Guest Blog: Weather is Top of Mind on Oasis of the Seas Today

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Lisa Bauer - Senior VP, Hotel Operations

Lisa Bauer - Senior VP, Hotel Operations

Well the big story on Oasis today is the weather. We hit some pretty severe storms, and the word from the bridge is that we have at least 60 mph winds fairly regular and some waves at least 49 feet! The amazing thing is how well the ship is handling the weather. I heard someone say this is the worst weather this ship would encounter in 20 years time. Lucky me that I have the privilege of being onboard to experience it. Surprisingly, I am usually very susceptible to sea sickness, but I attended all my meetings today, my staff meeting/conference calls with Miami, and basically was fine. I’m shocked. (Unfortunately, we were meant to open Cupcake Cupboard today, but the ladies from there were a little under the weather, so that is on the agenda for tomorrow now).

Last night we had the grand opening of the casino and had a Crew Casino Night. It was really fun. 100% of the profits from last night go to the crew welfare fund onboard. I’ve never seen a casino so busy. I definitely contributed at the craps table. We had some issues with the slots and the response time on the automated tickets, so we are working through that currently. We have another crew casino night on Saturday, so hopefully all will be working well. The casino on Oasis is 75% larger than Freedom Class, and the bar is really cool, because it isn’t set up like a pass through bar as it is on other ships, but it is now the center of the room. I sat there for awhile last night and it was really a great gathering space for everyone to either meet, or to tell how much they won or lost. I was so thrilled with how engaging the casino staff was to everyone. They asked everyone’s name, and wished us all good luck, and always used our names when we were betting.

Today we also officially opened Vintages Wine Bar. There are so many cool things about Vintages on Oasis. In addition to the outdoor seating, we are also introducing a “tapas” style” menu. Guests will be able to order from a very robust menu of small tasting at a la carte pricing. We had a sampling of all the offerings, and I must say that I had to cancel dinner plans tonight because the tastings were definitely enough food for dinner. Offerings range from Gazpacho to olives, to homemade guacamole to queso manchego to an amazing array of sweet delights for dessert. I would actually prefer this for a dinner for an evening, because the selection is so great. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wines at Vintages. Tonight several of us sat at the wine tasting table that features a very large bottle of Caymus special select Cabernet Sauvignon. Caymus created two of these bottles exclusively for Royal Caribbean. One is onboard, and the other will be part of a charity auction next fall. I couldn’t believe it when my team told me that the bottle onboard actually would hold almost 750 bottles (yes bottles) of this yummy Cab. I think sitting at this table enjoying a nice glass of wine will be a guest highlight for sure.

So while I did very well with the weather today, I am sorry to report I didn’t make it to the gym. I tried to do my pilates with my exercise ball in the room, but to say that was disaster is an under statement. So let’s see what tomorrow brings us. If it isn’t smoother sailing, I will have to go see my good friend Captain Bill and have a serious discussion :)

  • Mike P

    Murphy’s Law strikes again! If it was part of the plan to stress test the entire ship by targeting sailing through inclement weather you would have had the calmest seas in 50 years. Since you wanted calm seas to finish the touch ups and meetings, you got 49 foot waves. It’s great that she’s handling it so well, a testament to the ships less glamorous but critically important maritime design enhancements.

  • marie fisher

    Yesterday, reading your comments, I wanted your job. It sounds so excitin! But today with 30 ft. seas, I changed my mind. Hope it is a quick passage through this and you can continue to keep giving us your great updates.

  • Edna Taylor

    Lisa, Can y’all put some video and/or pictures on the Oasis site of the pool areas and the Flowriders? We are booked for a cruise 9-11-2010 and the Flowrider is one of our favorite parts of the on board entertainment.

  • Heather Sigmon

    Hey Adam,
    I wanted to let you guys know how proud I am of you for choosing to put Solar Panels on the Oasis. I hope you all are proud too. I admire your innovation and your courage to make a positive statement to the world. I have been reading about your other environmental safe gaurds and I am impressed.
    I am so glad someone has really, really “stood out” among the crowd!!!
    Solar panels are just such a great statement, ya know, they are just right out there for everyone to see!
    I believe you may be starting a fantastic and wonderful trend!
    My husband, dad, and brother-in-law are the guys installing the panels.
    We are all very excited and proud of them over here in Blowing Rock NC, USA.
    So if you see them maybe you could say hello.
    If you guys are ever near the mountains of NC come visit Blowing Rock it is a great place.
    Thanks for your time.
    Smooth Sailing All The Way!
    Heather Sigmon