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New Mangalore, India

The New Mangalore Port is located along the coast of South India and is the ninth-largest port in the country. The port is surrounded by scenic land that is dominated by coconut, Ashoka and palm trees, rolling Sahyadri Mountains and majestic rivers that flow toward the Arabian Sea. The bustling city of Mangalore - with its rich historical influences, narrow winding streets, quaint gable-roofed houses and intoxicating aroma of spicy coconut curries - is nearby and ready to offer its visitors a memorable cultural experience.

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New Mangalore, India

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The One Thing You Don't Want to Miss

For a true cultural experience, the elaborate, night-long, dance-drama performance of the Yakshagana is something that simply cannot be missed while visiting Mangalore. Beginning at the twilight hours with the beating of drums, the Yakshagana consists of music, dance and dialog portraying a story. The actors are adorned in beautifully vibrant costumes, headdresses and face paint, which they apply themselves.

Other Fun Things to Do

  • Stand close to anteaters, spotted deer, leopards, crocodiles and many more of Mangalore's wildlife at the Kadri Hill Park. The animal conservatory also features eight tanks of water, which is believed to cure skin diseases!
  • Cool off at one of Mangalore's beautiful sandy beaches. Tannirbavi Beach is recognized for its incredible sunset views, and Surathkal Beach is considered an ideal picnic spot with a clean and calm atmosphere.
  • Mangalore is well-known for a number of prominent and sacred temples. Explore the Shri Sharavue Mahaganapati temple, host of a range of cultural activities. The Kadri Manjunath Temple dates back to about 1068 A.D. The Kudroli Gokarnath Temple is one of the major temples in the area.
  • Browse the city's Central Market and get a real dose of Indian culture. The area buzzes with activity as buyers and sellers of vegetables, fruits, provisions and flowers interact.

Get a Taste of Local Flavor

What's on the Mangalorean menu? Spicy fish delicacies, rice-based dishes and a wide variety of fruits. Indeed, you'll be hard-pressed to find a recipe that does not include one of those three main ingredients. The Mangalorean's love for rice is evident by the variety of dishes featuring this grain: pancakes, wafer-thin rice rottis served with chicken curry, grain rice, sannas and neer dosa. For a true Mangalorean epicurean experience, be sure to try these popular dishes: kane curry, kori rotti and patrode. Finish your meal with a helping of the Mangalore Halwa or Gudbud ice cream.

Local Currency

The currency in India is the rupee. Be sure to carry a wide variety of currency, as change is very hard to find. Most large establishments will accept credit cards, but it is still a good idea to carry Indian currency.

Weather in New Mangalore, India


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