You Made Suggestions, We Listened!

by 329

A reader recently inquired if we could attribute any specific changes to suggestions made via posts to this blog. While success has many fathers, it does appear there are at least two relatively recent product evolutions that have emanated from blog posts:

Cruises through the Panama Canal:

Over the past year, we have had more requests for Canal sailings from the blog and Ask Adam than any other product. We heard the same request from some departments internally. As our New Deployment team was reviewing bringing Vision of the Seas to the Caribbean, the initial proposal was to offer only long Caribbean sailings; however, the final deployment – which is now open for sale – reflects a set of Panama Canal sailings in the fall as well as the spring. These sailings bracket the Long Caribbean sailings. Now that we’ve listened, please book these cruises!

Gluten Free Beer:

We receive many questions and comments from guests that require a gluten-free diet. By the end of this year gluten-free beer is going to be available in all of our Irish pubs.

In addition to the above, I also note that the Crown & Anchor Society Youth Program was developed after we received a suggestion on a guest satisfaction survey (i.e., comment card).

So please keep the comments and suggestions coming!

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