Air Travel
What are the benefits of reserving my air arrangements with Royal Caribbean through Air2Sea?
What can I select within Air2Sea?
What do Custom Air arrangements include?
When do I receive my airline flight schedules?
Can I reserve my seat assignments through Royal Caribbean?
Can I use frequent flyer miles to upgrade my seat?
Can I get air transportation for partial cruises?
Can I get one-way air transportation?
How does Royal Caribbean notify travel agents/guests of schedule changes?
What if I'm not happy with my Royal Caribbean air arrangements?
What is the difference between an optional and mandatory day prior gateway?
Do I need a separate airline seat for my infant?
What if I am traveling with a group? Can you reserve group travel with Air2Sea?
What is the latest arrival time to reserve a flight before the cruise, or the earliest departure time to reserve a flight after the cruise in order to make port/airport connections on time?
Is Air2Sea available outside of the United States?
What types of airline rates are available on Air2Sea?
If cruise is cancelled how will non-refundable air be treated?
What happens if I purchase a Air2Sea non-refundable airline ticket and now need to change or cancel it?
What happens if I purchased a Air2Sea Refundable ticket and now want to change or cancel?
What if I can find lower fares elsewhere?
Is there a fee for using Air2Sea?
What happens if a guest with Air2Sea cancels their cruise?
What protection is provided when I purchase a Air2Sea ticket?
Am I protected when we book through another air booking source?
If we purchase Air2Sea and miss the flight, will you refund our Air or Re-accommodate us?
If I cancel the cruise for any reason and do not have Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program, will you refund or exchange the ticket?
If I have Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program and cancel my cruise for any reason, is my air covered?
How will I be advised of Airline schedule changes?
Can I book my air reservations at another time other than when booking the cruise?
Does the Air2Sea service fee also apply for Loyalty and Crown & Anchor members?
Can I reserve an airline seat for my infant in Air2Sea? Is a separate seat required?
Can I make seat assignments for my flights?
Are airport-to-pier transfers included when we buy our airline tickets with Air2Sea?
How do we add airport-to-pier transfers?
What if round-trip transfers are not being displayed on the Air2Sea Guest Preference page?
Where would I find more details on the Ship and sail date?
How do I add guests from more than one cabin to Air2Sea?
I selected the guests I wanted and clicked on Search & Reserve Flight for Selected Guest(s) but nothing happens?
Will I need to check the cruise reservation for the travel dates and/or port city before submitting a booking through Air2Sea?
I selected non-stop flights from the Search Flights page and received the error message: "No flights found that meet your criteria ... Modify your criteria and try again."
What if I would like First class flights only?
A message ERR0046 - E-No Records Available to List appears when I search for flights.
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