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Welcome to Dynamic Dining — a new world of culinary exploration on Quantum of the SeasSM and Anthem of the SeasSM. It's dining at sea, reimagined, to give you more distinct options and total flexibility. There are no set dinner times, no required formal nights. Instead let your appetite be the guide to 18 tantalizing possibilities. Like five complimentary, full-service main restaurants. Three new restaurants with award-winning chefs at the helm. And much more, from upscale to casual to the wonderfully whimsical. Let the epicurean journey to Destination WOW begin.

With Dynamic Dining, Royal Caribbean International’s revolutionary approach to dining at sea, you now have the ability and flexibility to entirely shape your culinary journey onboard Quantum class ships. Given such ground-breaking changes, you may have some questions about your cruise ship dining experience. We have the answers.

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Venture down the rabbit hole and ask yourself: What is real and what is imagined? At Wonderland, our chefs twist their culinary kaleidoscopes to invent an elaborate dreamscape of never-before-seen fare.

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American Icon Grill

XAmerican Icon Grill

American Icon Grill is the classic American road trip. Here, discover America, the beautiful…the delectable…the absolutely mouthwatering.

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The height of contemporary cuisine is realized at Chic, where the freshest ingredients of the wild are evolved for a modern palate.

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The Grande Restaurant

XThe Grande Restaurant

The Grande Restaurant is a luxuriant nod to a bygone era. When dining was not a task, but a time-honored ritual. When you dressed for a date with an unforgettable dish.

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Weave your way through a vibrant tapestry of pan-Asian flavors as diverse and nuanced as the Far East itself. Every tapestry tells a story – and this one brings together the greatest characters in the history of exotic cuisine.

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Coastal Kitchen

XCoastal Kitchen

Exclusively for Suite Guests and Pinnacle members, Coastal Kitchen fuses Mediterranean influences with the unmatched riches of California’s bountiful farmlands. This is a destination that exudes pure freshness.

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Michael’s Genuine Pub

XMichaels Genuine® Pub

Food and drink. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. That’s the philosophy at Michael’s Genuine® Pub, the first American gastropub at sea, brought to you by James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schwartz.

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Chops Grille



For more than a decade, the chefs of Chops Grille have proudly presented quality, hand cut steaks at Royal Caribbean’s hallmark restaurant.

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Jamie’s Italian

XJamie's Italian

Chef Jamie Oliver may be one of Britain’s most famous food exports, but it’s his intense passion for Italian cooking and the Italian way of life that drives the menu at Jamie’s Italian

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Devinly Decadence


A healthy yet indulgent menu of favorites under 500 calories, from bestselling author and chef Devin Alexander.

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Chef’s Table

XChef's Table

Located in an intimate, exclusive enclave within Chops Grille, this private epicurean experience for up to 16 people treats you to a five-course, upgraded steakhouse menu and wine tasting.

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Izumi Japanese Cuisine


Say “Konnichiwa” to a reimagined favorite. Sushi, sashimi and more, all made-to-order with intense flavors, the best ingredients and impeccable presentation. Now that’s fresh.

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Looking for an authentic New York pizzeria experience…at sea? Then head to Sorrento’s for fully loaded pies right out of the oven.

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Windjammer Marketplace

XWindjammer Marketplace

On the Quantum of the SeasSM and Anthem of the SeasSM, a Royal Caribbean dining mainstay is reimagined as Windjammer Marketplace, a global culinary pavilion that invites you to explore the world, dish by dish. It’s simply our best Windjammer ever.

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Johnny Rockets

XJohnny Rockets

Founded on the belief that “everyone deserves a place where they can escape from today’s complicated world and experience the uncomplicated goodness of classic Americana”, Johnny Rockets has been serving up delicious American fare to diners around the world since 1986.

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Seaplex Dog House

XSeaPlex Doghouse

Welcome to SeaPlex Dog House, where the first-ever food truck at sea serves up gourmet hot dogs for all to enjoy in the SeaPlex, the largest indoor active space at sea.

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The Café @ Two70

XThe Cafe 270°

New to Quantum of the SeasSM and Anthem of the SeasSM, The Café @ Two70° is a gourmet marketplace that lets you pick the view.

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Café Promenade

XCafé Promenade

Whether you’re in search of snacks, pastries and sandwiches throughout the day and into the night, or an offering from a full line of beverages, you’ll find it at Café Promenade.

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“This particular dining combination is not available on Quantum Class”


On our Quantum class of ships, the kitchens are as star-studded as the stages, with three celebrity chefs joining the crew.

Britain's favorite food export, Jamie Oliver, brings aboard rustic, homemade favorites at Jamie's Italian. Over at Michael's Genuine® Pub, James Beard Award-winner Michael Schwartz gives you a menu of pure and simple plates plus his own craft brew. And the Solarium Bistro welcomes Devinly™ Decadence, a menu of deceptively healthful homestyle dishes from bestselling author and chef Devin Alexander.

Meet our Celebrity Chefs