cozumel as a port of call as well as getting the excursions back as soon as you did. I understand you were basing your decisions on the CDC information and I was amazed on the quickness of the response to the change in information. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to a fantastic time on your cruise ship.

  • Janis McDaniels

    I am a C&A Diamond and I understand the Concierge Lounge decision, but I still don’t understand why:

    1. Gold members don’t get a gift. My cruise mate will be sailing as a Gold and won’t have a little momento.
    2. We have to pay for drinks at the Captain’s reception. Who throws a party and charges their guests? And what kind of recognition do the Golds get at the reception?

    I’ve asked these questions before and never got an answer.

    Thank you.

  • Barbara

    I’ve been using on-line check-in since it became available..never had any problems with it. After using it once, most of the questions are filled in automatically !

  • Edgar Vovsi


    Is there any consideration being given for any kind of compensation for those of us who were on the ill-fated Radiance sailing of April 26? Although the decision to bypass the three Mexican ports on the itinerary and substitute five sea days and an overnight in San Diego was, in my opinion, the best under the circumstances, it was, at best, a pretty lousy week. The silence in the interim has been deafening. I might also add my voice to the issue of discounts for Diamond Plus members. Not a way to keep “Loyal to Royal” a viable slogan.

    Ed Vovsi

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Edgar, we fully appreciate that you were looking forward to visiting Mexico and recognize your disappointment. Therefore, as a gesture of goodwill and to thank you for your understanding, Royal Caribbean International would like to provide you with the opportunity to sail on one of our future Mexican sailings at a discounted rate. We will be providing each stateroom with a future cruise certificate for 25% of the cruise fare paid for your sailing. This certificate may be used for a future Mexican cruise on either Radiance of the Seas or Mariner of the Seas. Future cruise certificates will be mailed to your home address within six to eight weeks of your sailing.

  • Robert Fabricante

    Mr. Goldstein
    My family reunion will be on the Mariner of the Seas scheduled to leave on June 14 2009 from LA. I am dismayed about the decision to hold off the return to the original Mexican ports until the following June 21st. I understand some compensation $250 per person per double occupancy will be given as ship credit however, the chance of a lifetime for my family of 15 to enjoy the Mexican Riviera will be missed by 1 week. If the other ports for Mexico are to be reopened so quickly as May 24th I cannot understand Why Not the ports of Cabo, Puerto Vallarte, and Matzlan. I can sound cliche by saying I am a loyal Royal Carribean Crown & Anchor member but will it have any weight and value to you and RCCL. If RCCL’s mantra is a “Nation of Why Not?” then I challenge you to reconsider opening the ports of Mexico and say “Why Not Open The Ports of Mexico for All”.
    Mr. Why Not???

  • aLEX K

    I am a Royal Cruiser who feels like a Royal Chump. While I have enjoyed the RCCL Cruise experience, I have been made to feel like a second class citizen due to your Royal Champion Program.

    The onboard service is outstanding, but I have also learned that other cruise lines like NCL have an excellent on board experience.

    What bothers me is that your company made a choice to reward the Royal Champions with free cruises while previously loyal cruisers like myself are left with declining member benefits.

    I guess my bottom line is, RCCL was an automatic buy for this family, but with the changes with your loyalty program and programs like the Royal Champions I am now researching and buying cruises on other cruise lines.

  • Maria Briordy

    Hi Adam,
    I recently posted on one of the blogs but I think it was with the wrong subject matter. So I am emailing again. I am very disappointed in my last cruise with RCCL. My husband and I were on the Explorer of the Seas that sailed on 5/14/09. We were very unhappy with the fact that two of our ports were changed one more dramatically then the other. St. Maarten’s stop was from 2PM to 10PM which wasn’t so bad, even though we had to be back on the ship for the main dinner seating. But we docked in Puerto Rico I believe at 10PM. We did not get off the ship that night because we do not gamble and we didn’t feel comfortable going out so late and walk around. So we got out at about 9AM the next morning and walked up and down a couple of hilly streets not able to shop in the stores I would have liked to because they all opened at 10AM and we had to be back on the ship by 11AM. We did not want to chance being left behind! I was told a month before we had to leave that there were mechanical issues. If this ship is having these issues why weren’t we asked if maybe we would like to transfer and go on another ship, or somehow be compensated for taking this trip by RCCL credit on this trip or a future trip. Everyone I have emailed at RCCL has given the same response, telling me that on the cruise fine print it does say that sometimes port changes can be made at any time. This is my second cruise with your line and I don’t know if we will ever cruise with you again.

    Maria Briordy

  • N. Leggio

    In recent weeks you have offered incentives for people to signup for your cruises, however you offer no incentives for those that have already signed up. In any other business if an offer is made to new clients something is usually extended to current LOYAL clients. I think you should correct this.
    N. Leggio

  • rALPH

    We are VIP with three cruise lines but like Royal Caribbean the best. Please keep brand and programs separate between Royal Caribbean and Celebrity but why keep two separate credit card and reward programs or websites for that matter?

  • sandra hartnauer

    We were also on the Radiance sailing of april 26. Contacting your customer service agents has been frustrating. We have been given misinformation and customer satisfaction in not in their vocabulary. There are many cruise lines to choose from and this is not a good way to keep your customers happy.

  • ED


  • Cathleen Henderson

    I am thrilled to hear that you are listening.
    My family are loyal supporters of Royal, we have taken over 25 cruises combined and have enjoyed every second of them. We have had issues with booking and have filled out post cruise surveys asking , begging for contact , but never a reply.
    Are you really listening??????????????
    Or are you listening but not hearing.

  • Doug

    My Wife and I are impassioned by RCI and the cruises we have taken with you. For that week or so it feels like we are part of the family. We always feel welcome and can’t wait to come back. I have nothing but good things to say of our trips and love to share our experiences with friends.
    Thanks for all your efforts in making Royal Caribbean Cruises a destination to look forward to.


  • Tom

    I have sailed many years with RCCL starting out with The Song Of America. After reaching my tenth cruise, I was plesantly surprized of the Concierge Lounge benifit. I was then even more determined to reach the Diamond Plus level. I booked a 13 day on the Celebrity line for this November not realizing that it would not add to the total cruise amount, which I was ok with.. I then learned through an e-mail that I would no longer me allowed to enjoy the benifit Concierge Lounge on certain ships. I know the market is tough right now. I have been on many Carnival ships as well and felt they fell short ot the over all experence as compared to RCCL. With that said, Carnival have drasticlly reduced their prices but NOT service to get business. I never raised an eye due the fact that what RCCL was rewarding me with my loyalty and Carnival was not. Now that I have lost the “perks” on the smaller and older ships such as the Enchampment, Carnival again has my attention, as I really have nothing to lose now. You did not mention money as a reason for the change, only room size and over crowded. If this is truly the reason then ‘why not” get rid of the card room which is always vaccant, or provide open beverages in the bar areas for the same time frame, free drink tokens, wrist band, show your cruise card the the diamond sticker, grand father the current diamond members to plus status, something,, just don’t do away with a program that keeps your MOST loyal returning again and again to your company. Money is tight right now for everyone,, give them a reason to cruise RCCL, I used to could give everybody I came in contact with how much better RCCL is,,keep it that way Boss!!

  • Luis & gisela

    Mr. Goldstein
    As a Diamond Plus member (27 cruises) and a stock holder, I think we have demonstrated our loyalty to RCCL, however, we are beginning to question that loyalty. One of the reasons for that loyalty was the Crown & Anchor program and increased benefits. We where somewhat pleased that you have started to make some changes. It seemed that there was no difference between being a Diamond and Diamond Plus member. The events on board included both Diamond and Diamond Plus and sometimes even Platinum members. The concierge club was always too full to receive the personalized service needed because the concierge was too busy to keep up. One of the benefits of being a Diamond Plus is upgrades automatically when available, we still have not seen one, it seems that they are never available, however friends of ours that have the RCCL credit card have received them and they are just Platinum. Something is wrong with that picture. Also first time suite cruisers get the same benefits as Diamond Plus members, and we have been both For all intense and purposes upgrades seems to be the only difference between a Suite, Diamond and a Diamond Plus, yet we have not received that benefit. There is a very big monetary and loyalty difference between a Suite (1 cruise) a Diamond (10 cruises) and a Diamond Plus (24 cruises), yet there is very little actual difference in benefits. I remember when we received a Diamond comment card in our cabin at the end of the cruise, to help in selecting exceptional crew members, that has gone by the way side. The crew knew and recognized your member status, I cannot count how many times I have been asked by crew members what my Diamond Plus lapel pin was, that really made me feel special. not… more training on this is needed. We love RCCL and have converted numerous cruisers to RCCL, I think you need to look hard at maybe improving the Diamond Plus program to really make it beneficial. We really are looking at the benefits of continuing to cruise RCCL and not other lines of comparable or higher caliber. We would really love to continue sailing with RCCL because we have had 27 memorable cruises with Royal and recommend you take a very serious look at the loyalty program. Please consider this, as we mean it, constructive criticism. Still loyal to Royal but wavering.


    Luis & Gisela Urena
    Diamond Plus Members
    Miami, FL

  • Tom W

    I am first time using RCCL to book a cruise. I talked a friend and his wife into booking with me on a July 5, seven day mexican rivera cruise from Los Angeles. Today he told me he called RCCL and received nearly $500 discount! I called and got a $77 discount. Why the huge difference. I was told it was because I had booked a D1 cabin (me, wife and two kids) and my friend booked a D2 (he and wife). Same deck, only a few rooms apart. Does not make sense to me, I would have thought if prices went down and wanting to make an impression on a first time cruiser that RCCL would have recognized the big difference?

  • Phillip sPROWLS

    I am a diamond member on RCCL and would like to know why RCCL keeps on cutting those benefits which I earned and am entitled too. I also am a share holder of RCCL and the benefits I use to recieve are also gone. Your poor excuse of not enough room for all the new members doesnt hold water. I have been on numerous ships that have had numerous diamond members, some over 400 and obviously the concierge couldnt hold that many, so it was moved to the viking lounge, so why cant you continue to do that? I think that was a lousy deal to just take away the concierge lounge for diamond members. More important, why did RCCL take away the additonal benefits for shareholders, there is now NO REASON to be a shareholder anymore. I dont recieve dividends and now I CANNOT use the shareholders credit with the on board credit offered on future cruises. In addition, I cannot use the crown and anchor coupons with the shareholders credit so my question to RCCL is WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF BEING A RCCL SHAREHOLDER! As a loyal member of RCCL I believe I’ve earnded my benefits as a diamond member and for RCCL to just take them away is beyond me. Why don’t you reward your most loyal customers instead of ignoring them.

  • RCA

    I whole heartedly agree with Phillip sPROWLS comments regarding the Crown and Anchor changes. I cruise RCCL to build up my membership standing then you go and change the policy degradating my membership. My family and I have been loyal RCCL customers for 20+ years, but there are pther cruise alternatives and we are now considering all our options. Why should I cruise RCCL with my Crown and Anchor means so little !!

  • Christine

    My husband and I have loved every cruise we have taken on Royal Caribbean. We have cruised with you six times in the last two years, and are leaving on another cruise on June 7th. Because we have cruised in a suite three times and one of our cruises was a two week cruise we are already Diamond Members. We can understand the changes you had to make regarding the concierge club, but we think that the people who were already being given those benefits should be grandfathered in. It does not make sense to take away a benefit that someone already has.
    With that being said, we also live in the Houston area and hope that we get a ship year round in the future. We recommend Royal Caribbean to all of our friends, and already have our third cruise planned with 18 plus people next April on Voyager of the Seas. You all do an awesome job.

  • scott

    I just saw the “new” CR Diamond booklet. Wow, how totally insulting. You previously stated RCI would most likely do away with the booklets and have the benefits added to the cabin key cards. What benefits? You have taken them all way. No free drink, no picture, no Johnny Rockets, no gambling tokens. Sure RCI teach your loyal customers how it is done… teach us how to live with cut backs and change to what we have come to expect and enjoy. We will learn the lession and cut back on the frequency of cruising RCI, and the $$ spent on board or by chosing another vacation provider.

  • Renee c

    We have enjoyed every RCCL cruises especially our Freedom Inaugural. However on the Inaugural, RCCL didn’t truly celebrate or make special the Inaugural. Yes, there we a few special moments but it should have been a spectular set sail out of Miami. We’re considering the Inaugural of Oasis but from past experience it didn’t warrant the extra pricing. Such innovation needs celebration for your passengers….and with Oasis, we hope RCCL provides a really special set sail.

    PS — WE WANT RCCL out of CHARLESTON, SC..please, please..

  • ThoMAS

    Adam Golstein, are you really listening? If so you will reply to this.
    As Diamond status cruisers, it is disturbing and frustrating that we are victims of RCCL’s misrepresentations, lies, deception and bait and switch.
    First: We did an onboard future cruise booking. With this we were suppose to get on board credit. We booked two rooms in May for back to back June cruises. We were told we could not get the onboard credit because of a May cuisse booking discount. This is misrepresentation, fraud and deception by the onboard consultant and RCCL. I specifically ask and was told that I could get any discount and the on board credit. The information given to me stated we would get the onboard credit and there was no mention that it could not be combined with any discounts or offers.

    Second: In May, we booked back to back June Cruises sailing 06/14 and 06/21 for me, my wife, grandson age19 and his friend age 19. Prior to booking, I called RCCL and was told that we did not need any documentation as guardians and the young men could stay in a separate room. I was told that since they are over 18 they would not even have to stay in an adjacent cabin. I was told that RCCL considered them as they would a young married couple. We booked and paid for the cruises. We received confirmation and signed the invoice reflecting my wife and me in one cabin and the young men in a cabin next to ours.
    Today we were told because of RCCL’s policy that I am booked in a cabin with my grandson’s friend and my wife is booked with my grandson. RCCL misinformed, mislead and put us in a position where RCCL would not or we could not cancel the cruise without great financial penalty to us. I was offered a $100 room credit and if I did not agree to it, and continue with the booking that would be lost. I asked for connecting cabins, a suite or other more suitable accommodations but was told none were available. We could not even get the senior discount on the first cruise. Please help us, by providing appropriate accommodations or just compensation for an enjoyable cruise.

  • Terry Black

    While RCL has been strategizing on how to save a buck, their marketing experts (which are usually robots) failed to take into consideration that when their original ideas to attract business were implemented, those ideas were the foundation upon which the company has prospered. WE THE PEOPLE, that believed and took them at their word, were counting on them to deliver exactly what they promised, no more, NO LESS! Some of us are now left with a completely different perspective of their guaranteed services in writing. Reading the blogs, there are those of you who do not feel like you are affected by today’s changes. Well tomorrow may come for you along with the reality of what has transpired at RCL and is most commonly known in the business world as “bait & switch.” Knowing now what you do, (including myself) how many of you would have remained loyal for so long only to discover you are a profit loss. I personally believe there was a better way to handle the overflow (concierge lounge changes) without disrupting services, and come to think of it, if it weren’t for the overflow, RCL wouldn’t be where they are today. RCL dividends… meaningful, loyal people…PRICELESS.

  • Susan england

    Hi Mr. Goldstein.
    We have just become Platinum and have been stockholders and Credit Card holders. We love RCCL and tell everyone. My concern right now is the cruise we just completed on the Liberty of the Seas. Our stop in Labadee was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Isn’t there some way RCCL can clean up the aggressive and rude vendors there? I was so turned off by them I just left the island. Isn’t there some kind of contract, or agreement, to allow them to sell their goods? Their behavior is awful and offensive. In contrast, Coco Cay vendors are very pleasant and probably sell much more of their wares. I enjoyed Coco Cay.

    With all these blogs will you ever really have the time to answer all the issues brought up?

  • Phillip Sprowls

    Dear Mr Goldstein,
    Are you hearing what your most loyal customers (Diamond and Diamond Plus) are saying???? We are ALL complaining about the continuing losses of our entitled benifits. I just recently wanted to book a 3 day cruise using a coupon you sent me for a discount off the cabin in addition I wanted to use my shareholder discount to get the on board credit, but RCCL now states I cannot use both.
    Again I ask you WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF BEING A SHAREHOLDER OF RCCL IF I CANNOT USE THE BENEFIT! If RCCL is going to not honor its agreement of on board credits for shareholders or offerings of discount cruises with crown and anchor coupons, WHY do you keep offering them????????

  • Linda Winter Devereux

    Mr Goldstien,
    lAST YEARWE SAILED 3 CONSECUTIVE BACK TO BACK IN BALCONY CABING ABOARD mARINER we do this every year at least 2 sailings back to back as flying from the uk its too far for just 1/2 weeks.
    We are diamond members with 21 sailings.
    We booked a future cruise onboard and were guarenteed BOTH our diamond balcony members discount PLUS our future cruise onboard credit.
    We now are told we are not able to recieve obc as promised at time of booking and no longer entitled to Concierge Club access benefits
    FYI we have responded in kind
    we have canceld our 1st week sailing as reduced benefits mean we can no longer afford back to back WITH YOUR CRUISELINE-as you say times are tough for us all
    and we have booked Carnival back to back next year with early booking discount and obc.
    we have tried several emails trying to resolve our obc and now one of our friends on the same sailing as us has just been given $700 discount as cruise is now cheaper since she booked it and has been given $400 obc
    You reap as you sow
    you have lost our business
    sailing 18 oct on freedom out of port canaveral our 22 and very last rci sailing

  • Linda Winter Devereux

    In response to your new & current marketing campaign
    The nation of WHY NOT?
    for ALL the reasons detailled above.
    This has made us so sad
    sailing oct 18 on freedom for our 22nd sailing and last sailing with
    We expect to keep the onboard credit we were assured we would get at time of booking which was $200 per adult now we have no OBC and No concierge and you ask
    WHY NOT??? I do hope you respond- but I wonder if you will?

  • Sue Hoegh

    Is it possible to locate a family that was on the same cruise I was
    on back in 2008 ? If I could see a passenger list, I am sure I could recognize their names.

  • Beverly ARndt

    Mr. Goldstein,
    After reading one of the blogs above, re: Edgar Vovsi dated 22nd May, 2009 and your response of 2nd June, 2009 in reference to giving him a cruise certificate for 25% for the cruise fare paid for his sailing…..I am quite upset to say the least.
    I will get right to the point. My husband, Don, and I were on the 26th April sailing of the Mariner of the Seas. Of course, you have already heard many times over from passengers who were dissatisfied with the “corporate” decision of changing our itinerary due to H1N1. My husband and I have always understood the decision and never questioned it. And, even though we did not have the warm/sunny weather that we thought we were going to get; we made the best of it! However, here is the problem ….after we got home and had read that the passengers who would be sailing after us would be given “Options 1, 2 or 3″; we were very dissatisfied to say the least. I won’t go into details of the options since I know you are well aware of them. The problem is that we were never given the same consideration as far as the onboard credit while on this cruise as the next few sailings were! No matter what catagory anyone on our cruise was booked in; we all received the same amount – $200.00 per stateroom. Our biggest issue was that we booked a future cruise while on board (with a definite date) and did not receive an “on board credit” (like we use to do) for that future booking. And yet; cruisers after us were told that if they booked a “future cruise” they would receive “on board credit”.
    We called Customer Rerlations and explained our concern as to why we were not given the same consideration as the next few sailings and was told “this was a corporate decision and since we had already sailed, we did NOT qualify!!
    We are Diamond members and are very proud of that fact; however, due to the above circumstances and how RCI handled them, we cannot promise that we will be as loyal to RCI as we have in the past. As my husband always says “If enough people are dissatisfied with the product, adventurally that Company will suffer in one way or another”.
    I hope you will respond to our comments, and we will thank you in advance.

  • Beverly Arndt

    [As my husband always says “If enough people are dissatisfied with the product, adventurally that Company will suffer in one way or another".]
    Opps, I mispelled one word above. The quote above should read:
    “If enough people are dissatisfied with the product, EVENTUALLY the Company will suffer in one way or another”.

  • Veronica

    WE booked in January 2009 for 25th June Med. Cruise, nearly 5 months in advance.
    We saw where there was an offer for $300 on board credit.
    Could you tell me how to acquire this, tried without success.
    Thank you for a reply.

  • Tom Young

    I have been on 5 cruises and I am about to take my 6th in the Fall and one thing that I have noticed is the lack of team competitions that the shhip use to have with colors. Antoher thing that would generate excitement is a Ship Table Tennis, Mini Golf, Free Throw, Pool, Shuffle Board, Chess, Tournament. Something about a little friendly competition with qualifying all week and the finals being the last day at sea. Maybe it exists on some ships but I have not seen it. Realizing there are already Karoake Competition and Poker Tournaments and Slot Tournaments this would add to the mix. A cooking competition judged by your Culinery Team like on Food Network might be fun as well. Just some thoughts.

  • R. Harper

    Please set a policy as to when the time changes are to be made on transatlantic crossings.
    One trip they were done at 12 noon, and the next year they were done at 2A.M. Both times the same ship and going the same direction.
    The reason is the dining. If the ship changes time at noon, late dining is prefered, if at 2A.M. early is prefered.
    On the last trip I tried to find out before we sailed when the time change would be. No one could or would find out. When we boarded we asked and was told “Noon time” so we waited in line to change dineing to late.
    Then guess what the time changes were done at 2A.M.
    We tried to change back to early. Sorry all filled up.
    I know your going to say use MTD, sorry I don’t like it.
    It would be easier on everyone guests and crew if the information was made available early and was correct.
    It’s called a policy change.
    Thank you,
    R. Harper

  • http://www.julesjewelry.com/ Julie

    I would just like to request that the Pacific Northwest cruises that were opened up solely because of the swine flu be added as regular cruises to your itinerary. Unfortunately because of the last minute nature of the change in itinerary, my family was not able to enjoy the cruises offered. I have been cruising RCCL since I was 16 (20 years now) and my family has cruised RCCL numerous times over the last 15 years together. We have been to Mexico several times on varying length cruises, and I have to say the first time we took our little kiddos to Mexico we were aware of the lack of safety in the ports for families with small children. We didn’t feel comfortable eating with them off of the ship or even finding a simple bathroom that was safe for them. Perspective changes when you have little ones.

    The second time we took them to Mexico we used the port days as days to explore the ship, but of course pretty much everything was closed on the ship while in port.

    We were absolutely THRILLED with the addition of a Pacific Northwest cruise where you can explore San Francisco, Seattle and Victoria with our families. I did not realize they were a flash in the pan and would be lost immediately when you could reopen to Mexico.

    I would like to put in my little recommendation for opening up the wonderful family adventures that would be created with Pacific Northwest cruises. That would be a wonderful addition to your itinierary.

  • linda a

    This posting is for everyone who has commented on this blog about the changes made for diamond plus cruisers. Yes we all are upset about the disregard RCCL has for it’s “LOYAL” customers but what are we really doing about it. I been reading all the postings and the same thing is being said, ‘ We are upset about the loss of benefits in stockholders credits as well as the diamond discounts’ but then they go on about their NEXT CRUISE!!! If we want to make RCCL understand how these changes have upset us and disappointed us, then me MUST DO SOMETHING TO MAKE THEM NOTICE!!!!! Has anyone cancelled their trip? Has anyone sold their stocks? Bottom line for RCCL is the almighty buck. If enough of that money is removed, Adam and his board of Dimwits may understand that they killed the golden goose. We, the multi-time cruises made the cruise line what it is today. What we made, we can distroy. Stockholders should band together, call for a special meeting and vote to re-install the benefit that shareholders want. Those of us who have a booking should call and cancell. All the deposits that RCCL has and never gives interest on would greatly reduce their spending capital. And did you see the lastest response to the dropping stock price, It was due to the Mexican outbreak of the Swine Flu. No Adam, I think is was due to the fact that RCCL has kicked it loyal members to the crub. Some ppl have started to pull away from them and if more follow suit, then the empire we built will come tumbling down. Fellow cruises, act now. Stand up for your rights and clearly shout “LOYALITY WORKS BOTH WAYS”

  • Lydia Mccarthy

    our family is Loyal to Royal, we just returned from an amazing trip on the Liberty of the Seas and have already booked on Jan 2, 2010 on the Oasis and May 6, 2010 on the Navagator to Greece and the Med out of Rome. We love the service the people the food and will always recommend RCCL. I am a little troubled however with all of our “special” benefits for being Diamond being taken away. I no longer get the ship to ship booking bonus or the stock bonus, I can only get the Diamond bonus which means I get the same as everyone else – no longer special just another way of giving the same to everyone. Did anyone look at what this is telling your Loyal Diamond members who are trying to become Diamond Plus members what there status really means. Again, I love the way I am treated on the ships, the ships are beautiful the food great, Chop’s and Portifino are amazing but the changes you made in the “special” status leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Lydia

  • linda Winter Devereux

    in response to post from LINDA a 10TH JUNE @8.52AM
    hi Linda -you asked if anyone had done anything about their dissatisfaction re the diamand members loss of benefits rather than just mentioning their next cruise???
    Well as you can see if you have read my post i VOTED WITH MY FEET BY CANCELLING my first weeks cruise (as we have travelling family on our 2nd week sailing) so was not able to cancel that otherwise i would have. I have also booked Carnival for 4 cruises next year already
    After 22 sailings we will NEVER SAIL WITH RCCL AGAIN 97 we calculated we have spent in excess of £150,000 (approx $300.000) with this cruiseline as we sail many times every year.WE ARE THAT UPSET DISSAPOINTED AND ANGRY!
    I think its pointless RCCL building the OASIS mega sized ships as with this many dissatisfied customers they will NOT BE ABLE TO FILL THESES NEW SUPERSHIPS BUT CARNIVAL WILL BE THRILLED WITH THE INCREASE IN CRUISE BUSINESS 2010 2011 SEASON
    All my cruise friends are complaining about loss of booklets ie no Johhny Rockets winr tasting spa vouchers anymore for Diamond memebers goodness not even a choccy on the pillow credit crunch is biting but also for the customer too so RCCL need to bear in mind
    we will look around and vote with our feet by ensuring we DO GET good value for our cruise money i future by booking another cruiseline who values their loyal customers

  • Marcelo Fischer

    To Linda,

    I read your comments and endorse your dissatisfaction. As a Diamond Member I am also upset the way RCCl is treating us.

    But as I always look to half full glass, I found it to be very positive. As a tradition I and my soon have a father-son cruise in June and this year due to the push from Mr. Goldstein we sailed with NCL – what a surprise, they delivered the WOW – that RCCL said was their exclusivity. We had a very good deal and a very good value for the money.

    After that, I decided to cancel our 2 balconies reserved and paid for the Liberty on August 15th and try other Cruise Lines.

    As a good negotiator I called their loyalty program first, explained that I am a very dissatisfied Diamond member and also sent a copy of my reservation – They called me back in 24 hours, offered a huge deal and an equivalency in their Loyalty Program to Diamond.

    We are looking Forward to our Family Cruise on August !

    It seens that the “Golden Cage” created by RCCL with perks for their loyal members are rusting now . . . . . .

  • Betty Ritcheson

    !st cruise ever March21/2009 And I loved it.Our cabin stewart Helen was wonderful. I had broken my toe and I had an ice pack waiting on me every afternoon and every evening after dinne. Service was wonderful.Our waiters were great also. So now I am a C&A member with the 1 cruise under my belt. Of course I have heard abot the changes and people commented on them. Another complaint is about the gifts. 1 man said he just left the hat in the room because the had some many. And do you leave anything for the ladies that are cruising also. Or do they get the “hat” as well. Why noy give a choice to you C&A members. The higher up the better gift choice.Totes or how about a scrapbook package. Something more than jus the hats. I think a book with a choice. Like I said low membes like me get the smaller gifts. But Diamond plus deserves much more that a hat or tote. Give us choices.
    My cruise was wonderful. I did a lot of research and this was the cruise line I wanted. But I am like the others. I can get better member packages somewhere else, then that is where I willl go. I am going on a cruise in March 2010 and June 2010. But I will check out other cruise lines now. I maybe back because of my wonderful experience with my 1st cruise and I hope to return to RCL but price and perks will make a difference on what Line I will book with.1 person will not make or break RCL but i hope if you read this post you will understand in just how many ways you are diappointing your most loyal customers.
    Betty Ritcheson.

  • LInda winter -devereux

    respnse to post by MARCELO FISCHER
    We did the same with Carnival,but its great you got into NCLloyalty programme at same level due to your dissatisfaction with RCCL.
    jUST goes to show other cruiselines are looking for repeat customers and customers who spend time and time again.
    The impact on the other cruiselines increase in business for the 2010/2011 season will be huge.
    Can’t really see the need for RCCL buliding these OASIS CLASS mega ships
    as real soon they will no longer have the repeat cruisers to fill them!
    I t will take a year before RCCL see the impct on their business,wait untill all the future cruise consultants arfe no longer booking as no cruise credit so whats the booking incentive -NONE!!!.We called our travel agent told her next years vaccation dates and only stipulated any cruiseline BUT RCCL-she almost fell off her chair as RCCL is the only one we usually book-but she did tell us she had had SEVERAL calls saying the same thing from her ”cruise clients”
    you reap as you sow

  • Linda a

    Been reading the “Specials” that RCCL now is offering. Prices are low, I wonder why. Are the loyal cruises finally getting the message across. Still waiting to see if benefits are re-established.

  • Anna

    Hi there! We are Diamond C&A members and your loyal customers. Six years ago we sailed on Legend of the Seas to Hawaii for our honeymoon, hoping that we would be able to repeat that experience in the near future. It seems that RCI is no longer offering the variety of cruises to Hawaii as you used to. A few years ago there were sailings out of California available, which would be perfect and cut down on length of the flight. Now there is only one cruise being offered for 2010 and it doesn’t look that great… While exploring exotic places all over the world, we would love to take our RCI ship to our favorite place in our own country – Hawaii!!! Any thoughts on future cruises?

  • Lori

    We too are disappointed in the changes to C&A Diamond and Diamond Plus membership perks. Guess “loyal to Royal” doesn’t mean much to RCCL. We’re Diamond Plus and we’ve got 7 cruises booked between now and October 2010 where we will get to sail on the Oasis. We’ve realized that “suite” cruisers get much more than those who sail all the time. They spend A LOT less for a one time “blowout” than we pay for years of loyalty. Guess we should have just done ONE cruise with RCCL instead of 32. They’d treat us better. Maybe it’s time to cancel some of these 7 booked cruises and look at other cruise lines. We’ve sailed on 9 different ships with RCCL, and we’d love to sail on more.

  • Debra Allen

    I booked a cruise on RCCL: Adventure of the Seas balcony room at the end of August. I was told last week that I get $100 off for being a returned guest. I asked the sales manager if I get the $150 Crowne & Anchor membership coupon. He said that I absolutely do and I can fax or mail it in. Upon calling today, I was told that I cannot use both. I explained the Sales Manager said I can or I wouldn’t have used the cheaper discount. I was basically told tough and they would apply 1. I just don’t understand. Had they recorded the call they would have known exactly what the Sales Manager told me! I would have probably not booked then and booked the trip on Cruisesonly who was offering $250 back, Upgrade, and 15% off shore excursions. Now I am out of luck and this is not a great start to my vacation. Especially as a dedicated RCCL member.

  • John

    To all of my cruise brothers and sisters……Mr. Goldstien simply doesn’t care about his Diamond members. Here is a good “why not” for you. Why not check out Princess and Carnival. I’ve talked to several folks that were RCCL cruisers and at one time loved RCCL they now cruise Princess and they say hands down it is a much better experiance than ever had on RCCL. I’ve also heard Carnival has really kicked up their game probably to lure us Diamonds away from RCCL. Funny..it’s working for all of the cruisers in my family.

  • Janis

    I see comments are still coming about the changes to the C&A benefits, and there are no replies. Apparently RCCI has made up its mind and has no interest in what their customers have to say.


    Knock Knock!
    Adam are you here? It’s been over 30 days you are MIA.

    We have booked on Princess because we looked at other lines. Before it was what RCCL ship was going to where we wanted to go. Never looked around. We looked around and WOW we been missing things.

    Let’s see if they deliver the WOW.

    This Diamond member has taken the blinders off.

  • Linda a

    I agree, no comments from the boss regarding all of us that are C&A members who are upset with the changes. Changes I might add that were honored by RCCL in the past and entrapped us to stay with the firm. Now they want to go back to the “old” way and we are suppose to agree to that. If the practise was approved, then it became law and should be honored. Time to give up using this post as a way of expressing our displeasure and trying a new tact. Stop booking cruises and start cancelling the ones we have.

  • paul capps

    Adding my two cents-I’m a diamond level C&A member and have virtually sailed exclusively with RCCL, that is until now. Yes, “why not” check out other cruise lines that offer ships and rates comparable with RCCL. Loyalty has not been a two way street with RCCL, ask any diamond member. What’s the sense to strive and obtain diamond plus, only for them, RCCL, to take away benefits and move the bar to 34 cruises that they call super diamond plus or something similar. Will they do that? Beware, just look at the recent reduction in benefits. I cruise with a large group of people, also RCCL frequent passengers, some diamond, many near the diamond level, all feeling angry and betrayed. For all of you new RCCL cruisers, beware, for what you may think you got coming, may not come at all. Good Luck!!

  • Kathleen peacock

    I also am a very disappointed Diamond Member as our my family of 16 other Diamond Members. We are in the process of planning our next family cruise, but in reading all these comments and nothing is being addressed, I think I might look into other lines also. It looks like NCL will match your status with their loyalty program. The perks they are now giving the suite members is just not right, passengers saing for possibly the first time and maybe the only time with RCL and they are given better perks then the loyal Diamond members that have been loyal to them over the years. I know they did change the program since they first announced the change and they did come back with some better options, but I think it should be A Diamond Event each night and they should include the complimentary drinks as on the ships that do have a Diamond lounge!!

  • Timothy Propst

    I thought maybe it was just me that RCL service to their loyal customers was declining but I guess not. We just booked our 7th cruise with RCL and I am beginning to wonder if that wasn’t a mistake. When I call RCL reservations it seems that I am on hold for a long time.

    We just returned from Mariner on 5/3. It seems to me that the quality of the food in the main dining was poor. It appeared to me that it was a problem with the products and not the preparation. There was a sewer smell in our hallway all seven days. But the main thing that clouded the entire trip was about 2 weeks before the cruise they were offering suites for $150 less than what we paid for a balcony. We booked about four months out. I ask just to upgrade to a suite for the same amount that we paid for a balcony but was told that was only for new bookings. You got to be kidding me!!!!! Potential new customers were more important than their customers that had sailed with them numerous times. I saw no logic in their explanation. I guess RCL is focusing more on new customers than in their loyal customer base. When trying to book a cruise it seems like there are so many conditions that you can’t count on anything. For example, I’m a stock holder. Since I paid $200 toward a cruise when we were on the Mariner we get a $100 credit but I don’t get a credit for being a stockholder. Do I want both? You bet!!! The $100 on board credit was part of the agreement when I paid the $200 down but was not aware, nor was it stated, that I could not use the credit for a stock holder. My wife is an EMT. They offer a discount but not if you use any other discounts.

    With all this being said, if RCL is going to reduce their level of service to C&A members then let us combine discounts and benefits. If you increase the service I don’t mind paying for it. But don’t reduce the service and restrict discounts at the same time. That is a double whammy!!!! I understand that you are a corporation that has to make money but this recession will be over some day and do you really want your repeat customers leaving RCL with a bad taste in their mouth? When the economy recovers they will continue to cruise but will it be with RCL? Are you willing to take that chance? Are you looking only at the short term health of the company?

  • Linda A

    Timothy, we too saw the lower quality of food and service while sail the Panamal Canal cruise in May. That was our (families) 44th cruise. All of which have been with RCCL. We also own stock in the company, a company that daily loses value. The mega ships will become “Ghost Ships” if someone doesnt stop this chain reaction. No response has been given by Adam to any of these postings. I have had many of the postings removed because I feel that as a stockholder we have the right to call for a special meeting and either elect new officers or to re-establish the duo credit for cruises. I also am looking into changing cruise lines.

  • Kerry Edick

    I have waited quite a while to voice my displeasure with RCL and their new “Diamond” benefits. After returning from Serenade of the Seas in Alaska last week, I’m now ready to speak up. First and foremost, RCL you are not seeing the big picture. We booked this cruise to take advantage of our last sailing utilizing the Concierge Lounge. Since booking, RCL has changed the date of the new benefits to September 1, 2009. However, here is what RCL is missing. On our first day onboard Serenade, we walked into the Concierge Lounge around 6 PM and I think my husband’s and my face’s mouth dropped open. There in the Concierge Lounge, were two new Canadian friends we had met in the Concierge Lounge of Jewel of the Seas this past April during our Panama Canal cruise. We have emailed a little bit and I mentioned that we were going to take this Alaska cruise as our last Diamond “old benefits” cruise. Unknown to us, they decided to book this cruise just because we were going and did not tell us. Wow, RCL just picked up an extra cruise booking because of their old Diamond benefits.
    Also, on the Panama Canal cruise on Brilliance in 2008, we met another couple from Michigan whom we’ve become very good friends. We see these people regularly through the year at home. We have booked three cruises together since that cruise and we would not have done that had it not been for the old Diamond benefit of the Concierge Lounge. So, RCL has picked up 6 more bookings from having the old Diamond Benefits. I do not understand your business model. Current Diamond members should be grandfathered in under the old Diamond benefits. We are now at 19 cruise credits and I’m debating whether we should stay with RCL or try out another line as suggested in this blog.

  • Timothy Propst

    While on board the Mariner in May we paid $200 towards a future cruise and the incentive to do that was we get a $100 on board credit on our next cruise. We recently booked a cruise in Sept of 09 back on the Mariner thinking we were getting a $100 discount because we are Platinum members. I found out today that they we can have one or the other so what’s the point of paying the $200 down with the incentive? Is it really a credit when they give a $100 credit because you put $200 down on a future cruise, which was part of the incentive, but take away the platinum discount that you are entitled to? One hand gives while the other takes away. I am already aggravated by this entire process of smoke and mirrors and regret booking this cruise. I am not looking forward to this cruise as I am already suspicious of what other hidden schemes RCCL has up their sleeve. More than likely this will be our last cruise on RCCL. It is the principle of the thing. We are stock holders (big mistake now that stock is mid $12 and I understand why), my wife is an EMT, we are platinum members and we put $200 down with the promise of a $100 on board credit. Do I feel we should be able to take every one of these discounts combined? Absolutely!!!! We meet every one of these criteria. Found out today that NCL will transfer our Platinum status to their rewards program.

    Mr. Goldstein, I sang the praises of RCL. I encouraged all our friends to sail on RCL. We only sail with friends and I insisted we sail on RCL. I feel you should give me all that you advertised not just for me but all your loyal repeat passengers. It looks like “bait and switch”. Like I said in my last post I understand your need to make a profit as a corporation but be careful where you decide to “tighten the belt” because you may be squeezing the life blood (repeat loyal customers) out of RCCL. Reading the other posts it seems to me that I’m not the only one who feels this way.
    Your new slogan as “The nation of why not?” is interpreted by me as “Why should I?” Your policies appear to change as much as the ocean currents.

    Times are tough for us all not just for corporations!!!!!!!

  • karen

    Again as we have all seen RCL no longer cares about their loyal customers. I just canceled my Panama cruise with RCL and booked an Alaska cruise with Celebrity. If you are a Platinum or Diamond member they will enroll you in their Captains Club at the same level and they have just increased their Captains Club benefits….hmmm

  • C. Marie

    As a Diamond Member I have to add to the large Chorus of Long Time, Loyal RCI “Guests” who are understandably upset with the way that the Upper Management (most notably Mr. Goldstein) has treated us.

    Not only have our PROMISED and EARNED benefits been cut (combining of discounts and Concierge Service and CL, etc), but the Customer Service toward your Diamond Guests is declining. So your Word and the Word of your Company no longer has any meaning. I believe in Business/Legal Terms it is referred to as Bait & Switch.

    Also, it is becoming very noticeable that first time Guests who book a Suite are being treated and wooed more than those of us who have spent tens of thousands of dollars with your Company. Some of those suite guests pay far less in the off season than I pay for my multiple balconies (and sometimes suites) in the high season. How insulting!

    Everything seems to be blamed on the “Economy”. Well, Mr. Goldstein, please tell us about the pay freezes or pay reductions, or bonus freezes or bonus reductions you and others in RCI’s Top Management have had to endure because of the “Economy”. And please don’t bore us with how your Millions of dollars of stock holdings in RCL have been reduced. Many of us are stockholders also. I am talking about your direct compensation from the Company. Oh, and have your Corporate Perks been affected in any way?

    I think a lot of us stockholders would be interested in your answer.

    I and others will be awaiting your reply.

    Thank you and keep up the great work driving your loyal customers away! As a customer I am not happy and as a stockholder I am not happy. But you really don’t care, do you?

  • Dee

    We just returned from our 3rd cruise with RCL and were disappointed in the Gold Status Benefits (or lack of). No gift (as stated in the C&A Gold Benefits), no candy at night, and the coupon book is worthless. They even got rid of the bar service person in the dining room. This added so much extra work on the waiter & asst waiter, that service was rushed and not personal.

  • Timothy Propst

    When we sailed on the Mariner in May we received $350 credit toward a future Mexican cruise. I am curious to see if they only credit me $250 because I took the $100 Platinum discount when we booked our Sept. 09 cruise back on the Mariner. I looked at the fine print on the certificates and it does not say that it can’t be used in conjunction with other discounts. Will let you all know but if I were a betting man……..

  • Norma Math

    Took my first cruise in 1988 and have cruised at least once a year since then. I have cruised all the major lines and enjoyed every cruise.

    I will probably be blasted with responses for my attitude but will go ahead anyway.

    I don’t cruise for the benefits, they are nice, but I cruise because I love to cruise. I can’t tell you what benefits I have or which I use because they aren’t what I cruise for.

    Norma M

  • Charlie & Paula Schroeder

    As a C/A Diamond (14pts) I share the disappointment of my fellow cruisers related to the C/A Diamond changes. I fully understand the need for changes as the growth of Diamond members has become expediential and getting out of control. Several comments referred to grandfathering in those that are Diamond by September 1, 2009, excellent idea. A second suggestion was to move all Concierge Lounge functions to the Viking Crown Lounge. On a few past cruises this was an excellent solution. Everyone fit in the lounge and all were accommodated. I also have noticed on other cruises that the Viking Crown Lounge was empty and the Concierge Lounge was packed. Maybe this change could be made throughout the fleet as needed. One more situation that we found odd was the roped off deck chairs for suite guests only, great for them. What happened to the loyalty rewards for the loyal customers?

  • Nancy Passerella

    Adam, you have been awfully quiet lately. Hopefully you’ve been sitting in the board room realizing you can’t entice us with the perks of being loyal customers and then take the very best part of it away. We finally reached diamond status on our last Mediterranean cruise and for the first time in our lives, felt special. You had us wrapped around your little finger. The concierge lounge and the overflow bar upstairs was something we looked forward to each evening before our early dinner seating. We became even more loyal to RCCL if that was possible. Then in the blink of an eye, it was gone. I won’t bore you, as I figure your eyes are bleary from reading negative blogs. All we can ask, is, please bring it back. N. Passerella

  • tom young

    One quick question. How do you buy your fuel for Vessals. Do you sign a 1 year contract, do you buy it day to day, month to month. etc. The reason I ask is with the volatility of fuel and the importance it plays in your success or failure I am just curious as to how you handle it. Do you have your own storage facilities for long term storage.
    The reason again one is curiosity and the other is I am cruising in October on the Jewel and was wondering when I can plan on no longer being vulnerable to the surcharge on fuel. Let me know if you will. Thanks!!!!

  • Israel

    Mr Goldstein and Fain,

    What a mess you have cooked up with your Diamond and also Platinum members. As a previous co cruiser stated, your actions will be required business school reading and in that manner you will be immortalized and remembered long after your demise. Congratulations!

    In 2003 my wife convinced me to cruise with you since i had no interest having been in the Navy four years. I acceded and to my surprise I was astounded with the service and after reading about your C&A Society benefits, we decided to work towards Diamond level. In 2006 we achieved that level; 3 cruises a year. Now at 17 and 20 cruises respectively, the rug has been literally pulled out beneath us.

    Your new enhancements explanation (very bad word selection) are a cheap excuse which are relly intended to create a new revenue stream from one of your most loyal and valuable patrons.

    Of our cruises 7 have been on the Adventure of the Seas and we have never observed the Concierge Lounge full and have always given DiDi a good gratuity plus gifts in gratitude for her services. I have been also on the Serenade and didnt notice any overcrowding in the lounge. So your excuse is hard to comprehend, nevertheless if true on other ships, you have many lounges that are closed anyway during the day which could be used.

    I could say a lot more about the continuos loss of benefits but I would just be repetitive. You should both resign and get some new blood in the CL.

    One last comment, we have the Bank of America RCL Visa card and when they changed our 9.99% interest rate to a variable 18% rate in April, we opted out since the new rate would be not only applied to our new purchases but also to our existing. So we stopped using it for the following 3 months and guess what happened last week, BofA sent us a letter that they were doing away with there variable rate and our previous rate would once again be honored as of July 15.
    In this manner the Chairman and CEO of BofA recognized they had committed an error and corrected it. This made him a strong as wise leader.

    My question is, are both of you strong and wise leaders or is it to embarassing to admit you messed up?

    I also will be taking my third and last cruise this year with you on August 23 on the Adventurer again and the last week prior to your new enhancements to your loyal members goes into effect.

    We are looking forward to cruising with NCL and Princess CL in November. Thanks for helping us move on, nothing in life is eternal, not even RCCL.

    Rose and Israel from PR

  • http://yahoo Michele Perritt

    Iam writting as a long time cruiser with RCL and Celebrity with 21 RCL cruises and 4 booked it won’t be long b/4 we are Dia Plus, however Iam extremely disappointed with the decline in C&A service. On my most recent cruise July 5th the “Ultimate Value Booklet” is a joke. They have removed all the goodies and now you have to buy something to get any perk at all!!! Is this how you reward your loyal cruisers? Whos idea was this?? With all the things you are taking back it seems like a slap in the face especially in these bad times.

  • C. Schroeder

    I must say, Nancy Passerella makes a very good point. You guys are very quiet with your responses or lack of. Perhaps the Israel’s make a good point also. Maybe its time to face the music or are your plans to get rid of the loyal passengers and let the newer, younger people fill the empty cabins and empty the bars at $5-15/drink. Not bad for short term business planning. Perhaps in a few years you’ll role over that generation for the next. Go for it and we will all go back to Carnival and NCL and others making them your competition once again.

  • Jeffrey Diamond Member

    In regard to the Crown and Anchor society, Do you to continue taking away amenities as you have been this past year and making them only available to Diamond plus (24+ cruises)menmbers. Example the Concierge lounge that has been removed from the Diamond list of amenities. the coupon books that have basically nothing to offer anylonger. I am thinking it might be time to try another cruise line possibly Norweigen, better pricing more amenities for fewer cruises. Taking away benifits only suggests lack of aapreciation for past customers, seems every year spend more get MUCH LESS in return for dollar spent.

  • paul capps

    Dear Mr Goldstein
    You may think that our anger, our feeling of betrayal and your lack of loyalty, will slowly fade away, I don’t think so. Most, if not all diamond level and those nearing that, are not as dumb as you may think. In your above letter, you allude to maintaining a ROBUST offering that reaches the various tiers of C/A society members. Maintaining? what am I missing here? The C/A society has removed so many “perk” that we strived to earn, I guess maybe maintaining what’s left, is what you’re referring to. You said you don’t contemplate any further changes in 2009, great, not much left to take. I do hope that I have at least two sheets and towels in our cabin for our upcoming Sept., 2009 cruise. This reservation was made way prior to your cut to the bone. So, canceling was not an option without a money loss, and also because 20 other couples are going. Yes, most going are platinum, diamond and one diamond plus and they also have allot of issues with the removal of their earned benefits. Someone (s) in your company really must have flunked the business administration/management course 101, because C/A society should have never dump on the very loyal people that helped to propel RCCL.

  • C.R.S.

    Here Here Mr Capps.
    As you may have noticed Mr. Goldstein has not responded to any of these notes since June 2, 2009.
    My suggestion is mail him your concerns at:

    Adam Goldstein
    President and C.E.O.
    Royal Caribbean International
    1050 Caribbean Way
    Miami, FL 33132

    Good luck with that. :)

  • Nancy Passerella

    Adam, When we received our depressing letter back in April, I looked up your address and then composed a letter, which I never sent. It was just something I didn’t want to deal with at thet time and I honestly thought you didn’t care. After reading all of the posts, the letter would have been redundant, as it has all been said. Paul says it so well. You may want to re-read his letter. :-)
    We want to go on another cruise, fall of 2010, so I’ve been shopping around with other cruise lines, as we want to do Italy and Egypt. Maybe Carnival, as that is the cruise line we started out with, then we went RCCL on the next, back to Carnival and finally settled into RCCL. Sometimes there were six or more of our family and friends that went. If you would like to know why we became loyal to RCCL, it was the food served in the dining room. We loved lobster night and then last year on the Brilliance, that disappeared. The food was good, but we felt like we were walking into Grandma’s cafe every night with the repeated menu. For the first time on a 12 day cruise, we were all tired of the food. Not a good thing on a cruise ship. On two shore excursions, we had lunch with two couples that were first time cruisers and they complained about the repeating menu and said they would never cruise with RCCL again. We were all in agreement about the food, which had completely changed from the same cruise we went on two years before. Do you all need a refresher course in admistration/management course 101?

  • Linda a

    People, why beat yourselves up over this. RCCL and/or Adam dont care what we say. Move on, enjoy the different lines that are out there. Cancell the ones you have and re-book. You will save money.

  • Victor & Dora


    You are getting a lot of heat on your blog, but we have to congratulate you for running the best cruise line in the industry. Having the courage to launch your own blog means that you are serious about customer service, quality and receiving feedback from your customers. We are 3 trips away from C&A Diamond level and we love Royal Caribbean. We just came back from a transatlantic cruise on the Navigator of the Seas. This was our second transatlantic cruise and we had a great time. The food and dinning experience was excellent. The service in the dinning room and the lounges was first class. Your shows and entertainment were also outstanding. We have never had any trouble with our luggage which is incredible since you have to handle thousands of suit cases on every cruise. Your ships are the most beautiful in the industry. They are really a masterpiece, a work of art. We don’t know how you do it, but it works.

    To be fair, we did hear a lot of complaints from the C&A diamonds mostly due to the reduce coupon benefits. My only complaint is that we did not get the shareholder’s benefit on-board even after it was promised in writing. Not a huge deal but it was a let down.

    We do look forward to sailing on the Oasis and sailing to Alaska, Panama Canal, and the mediterranean.

    Keep the good work!

    Victor & Dora

  • Paula Schroeder

    I have been reading these notes from what seems like “former” RCCL enthusiasts and now realize that maybe someone in your office needs a refresher course. Repeat customers are the cornerstone of any successful business. When you begin to treat your first-time clients better than the ones who are truly your bread and butter, you are in danger of losing business. It seems that even though you have a coptive audience on every ship, you continue to look for ways to get more money out of us. Reduced prices on drinks is only one of your newest ways. Your coupon book has declined terribly over the years and the quality of food is on a slippery slope.
    We have always been loyal customers of any product and stay with brands for a lifetime if the quality stays the same or improves. Unfortunately, things are beginning to look like a decline in quality all around and we may be looking for a new cruise line.
    I beg you to reconsider your “Robust” changes, not so I can have free drinks once a day but so you don’t lose the clients who cruise often as they have the most disposable income!

  • Joy hines

    Kudo’s to Paul and Nancy, I can’t say it much better
    than they did. We have strived to become Diamond members and just achieved that status and were looking so forward to our next cruise which was already booked for Alaska Sept. 2009. We then got THE LETTER. Everything we had strived for was for not. Our last cruise we missed the lobster that we always so looked forward to but we sucked that up. Now this. We have since booked a Mediterranean cruise with NCL who’s prices are much better and we no
    longer feel you have that much to offer. We feel like we lost a good friend.

  • Nancy Passerella

    Linda, you are probaby right about moving on. When the letter first came out, I actually lost sleep over
    the changes, now I’m just venting and most likely beating a dead horse.

  • Janis

    I think I’ve figured out their strategy. If the diamonds and others leave RCCL they can attract new cruisers who know nothing about the C&A take-backs. Plus, they don’t have to offer them balcony and suite discounts. They won’t miss what they never had.

  • crs

    Janis – Bingo.
    Victor & Dora – three from Diamond. Go for it kids. Hope you enjoy all the great benefits for being loyal passengers when you hit Diamond. LOL
    Linda – Yes we do need to move on. However, RCI, though they are screwing their loyal passengers, is still one of the better cruise lines over-all. Don’t want to return to the party boats but not ready for the cruise lines that cater to the seniors. Looking for suggestions.
    (Signed) retired before 50.

  • Pat Anderson

    Yes I am another disappointed Diamond Member. My 1 question is this

  • Nancy Passerella

    I left and went to the mountains for a long weekend. It was nice escape. Now it is back to reality. Darn! I am not old and like Crs, I’ve tried the party ships, and am not yet ready for the ships that cater to the senior set, so found RCCL just the right fit. We’ve worked hard and spent a lot of money to finally achieve Diamond status.
    When Adam made the statement about double dipping, so we can no longer use our C&A balcony discount along with the onboard ship credit, we paid on our last cruise, to hold for our next cruise, I thought what on earth is he doing!! He’s changed the definition for double dipping.
    We still have not booked out next cruise to Europe. We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
    Way to go Adam..

  • Janis

    Although the Terms & and Conditions state that they are not obligated to reply to these comments, I would think that good customer service would prevail.

  • Janis

    Although the Terms & Conditions state that they are not obligated to respond to these comments, I would think good customer service would prevail.

  • Linda a

    Nancy, I would book your next cruise to Europe, but try a different line. Since Adam still has not responded to ANY of the comments posted here, why worry about RCCL. The balcony discount and the stock holders credit should be kept seperate so that BOTH can be used when booking. I wanted to sell my stocks today, but the prices again dropped, so I am stuck with it until it goes up, may take SEVERAL YEARS for it to go to the price I paid for it. Have fun traveling and finding new lines, I am.

  • Timothy Propst

    Don’t know about the rest of you but I received a phone call from RCI concerning my post on this blog. Someone is paying attention!!!! Keep voicing your constructive ideas. Maybe they will see the light or at least give some kind of explanation!!!! It seems to me that the biggest complaint has become the lack of response from RCI.

  • Ralph P.

    I originally thought all the changes were cost cutting measures, however, after reading about Celebrity’s Captains club, I now realize the changes to Crown and Anchor were for the benefit of Celebrity’s Captains Club. Celebrity’s benefits increased and Crown and Anchor’s decreased. No cost savings benefit to the company. As a stockholder I am surprised that RCL would do such a thing especially knowing that their second quarter earnings resulted in a loss!

  • CRS

    About a week after writing Mr. Adams a letter follow up with a phone call might prove productive.

    Adam Goldstein
    President and C.E.O.
    Royal Caribbean International
    1050 Caribbean Way
    Miami, FL 33132
    305-539-6000, ext.0
    9:00am – 5:00pm

    Love to see how that works.

  • PS.

    To those loyal to this site, if we have not heard from Mr. Goldstein and / or not seen changes to the C/A reward program and this blog site disapears, we will have our answer of how Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines feels about their loyal passengers.

    Stay tuned.

  • Linda a

    Are you kidding yourself!! We already have our answers from RCCL and Mr. Goldstein. No response to any of the upset loyal cruises regarding the benefits. The next level is to take our displeasure to the stock holders meetings. Stock down again today, nice way to destroy a company. Those mega ships will be very empty in the comming months.

  • Pattey

    The new blog site has opened up a whole new world to those of us who are interested in sharing our thoughts as well as reading and understanding the concerns of our fellow RCCL cruisers.
    My comments are around the current levels of crown and anchor society..gold,platinium, diamond and diamond plus. There are many cruisers who are way ahead of the 24+ cruises to quality for diamond plus level. I’ve put on my comment card many times after sailing of the need to establish another level beyond the diamond plus with enhanced benefits. Maybe calling the new level “emerald”.
    I will be sailing next week on my 80th RCCL cruise, with 6 more already booked, and know at this point that there are many cruisers like myself who feel that another level should be developed.
    Although I don’t agree with some of the changes made, i.e. double dipping, I will continue to sail exclusively on RCCL. I firmly believe they are the best in the cruise industry and I would not consider sailing on any other cruise line…… been there done that.
    My loyalty is and will continue to be with RCCL brand:)

  • Bill Brown

    I would like to comment on the apparent lack of Customer support and consideration after all these comments have been posted since June 2, 2009 not one response from senior management says it all.. Two months and no responses. HMMM!
    As a rescent Diamond level passenger I have decided that I will never travel on RCCL in the future unless some changes are made to my C&A benefits that were in effect when I booked my last trip to give me the Diamond level. I feel cheated that the Diamond level conciege lounge access on ships that don’t have a Diamond Lounge is no longer available unless I book a Full suite or above, yet a one time cruiser gets the benefits if they book a suite and may never even travel again with RCCL. I believe that the reason that the space in the Conceige Lounge is not big enough to handle all us Diamond members is not the real issue since there are many other areas that could be utilized (viking Lounge 5-8pm). Not much happens up there until later in the evenings anyway.
    Grandfathering those of us who attained the Diamond level prior to the changes should be the first thing that should be done to protect those of us who have cruised and maintained our loyality to RCCL. Option 2 could just be to open any bar to Diamonds and above for free drinks for the time that the ships with Diamond Lounges would be available to us currently. Since all our cruise cards have our status nothing else need be done. When you arrive at a bar or want a drink from 5-8pm you present you cruise card and when they put it in the computer it will not charge you for the drink between those hours daily. Very simple fix for those who like a cocktail prior to their dinner seating.
    I have seen a few Postings that NCL will give you the same level of loyality as we have on RCCL and have contacted them today and await their reply …If they do accept my Diamond status I will be changing my plans to use their ships in the future if RCCL can’t come up with a better solution to the cutbacks that their are imposing starting September 1st.
    Highly recommend that all post their comments on here and use your free will to not sail further with a company that continues to scale back the benefits that were Agreed to when we made our commitment to be a loyal cruiser.

  • Pam

    I agree that those of us who have achieved Diamond level, should be granted the perks that were in place when we first signed up for C&A. We have earned them, while those in suites may be on their first cruise. Don’t take this away from loyal cruisers – oh sorry, I guess you already have! We will be rethinking our next cruise & staying on land. At least on land we won’t have the carpet yanked out from under our feet.


    I have to disagree with Pattey’s comment. I am a firm believer that the Diamond Plus level should remain the highest level in the C&A program. The folks with 100+ cruises already get recognition at the Welcome Back Party and wear their name tags around the ship. They receive a free cruise too. Maybe add new benefits within the Diamond Plus Level for those with 100+ cruises, but don’t create a higher tier, as that would be a direct slap in the face to those cruisers who have worked hard to become Diamond Plus & don’t have the time/money to reach 100 cruises.

  • http://AOL Karen

    JCONCERNED is forgetting that Diamond Plus was created just 4 years ago, as a response to the growing numbers of passengers with more than 24 cruises. It was not considered a slap in the face then, any more than creating another tier for those of us with 100+ cruises would be considered a slap in the face now. We do not get name tags as part of the C&A program. We do get a free cruise at 100 and that is the total recognition. If I am not top cruiser, I am not recognized at the Welcome Back party. I want to set the record straight.

  • paul capps

    No, I disagree with Pattey that another C/A level should be established for those with 80/100 cruises. The bottom line, you strived to obtain the level that Royal Caribbean C/A mandates for the various tiers, and by god, they should not just arbitrarily renege on promised benefits for those tier levels. Pattey, what happens when you reach this grand “Emerald” status that you are dreaming of, say at 80/100 cruises and then learn that you now need 125 cruises to receive the same “perks” that you have been accustomed to receiving. Do you honestly believe that this can’t happen to you? That, is exactly what is happening now to the diamond level tier cruisers. Like you, we have been totally and exclusively loyal to the RCCL, C/A, to obtain this diamond or other tier levels, with promised benefits (perks) and they, RCCL, (what’s a good word) are dumping on us. Not just me, but virtually all diamond level cruisers, feel as I do. Check out all of the above posts, including mine. Do I love the RCCL ships, yes I do, but they (management) have betrayed all of the loyal and committed diamond level cruisers, who were certainly instrumental in making RCCL, what it is today. Adam says, “we have a compassionate community and I’m listening” but have you notice, his mouth is not moving? He believes that all of this current passion (bitching} is because of our incredible loyalty to them. I believe his idea of loyalty is not consistent with the norm and certainly not mine. I just really don’t understand their business concepts, because people are their main commodity, as with virtually all businesses, and they certainly are forgetting that


    Karen, it would be a slap in the face. Diamond Plus is “top dog” in the C&A society, and the thousands of people that qualify for it would not want to be put down a notch to accommodate 50 couples who are upset about not receiving “more” recognition.

  • Dan

    I will be at 100+ cruises in the future with RCL and believe that the Crown and Anchor Program is excellent the way it is now.

    The only thing I would like to see would be a refurbishment of Diamond Plus Level itself, with amenities such as breakfast with the Captain, 1 complimentary shore excursion, and suite upgrades being exclusive for cruisers with 100+ cruises. I do believe it is important to keep Diamond Plus as the highest level in the C&A society for many reasons.


  • Israel ramirez

    Just a list of perks lost not all C&A:

    Free Newspaper
    Ship Shape Dollars
    Free Portraits
    Johnny Rockets Coupon
    Bar Coupons
    Other booklet coupons substituted for % Off coupons
    Use of Concierge Lounge
    Free 24 hour Food Room Service plus fewer menu options
    Combinability of Onboard Credits

    Now the list of perks acquired:

    Hummm, can’t think of any, Adam please help me out here I’m trying to be objective but can’t recall any.

    Just got a great deal on an inside cabin on the Caribean Princes (to check their waters out) for a 7 day cruise: $229 + $221 taxes, port fees, etc. Oh and it hits 5 great ports. Cruise date Nov 1st 09 and I got a group of eight going on it also. I use to get these groups together for RCCL, I was getting the word out there and getting the freinds and family out there, but not anymore.
    I really love RCCL since its similar to when you meet your first love, but as the story goes, you rarely ever end up with your first love for life in this case you could say unloyal or unfaithful. Very sad for us!

    Please copy paste and keep on adding to the benefits lost, i’m sure I did not get them all.

    Well its nice to know that the feeling of being let down is generalized. Well Diamond Members, good luck to all and lets hope that the upper echelons of RCCL come to their senses and at least grandfather us.
    We are

  • http://critterchick@cox.net Jean

    I agree with Karen and Pattey. We are closing in on 100 cruises (we’d be there already if RCI hadn’t yanked the 3/4 night itineraries from the West Coast) and I believe that RCI does not value its most frequent cruisers. Establishing a different level ever 25-50 credits would give all C&A members a goal to aim for.

    As it stands now, I do not believe that RCI values their most frequent cruisers. I think the RCCL strategy is to get those of us who don’t cruise with kids to move “up” to Celebrity and Azamara. But those of us who enjoy the RCI experience would prefer not to be pushed out of the nest.

  • Dan

    I think it is a little unfair to say RCL doesn’t value its most frequent cruisers. If you look at the amenities that RCL offers you through the various tiers of the C&A society, it becomes evident that RCL has put serious thought into what works and what doesn’t.

    There are different levels within Diamond Plus at 49 credits, 75 credits, and 100 credits. Obviously, the solution would be to add more “benefits” to the upper inner levels of the Diamond Plus Tier.

    Just my opinion.

  • Janis

    To add to Israel Ramirez’s, list a little gift would be nice at all levels.

  • C. Schroeder

    After a letter to Mr. Goldstein and a conversation with a staff member, one good point was made about this C/A change; they felt the perks between diamond & plus were to close (not much different). OK. However, who made the changes to bring these two levels together in benefits?

    Also, he stated that all of the perks and benefits were gifts from the company and that “They are not owed to any one!” It was the company’s right to change the gifts they were giving out. Needless to say that conversation ended real quickly.

    I also agree with Israel Ramirez’s list and would like to add, “Priority Exit” off the ship at each port. As you may have noticed it is getting to be a mob scene at each port to get off the ship during the early hours. Not to mention in the warmer climates the air quality decreases rapidly if you end up at the end of the line.

    Though RCCL has made some changes a lot of us do not like, too at the competitions loyalty programs and perks and benefits, there aren’t any. So I guess we are stuck. (Whatever)
    Get out there and make your self heard.

  • eyes opened

    They just as well close this blog as no one at RCCL is listening or saying anything. It takes two to communicate and this blog is like talking to the wind.
    A waste of time.
    Let your money do the talking and look around there are other companies out there that have ships too.
    I did and found a 7 day Alaska trip for $299.00 for a oceanview. I would have never even look for it before because I only looked at the RCCL site.
    Thanks RCCL for helping me jump off your ships.

  • cheryl Brawders


  • Yes they do!

    Just got a call from RCCL ref my post of 8 June.
    Yes folks they are reading the posts.
    I wish that they would leave a marker showing that they have read it.
    But I did get my question answered.
    Thanks RCCL.

  • Bob D

    Yes, I was also contacted by RCCL customer service over the phone to answer a specific question I presented in my 31 July blog posting. My question was also satisfactorily answered. And I might add, I liked the answer. I suppose what this means is that RCCL management is in fact listening and responding to specifics. It was a pleasant surprise and I appreciate the effort.


    Well.. no fellow up on my two posts, from RCCL Customer Service, but not surprising to me. Getting close to our 14 day Sept.,18th Alaskan cruise. Of course, I will give my fellow diamond cruisers an update to what happens at the special VIP diamond lounge, bar, meeting room or what ever they choose for our special nightly event. I promise to keep an open mind, and It may be OK, but it will never replace the concierge lounge that we earned and of which was promised to us diamond level tier cruisers. Now, if it’s a quality venue with good wine, I will report so. If not and if the quality is like a “ripple” or “chicago red eye” with fishy crackers and bar nuts at our table, I”ll report that also. I know that I should just “cowboy” it up and except what it is, but I’ve never been scammed before. I have enticed so many of my family and close friends to sail exclusively with RCCL, and now to hear their disappointment, does not make me happy. We’re all looking at other sailing options from here after for sure.

  • C. R. S.

    Glad to hear from the higher level C/A members. Their input just goes to show that when you get above the crap it really does not matter. Get out there!

    We are still not happy with upper management and their plans to screw their “Loyal C/A Diamond” members. The comment that, “They do read these messages”, is interesting. They might read this, but do they care? NO!

    For those interested in an attempt at payback, consider this; if stuck between Diamond and Diamond Plus take as many 3 & 4 day cruises, back to back from Miami to Bahamas as you can afford. You can get one point per cruise and double your efforts with a Jr. suite. In two weeks (may be boring after a week or so but…) you will get 8 points and it will get you to Diamond Plus faster and at about the cost of a 10 dayer that only gets you 1 maybe 2 points.

    Or abandon ship and check out the competition.

    Something to think about.

  • ellen gluck

    I am a diamond member and was looking forward to the perks given to diamond members. My husband and I are booked on the Oasis of the Seas for January, 2010. Unfortunately, everything was taken away from diamond members. My complaint is if you have to cut in areas do not penalize the members who are used to these perks. All new members that just reach diamond status can be offered something else. What they never had they will not miss. When building such a large ship why wasn’t it taken into consideration to accommodate all the previously diamond members. If some of these perks are not reinstated, my husband and I will seriously think of trying another cruise line.

  • http://kenandkaren1@embarqmail.com K & K

    I wasn’t going to write because what I feel has been said many times over here – however, I guess I do need to vent.

    We have sailed exclusively with RCCL since 1977-that’s 32 years we have ‘stuck’ with ONLY RCCL. We’ve convinced countless family and friends that RCCL is the only way to go and we bought stock when it was selling for double what it is now. You could say we’ve been passionate about RCCL.

    For the first time in 32 years we are going with another line-Princess. Reason, you are no longer loyal to your “loyals” ( or care), and Princess has several great 10 day cruises from Florida which we prefer. We have our final cruise with RCCL booked for May 2010.

    I certainly hope some day you’ll come to your senses and realize your loyal customers are the cornerstone of your business and return our earned benefits. Also, hopefully someday you will become as passionate for your loyal customers as we have been to RCCL.

  • Wendy robinson

    How sad am I to read all the negative comments about RCI we have been regular cruisers since 2003 and have built up cruise cedits of 23 points and we have had our diamond perks taken away from us are RCI really listening I don’t really think so how wrong are they being we and thousands like us are RCI’s bread and butter the “returners” and yet they are oblivious to the reasons as to why we are upset about having our perks cut. We return because of the perks our loyalty brings us but what they can’t seem to see or don’t care about is no perks no return.Just by keeping a check that there are only diamond members in the diamond lounge thousands could be saved. I have written to Mr. Goldstein myself and got a reply not from him of course to say wowee we can go into a special lounge and have free wine can’t tell you how excited about that we are. We just feel as though maybe it’s the younger generation tha RCI is interested in know not there loyal older cruisers. I think they should be very careful if this is a small amount of the negativity being felt then I think the person who said stop buildinf bigger ships you won’t be able to fill them could be proved right

  • C.R.S.

    To all those with plans to make their next RCCL cruise their last, if you next cruise is more than two months in the future, cancel it and make your last cruise truly your last cruise. You have up till 60 days to cancel your reservations with OUT penalty. Don’t give them get another dollar if you can cancel without penalty. Just a thought.

  • First Time Cruiser

    What precautions are taken on board to prevent the spread of flu and other illnesses? I am cruising in February at the height of flu season, and I’m sure there will be people from all over bringing their particular strain of viruses. I’m not terribly paranoid, but I would like to know what precautions are taken.

  • Patricia E.

    An untapped source of potential relief contributions could lie in Royal Caribbean’s rewards VISA card points. If they (and possibly every other kind of rewards card) would set up the possibility of converting points to relief contributions, those who have already given what cash they can could contribute even more.

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Thank you for the suggestion, Patricia. We are in the process of reviewing all of the recommendations as we devise plans for our continued relief efforts in Haiti.

  • Bobby-g

    Wake up,I have taken 29 cruises in the last 9 years, 12 of them have been on RCI, makeing me A Diamond member of C.&A.S. I was treated well by RCI taking 5 cruises with them in 2006, 2 with other cruise lines. Must have been about the time Adam took over as treatment has been going down hill ever sence. In 2007,I took 2 with RCI,5 with other cruise lines. In 2008,1 with RCI,3 with Carnival. In 2009, 2 with RCI, 1 with Carnival, 1 with MSC.
    The last Cruise on RCI was Freedom Of The Seas. The 2nd evening of the Cruise, I was attacked by another Passanger who was Drunk,(I don’t drink) & was forced to defend myself. I was put under house arrest for two nights,forced to stay in A seperate cabin which I was charged $100 A night, I was put off the ship in St. Thomas forced to pay $160 for A hotel room, was forced to pay $350 for air fair back to Florida, I received no Credit or refund for the $1000 I paid for the Cruise. All of thes was charged to my Credit Card by RCI,& I had no say in the matter. When I returned Home in June of 2009 I sent A registered Letter to RCI headquarters in Miami, I have receipt that they have received the letter, 10 Months later I am still waiting for A responce. I used to brag about RCI saying they were 3 notches above Carnival,
    Their biggest compititor, now I say RCI has lost about 5 notches. Go Carnival. Also try the Italian Lines MSC and Costa. I have been on 2 Costs’s, 2 MSC’s & 2 Celebirty’s before MCI acquired them.