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Broome, Australia

This funky and soulful town in Western Australia is a meeting ground for the Outback and the Indian Ocean. Back in the day, Broome's big draw was its perfect pearls. Today folks come for the tranquility, rugged beauty, tasty seafood and well, its perfect pearls. Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Malay settled in this treasure capital searching for fortune and their influences can still be enjoyed in everything from its tasty cuisine to its amazing architecture. Broome also has an eclectic collection of natural wonders you won't want to miss, like "The Staircase to the Moon," dinosaur footprints, and yes, those perfect pearls.

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Broome, Australia

Port of Call

The One Thing You Don't Want to Miss

Dinosaurs once roamed this part of the planet and they've got the footprints to prove it! The ruby-red sandstone cliffs at Gantheaume Point have tracks that are over 120 million years old. Go at low tide if you can, it's the only way to view them. There is, however, a set of prints cast in plaster at the top of the rocks, just in case your timing is off.

Other Fun Things to Do


Chinatown is a delightful reminder of the early multicultural mix of people in Broome. Take a wander through the original commercial center of Broome, which was once a bustling hub of pearl sheds, billiard saloons, entertainment houses and Chinese eateries. Chinatown is now home to some of the world's finest pearl showrooms, along with a variety of retail outlets. Sidewalk cafes add a splash of colour to the pavements.

Riddell Beach

This spectacular stretch of beach is an ideal area to observe the red pindan cliffs of the Broome peninsula. It was named after Captain Riddell who was murdered by his crew after a mutiny in 1899. Riddell Beach is a great spot for swimming and picnics.

Sporting Adventures

Cable Beach is one of Western Australia's most popular stretches of sand, 14 miles of powdery perfection to be exact. And the sparkling Indian Ocean that laps its shores is just as spectacular - and ideal for surfing! Newbies can take a lesson. But if you really want to take things up a notch, literally, sign up for a camel safari and trek the seashore at sunset.

Shopping for Bargains

If you're on the prowl for the perfect pearl, this is the place! Broome's crystal-clear waters have been producing the world's finest for centuries. There's a wide selection of posh showrooms in Chinatown. You can even take a tour at a local pearl farm to learn all about the life and legends of the pearlers of the past.

Get a Taste of Local Flavor

When in Western Australia, make sure to feast on local pearl meat, barramundi (freshwater fish) and yabbies (small lobsters). Then wash it all down with some locally brewed beer and mango wine. Your taste buds will thank you. And if you happen to be in Broome in November, you can take part in "Mango Madness," a few days where the fruit is used in more dishes and drinks than you ever thought possible.

Local Currency

The local currency used in Broome is the Australian dollar (AUD). Credit cards are widely accepted. And you can use your ATM card at banks around the country as long as your card is connected to the international banking network. Travellers cheques are also accepted.

Weather in Broome, Australia


Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius
Average High 91.8° 33.22°
Average Low 79.2° 26.22°
Mean Temperature N/A N/A
Record High N/A N/A
Record Low N/A N/A
Precipitation Inches Centimeters
Average Precip. 8 in 20.32 cm

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