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Q:  What will happen to my luggage once it is off the ship?
A:  There are two different systems depending on the port.

For San Juan, PR:
Luggage will get laid out with the rest of the luggage that is coming off the ship. You will claim their luggage and present yourself to Customs. Once cleared, you will proceed to a location outside Customs Hall and drop off you luggage with one of our staff members. Your luggage will then go directly to an in-bond truck to be transported to the airport.

For San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Port Canaveral, Seward, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale:
Your luggage will not be laid out with the rest of the luggage coming off the ship. It will go directly into an in-bond truck for be transported to the airport. You will present yourself to Customs and if required, will be reunited with your luggage for inspection.
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