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Q:  What forms of ID are required for minors?
A:  Before Leaving Home:
Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the required travel documents you will be asked to provide prior to boarding the ship. Caution: The requirements described below are required by government regulations and policies. They are subject to change without notice.

It is the sole responsibility of the guest to identify and obtain all required travel documents and have them available when necessary. These appropriate valid travel documents such as passports, visas, inoculation certificate and family legal documents are required for boarding and re-entry into the United States and other countries.

Guests who do not possess the proper documentation may be prevented from boarding their flight or ship or from entering a country and may be subject to fines. No refunds will be given to individuals who fail to bring proper documentation.

For the current passport requirements click here.

Please note: Royal Caribbean domestic sailings are all sailings originating and ending in ports located in the U.S., Canada and Mexico including Panama Canal sailings. All other sailings are considered to be international sailings. These include itineraries in Europe, South America and Australia/New Zealand including re-positioning sailings originating or ending in their ports. U.S. citizens traveling on our international sailings are required to have valid passports.


Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) when fully implemented on June 1, 2009 will require all travelers to and from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda to present a valid passport or other approved document that establishes the bearer's identity and citizenship in order to enter or reenter the United States.

Passport Requirements

A valid passport is a requirement for air travel to / from Canada, Mexico the Caribbean and Bermuda.

Effective June 1, 2009 only a valid passport (unless otherwise noted below) or other WHTI compliant document will be accepted for entry or re-entry into the United States. For a list of all approved documents visit:

U.S. citizens on closed-loop cruises (cruises that begin and end at the same port in the U.S.) will be able to enter or depart the country with proof of citizenship, such as a government-issued birth certificate and laminated government issued picture ID, denoting photo, name and date of birth. A U.S. citizen under the age of 16 will be able to present either an original, notorized or certified copy of his or her birth certificate, a Consular Report of Birth Abroad issues by DOS, or Certificate of Naturalization issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Note: Baptismal papers and hospital certificates of birth are not acceptable. Voter registration cards or Social Security cards are not considered proof of citizenship.

Alien Registration Card (Green Card)

U.S. lawful permanent residents will continue to be able to use their Alien Registration Card issued by the Department of Homeland Security or other valid evidence of permanent residence status to apply for entry to United States.

Card renewal is an important matter. ARC holders (United States permanent residents) with expired cards may be considered "out of status" and may be denied entry / reentry into the United States. If your ARC was issued over 10 years ago, you should check the expiration date printed on the front of the card. If your card is expired, or it is about to expire, you should renew your card before you sail.

If you are holding an old edition ARC WITHOUT an expiration date, you will not be detained from entering the United States but U.S. Customs and Border Protection highly suggests that you apply for a new card before you sail.

For additional information, visit:

International Travel

A valid passport is required; visas are required where they apply. This includes Europe, Asia, Central and South America. For additional passport information, visit

Consecutive Sailings 
Guests on consecutive sailings must ensure they have the proper travel documents for their entire cruise vacation.

A valid passport is required for travel.
For your protection, we recommend that your passport expiration date not occur within six(6) months of the sailing termination date.
U.S. citizens carrying an Official (maroon cover) passport must also be in possession of a valid Diplomatic or personal (blue or green cover) passport to allow ship embarkation.

It is the guests' responsibility to identify and to obtain the necessary visas before commencing their cruise.
Based on nationality, many countries still require an entry visa.
Suggestions on where to get visa information:  
  U.S. citizens can visit the U.S. Department of State Foreign Entry Requirements at
  Canadian citizens can visit Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada at
  the Embassies (Consular Service Office) of each country on your sailing itinerary
  or the visa service of your choice, such as Passport Express Services for specific visa requirements, information, forms and fees that apply to your nationality.

VisaCentral a CIBT Company
toll free telephone: 1.800.858.8579

Click here for more information on Passport and Visa Requirements.
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