Directions to the Pier
Q:  Port of Valencia, Spain
A:  Directions From Valencia Airport:
  • Exit the airport and take the road to Valencia City.
  • At road called V-30 follow the signs indicating PUERTO.
  • Then, take the road called CV-500.
  • Take the first exit called NAZARET.
  • At first traffic circle, take the 3rd exit and continue by CV-5010.
  • At next traffic circle take the 2nd exit and continue by CALLE PAI CAMINO.
  • At 3rd traffic circle take the 2nd exit and continue by CAMINO DE LAS MORERAS.
  • Pass by PUENTE DE ASTILLEROS and then turn right.
  • Continue the signs indicating ACCIONA TERMINAL.
  • Ships are berthed at Acciona Terminal.
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