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La Coruna, Spain

With two beautiful bays, waterfront promenade and lively ambiance, La Coruña is a popular vacation spot in Galicia. From here you can explore the region's rugged coast, lush interior and medieval capital of Santiago de Compostela.

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La Coruna, Spain

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The One Thing You Don't Want to Miss

Take a tour of the city of Betanzos, a relic of the Old Galician Kingdom. It was declared a historical and artistic monument in 1970. Walk through its narrow streets and visit the Gothic 14th century Church of San Francisco.

While exploring La Coruña, don't miss the main shopping areas of Calles Real, San Andres and Canzones. You'll find everything from antiques to beautiful handmade leather goods.

Other Fun Things to Do

Visit the magnificent Tower of Hercules, the city's landmark since the 2nd century.
Explore the fishermen's houses' galleries, the reason why La Coruña is called "The City of Glass.

Get a Taste of Local Flavor

The Galician coast is famous for its dishes of freshly caught fish. You might also want to try tapas, light snacks that can range from olives and cheese to elaborately prepared hot dishes.

Local Currency

Spain's official currency is the Euro (EUR), the official currency of the European Union. Credit cards are accepted.

Weather in La Coruna, Spain


Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius
Average High N/A N/A
Average Low N/A N/A
Mean Temperature N/A N/A
Record High N/A N/A
Record Low N/A N/A
Precipitation Inches Centimeters
Average Precip. N/A N/A

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