Special Cruise Pricing
Q:  Are there special prices for airline employees?
A:  Yes, on selected ships and sail dates. Reservations must be made through an Interline Travel Agency. Members of the Airline, Federal Express, DHL Worldwide Express, Airborne Express and United Parcel Service (UPS), who are IATA/ARC appointed should contact their Human Resources Department to find out the names and phone numbers of Interline Travel Agencies.

Eligible Parties Include:
Airline employees as well as employees of Federal Express, DHL Worldwide Express, Airborne Express and United Parcel Service (UPS), who are IATA/ARC appointed
Retired employees of airlines currently in operation

Separate cabins can be booked (up to a maximum of 3 per sailing date) as long as a qualified airline employee, spouse, immediate dependant or non-dependent family member of the employee or spouse, is occupying a berth in each of these cabins. Friends or family members identified below are eligible to occupy a berth in those cabins, at the Interline rate, as long as there is one qualified individual in each of those cabins.

Immediate Dependant Family Members are described as: Spouse, children.

Immediate Non-Dependant Family Members are described as: parents, parents-in-law, children

Length of Employment:
Employee must be employed with the airline for at least (6) six months prior to making the booking and work a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Temporary, on-call intern and contract employees are not eligible.

Interline Travel Agency must have authentic proof of airline employee on hand at all times. Airline I.D. is preferred. Authorized letter from airline Human Resource Department may also be accepted. (Random audits will take place throughout the year)

Employee must carry I.D. card or authorized letter with him/her to be presented at check in. Failure to present the necessary airline employee identification may be subject to an additional collection for the difference of the actual retail fare and the Interline fare paid.

As an approved Interline Agency with Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises, be advised that all reservations made through your Interline phone number will create an electronic document through our eDocs program. There will be no option of receiving a paper document for any booking.

Rates apply to minimum inside cabin, ocean-view or balcony staterooms, depending on the availability of each ship and sail date.

Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

All rates are cruise-only.

Non-commissionable cruise fares and other taxes and fees will be additional.

Single guests pay 200% of the interline fare.

Third and Fourth guests pay the most current rate unless otherwise noted in a promotion.
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