Why We Needed Bumper Cars to Go Head to Head

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Guest post by Nick Weir

I’m Nick Weir, the Vice President of Entertainment at Royal Caribbean International.  As usual we’ve been hard at work and are very focused on Quantum of the Seas in anticipation of her arrival to the New York area this November.  Recently, we needed to select the design for the bumper car we are going to produce for the bumper car arena in the Sea Plex, our largest indoor activity space at sea.

The vendor search was more challenging than our New Build and Supply Chain teams had anticipated since not many vendors produce battery-operated bumper cars, which was our preference. The vendor we selected has more than 60 years of experience in the bumper car business and we’ve already been working with them for over a year, which demonstrates the amount of time that goes into developing new activities on board.

Bumper Cars 1

The team selected five models from the vendor’s catalog and had one of each car delivered to us.  That’s when the fun really began.  All of the cars had the same chassis; the only difference was the molded top.  I joined the team at the shipyard in Papenburg, Germany to help make the final selection and we selected the red model, which coincidentally was the model that Adam Goldstein test drove.  We all liked the light at the top of this model and felt it was a sexier design than the other options.  You can learn more about our bumper car tests in this video.

Bumper Cars 2

As an avid Formula 1 racing fan, I really can’t wait to demonstrate my formidable racing skills and I am pretty sure that I have a shot at winning the Royal Caribbean Bumper Car Championship at my first try.

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