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Ponce, Puerto Rico

With multiple nicknames, such as "La Perla de Sur" and "Cuidad de los Leones", Ponce is considered Puerto Rico's second most important city. Named after the great-grandson of Spanish Conquer Juan Ponce de Leon, the city is rich with history and archeological findings. The city is a national treasure with beautiful neoclassical architecture and colonial homes that date back to the late 17th century.

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Ponce, Puerto Rico

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The One Thing You Don't Want to Miss

Visit one of Ponce's more unique sites, Parque de Bombas. The red and black stripped firehouse was built in 1882 for an exposition and is now a landmark and museum, with exhibits and free concerts from the municipal band.

Other Fun Things to Do

  • Visit the Museum of Puerto Rican Music and the Ponce Museum of Art and immerse yourself in the islands rich musical history and culture.
  • Take a stroll down La Guancha Paseo Tablado, a breathtaking boardwalk where the locals play and catch ferry rides to pristine beaches and the old lighthouse.
  • Take a ferry 5 miles out to the "Caja de Muertos", Coffin Island, to see the 19th century lighthouse and its museum.
  • Get a breathtaking view of where the mountains meet the sea at the top of El Vigia Hill, where visitors can also see the "Virgin's Cross" a 100-foot observation tower built as a memorial to the Spanish.
  • Marvel at the Spanish revival architecture of the Castillo Serralles, former residence of the Serralles family, producers of Don Q rum.
  • Visit the Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center, unearthed in 1975 when a hurricane struck. It is to date, the oldest cemetery to be uncovered in the Antilles, and one of the most significant archeological finds in the West Indies.

Get A Taste Of Local Flavors

Excite your taste-buds with Puerto Rico's unique blend of Spanish, African and Taino cuisine. Enjoy some spicy bacalaitos and sopón de pollo con arroz, a classic chicken soup with rice dish.

Local Currency

The official currency of Ponce is the United States Dollar (USD).

Weather in Ponce, Puerto Rico


Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius
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Mean Temperature N/A N/A
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Precipitation Inches Centimeters
Average Precip. N/A N/A

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