Directions to the Pier
Q:  Port of Hamburg, Germany
A:  Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg Cruise Center
Grasbrook Terminal West
Hamburg, Germany
Port of Hamburg website

From Hamburg Airport:
At 0,4km keep half right onto Zeppelinstrasse.
At 0,9km continue straight on Flughafenstrasse.
At 1,2km turn right on Flughafenstrasse.
At 1,8km turn left on Flughafenstrasse .
At 1,9km keep right on Flughafenstrasse.
At 2,1km keep half right on Flughafenstrasse.
At 2,3km turn right onto B433 /Alsterkrugchaussee.
At 6,5km keep half right on Ring 2.
At 10,1km continue onto Alsenplatz.
At 10,2km straight on Alsenstrasse.
At 10.7km continue straight onto Holstenplatz.
At 10.8km keep half left on Holstenplatz.
At 10.8km turn left onto Holstenstrasse.
At 12,3km continue straight with Ring 2.
At 12,3km straight onto Pepermölenbek.
At 12,7km turn left onto Sankt Pauli Fischmarkt.
At 13,2km continue straight on Sankt Pauli Hafenstrasse.
Turn right Bei St. Annen Brooktor and continue straight towards the Hamburg Cruise Center, Grasbrook Terminal “West”.

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Parking is not available.
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