After You Purchase
When is the final payment for my cruise vacation due?
Will the price of my cruise change?
How do I submit my Savings Certificate if I already paid for my cruise in full?
If I have to cancel my cruise, will I get a refund?
Can I transfer my reservation to a travel agent if I purchased my cruise directly from Royal Caribbean?
Is cruise cancellation coverage available?
Do I need extra insurance? Does Royal Caribbean offer travel insurance?
Can I view Royal Caribbean's Cruise Ticket Contract online? Can I read the Passenger Bill of Rights online?
How can I find out what the weather will be like on my cruise?
How can I find out if anything (like inclement weather) has affected my itinerary?
What are the gratuity guidelines for the tour portion of a cruisetour?
Can passage or a booking request be refused?
When can I make my Specialty Restaurant, Spa or Salon reservations?
What are the gratuity guidelines for cruises?
What is Countdown to Cruise?
I have a Royal Caribbean gift certificate that I forgot to apply to my sailing. What can I do?
Will there be cancellation charges if I decide to cancel my Cruisetour and just want to cruise?
Why the increase in gratuities?
I booked my cruise prior to May 1, 2016. How does this impact my cruise?
How does the new Royal Caribbean suggested daily gratuity compare to their competitors?
Are gratuities automatically added?
Am I required to pay these adjusted totals?
Will the gratuity amount for bar, wine, and beverage service be adjusted at this time?
Are drinks included in the DreamWorks Character Breakfast cover charge?
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