Crown & Anchor Society
What are the benefits of Crown & Anchor Society membership?
How do I enroll in the Crown & Anchor Society?
What happens on a Member Cruise?
Do I need to bring my Membership Number on board with me?
How do I receive equivalent recognition in Celebrity Cruises' Captain's Club or Azamara Club Cruises' Le Club Voyage?
How do I receive Cruise Points for a past Royal Caribbean cruise vacation?
How do I change my address?
How do I contact the Crown & Anchor Society?
What do I do if I've misplaced my Membership Card and/or Number?
How do I get access to the Crown & Anchor Society Online?
If I am a Diamond member what are the Diamond Lounge access benefits?
What is the Nightly Diamond Event for Diamond members for ships without a Diamond Club?
What is the Exclusive breakfast area for Diamond members on ships without a Diamond Lounge?
How does the Exclusive Onboard Booking Bonus work?
How can I get a membership number while onboard?
Can I still make a reservation onboard without a Loyalty number or signing up for the Crown & Anchor Society?
If I sign-up for the Crown & Anchor Society during my first cruise will I receive any onboard benefits? If I am a first-time cruiser can I take advantage of any Crown & Anchor Society benefits?
What is priority notification?
I have asked to have my email address updated or opt in, how can I ensure I am on your mailing list?
Why would I get better pricing for last minute deals?
Why do I need to take advantage of the onboard offer, if you are saying that the Royal Caribbean Sales Event (WOW Sales, Happy Hour pricing) will have better a price?
How will I know if there are upgrades for my sailing?
What makes having a lapel pin so important for the Crown & Anchor Society?
I never received my lapel pin, how can I obtain this?
When do I qualify for a FREE cruise?
How do I redeem a Royal Caribbean Savings Certificate?
What are Cruise Points and why do they matter?
What amenities are included in the Concierge Club service?
Does the Air2Sea service fee also apply for Loyalty and Crown & Anchor members?
Does Royal Caribbean have any offers for members online?
What do Custom Air arrangements include?
What if I'm having a problem with my Cruise Points?
What is the Welcome Amenity for Emerald, Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club?
Is there a way to see my past cruises or future reservations online?
Is one of your referral?s info incorrect?
Are you missing a referral?
Want to find out more information about a rejected request?
What is the Bring A Friend promotion for Crown & Anchor Society?
How does the upgrade policy work?
As a Diamond Plus or Pinnacle Club member, how will I know if there are upgrades for my sailing/cruise vacation?
I never received a pre cruise upgrade; how does the upgrade policy work?
What are paperless coupons?
How does a guest ensure they receive their onboard offers on their cruise?
What if my Crown & Anchor Society welcome letter is not delivered to my stateroom on Day 1?
Can my significant other use my SeaPass card to redeem an offer?
What if I make a purchase using an offer on my SeaPass card but then later decide to return the item?  What happens to the offer?
Where can I find a list of all of my offers according to my  membership tier level?
I have saved a hard copy of the Ultimate Value Booklet from previous sailings.  Can I also use those coupons?
What if start my cruise mid-sailing? Do I still receive the same benefits?
When do these offers expire?
Is there a document explaining all of the terms and conditions of each offer?
If I use cash or a different credit card as payment, other than my SeaPass card, will my offers be applied?
What about other coupons that I receive from my travel agent, are those on my SeaPass card?
What happens to my offers if I am traveling on consecutive cruises?
What is the milestone cruise certificate program?
When should I receive notice of my milestone recognition for Pinnacle Club members?
To which sailings may milestone certificates be applied?
What is the redemption window for the certificates?
Do I need to wait to receive my Milestone Cruise Certificate to redeem?
What are the certificate tiers?
How exactly is the value of the certificate interpreted?
Can the milestone certificate be applied with any promotions?
How do I redeem my certificate?
Which ships do NOT have a Diamond Club?
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