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From Royal Caribbean and Quantum of the SeasSM

  • Pick Your Paradise

    Each person has a different set of interests and goals in mind when they sit down to book a trip . Some want to travel to a city or country they can eat their way through, while others are more interested in the history or outdoor adventures a certain spot has to offer. Whatever activity may top your travel must-do list, a port of call awaits when you set sail on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

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  • Views for One and All

    Royal Caribbean recently unveiled its plan to enhance its interior accommodations through state-of-the-art virtual balconies. With cameras mounted strategically on each side of the ship relative to the interior staterooms’ position, live video footage of the ocean and nearby destinations will stream to an 80-inch LED projection screen mounted on the wall. Now, guests who would once have been unable to watch the waves roll by from their bedroom will have real-time views of the natural beauty surrounding the ship.

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  • Designed to WOW: What People are Saying

    On April 16, Royal Caribbean took the stage in New York City to unveil Quantum of the Seas: the newest addition in a long line of innovative ships. With details about Quantum’s features, spaces and multi-talented godmother public, people are buzzing about all the new ship has to offer.

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  • For Adventures Big and Small

    Once upon a time, a Caribbean cruise meant bathing suits, flip flops and shorts. Maybe you needed formal wear for dinner one night. Nowadays, cruises can take you from the depths of the ocean to the rainforest to a skydiving simulation and each of those activities requires the proper attire.

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  • Evolving the Idea of Cruising

    Once upon a time there was no such thing as setting sail for pleasure. Ships carried crowds of passengers from one destination to the other until the 1960s, when the wind blew in the industry’s sails and modern cruising as we know it today took form.

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  • Creating Magic Through Partners

    Onboard programming tailored for children who may be too young for surfing and skydiving is a crucial part of planning a family cruise vacation. For some of the most important pint-sized passengers, creating memorable experiences requires ingenuity, creativity and a little help from the right partners. Royal Caribbean has cultivated a number of programs with some of the biggest names in the business of entertaining children to create engaging experiences for kids at sea.

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  • Bringing Everyone Along for the Ride

    Forget leaving the kids at home or telling your parents you'll see them next Thanksgiving. Today, more extended families are taking trips together. In fact, travel agents report that 35% of clients take multi-generational trips once a year. So what is behind this growing trend of families jet-setting together?

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  • Honey, We're Taking the Kids

    Traveling alone involves a carry-on, a good book and a comfy neck pillow for napping. Traveling with little ones, on the other hand, involves a trunk full of baggage, many coloring books and definitely no siestas. No matter how excited kids may be for their cruise on Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Quantum of the Seas, being stuck in a plane or car seat for hours en route is going to wear on their feelings, not to mention the parents’ sanity. But knowing how to prepare can ensure a stress-free trip to the ship so that vacation is nothing but smooth sailing.

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  • From Good Witch to Godmother

    Triple-threat Kristin Chenoweth takes on a new nautical role.

    She’s been a good witch on Broadway, a press secretary and political reporter on TV, and a host on the Oscar Red Carpet. Now, Emmy and Tony award-winning Kristin Chenoweth is becoming a godmother.

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  • 303 Feet Above Sea Level

    QuantumSM is catering to human’s fascination with the bird’s eye view.

    Every year, 6.8 million people come from around the world to visit the Eiffel Tower. More than 10,000 people ride elevators to the top of the Empire State Building daily to take in one of the world’s most bustling metropolises.

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  • Taking a Dive Without Breaking a Sweat

    Dive in, no towel required.

    Skydiving is definitely not for everyone. For some, the thought is enough to send shivers up their spines. Doubtless, though, that the idea of flying has captured their imagination a time or two. So what if you could experience flight without the inherent dangers? And what if you could do it in the middle of the ocean?

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