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Q:  When can I expect to receive the Luggage Tag Mailer?
A:  The Luggage Tag Mailer will be shipped via the United States Post Office and can be expected within several days of your request. Qualified guests who have provided us with their mailing address at time of booking can expect to receive the Luggage Tag Mailer approximately seven (7) days prior to your sailing date.

In an effort to make our luggage tags more accessible to our guests, we have created an on-line luggage tag program. With this new on-line process we are able to provide your luggage tags in a more efficient and timely manner.

The luggage tag program also eliminates the time constraints and long delivery times for the mailed luggage tags. In addition, you may now print as many luggage tags as needed. You are able to print your luggage tags as soon as you receive notification that your Guest Ticket Booklet is ready, approximately 49 days prior to your cruise.
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