You Made Suggestions, We Listened!

by 329

A reader recently inquired if we could attribute any specific changes to suggestions made via posts to this blog. While success has many fathers, it does appear there are at least two relatively recent product evolutions that have emanated from blog posts:

Cruises through the Panama Canal:

Over the past year, we have had more requests for Canal sailings from the blog and Ask Adam than any other product. We heard the same request from some departments internally. As our New Deployment team was reviewing bringing Vision of the Seas to the Caribbean, the initial proposal was to offer only long Caribbean sailings; however, the final deployment – which is now open for sale – reflects a set of Panama Canal sailings in the fall as well as the spring. These sailings bracket the Long Caribbean sailings. Now that we’ve listened, please book these cruises!

Gluten Free Beer:

We receive many questions and comments from guests that require a gluten-free diet. By the end of this year gluten-free beer is going to be available in all of our Irish pubs.

In addition to the above, I also note that the Crown & Anchor Society Youth Program was developed after we received a suggestion on a guest satisfaction survey (i.e., comment card).

So please keep the comments and suggestions coming!

  • Jennifer Zee

    I would like to see sugar-free or low-calorie alcoholic beverages available. Thanks!

    • Debbie D

      Skinnygirl drinks would be great!

    • Mike Munter

      .Would like to have the cruise that qualifies for the next level of benefits to use those benefits on that cruise instead of waiting until the cruise is completed. Would Also like a competive 5k or 10k where you compete for prizes by sex and age group. Would put 2 runners on the track ; time the runs until all that have registered have completed the course. Could be done in early am (6am) so track can be open for walkers at 8 am.

      • Ouida

        I agree. I am 1 day short of Platinum. I can’t take advantage of those benefits until after I take my 7 day cruise in April.

      • Adam

        Thanks for your suggestion, Mike.

        • jim wage

          Adam, I agree with Mike, some of us had gained consierge lounge and then we lost them please let us take advatage of our new status sooner . Thanks Jim

      • Patti Miller

        We all had to wait also!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Jennifer. We will be sure to pass your suggestion along to the proper department.

      • Bob Harron

        I am also 4 days short of diamond to reach the next level. We are booked/paid for Adventure in April.

  • http://facebook Dorothy Miller

    Please have more areas smoke free. The last cruise I was on the dance classes were in a room that allowed smoking. I love to dance but I had to leave because I had a hard time breathing.

    • Vickie

      I agree with too much smoking on the ship. Our favorite bar is the martini bar Olive or Twist on the Freedom. Even though one side is smoking and one side is non smoking, the smoke of course doesn’t follow the rules and the whole bar can become inhabitable.

      • Morris Stelcner

        I am surprised that smoking is allowed on ships as it bothers non smokers and it is a fire hazard

      • Donna

        I agree with you~it’s like having a “no peeing” section in the pool….

        • DaveSen

          I thought that was what the hot tubs were for :-)
          but seriously…. there is no good answer barring a smoking ban…
          I just got off a trip (on a competitive line) that had 2 bars on the pool deck, 1 port (Non smoking) 1 starboard (smoking), but when business was slow they always closed the non-smoking one, so if you wanted to sit at a bar stool and/or watch the TV you had go to the smoking zone, or try and watch the TV through the steal grate they had pulled down over the closed bar. At least I can say I’ve never experienced that on an RCCL ship.

    • Mary M

      I would vote for a smokers only cruise, and a smoke free cruise. That way there is no bickering.

      • Robert

        A better idea is a pure smokers lounge that is sealed off and vented out to sea so all the smokers could light up and inhale the smoke all to themselves. I bet you’d get way more business this way as there are more non smokers than smokers.

        • Adam

          Thanks for your suggestion, Robert.

    • Katherine

      I suggest offering smokeless cigarettes . My husband uses them and says they’re just like the real thing.

      • Adam

        Thank you for your suggestion, Katherine.

    • Ross Wirth

      To continue this idea to cabins with a balcony, putting smokers on one side of the ship would also be nice. Having a cigar smoker in the next cabin greatly cut down on our enjoyment of our balcony.

      • Adam

        Thanks for your comment, Ross. We’ll be sure to pass along your comment.

    • Debbie

      People should just get over the smoking….come on…I hate the smoke as well. What is the this world coming to …..they say they worry about health while filling plates with tons of foof and fat….most all people are overweight on the cruise. Royal should NOT discrimiate towards anyone and make everyone happy!

    • Terri

      Agreed!!! I love to dance too but the smoke drives you nuts! I have asthma and smoke really makes me sick, why should your other passengers have to deal with the smoke?

    • Adam

      Thanks for your suggestion, Dorothy. We will be sure to pass it along to the appropriate department.

  • Patricia Dempsey

    I wish you’d add launderettes to your (and Celebrity) ships now cruises are longer. Many other lines have them. You spill something, it’s quicker to stick it in a machine before it stains rather than give it to the laundry.

    • Jennifer Sweeney

      I second this suggestion!

      • http://facebook. suman

        I agree to that. Especially with children their clothes get dirty too soon.
        It is difficult to carry too many clothes for them.

        • Lynda Drew

          I agree with public laundry. We cruised with Princess on the Diamond when we went to Alaska and they had beautiful laundry rooms equipped with ironing boards and irons! It was a blessing. I hope Rccl seriously considers offering public laundry rooms for their guests.

          • Adam

            Thank you for your comment and suggestion, Lynda.

      • Yvonne Simpson

        And I’ll back this up too! We have sailed with P&O in the South Pacific and their ships have laundrettes, it makes life simpler. Looking forward to my relocation cruise from Dubai to Singapore in May 2013 on Mariner of the Seas.

        • Adam

          Thank you for your comment, Yvonne. We look forward to seeing you onboard in May.

      • denise

        I also agree with being able to do small loads of laundry quickly

      • Sharon

        I third this suggestion!

      • Thomas Bentley

        I also agree

        • Anthony Ventra

          I agree with being able to do a laundry wash quick ,, also having some sort of safe iron on board would be a plus lol

        • Rita Byrns

          This would make it so much easier…. especially with the luggage weight limits….less packing and easier to fix a spill :)

    • Patti Hayes

      I completely agree, particularly for longer sailings. When we were in Europe on the Brilliance for two weeks it would have been great to launder clothing ourselves, especially undergarments and t-shirt/shorts that we wore often on excursions. It prevents overpacking, plus sending laundry out on the ship takes longer and is costlier. I think ALL ships should have a self-laundry option.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Patricia. We will be sure to pass your suggestion along to the proper department.

  • Paul Jolin

    On my last cruise I noticed the dress code was not evenly enforced in the dinning room. Almost every night there was people walking in wearing shorts, tee shirts, even ball caps. There was a woman that was dressed like a hooker. I would like to see the dining room stick to the dress code that is listed “smart casual”

    Thank you for your time.

    • Susan Lieberman

      On our cruise there were people who walked into the specialty restaurant on formal night in shorts. They were seated also.

      • Sharon

        I agree dress codes should be followed. I was on the Oasis and men wore their ball caps to dinnner and shorts on formal nights. What is the point in having formal night if everyone isn’t dressed accordingly.

    • Karen

      I agree! I always enjoyed the fact that the dining areas on Royal Caribbean were filled with classy diners, having 5 star meals. The meals are still great, but the diners now remind me of those running out for a burger. lol

    • Janet Littlefield

      I second this request. I dressed according to your rules for the dining room and a lot of people are let in wearing shorts, tank tops, jeans, t-shirts, etc. It upset my husband and I. Especially my husband who hates to dress up and had to because of your rules. No fair to allow it for some. If you’re allowing it, you need to change your dress code for everyone!

      Janet L.

      • Linda Koester

        I agree, the dining room rules should apply to everyone, I’m tired of hearing “I paid for my cruise I should be able to dress the way I want to.” If that’s the case they should eat upstairs where you can dress as you please. Everyone is aware of the dress code before they board, and people not dressed properly should be turned away from the dining room.

    • Jill Wood

      Dress code is not supposed to be ‘enforced’, particularly on RCI cruises. I’d say more on this, but it’d prolly be moderated out.
      What’s a dinning room, anyway?

      • Cindy Myers

        I agree with you and will probably be moderated out as well. When I’m on a vacation I feel that those who want to dress up should have that choice and those of us that don’t want to spend a lot of money on excessively expensive clothes should also have that choice. I wouldn’t go to dinner in shorts and a t-shirt but I should have a freedom to choose the type of dress that I prefer. The one NICE thing that’s different about cruises today compared to the old type cruises is they aren’t as “stuffy” and “uptight” as they used to be and I think that is a good change. Each person has a different way of having fun and should have the freedom to enjoy their vacation their way without having to forgo a 5-course meal because someone doesn’t agree with the way a person dresses.

        • Lynda Drew

          It’s sad that some people scrape and save to take a cruise and can not afford to purchase smart casual clothes or very dressy cloths for formal nights and regular dining night in the main dining room. They to shod be able to experience the pleasure of a lovely meal in the dining room. Maybe one night can be designated come as you are so everyone can experience the main dining room. As long as the clothes are clean and presentable (no hoochie mamas or pants on the floor). It might be worth a trial.

          • Rita Byrns

            Now that is a great idea :) My husband hates the tie and suit affair, but will grudgingly wear it for 2 nights…. not everyone that cruises has the means or the love for the dress up aspect of dining. As long as the jeans are appropriate , clean and shirt is also neat, ( no t-shirts) , except for the formal night, I do not see the problem. Those who choose to dress for dinner on those formal nights, may attend , and those who don’t have many other options. EVERYONE should be able to experience the wonderful dining room atmosphere and food. Casual night is a great idea !!

          • Adam

            Thank you for both your comment and suggestion, Rita, we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department.

          • jane chaston


        • Deb

          I agree with Cindy and Jill. To turn someone away from a dining area because they do not fit a dress code is ridiculous. We dress up for dinner, one of the fun things about taking a cruise, but to deny someone access to a room because their attire is not approve by another diner? Has anyone noticed how casual folks dress to attend church services? Enforce a dress code? – might as well go back to when there were theme nights where you had to pack costumes to go to dinner as well.

        • kristie

          There is nothing worse than following the rules and dressing up and sitting with someone who refused… It ruins the entire experience. U don’t want to dress up, go to windjammer. Keep your hethen maw and paw shorts and tank tops OUT OF MDR.

      • Terri

        I agree, Everyone is free to dress however they would like to, that is the freedom of today’s cruises compared to the old fashioned days when they made you dress up. Sometimes I wear something dressy… but I am totally not offended if the people at the next table decide not to… I’m not worried about what they are doing, let them wear what they want!

        • jane chaston

          If the cruise company start letting standards of dress drop what will be the next thing they let go. no kids in the pools, no kids at all becsuse the the hot tubs are being used for sex, i believe this hads been happening just recently on the Bikers Cruise, i bet some iof you would have complained about that one.

      • Kathy Chelst

        We had an amazing time the end of June on The Mariner of The Seas. The service was amazing as was the itinerary and food. We were disappointed in the way some people choose to ignore the dress code. We saw our fair share of shorts and tees at dinner and on formal night a number of people were sporting short sleeved shorts (men) and woman dressed to go grocery shopping. Please enforce the dress code.

        On another note 2 crew memebers in the dining room really went out of their way for us and we wanted them to get the credit that was due. How do we go about finding out their names so we can let you know who they were ?

        This was our 3rd RC crusies and we are already planning one for next summer!

    • Gary von Behren

      I strongly support the need to enforce the dress code and let people use the buffet if they do not like complying. You do need to communicate the need to go along with the policy for the dining rooms in your pre-sail material and spell it out in plain English. Let me know if you want me to volunteer my thoughts at no cost to you!

    • denise

      I agree, the dining room is for nicer dressed passengers…If you want to wear shorts, eat in the Buffett

      • Anthony Ventra

        Agreed 100%. Nothing going to dinning room and seeing people in there with NASCAR or any sports jersey on formal night ,,, that should not even be allowed any night lol.. Go to the buffet or stay home and hit burger kings drive trough lol

      • Dianne Brown

        I agree! There are so many other options for eating that if you want to dress in jeans you can and still have a good meal, but in the formal dining room where it is stated that there is a dress code then that code should be upheld.

      • kristie

        Agree 100%….

    • Lori

      I agree. We went on NCL and someone in our party was turned away at the door because he had shorts. We told him before, but it took a crew member for him to change. The rules are for everyone. If they want to dress casually, they can eat in a casual restaurant…not the main dining room.

      • Colleen

        We just came back from Bermuda on NCL and yes they did discreetly tell the gentleman in the main dining room line he could not wear shorts in the dining room. I was impressed as I stopped seeing that on RCI over the past couple of years. People don’t need to go into debt wearing sequinned evening gowns or tuxedo or suits anymore. Most certainly people able to take a cruise have what is considered “smart casual” in their closet.

    • Cheryl Kooistra

      I agree with the dress code inforced. If people do not want to dress “nice” there are many other places to go to eat.

  • Zaida Robles

    Por q. no vienen al puerto de san juan, puerto rico?

    • Mark Garofoli

      El disponer de cruceros por el Caribe Sur que comienzan en San Juan.
      De hecho, estamos teniendo una semana de Acción de Gracias!

  • Margaret Friewer

    How about a low sodium menu choice. It is SO embarrassing to have to ask at every meal what can be substituted to make it a low sodium option. I do this for a medical condition, I’m sure there are others that have similar conditions. Besides, it’s healthier !

    • Peter Church

      I just got off a 12 night Mediterranean cruise and the amount of salt in the food was incredible. It does enhance the flavor of the food, but it is tough on your kidneys. The cruise industry caters to senior citizens and most senior citizens are on, or should be on, a low sodium diet.

      • denise

        I also agree, swollen ankles from so much salt does take away from the fun of the cruise

      • LIduina Souto

        I agree. A low sodium food options should be offered. I love cruising, but I always end up with swollen ankles. This is no fun and causes me worry. Please consider this.

      • Ernest

        I totally disagree. I`m from Europe and I like tasty food! Ten years ago the taste on RCI Cruises was excellent, but in the last years it got more and more like hospital food, specially in the Caribbean. And there are not many spices on display, only the tastekiller ketchup. It´s even worse on Celebrity – I was on the Constellation and all the soups that I tried and no salt or pepper in it . The taste was like the water from the dishwasher – I couldn´t eat it at all.

    • Hilda

      I totally agree with the Low Sodium Alternative Menu. I am young, but while traveling I usually retain water on my ankles due to the high amount of sodium in the food. !!!

    • Adam

      Hi Margaret, we make every effort to accommodate our guests’ dietary requirements whenever possible. We’re happy to inform you that you can request low-sodium meal options on our ships before your sailing. For more information please click here.

  • Marilyn

    Will a newer or different ship be deployed to Bayonne?

    • christina

      I woudl LOVE to see a newer ship sail to Bayonne…there was “talk” about the new sunshine class ships fitting under the bridge and therefore would be accessible.

      • http://facebook. suman

        I second that. Please add new ship in Bayonne. Already Cruised the Explorer twice.

        • Margaret Reazor

          I also agree. My sister can’t fly but loves to cruise. We have sailed out of Byonne several times. Tired of the same shows and same Islands. Would like to experience something different. Plus most ships have had changes made but not the Explorer. I know it’s due in Nov. or Dec of 2014. I’m going to sail again in March of 2014. So I’ll also miss that. :-(

        • jane chaston


      • Adam

        Thanks for your suggestions, Christina.

    • Jeff Renzelllo

      I agree i was told 2 years ago Freedom of the sea was going to replace Exploer I love cruising out of bayonne and have done the Exploer 4 times and this Jan. will be 5 I love it but would love it more with a diffent ship. Thanks Jeff

      • Anthony Ventra

        Yes ! Freedom of the seas out of Bayonne would be great. I been on the explorer , she is also a great ship with all good memories. Freedom is a bit nicer ;)

        • Adam

          Thanks for sharing, Anthony.

    • Adam

      Hello Marilyn, at this time we have no plans to deploy another ship to Bayonne. Thank you.

  • Shirley Hocking

    I just read about some of your changes and one of them encouraged us to book Panama Canal cruises. Might I suggest that under the destinations tab of the find and book a cruise section you add a Panama Canal listing to the choice of destinations:-)

  • lR

    I am a single traveler who has been on six RCI cruises in the last few years. I feel that I should not have to pay an extra 100 to 150 percent to cruise. There should be small a number of single-occupancy staterooms on all your ships. There is a huge demand for singles who travel alone.

    • http://RC Dominique Guessford

      I agree they keep building bigger ships they should make single rooms my spouse is disabled and cant cruise any more so I had to try to find someone to share a room with me now if they offered single rooms I could still cruise with my family and friends but have my own room

    • LBR

      Actually, RCCI is the only ship that actually does not charge 200% for solo passengers, like myself. It is one of the reasons I chose Royal to begin with:-)

      • Adam

        Thank you, LBR, we hope to have you back onboard again soon.

    • Lona

      I agree. I am single as well. One income. I scrimp and save to go on a cruise once in a while and don’t like that I’m penalized for being single (not by choice).

    • danielle verna

      Norwegian cruise line has single cabins on their new ships.

  • Donna

    Thing that would make cruising better would be if we did not have to leave our rooms and go sit in a lounge for hours before we leave. I can understand having our luggage removed, but to be forced into a lounge area where sometimes there aren’t even enough chairs for people to sit is not reasonable. You know how many passengers you have and you know how many seats there are in a given area, so why would you send more people to an area than there are places to wait?

    • Karen

      The rooms need to be vacated so the stewards can get the rooms ready for the next cruises guests. They could never accomplish this and have the rooms ready by 1 o’clock if people were in them until 9, 10 or later. Think about that the next time you cruise and are upset because you have to wait until 1 to get into your room. How would you feel if you had to wait until 3 or 4 in the afternoon? I have had to wait in the ships theater before and people stand in the lobby area instead of going into the theater and actually sitting down. They do the best they can to make the debarkation process as smooth as possible for us. Give them a break and get to your area earlier if you want a seat.

      • Michele

        I have seen HUGE improvements over the years with embarkation and disembarkation. In May we sailed out of Baltimore and were processed so quickly we were eating lunch in the Windjammer by 12:10pm . While we were still eating breakfast on disembarkation day they called our number so we did not have to go to the lounge at all that day. We were off the ship and had our luggage by 9:30am. I say KUDOS to RCI for fine tuning what I deem to be a near impossible task of moving so many people and their luggage so quickly :-)

        We sail again April 2013 … out of Baltimore … awesome port!

        • Adam

          Thank you for your comment, Michele.

      • Jean

        Holland America manages to let you stay in your stateroom until you disembark and has the cabins ready at 11:30 am. So it can be done.

    • Adam

      Thank you for both your comment and suggestion, Donna.

  • Lori Singleton

    My family and I have done more than several cruises with RCL (Diamond status) and in the evenings we have noticed that there isn’t any coffee service or ice cream offered on the ships for some reason. The crew seem to have them shut down. Why is that? At least in one area only. The only coffee open is the gourmet coffee cafes or the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream not the soft serve. Is it a way for RCL to increase their $$$??

    We recently took the Bermuda cruise on the Explorer of the disappointed in the cabin. It was very dated. During our 5 day cruise, the TV, hair dryer, and safe all broke down. The crew did immediately change them out, however, I think all cabins should be continuously evaluated before each cruise. Flat screen TV’s should be in all cabins by now, they have been available in the US for a long time.

    We have always enjoyed RCL, however, we have noticed a decline in the amenities that previously were given to Diamond members. This is sad since the cabin fares have not gone down.

    We are looking into other cruise companies for our next family cruise.

    • Karen

      Explorer of the Seas has a very nice Promenade Cafe that has coffee 24 hours a day. also has small sandwiches, pizza, fruit, cookies and other desserts free of charge 24 hours a day. the coffee urns are at the back of the cafe. Not sure why you did not know this but look for it next time.

    • Gary von Behren

      I strongly agree that the amenities are deteriorating with RCL lately and they need input like this to understand some things are important to repeat cruisers. As far as looking into other lines, try Disney

    • Trish

      I also noticed that the ice cream was turned off around 5 pm as well. One night of towel art on the bed, no chocolates on the bed and no turn down at night. The kitchen took 1 hour from the time I sat down to serve our table our salad then another 45 min for the main course then another 45 minutes for the desert and this was the formal dining night. We were very disappointed in RC on our last cruise on monarch of the seas going to Nassau and cococay on 9/14/12.

      • Karey

        We just went on the Allure and my kids loved the towel animals. We requested more of them but our room steward told us they are not allowed to put them out every night. They go through too many towels that way and shortages arise.

      • Adam

        Hi Trish, thank you for sharing. We’ll make sure to pass along your comment to the correct department.

    • Mark

      I too recently was on Explorer of the Seas out of Bayonne to Bermuda. We noticed the same things, regarding TV, Safe and lack of towel animals. They also used to put chocolates on the pillows, but no more. Since they have changed the Crown & Anchor Society, my wife and I have both noticed the lack of Amenities that are provided. Before, we have gotten canvas bags, frames etc… Now all we receive is a booklet with only half of what we will use because the double the same coupons and the discounts are barely noticeable. This past cruise was my wife and I 7th cruise with RCL and I would have to say service/ship quality wise, probably the worst.

      Our first cruise was on Explorer 7 yrs ago and it looked like everything was the exact same, except more deteriorated. This ship needs EXSTENSIVE work to be done and needs to go into dry-dock much sooner than end of 2014. It is EXTREMELY outdated!! There was an excessive amount of rust, corrosion and dryness to the rubber on the ship. I understand that the ship is old and constantly needs to be maintained and painted, but the exterior handle on my balcony door was pitted and corroded so bad that I was afraid that it would break off in my hand (Slight exaggeration, but you get my point).

      By the end of the cruise I would lose my appetite during breakfast and lunch because it was the same menu of food every day. Regarding dinner, I have seen the same menu for the last 7 years, with only minor additions. I understand the RCL is a business, but when things become repetitive and you start to get less for your money, the quality absolutely needs to improve.

    • Adam

      Hi Lori, thanks for your comments. We’ll be sure to pass this along to the appropriate department.

  • Michael Mummert

    It doesn’t surprise me that you have received an increasing number of requests for information on cruises through the Panama Canal. I took one such cruise from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale and had a wonderful time. A few of my friends were concerned about stops in such ports as Cartagena, Columbia, where stories of kidnapped Americans and drug cartel activites have made it a seemingly scary place to visit. On the contrary, the beaches were as beautiful and warm as the people. I had a wonderful time in all the ports, and on the days at sea, we were entertained by numerous talks given by Jim Kennedy (retired head of Cape Kennedy) on the history of space travel. All in all, it was a fun and memorable cruise experience.

    • Adam

      We’re happy to hear about your pleasant experience, Michael. Thank you for your comment.

  • Donna

    So thrilled to hear that you will have gluten free beer available to those of us who require it. I see you will have it at the Irish Pubs but poolside would be really awesome too. Nothing like an ice cold beer out in the hot sun!

    • Adam

      Hi Donna, thanks for your comment. Once you’re onboard please feel free to request this at the pool deck and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request.

  • Clodagh McGuigan


    I would like to ask are you rolling the drinks packages throughout the fleet. Your website still says that it was on a trail basis and it would help budget for my upcoming cruise if I could pay for my drinks in advance?

    Thanks very much


    • Jennifer Sweeney

      I second this suggestion, too!

    • Adam

      Hi Clodagh, at this time we do not offer this but if any changes are made we will be sure to announce. Thank you.

  • Carmen Miller

    Vegetarian Hamburgers/Hot Dogs

    This would be a nice option at the “grill”. I’m happy you’ve started with Turkey Burgers, but there are many who do not eat any meat and therefore I’m requesting Vegetarian Burgers or Hot Dogs. Thanks!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Carmen.

  • LaVonne Campbell

    There are so many who miss Royal Caribbean on the West Coast, meaning Los Angeles or San Diego. I know we are kind of limited for sailing destinations here, but we would really love to have Royal back.

    • Mark Garofoli

      I agree. We took a Mariner of the Seas cruise out of Long Beach, and it was the best cruise we’ve been on, and we’re currently Emerald. We wanted to book that one again this year, but it’s not offered. Why?

      • DaveSen

        I agree, bring back the west coast runs..
        We’ve done the Pacific Mexican cruises 3 times plus the Panama run , Hawaii round trip, and a west coast alaska- to San-deigo repos. (I’m diamond) but last month while in California we ended up going on Carnival Inspiration as ‘newbies’ since we had no options for a Royal Caribbean (or even Celebrity) trip…

    • Sue

      I agree with this ,,, it would make it so much better if i did not have to fly anywhere before i could cruise. Miss going out of West coast!!! love Royal Caribbean!!!!

      • Anita Jones

        I agree with this. I had cruised the Mexican Rivera several times, and Catalina too many times out of Los Angeles. Need more cruises out of LA to somewhere else beside Mexico.

        • Adam

          Thank you for your comment, Anita.

    • Sharon

      Every chance I get, I comment on them coming back to San Pedro, CA. I would be cruising a lot more if I didn’t have to fly to Florida. Guess I’m just spoiled, but I miss them leaving from here. I refuse to get on a carnival ship.

  • Baarbara Helm

    What Crown and Anchor Youth Program? We last sailed in March with grasndchildren and there was no mention of this.

    • Adam

      Hi Baarbara, guests up to 18 years old may qualify for the Crown and Anchor Youth Program. For more information, please click here.

  • Kurt

    My suggestion is a tough one, but once or twice a year it would be amazing to have a cruise that is 100% smoke free. Not inside, not outside, for those people who cannot tolerate it because of health issues or allergy. Or for those like myself, whose experienced is diminished because I have to limit myself to areas of the ship to avoid it.


    • RG

      Agreed. I can’t stand smoke and people that break the rules or just assume the rules do not apply to them. Dazzles was horribly smokey throughout the club even though the top floor was the smoking section it still stunk on the bottom floor. I did not go to the events there because of that reason. I tried the 1st night and left.
      I had a boardwalk balcony room for this reason and at sailaway I saw two guys smoking on the boardwalk balcony suite on deck 8. I told a crew member and pointed to the guys. I hope they were reprimanded AND charged the $250 cleaning fee. See what I mean about rule breakers??? No smoking is permitted ANYWHERE on the boardwalk. PERIOD!

      • Sally Raibourn

        I can understand how non smokers feel but there are many of us that still enjoy smoking and it is Very hard to find an area on the ship that do allow smoking. The only answer I know of is non smokers stay in your area and us smokers in the smoking area. Very simple solution. RCI if you do have non smoking cruises, I would suggest you notify the travel agents in advance so we can be told ahead of time. It would make me want to change cruise line if I spent the money booking a cruise and then get on it to find it is non smoking!!!!

        • http://msn karen

          totally a diamond member……..i smoke only where i am allowed to…… why should i be punished for what other s do, non smokers you have 90% of the ship what more do you want

          • Adam

            Thank you for your comment, Karen.

    • Dixie Gibson

      Smoke Free would be GREAT. There are many violations of the smoke free areas. I usually book a balcony but many times I have been forced to go inside because of the awful smell of smoke from nearby balconies. No point in paying more for somethng I am not able to use. My next cruise (already booked) is inside.

      • Sue

        No smoking would be wonderful!!!

      • Margaret Crummenauer

        Carnival cruise line had a smoke free cruise they had to stop it because they could not fill the ship. there are plenty of smoke free areas on the ship and very little smoking areas just stay away from the smoking area. problem solved. I do not smoke but I believe that smokers have rights too.

    • Sharon

      I agree. I don’t get balcony rooms for just that. You can’t enjoy the view, because someone is always out there smoking.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your suggestion, Kurt, we will be sure to pass it along.

  • Edna Taylor

    Please bring a Freedom class ship to Galveston, Texas.

    • Connie Haviland

      I agree with Edna, bring Freedom to Galveston..or better yet, talk to the Houston Terminal and add to the Houston area. I know if you were to “wake up” Houston to negotiate something at that terminal, we would be able to provide business for RCI. In fact, if you made it public what your “request/requirements” were to sail out of THAT terminal, the General Public would jump in and support you. We are all very disappointed in the fact that that terminal is sitting vacant and using funds to just sit there. I is newer, more room to move and maneuver the larger ships and it is THERE..unlike Galveston that has to add to the Pelican Island to accommodate the 3 cruise companies that will be using only 2 docks for a good year. Please, consider this so that others can come to Houston from the central part of the US, instead of having to travel all the way to what is now a VERY BUSY and CONGESTED state…FLORIDA

      • Jennifer Sweeney

        Another excellent suggestion!!

      • Adam

        Thank you for your suggestions, Connie.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestion, Edna. Thank you.

  • Angela Barbour

    I would like to see changes in the smoking policy, so that smoking is only allowed on open decks and on one side of the ship. In other words, smoking should NOT be allowed in interior spaces (I.e. Boleros), or on individual balconies on the non-smoking part of the ship. I am two cruises away from making Diamond Plus, and I always pay extra to stay in a balcony. I don’t know how many times I have been unable to enjoy my balcony due to smokers on their balconies near mine. Also, on a recent cruise on Oasis if the Seas, my husband and I were unable to fully enjoy the Diamond lounge due to the billowing cigarette smoke coming up from Boleros. I understand that smokers make up a good part of your clientele, however non-smokers should not be forced to endure the harmful and carcinogenic effects of something so easily preventable, ESPECIALLY when they pay more fore their experience.

    • RG

      I also thought Boleros was horribly smokey just walking past on the promenade. My kids even gagged and choked walking past. Us non smokers should not have to be EXPoSED to 2nd hand smoke just walking by there. Also it was a POOR design putting the Diamond lounge above Boleros.
      My husband is a critical care RN and he says the smokers keep him employed. Don’t mean to be rude but these are the facts people.

      • Adam

        Thank you, RG, we will be sure to pass along your suggestion.

    • Louise Friel

      I pay extra for my balcony cabin so i can enjoy my smoking. And sometimes. As a single cruiser, therefore paying double.

    • Trish

      I totally agree with this suggestion. I am a reformed smoker which means I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes. I don’t think smoking should be allowed INSIDE the ship

    • Adam

      Thanks for the suggestion, Angela.

  • D’Anne Asleson

    Alcohol drink packages on all ships

    • Trish

      YES!! THAT WOULD BE GREAT alcohol drink packages on all ships in all ports

      • Jean

        I agree with the drink packages. That would be nice!!! All inclusive resorts are popping up everywhere so it would be nice for a cruise.

    • Terri

      They really should have enough chairs for everyone and some sort of entertainment. Sometimes it feels a bit like a cattle call. I understand they need to ready the rooms for the next guests and I’m ok with that, just provide well for your guests still on the boat.G

    • Adam

      Thanks for the suggestion, D’Anne.

    • Lona

      Cheers! I’d like to see alcoholic beverage packages for all types of drinks, including coolers and mixed drinks. I don’t drink beer and only drink wine once in a while.

  • Gabriel Resendez

    Hi Adam! Big Fan of Royal Caribbean and veteran cruiser aboard your ships. I’m in Orlando and am wondering whether you’ll be deploying a radiance class ship to Port Canaveral anytime soon? I love Freedom of the Seas and have sailed on her Eastern Caribbean itinerary twice. However, I’m not a big fan of the smaller Royal vessel in Port Canaveral right now. I believe she will be sent to Spain next summer and you’ll be repositioning Enchantment down here. Having sailed on Radiance, I’m just a bigger fan of that ship or the Voyager or Freedom-class ships.
    Please send us a Radiance class ship to Port Canaveral.
    Loyal to Royal,

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Gabriel, we will be sure to pass this on to the correct department.

  • Jennifer Scalise

    Have affordable alcoholic beverage packages available on all ships so that we don’t go broke every time we cruise. Also, please start selling Mountain Dew!!! Thank you!

    • Terri

      I second the alcohol packages. You wouldn’t have to be screening everyone’s luggage so much if you just made the alcohol more affordable. Maybe packages that offer a card with so many ticks or something?

      • Adam

        Thank you for your comment and suggestion, Terri.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestions, Jennifer.

  • Donna

    I would love for cruise lines to have some ships that are totally smoke free. I realize that smokers want to cruise, but us non smokers, many of who are allergic to smoke, would so appreciate the ability to enjoy a smoke free vacation.

    • Adam

      Thanks Donna.

  • Daniel Carey

    Just a thought a couple of years ago the Freedom of the Seas had a 4 day cruise why don’t you offer this a couple of times a year. As for myself I prefer 4 to 5 day cruises also it would give people who haven’t cruised on the freedom the opportunity to see what the larger and newer ships have to offer.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Daniel.

  • Joshua Pransky

    I would love to see more free juice options on board. Specifically, cranberry juice…I’d be willing to pay for a package that would include all cranberry juice. I’d rather have the option to choose what types of juices are in my package that I can order beforehand, rather than an assorted variety.

    This way, it could be delivered to my stateroom rather than me have to resort to packing my own in my suitcases.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Joshua.

  • Wendy Harris

    I am disabled person who lives on a limited income. I have always dreamed of taking a cruise but in reality can not afford one, also since I have never been on a cruise don’t no if I would even like it. My question is do you offer cruises for people with low income and do you offer cruises to no where it only last a couple of days instead of weeks. I live in Virginia, a couple of hours from Norfolk.

    • http://facebook Debbie Stewart

      I cruise on RC many times. They always send me emails on great deals. I have seen 3 and 4 day cruises for $129 – $149. They go to the bahamas. The deals are there you just have to look.

      • Wendy Harris

        Thank you Debbie.

  • Carolyn Lidgard

    We would like to see a Caribbean cruise from Florida to Arube, even if the cruise has to be longer than 7 days.

    • Adam

      Hello Carolyn, please follow this link to find cruises from Florida that stop in Aruba on both Legend and Vision of the Seas.

  • Cheryl Wurst

    I believe there are very limited 7 night cruises from Copenhagen to Stockholm in the late spring and late summer months during school (end of May and end of August) Could you have a cruise that accomodate families whose children are out of school? We are interested in a June or July 2014 cruise out of Copenhagen, 7 nights with stops in Russia and Germany. We have other family interested as well so we may have 4 or more cbins. These sails to and from Copenhagen with these ports are so limited… (Copenhagen, Russia, Germany) Thanks!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Cheryl. We’ll be sure to pass it along to the proper department.

  • sherry morgan

    We miss the luggage tags can they be brought back?

    • http://RCCL Jess

      I agree !! I know this is a cost saving thing but I would gladly pay a small fee to have tags sent. I am having nightmares thinking of our paper tags getting ripped off as our bags are tossed around and loaded onboard. I really think this issue needs to be re-thought. I think most C&A members would pay a small fee for this convenience.

      • Anthony Ventra

        Yessssssss lol please send the tags . My paper tags fell off on one of my bags and the bag was pulled off the carrousel and placed on the side. I had to hunt for it. The. Paper tags are awful ,,, how much can that really. Be saving ?…

      • Michele

        The paper ones are much sturdier than you think … we have used them several times and never has an issue … FYI … we have sailed other ships besides RCI and they don’t send out tags anymore either. It is just more convenient to print them when you print your documents.

      • Adam

        Hi Jess, Crown & Anchor® Society Pinnacle Members & Suite Guests (Grand Suites and above) can still order luggage tags to be sent via mail and they are included in the printed guest documents available for purchase for $35 at

        • Anthony Ventra

          Really ? Pinicle , grand suite and up need to pay 35$ for tags ? Really ? Lol I can see gold or first timers having the option to pay 5$ or less for real tags . But even that is a bit cheesy . , free tags to all rci customers – good …. Printing paper tags and watching the paper tags fall of the bags on the floor of the port and your bags misplaces – bad…

          • mario

            Any one can order tags when you go online to get your set sail passes there is a box you can check to get you tags for free.!!!

        • http://RCCL Jess

          Hi Adam, I am more than happy to continue receiving our edocs online but I would prefer to have luggage tags mailed. As I stated, a small fee is acceptable but why would I pay $35 when all I need are the luggage tags? I can accept Pinnacle and suite guests getting them for free given level of loyalty and costs paid. However, these continued cutbacks to services C&A members are used to is unsettling to say the least. Its talked about onboard and in chat rooms everywhere. The common theme is that RCCL now cares more about the bottom line than its loyal passengers. One of your themes has been “Loyal To Royal”. We have been, but it seems your no longer loyal to us in delivering the “Wow” you promise. Our last cruise was a disaster and if our cruise next month is much the same its likely our last with you.

          • jane chaston

            The lower levels of the Crown and Anchor scheme are not worth the paper they are written on. A free pull of the wheel, i cheap drink, and a go on the blackjack table. That really is the pits, nothing worth having whatsoever.

          • Adam

            Hi, Jane– thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns regarding changes to Royal Caribbean. We appreciate your feedback and have sent your comments on to the appropriate departments for review.

  • Robin Waller

    I live on the west coast and was deeply saddened when RCCL pulled out of this market.
    Have you ever considered the Pacific Northwest sailings in the spring and summer. I went on the Mariner of the Seas when you rerouted her from Mexico several years ago. I loved this itinerary to San Francisco, Victoria and Seattle and would love to go again!

    • Janazaz

      Me too! The West coast cruise was one of our favorites too. I’d go every year.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Robin, we will be sure to pass it along.

  • Robbin Gradnigo

    I have taken 10 cruises & have number 11 booked. 4 of the 10 was with royal Caribbean & the one coming up in may is also with royal Caribbean. I love everything about the ships except the drinks for lunch. They are too weak & watery. I think they put too much water to the drinks to make more but it is a bad idea. If they could not add too much water to the mix would be great. I know this seems small but to me it’s not. Thanks your faithful cruiser

    • Karen West

      I agree. Hate to pay the price for a watered down drink. The guys carry the trays around so long that the ice melts and waters the drink down. I hate to have to walk to the bar every time !

    • Adam

      We appreciate your input, Robbin, and we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department.

  • Cheryl Focht

    We will be a group of six boarding on adventure of the seas in January and I would love to have our cabin attendant meet all 6 of us when we board the ship with our favorite drinks . 3 large patron margaritas for the ladies and 3 large mild beers for the guys. I would definitely add these to my room tab and also tip our cabin attendant. I also plan on having patron margaritas on the ship, but I would like a side shot of patron with 3 large bar Olives to share with my other 2 friends. Let me know if any of this is possible. We have waited years to go on this trip and I want it to be extra special. Thank you!!!

    • jim walsh

      It appears that you have confused your room attendant with your personal butler.
      sounds like you require 24 hour personal attendants

      • Andrew Glick

        How can your billing on board be so bad?? Nothing was charged to the correct account when i was onboard or billed to the right person even to the point of my charges being billed to my girlfriends card. You guys billed $549 that i spent on board to my girlfriends card without permission. Despite having a great time on board, I will never use Royal Caribbean again. The billing was so bad an such a nightmare I have spent so much time fixing it. They can’t bill anything to right place and even though the cruise is great i would not wish the billing headache i have had to deal with on anyone

    • Adam

      Hi Cheryl, please contact our bars/pool deck members once you’re onboard so they can assist you. Have a great cruise.

  • Stefan Vermeulen

    Dear RCC,
    Why don’t you offer free sailing for kids also for Caribbean sailings for families from Europe?
    We already have to book a flight to USA (or other destinations) and this will absolutely stimulate us to sail with Oasis or Allure next year.
    Stefan Vermeulen

    • Cheryl Wurst

      We paid for our children to fly to Spain for a European Cruise! Same thing! : ) Spent $4500 on airfare alone for flights to a Euro cruise. I know the feeling!

      • Cheryl Wurst

        Oops- didn’t read it right- the Euro cruises need free sailing for the U.S. kids as well!

  • Jessica

    My fiancé and I only sail on royal carribean and have been loyal platuim members. We’ve bought jelwery, wine packages, liquor,cigarettes and artwork onboard RCCL ships, my question is, will RCCL start honoring how much a stateroom spends on board and start receiving crown and anchor pts or future onboard credit for spending $1,000 plus per sailing? Thank you,

    • Adam

      Thanks for your suggestion, Jessica, we will be sure to pass it along.

  • Denise King

    I would like to know the status of the Cape Liberty cruise port in Bayonne NJ in 2014. Also, will we see more ships departing from the northeast? I really love to be able to drive to a cruise port. Thanks for your service Royal Caribbean!

    • Adam

      Hi Denise, at this time there are no plans of this nature but we will send your comments on to the correct department.

  • Dina Rimi

    My fiance and I love our vacations on Royal Caribbean and when we got engaged the first idea by both of us was a wedding on your cruise ships. We wanted to have a very small wedding only maybe 6-10 people including us. I was so upset to find out that there is no way for a party this small to have a small reception not even just appetizers or cake in a special setting for our special day. We don’t want any other type of wedding and may now have to settle on our special day not being the special way our hearts want it to be. We are emerald members and can’t wait to hit diamond , is there anything that can be done so our diamond cruise could be our wedding cruise. I have spoken to your wedding department and they were helpful but told us there is no way that we could do something. They asked us to invite more people but honestly we don’t want to.

    Can you help me out and make my dream come true.

    Thank You
    Dina Rimi

  • Susan Fried

    Ok, once more I’ll ask about West Coast cruises alternated with RT Hawaii. I’ve asked many times, but have never had a response. Those of us who live within drivable distances to L.A./ San Diego would love this opportunity on RCI.

    • denise

      I agree, we need Royal cruises to Hawaii, Please

    • Adam

      Hi Susan, at this time there are no plans but we have taken your suggestion and passed it along to the correct contact for review.

  • Marian F. Gellman

    My husband and I just returned from a cruise on your beautiful Oasis of the Seas. The only problem we had was that it was VERY hard to get my wheelchair over the bumps between different sections of the ship ie; going into and out of the casino, from the hallways into the elavator areas, from the dining rooms into the hallway, etc. It made it very difficult especially at high volume times (when people wouldn’t let my husband or I turn the wheelchair around..) Thank you for your consideration of this problem.

    • Adam

      Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, Marian. We will be certain to pass this information along to the proper department.

  • Lori

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,
    I live in the tampa bay area in Florida. My husband and I love to cruise and typically in september but have sailed at other times of the year. we would Love to see a Royal Caribbean ship sail year round out of the port of tampa, and if possible change up the itineraries from there. may be to include key west and costa maya for a western carribean cruise. And if at all possilble a eastern carribean cruise. We Love to sail out of tampa for the convenience, proximity to home and the ease of embarktion and debarktion. Just wanted to pass along my thoughts and hope someday you will sail out of tampa year round. Thank You for your time.. Sincerely, Lori

    • Cheryl Wurst

      I agree but would like a stop in New Orleans!

    • denise

      I totally agree, I love the Tampa port but would like to see Key West and Coasta Maya included

  • Andy Wash

    Thank you for trying. I’ve been trying to find a Panama Canal option. However, I only want to do the canal if we can cruise in a balcony. However, the balcony prices are rather high, guessing because of the ship. Can Serenade fit? Love the ship and crew and I’m guessing the higher availability of balconies on the ship would mean better prices.

    Glad to see the move toward the canal again though. I started looking at other lines to fill the vacation dream, glad to be able to have RC options.


    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Andy. However, at this time we have no plans to deploy any other ships through the canal.

  • Lonna Siskind

    Cruise ideas: We would like more and different trips leaving Baltimore, MD port. What happened to the Boston and Newport stops on the Bermuda cruise? And do you have a cruise to start in Montreal, Canada stopping at Newfoundland, PEI, Quebec, ports in Nova Scotia, Gaspe, Can, Boston, Newport, and ending in New Jersey or Baltimore port? We want to take a trip to New England again, but ships go to same stops we’ve been to already. Or maybe a round trip to Panama Canal from Fl? What about stopping at Charleston, SC, then go to Port Canaveral, Bahamas, and Key West from Baltimore port?

    • Patty Frankenstein

      I also would like to see more cruises out of Baltimore.

      • Adam

        Thanks for your suggestion, Patty.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Lonna.

  • Regina

    I’m wondering if anything can be done with the quality of food in the windjammer. I love RC and have been on 6 cruises with one in the works. The only thing that I consistently dislike is the buffet. There is a big selection but it is either greasy, dry,or just plain not good. The breakfast consists of greasy overlooked bacon, greasy sausage, runny eggs that are tasteless, rubbery pancakes and the fruit is usually not ripe. This is just an example of one meal. I understand you lose quality in mass producing but I’m told carnival has a very good buffet. If they can then why can’t RC?

    • Patti Hayes

      I agree with this. I am a Diamond RCCL cruiser, and have noticed a marked decrease in the quality of food overall, but especially in the Windjammer Cafes. Perhaps more options for made-to-order? The eggs are consistently tasteless and powdery, bacon and sausage very greasy and stuck together for breakfasts. It would also be great if there were more lighter fare options for lunch apart from lettuce/salads. I pay more for RCCL cruises and expect a higher quality experience, but have to say if the food quality continues to deteriorate, we will find another line to patronize.

      • http://RCCL Jess

        The food has definitely declined in the Windjammer and the main dining room as well but to a lesser degree. Its clear that they are trying to cut costs but so are other lines. Carnival buffets offer less choices and the food is worse.

        • Eric

          Actually, the food on Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line are far better than Royal. Those two cruise lines were rated 1 and 2 in food quality according to

      • Adam

        Hi Patti, thanks for your comment. We’ll be sure to pass this along to the correct department.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Regina. We’ll be sure to pass your comment along to the proper department.

  • Steven Kellerman

    How about other ports of call foe the Eastern Caribbean other than St Maarten, St. Thomas, or Bahamas?? Maybe St. Kitts or Antiqua, Barbados…etc…

    • Susan Lieberman

      My husband asked this same question to the person on the ship that books the cruises. He said that they pick the ports based upon profitability. I agree with you about seeing some other ports. I would really like that also.

      • Cheryl Kooistra

        I agree with this also about mixing up the port of call’s.

    • Eric

      Oh yeah, I agree with that idea. It creates a variety of ports for popular cruises which creates a sufficient business model that will intrigue travelers to come on the cruise. That’s what the other cruise lines do to attract travelers.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Steven.

  • Jbow

    One room on the ship for smoking and the rest of the ship would be non-smoking.

    • Lori

      I Agree. NCL has smoking only in the casino and outside balconies. I love that.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your suggestions.

      • Anthony Ventra

        Forget about NCL . Royal Carribean is far better .

  • Cindy Leek

    Agree with another comment on here: Low calorie alcoholic beverages would be great!

    • Adam

      Thanks for your suggestions, Cindy.

  • Terri

    Please address chair hogs? And maybe add the non- alcoholic drink package similar to the one on Celebrity. I loved it but prefer to sail Royal.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Terri.

  • Connie Haviland

    Dear RCC….

    I am like those out of Tampa, those of us who love to cruise, living on the Gulf, would love to have year-round cruises. With gas prices being so high, we can’t afford to take the family, fly to Florida and either pay the higher price for availability on a flight in order to get to the terminal on time or pay for a Florida hotel to fly in earlier in order to make the terminal on time. I have also asked why doesn’t RCCI start sailing out of the Houston Terminal, not just the Galveston terminals. This would open up for bigger ships, or more smaller ships and give options to those who don’t want to pay the high price to fly into the Florida airports. I know this would open up to the states closer to Houston and it would definitely open up the options for large numbers of Texans to come into the Houston area, year round and go on cruises. When people ask me which cruise line I recommend, I always say RCC but when you don’t have many options and not year round, it blows any options to cruise on your ships…I am asking for year round and useage of the Houston Terminal

    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment, Connie. Thank you.

  • Jamie

    I would love to see some ‘standard’ style dessert offerings at dinner in the dining room. All of the desserts offered seem to be rather fancy except for the one scoop of ice creams or sherbets offered, which are too basic. How about a brownie hot fudge sundae, or snickers pie, or peanut butter fudge swirl cheesecake or something ooey gooey. Not all of us like the fancy desserts and prefer something more “down-to-earth.” This type of option would sure round out the menu. Thanks for considering.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Jamie, we will be sure to pass your suggestion along to the proper department.

  • Victor Finamore

    As. I’ve posted on your facebook link – why not build the first of it’s kind state of the art docking hub for your ships out of Atlantic city Nj. You’ll have the ability to run one -3 night cruises from $125.00 per person – per night, as well a 5,7,9,10 day cruises. Your port fees would be a lot less than NYC waters – AC is easier to get to than triving into NYC – spending $25.oo in tolls + parking – which is hurting your industury- in this market – you have to listen to your clients who are spending the money – with out them – you have no business. With a dock in AC – you would attract people from ny,nj,phili,del,md – increasing your sales! Not to mention – you have afan list – offer random drawing for credit towards a purchase or a cruise – single,double, based on location areas..? Its all about marketing the right product, AC needs this type of product – it’s only a matter of who’s going to be the first one in- before others try to follow. The moment is now to take the opertunity.. Never underestimate your past guest – you have to focus of tomarrows guest as well.

    • Anthony Ventra

      I agree with a state of the art port in AC , the Bayonne port is not that bad but it’s not great . It needs to be updated or finished … However , where would the ship go for 3 nights out of AC ? But I agree with everything else 100%

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Victor.

  • Daphney

    It would be nice to have a different ship leave from cape liberty (bayonne,nj) with different visiting locations.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Daphney.

  • Danielle Chartiez

    Bonjour! J’aimerais que votre site internet soit traduit en français. Je lis l’anglais mais imparfaitement et parfois pour certains détails, je ne suis pas certaine de bien comprendre. Merci!

  • Lynne Blackman

    We have taken your Hawaiian cruise and had a great time. We would love to go back with the kids and grand kids but the timing is impossible for school children. Our only recourse is NCL which is not what we want for many reasons. Why do u not make this trip in the summer? I know why you do not go Hawaii to Hawaii but not why you do not make Gyour regular cruise in the summer months. We are loyal platinum members and hate to take another ship.

    • Adam

      Thank you, Lynne, we will be sure to pass along your suggestion to the proper department.

  • shaunda

    Drink packages would be ideal. Although all but one of my cruises have been on royal, I know that carnival allows you to bring one bottle of wine onboard for depature day. Considering the amount of money spent on alcohol over the course of the entire cruise, I cannot see how this would hurt your bottom line. I just came back from a cruise on the allure and I agree that the quality of food at the windjammer can be improved a little.

    • Adam

      Thank you for suggestion, Shaunda.

  • Sharon S

    Love the cruises out of Baltimore. It is so nice to drive to a port instead of getting on a plane to get to a ship. Can you change the ships more often please. We’ve done two on Enchantment of the Seas and two on Grandeur of the Seas and have another one scheduled in 2013….on the Grandeur.

    • Adam

      Hi Sharon, at this time we have no plans to deploy a new ship from Baltimore but we will be sure to pass your message along. Thank you.

    • Wendy Sears

      I also love leaving from Baltimore! Thank you RC for upgrading future port stops. One of our biggest complaints was having short stops at ports. For instance, Freeport and having to be back on ship at 1 pm or maybe 2pm. We were sooo happy to look at the changes coming went Granduar of the Seas returns to Baltimore! Full days at each port. Thank you, thank you RC!!! Other ships are going to have to do a lot to keep up. Not to mention the new improved Granduar of the Seas!! This is really exciting and we booked as soon as we heard. Another great newbie is the the Western Caribbean from Baltimore! As far as I know this is a first! Never could understand why ships never went to the Western Caribbean leaving from Baltimore; only the Eastern and almost Southern Caribbean. Things have really turned around for the Granduar!
      Looking forward to their return next year and hoping for newer choices of destinations!

      • Adam

        Thank you for your comment, Wendy. We look forward to having you back onboard.

  • Joyce Spagna

    It would be nice if you had rooms for singles. I can’t afford to pay for 2 guests. Sometimes can’t find someone to room with. Lots of people would like this.

    • Judy

      I agree would love a room for singles. I also can’t afford to pay for 2 guests and can’t find anyone who loves to cruise like me. I surley would cruise more often and it would be a great opportunity to meet other singles. Would love to take a 7 day cruise as a single.I would not have to work around someone elses itinery.

  • Curt

    I am a diamond member and I also have stock in RCCL. I am very disappointed that I cannot get those benefits since RCCL decided that we cannot combine credits. Since I paid much more than the stock is worth, I cannot just dump it. I think RCCL should rethink this.

    • Elizabeth Shelly

      I agree. I have Diamond Plus status and also have RCCL stock. Would like to receive benefits of both as RCL did in the past.

      • Adam

        Thank you for your comment, Elizabeth.

    • Adam

      Thank you for voicing your concern, Curt. We will be sure to notify the proper department about your issue.

  • Janice

    I’m a Royal fan (have sailed many lines but this is my fav)…I would love to see the shows switched up more often. I tend to sail with my family and we love to be repeats on our favorite ships (i.e. Freedom, Navigator, etc) but the shows are the same time and time again. Can’t RCL rotate performers around the different ships or something. After the 1st couple of times you see the same show, its not worth seeing again.

    p.s. Love the salad bar in the MDR for lunch – just wish you’d have the MDR open on port days if only for a short while.

    • Adam

      Thank you for the suggestions and comment, Janice.

  • chip

    I would love to see an Atlantic coast cruise. With great cities like New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington,Norfolk , Boston and Providence, it truly is a shame that no one offers cruises to these ports.

    • Cindy

      That would be a great idea! It would be a nice change from the Caribbean and would hit a lot of great cities that are extremely expensive to visit (hotel wise) with a great way to travel between them.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestion, Chip.

      • Sue

        I would really love an East coast cruise! This would be great from Port Canaveral going North along the coast. There are so many great ports – Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, maybe over to Bermuda if an out of country port is required.. sounds like a refreshing change to the Caribbean and Bahamas. My husband and I are Diamond members and have gotten a tired of the ports in the Caribbean. Variety is the spice of life! Thanks for considering :)
        ps We are so excited that Enchantment of the Seas is replacing Monarch in Port Canaveral. We know many people who don’t go on the weekend cruises because the Monarch is so dated. Enchantment is a fantastic replacement!

        • Adam

          Thank you for your comment, Sue. We look forward to having you onboard.

  • Susan Lieberman

    We cruised on the Oasis of the Seas in August. It was a wonderful cruise! However, my blowdryer broke and I had to use the one in the cabin. You had to hold the button down to get it to work. You would think on a newer ship they would have a good blowdryer. Can you please get better blowdryers? Also, I agree that the price of drinks are way too high. I paid $8.00 for one drink. We had reservations to the comedy show on the ship. When we got to the front of the line we were told it is not appropriate for kids under 16. My daughter is 13. I wished I had known that before the cruise. Getting on and off the ship was the most efficient of any cruise I have been on. We liked it so much that we are going to book on the Allure for my daughter’s 8th grade graduation.

    • Lori

      We’re going on Oasis in February and we already have reservations for the shows. It does state on the reservations site that the show is for 18 and older.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment and suggestions, Susan, and we look forward to seeing your family back onboard soon.

  • Vickie

    Could we have an option for whole grain or whole wheat rolls at dinner? Healthier than all the white flour options.

    • Adam

      Hello Vickie, we do have this option. Next time you are onboard, please feel free to ask your waiter about this option.

  • AleXis

    It would be great if you had a cruise staff person hosting the singles events. The last few cruises I was on had a place for singles to meet but no one making introductions and organizing. It is always hard to be single but it wod be great if there were staff coordinating meetings and even an excursion or two. There are many people who are traveling with friends and family who are single and looking for activities. Would be a great addition to a cruise!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Alexis, we will be sure to pass your suggestion along.

  • http://RCCL Jess

    Thats not likely to happen since they have a cruise sailing out of New Orleans in the winter months. They are not going to sail out of Tampa year round due to huuricane season and the risks involved.

  • http://RCCL Jess

    Where did you fly from in the US? Sounds like you really overpaid. I found airfare to Barcelona for our cruise next month out of Boston for $650 per person.

  • Shannon Shepardson

    Just a thank you for adding Gluten Free beer to the Irish Pubs! My husband was recently diagnosed with a Gluten Allergy and we are Sailing on the Freedom 1/13/13! We Sailed the Allure for our Honeymoon in April and didn’t need the Gluten Free beer back then. Are there Gluten Free Menu’s in the Dining room or specialty restaurants?

    We are Diamond members and love cruising with Roayl!

    • Adam

      Hi Shannon, we make every effort to accommodate our guests’ dietary requirements whenever possible. We do offer Gluten-Free options on our ships, which we hope you’ll enjoy. See here for more information on how to request this:

  • Angie Parr Fettig

    When will you be able to offer all inclusive cruises. I think that the cruising population would increase immensely if that was an option. My husband and I got married on a cruise and it was the best time of our lives except for the very large alcohol bill at the end. I think we would go every year if an all inclusive option was available to us.

    • Sue

      i agree! its nice when you do not have to worry how much more is this going to cost me. When all paid up front you can set back and enjoy!

  • Shayne Larratt

    We are booked to go on the Voyager in November to New Zealand and can hardly wait. I was wondering if you had considered destinations other than our near pacific neighbors? How about Hawaii or Asia from the eastern ports in Australia. Some of us cruise not only for the indulgent pleasure of it but because we don’t like to fly.

  • Eric

    Can Royal Caribbean please consider relocating Oasis to Miami? Only 20 miles south!

    • http://RCCL Jess

      Oasis is too large for the Port of Miami to handle. In fact, most ports cannot handle Oasis or Allure. That is why they are both based in Ft. Lauderdale.

      • Eric

        Miami Dade county is expanding the port. In the future, the company will send both the Allure and Oasis to Europe for renovation and then, once a terminal agreement is made, Allure will remain in Europe and the Oasis will go to Miami.

    • Adam

      Hi Eric, we currently we have no plans to change Oasis’ itinerary at this time.

      • Eric

        But eventually, once the port of Miami gets deeper to accomodate Oasis, business would definitely blossom more there. ALL of the marine trade that gets imported and exported into the USA will go through Miami. This will allow more bigger and innovative terminals to be built, more space to accomodate bigger ships like Oasis, and more travelers wanting to sail out of Miami due to its modernization and global popularity. Therefore, in the near future, at least consider this option for it will boom Oasis’ business in the Caribbean and beyond. Also, change the itinerary of Oasis. People want more diverse and interesting ports of call. This will also appeal to travelers. Thanks.

        PS I’m 15.

        • Adam

          Thank you for your input and enthusiasm, Eric. We appreciate your comment.

  • Jack Levin

    Looking for cruise in 2014 during whale season
    Round trip from from Southern California to

    • Karen West

      Would love to have a Hawaiin cruise !
      Also more piano music to dance before dinner or after.
      All of the clubs seem to be rock or disco.
      Our honeymoon we sailed on Rapsody of the Sea, it was wonderful,we danced
      Alo or just sit and listen t he relaxing music.
      Will be sailing from Rome to Galveston in Nov. hoping to have a wonderful time for the 16 days at sea.

      • Adam

        Thanks for sharing your memory with us, Karen. We can’t wait to have you back onboard.

  • Mary Smith

    We sailed from Norfolk in May 2009 and found the terminal to be very nice. Although we had to park some distance away, the shuttle service was excellent. We would like to see more East Coast/Mid Atlantic homeports used as we live in Ohio. Between airfare and the time spent at the airport to fly, we’d rather drive.

    I am also an advocate for a round trip from the West Coast to Hawaii and back. High airfare and long hours in the plane are keeping me from a cruise of a lifetime. I love the luxuary of ship days so a longer sailing with days at sea would be great!

    • Adam

      Hi Mary, thanks for your suggestions.

  • Gary

    It would be nice if the ships had a place for youg aduls between the ages of 18 and 21. We have gone on many RCCL cruises and my children that are now 18 and 20 are not excited anymore because there us not a place to hang out and meet others the same ages.

    • Adam

      Hello Gary, there are a variety of ways 18-20 year olds can engage and interact with other young adults onboard. Young cruisers can utilize the Community Bulletin Board to organize a meeting or party with fellow like-minded guests. Also, young adults tend to gravitate to areas such as the sports deck (rock wall, FlowRider, basketball court, etc.). And of course guests over the age of 18 are allowed to play their hand in the casino or enjoy dancing in the nightclub and visit adult only areas, such as the Solarium, Parties & Adult games shows. The one thing we do not recommend is staying in your stateroom!

  • Diane Suhay

    I have been on many RCL Cruise. I really want to do a British Isles cruise. Princess is offering a 12 day cruise 3 ireland stop 3 england and 2 Scotland. I really rather do this on RCl, is there any chance that RCL will ever do this ruise. All RCL Has is a transatlantic and not alot of Ireland stops.

    • DaveSen

      I second that request… that set of Princess cruises around the isles looks great.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your comment, Diane. We’ll make sure to pass your suggestion along to the appropriate department.

  • Karen West

    More piano bars with dance floors ! Love to sit before dinner with wine and a dance.
    Will sail on Mariner from Rome, hope to enjoy as much as we did on our Honermoon,
    On Rapsody of the Sea.

  • melodie

    We love cruising the RCL, we usually go on special occasions. Why do you sell flowers towards the end of the cruise and we cant take them off? Werent they already been gone thru custtoms gfetting on the ship? My husband bought me a beautiful vase of flowers on Thursday and we had to throw them away leaving the ship on Saturday!!!

    Also why cant popcorn be served in the theater, for watching the movies????

  • maggie C

    we need a new ship sailing out of Cape Liberty NJ been on the same ship 4 times the Explorer needs some updating

    • Adam

      Hello Maggie, at this time we currently have no plans to deploy a new ship from Cape Liberty but will pass your suggestion on to the correct contact. Thank you.

  • Patricia Shirley

    Will Grand Turks ever be a port of call for a RCCL ship?

    • Adam

      Hello Patricia, we’ll be sure to send your suggestion over to the proper person. Thank you.

  • http://RCCL Jess

    Port of Miami cannot handle the size of Oasis. In fact, many ports cannot which is why Oasis and Allure are based in Ft. Lauderdale

  • Deb Denys

    My husband and I was already to take your 18 day cruise from Ca. to Hawaii and when we went to book it a few years back for your 25th anniversary we were told you no long did that cruise, are you ever going to bring it back to Royal Caribbean or are we going to have to sail on X and not get out points.

    • Adam

      We’ll be sure to pass your suggestion along, Deb. Thank you.

  • Elizabeth Shelly

    The Brilliance of the Seas class ships have no place to get ice cream or snacks at night. The Voyager class ships and higher have the Promanade Cafe and Ben & Jerry’s, etc., but the smaller ships have nothing except Seattle Coffee where you have to pay. After enjoying the nightly shows, we like to stop for a snack before bed, preferably ice cream. But there is no place to get ice cream or any other food anywhere on the entire ship. This is crazy. Brillance used to have the Seaward Cafe which we loved and visited often, but that is being replaced with a specialty restaurant. Forget the hot dog place. Who wants to eat a hot dog late at night before bed? RCCL needs to add an ice cream place and a Promanade Cafe on ALL their ships.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Elizabeth, we will be sure to pass it along.

  • jane chaston

    Why can’t there be more RCI trips out of Harwich, England. This is a lovely little port, easy to park, embark, railway on site etc. etc. You have just taken the best thing away from this port – The Jewel of the Seas. Why only sail to the Baltic from Harwich. Oh sorry the odd trip to iceland and Norway as well. Well people in this part of the county and even those further afield are fed up with just two destinations. It appears now that the UK is to get the worst possible RCI ships in the whole of the fleet. Can we please have some more destinations.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment and suggestion, Jane.

  • Jim Wegener

    Just sailed on the Allure. It would be nice to have a self service Ice water station by the pool deck. It get soo hot and you are really pushing the alcohol. People need easy access to water without having to go in a dining room to get a glass.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment and suggestion, Jim.

  • Pam Brown

    I agree that a laundry service (laundromats) should be available on longer cruises, or offer better deals on doing our laundry. With baggage fees (airlines) costs going up. Plus all that baggage is a hassel to fool with. Especially for older passagers or with several children.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Pam.

  • Graham Morris

    I would dearly like to see Royal Caribbean return to California and reinstate the Mexican Riviera itinerary;they are now the only major cruise line that is absent from this popular trip.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Graham.

  • Jacqueline Condie

    This one is for the happy solo travelers like me who love to cruise alone…

    First, I understand that the economics of running the ship mandates pricing that reflects/assumes double occupancy. Please know I’m absolutely not complaining about the single supplement requirement at all. I may not like to have to pay it, but I wholly get why I must. What I am doing, to the contrary, is suggesting a way to perhaps make it a bit more palatable.

    Why not award solo travelers — who essentially pay a double fare — double loyalty points for the cruise? It seems an easy way to make solo travelers happier and a far, far less expensive way than adding single cabins to appeal to solo travelers and to tap into this audience segment in a competitively advantageous way.

    Look at it this way: As a married person, you’re handing out extra points every time I cruise alone anyway. My husband gets the equivalent amount even though he never left the house! The man’s a Diamond and yet he’s only cruised with you twice.

    If given an option, I’d opt to keep those extra points for myself as I LOVE to cruise with RCCL. He’s not a cruiser, so the benefit is a bit wasted on him.

    Anyway, I hope you’ll consider the suggestion! Many thanks for your time.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment and suggestion, Jacqueline. Thank you.

  • Marge

    It would be great if you offered a vegan option everyday. I know there is a vegetarian but vegans do not eat eggs or dairy so the vegetarian option does not wok all the time.

    • Adam

      Hello Marge, we make every effort to accommodate our guests’ dietary requirements whenever possible. We do offer vegan options on our ships, which we hope you’ll enjoy. See here for more information on how to request this:

  • Christian


    please please make an internet-flatrate so that I can work and relax! So I can stay longer with RC (other cruiselines are doing it already like Aida…)

    • Adam

      We will be sure to pass your suggestion along to the proper department, Christian. Thank you.

  • http://facebook Diana

    It is VERY challenging to get a wheelchair accessible cabin that sleeps more than 2 people…like disabled people dont have families, many times we cannot take the sailing we want as we are a party of 3 or 4. Also, I wish the process for booking a w.c accessible room was harder as people who dont need them book them just to have a bigger room.

    • Adam

      We will be sure to pass your comment along to the proper department, Diana. Thank you for reaching out to us.

  • DaveSen

    Are you ever going to bring back the pool deck horse races?

    • Adam

      Hello Dave, we will pass this feedback along to the proper department. Thank you.

    • Jonathan

      DaveSen, I agree with you, the pool horse races were a blast.

  • DaveSen

    I would assume the reason there are no cruises that stop in the Carolina’s or Georgia is an infrastructure issue y/n..?
    It would be neat to be able to go to/from new-England/Canada to Florida/Bahamas stopping all along the east coast…

    • Adam

      Thanks for your suggestion, Dave. We will be sure to pass it along to the proper department for review.

    • les collins

      I would second Dave’s suggestion after 7 or 8 trips to Caribbean all the islands begin to look alike, my spouse and I have made many trips down there but even though we love RCl you lose somethings after having visited Cozumel for 20 times. I would love to see one of the smaller ships run and East Coast tour say from Boston to New York , Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah,Key West, Tampa and end in New Orleans and sailing each night to no sea days then reverse it the following cruise. Love both RCL and Celebrity keep up the good work as we have always felt like we the cruisers were appreciated!

      • Adam

        Thank you for your suggestion, Les. We will be sure to pass it along to the proper department for review.

  • Sheila Churchill

    Re the Panama Canal : What we would like is a cruise that starts in Florida, goes into the canal and turns around, ending up back in Florida. My husband just does not like flying !

    • Adam

      We’ll be sure to pass your suggestion along to the proper department, Sheila.

  • Jerry

    Would like to see an app for smartphones that show the ships Itinerary for the day. So we don’t have to carry the printed booklet each day. Would save on printing costs. Could also incorporate other features ie floor layouts/map, directories etc.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Jerry. We will be sure to pass this along to the proper department. Please feel free to view our current app, found here.

  • Stan Jenson

    Please list Friends of Bill in the daily newsletter. This program has been a lifesaver for so many people, especially those who are new to sobriety and get taken on a cruise by relatives. The hit-and-miss index cards on an impossible-to-find bulletin board put RCCL at the bottom of the cruise industry. Let’s please turn that around to save some lives!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Stan. We will be sure to pass this along to the proper department.

  • MaryB

    My greatest wish would be for RCCL to have ships (as in the past) YEAR ‘ROUND from Galveston/New Orleans rather than giving the business to that other line from mid-April thru mid-November. My very close 2nd wish would be to have a new itinerary. In years long past, once a year (Feb-Mar) a cruise to the Panama Canal was offered (11-12 nights) and quickly sold out. Maybe that’s not possible for RCCL but just maybe once a month or so you could offer it or at the least come up with some itinerary a bit different for the Texas embarkations. “They” are pretty fed up with Roatan/Jamaica, etc. Even multi itinerarys encompassing 6 and 8 night or even 4 and 8 night. Keep in mind Texans love to cruise but they hate to fly!
    My heart is with Royal but I see the $$$ going to XXX.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestions, Mary. Thank you.

  • Jonathan

    I would love to see Royal Caribbean come back to the West Coast. I’m sure I don’t know all the Market Research that has been done, and most likely, pulling out of Mexico years ago was because of financial reasons, but living here in San Francisco, we are so limited with the cruises we can take from the West Coast. You can only do the West Coast repositioning trip so many times. :) One of my favorite itineraries was the San Diego round trip to Hawaii. You who live in Florida have so many options. I just wish we had more. The short 3, 4, and 5 day get-aways without having to fly much were great. I’ve been sailing with RCCL for 15 years and you are my cruise line of choice, but I have to say, Princess is providing us West Coast folks with some great itineraries.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment and suggestion, Jonathan, and we’ll be sure to pass it along to the appropriate department.

  • Tom

    HI – Thanks for listening. It’s great to have access to companies we care about.

    I’d be grateful if you would make it easier to search for itineraries on your websites, by posting full maps on the pages that list the various cruises (rather than the illustrations of people in kayaks you have on Royal Craibbean’s website, the partial maps you show on Celebrity’s, or the varied photos you show on Azamara’s.) Having to click on each cruise is to find out what it is, is arduous — especially when their are so many to choose from. After awhile, I just stop searching with you, and go to lines that present the itineraries plainly. If you’re looking for examples, both Oceania and Seabourn do it well.

    All the best,

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestion, Tom, and we’ll be sure to pass it along to the proper department.

  • Therese

    I will like to have Vision Of The Seas to Norway again. I love this ship and will like to take it more ofen if coming to Norway.. It’s cost lots of money to travel to other country.

    • Adam

      Hi Therese, we will be sure to pass your comment along to the proper department, thank you.

  • Martie

    Be careful of the promotional free cruises that are offered from Caribean Cruise Lines / Strike It Rich Sweepstakes. seems to me that it is some kind of credit card scam. I was told that i was to pay $118.00( $59.00 x two) based on double occupancy and asked for credit/ debit card information. Then I was transfered to some guy who then told me the $118.00 would be ran immediately and after revealing to him that there was not enough money to cover that amount till the first of the month ( v.a. pension deposit ) he still wanted to run my card right then in spite of my wishes to not incur penalty charges. I was also asked who would accompany me in an attempt to get me to borrow the money from a potential guest. Not very professional if you ask me. Furthermore, I was told I had 60 days to book passage and told Dec. 24th thru Jan. 4th were not available due to ship being in dry dock yet they would not wait 20 days till the 1st for the $118.00. Like I said, be careful.

    • Adam

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Martie. The phone call you received is not an official correspondence from Royal Caribbean.

  • Dennis Bauer

    I would like to see Pacific Costal cruises. Princes is doing it!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Dennis, we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department.

  • Daniel Capella

    Waiting for see another ship, cruising South America. One great suggestion. Don’t you think Adam?

    • Adam

      Hello Daniel, at this time we have no plans to add any additional cruise ships to our South American itineraries but we’ll be sure to pass along your suggestion. Thank you.

  • http://Yahoo John Chepetsky

    I do not like the idea of My Time Dining, my wife and I have been on several cruises with Royal Caribbean
    and the large tables we had we made plenty of new friends.

    My time dining is basically sitting by yourselves and snubbing everyone around you.

    I might stay home if this policy of My Time Dining is not CHANGE!!!

    • Adam

      John, we appreciate your comments and concerns. My Time Dining is one of many dining options which came from guest suggestions. But we will pass your thoughts along to the proper team for review.